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The sound of metal sliding against metal was the only sound breaking the silence of the room. Naruto and Phoenix were sleeping in their bed, and Rogue in hers, but Laura wasn't able to. She was keeping watch, making sure Hydra didn't attempt to make a move. Between glances outside, she pulled up the files on S.K.I.N. that Stark had given them. They were going back tomorrow, as the rather eccentric inventor had promised to do anything he could to deactivate the GPS function of the Nano-fluid. But until then, they were vulnerable.

"You don't need to worry." The voice ringing within her mind was not her own. "We took on the fucking Incredible Hulk, and survived. What the hell can Hydra possibly throw at us that has you so freaked out?" Laura didn't answer. She didn't have to. Phoenix could just delve into her mind and pick the information out that she needed. Turning to the now awake red-head, she just glared. Rising from her place beside Naruto, she floated off the floor, and over toward the younger girl.

As she got closer and closer, Laura just pulled up the files again and once more continued reading, until the tablet was pulled from her hands. The clone snarled, but otherwise didn't do anything as Phoenix stroked her hair. The telepath motioned toward her mate. "Go on. You want it more than you wanna keep watch." Laura tried to look away yet again, but her head, cupped in the hands of Phoenix, was pulled back and brought in close. Her eyes widened as her lips met those of the red-head, their sweet, silky caress feeling so different than when she had kissed Naruto. Before she could pull away from the pregnant girl, she felt Phoenix's tongue begging for entrance, and despite herself, found her own lips parting to allow the older girl's tongue to slip in. The normally composed assassin found herself letting out a muffled shriek, which did nothing to tone down Phoenix's still massive sex-drive. Finally pulling away, the girl was blushing, desperately attempting to say anything but incoherent sputtering.

"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded, suddenly lifted off the ground by the telekinetic. The clone looked toward Naruto and Rogue, who merely continued to sleep as though the room was still silent.

"They can't hear anything," Phoenix announced, tapping her head as she began undressing Laura with her mind...literally. "And all I'm doing is trying to get you to relax. You won't go to Naruto, even after planting one on him. A great one, by the way, I saw the memory. So I think maybe a woman's touch could do you some good." Laura's clothes were now completely off, and with the pull of a string, so was Phoenix's night-gown. Moving to the immobile girl, Phoenix stroked her cheek. "Now, I'm gonna let you go. And when I do, just try to relax and go with it. It's fun, I promise." Laura scoffed, her hot-bloodedness rising to the surface over her shock.

"What else am I supposed to do? Attack a pregnant girl?" she said, earning a big, gloating smile from Phoenix, who again leaned in to bring their lips together. Laura didn't bother to resist, knowing that the telepath was unlikely to let up. Honestly, the red-head was a nymphomaniac, and unabashedly proud of the fact. Even as her mind ran through old training for potential missions involving seduction, her enhanced smell was telling her just how horny Phoenix really was.

Slipping her tongue into the younger girl's mouth, Phoenix reached out and gripped Laura's admittedly smaller breast in her hand, kneading the flesh and playing with her taut nipple. When this received a moan from the living-weapon, the red-head merely giggled. Probing the mind of the younger girl, Phoenix attempted to find out precisely what Laura wanted her to do to her. It was what made Phoenix the ultimate seductress, as well as such a nympho. She didn't need to force her partners, as she could do anything from learn their kinks, manipulate sensitive locations without her hands, and even amplify the pleasure of her partner by allowing them to feel what she herself was feeling and vise versa. Her powers made her nearly godlike as a lover. And the virgin before her was about to experience the full brunt of her physical and mental prowess.

Laura raised her head as Phoenix began to trail kisses down her jawline, and onto her neck. And to return the favor, Laura began to massage the red-head's breast with one hand, while the other snaked it's way around to her back-side. Now it was Phoenix's turn to moan as both her right boob and left ass-cheek were squeezed and kneaded by the clone-girl. As she moved down from neck to breast, Phoenix used what she had learned in Laura's mind, and sharply bit down, just above the nipple. Eyes widening, Laura inhaled sharply, squeezing Phoenix's ass even harder, as well as her nipple, eliciting a squeal of pain and pleasure from the telekinetic.

Before Phoenix could determine her next move, Laura mustered her strength and manuvered the red-head into the wall of the room. Placing her fists over Phoenix's wrists, she extended her claws, sliding cleanly around them, narrowly avoiding stabbing through them. However, her arms were pinned to the wall, and upon noticing this, the telekinetic could only look at the clone seductively, blood dripping from her lips. She didn't have long to linger on the coppery taste, and even less time to let out a quick "kinky" as Laura's lips were slammed into hers once more. This time, X-23 was the one who shoved her tongue into Phoenix's mouth. Unfortunately, Laura was all too familiar with the taste of her own blood. She tried to keep those thoughts out of her head though as she forced her tongue deeper and deeper into the red-head's mouth.

Trying to encourage the girl, Phoenix raised her leg, using it to rub between Laura's legs, gently stroking the younger clone's privacy. The living weapon moaned as the heat between her legs began to rise to incredible levels. As Phoenix began wiggling her toes up and between X-23's lower lips, the younger girl's back began to arch as her pleasure began to mount. Phoenix's hair whipped wildly, before Laura was ripped off of her and thrown to the floor. Dropping down, the telekinetic forced Laura's legs apart, before diving in. The normally composed assassin squirmed uncontrollably as she felt the wet tongue dart in and out of her private area. Unable to resist, she slid her claws over her thighs, drawing trails of blood from her legs.

Looking up to the younger girl's blushing face, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, Phoenix smirked. Giving a final lick to Laura's now thoroughly wet pussy, the telekinetic began trailing kisses back up her body and toward her face. She stopped for a moment to place a few more bites upon her breasts, before crawling the rest of the way up, lining up her hips for what she planned to do. Her next kiss allowed Laura to not only taste her own blood, but also her womanhood, something she hadn't had the pleasure of before. Pulling back, Phoenix smiled gently, stroking Laura's face. The clone could see the telepath's eyes glowing, a clear sign she was using her power, but for what purpose, X-23 couldn't say. What she could say, is that she never would have expected Phoenix to thrust her hips forward, her telekinetic power parting her lower lips and bursting her hymen.

Phoenix tried to calm the girl, whose back had arched and body went rigid. Though to be fair, the red-head almost had a similar reaction. Through the mental link she had created, Phoenix got to experience the loss of her virginity all over again. But she had to press on, and began thrusting her hips in and out, using her telekinesis to manipulate Laura's most sensitive areas just as though she had a cock. Better than any strap-on, and she could feel everything Laura was feeling as though it was happening to herself. Finally shaking off her shock, the assassin began thrusting back, in sync with the red-head's. With each thrust, the two young women felt the immense pressure and heat building. The experience was nothing new to Phoenix, but Laura had never felt an orgasm before. Had she even though about pleasuring herself back at HYDRA, she would have been severely punished. Probably where she learned to derive pleasure from pain.

Soon, it was upon them. Laura's healed legs wrapped tightly around Phoenix's waist as every muscle in her body began to quiver. Both heads began to spin as each experienced the assassin's first climax. Two backs arced at the same time. It was as though a chain reaction had begun, starting from her nether-regions and spreading to her entire body. She was almost ready to pass out from the pleasure she was feeling, her body itself reduced to a quivering wreck. As her own climax reached its peak, Phoenix pulled Laura into an embrace, yelling her name with one final thrust. Laura attempted to yell out something, but it was too unintelligible to make out.

Laura barely felt Phoenix let her go, barely reacted as she fell back onto the floor. As her vision began to swim, she watched the red-head wipe a bit of her juices off, bringing her hand to her mouth to sample them. "You taste great," Phoenix whispered, licking her lips, before standing and walking over the clone-girl. Dropping to her knees, Phoenix once again caressed the younger girl's cheek, before slipping her hand behind Laura's head, pulling her face directly into her own pussy, which was itself dripping wet from the shared orgasm. "Now try mine."

No energy to assert herself, Laura simply complied, beginning to lap up the juices of the telekinetic, committing the taste to memory, the smell to memory. How she stroked her hair and moaned softly. Laura fought to stay awake, could not bring herself to fight the exhaustion.

Phoenix lost the lustful look in her eyes, replaced it with gentle compassion as she felt Laura slip into peaceful sleep. "We're going to get rid of HYDRA, Laura. Naruto will set you free. He's going to set all of us free. He's freed me from Jean. He'll free Rogue from the prison of her skin. And he'll free you from your fears." Standing, she used her power to levitate the passed-out assassin to her place next to Naruto. The tender moment was broken by the gurgling of her stomach however, and Phoenix dashed to the bathroom.


"So Bub? We gonna do this or what?" demanded Wolverine, baring his teeth and claws dangerously at the glorified dead-man taunting them. He had seemed perfectly content to start moments ago, but had stopped suddenly mid-dash. Logan raised an eyebrow when his opponent raised a finger as though to shush him.

"Hang on...I need a moment...that last scene was glorious!" Deadpool announced, his white eye-holes in his mask transforming into stars that spun in amazement.

"If G3 Rainbow Dash just did to G4 Pinkie Pie what I think she did, that beats our fanfiction..."

"Damn right!" Wade shouted, giddy beneath his mask. "Way to step up your game, Fan! I take back a lot of the horrible things I did to you to!"

"You shoved a baseball bat in his ass...I don't think he's going to accept that apology." Wade just waved off the box serving as the voice in his head.

"Hey, I said 'a lot', not all!" he announced, shrugging. "Now then, what were we doing? I kinda got distrac-" He never finished as Logan, growing irritated and impatient -"Maybe he's constipated." "He is pretty old. System might not work as well as it used to" - leaped at Wade, claws out and prepped for rending flesh. The Regenerating Degenerate barely had time to lean back, only just dodging the swipe from the adamantium coated claws. "Shit! Forgot to program music!...Well, I can do it myself. Ladies and Gentlemen...This is Deadpool #5."

"Oh dear Lord, do not start singing."

Of course, being Deadpool, he not only did start singing, but started attacking to the beat with his swords. "One. Two. Three, four, five, Deadpool's in Xavier's house, and he cannot die. And there's, Spider-man and Wolverine, too. He's got those big-ass claws, and it's me, that he wants to stab into..."

"I once again feel the need to reiterate...you're an idiot."

"Don't worry, kids, soon as I can get it on iTunes, you can have the whole version of the song." Leaning back, he dodged a swipe from Logan, grabbing his arm and throwing him into Peter, who sensed this before he saw it and leapt upward toward the ceiling.

"Are you going to actually start fighting now?"

"Well, I was gonna wait for the next chapter. Hell, this'll make two stories that Fan has updated in the same day, I think I can afford to up the suspense," Deadpool replied, though did not sheath his swords. He couldn't, as Peter hand managed to grab them both with webbing, yanking them away. "Hey, my pointy, slashy things!"

"Your Katanas?"

"Oh, that's such a standard term. That word is for people who don't have any relationship with there stabby, choppy sticks," the Merc replied, ducking below another swipe from Logan. Leaping up again, he planted his knee into Logan's stomach, but the Wolverine shoved both his clawed fists into Deadpool's chest in retaliation. Deadpool shrieked, but not so much in pain, as in surprise. "Logan, you DO remember me!" Logan, surprised by his opponent's lack of reaction, didn't expect for Deadpool to pull out a third katana from nowhere, stabbing him right between the the ribs, piercing his lung. As Logan staggered back, and ripped the sword from his chest, Peter took the moment to attack.

Swinging down from the ceiling, he slammed his feet into the man with the costume eerily similar to his own. Deadpool spun, but didn't fall. Using the assassin's surprise, Spiderman shot a single strand of webbing at him. However, Deadpool managed to actually grab the webbing mid twirl. Even his spider-sense didn't prepare him in time, as Deadpool whipped the webbing, causing Spidey to spin and actually get tangled in his own web. Smirking, Deadpool reared his fist back, before yanking his fellow mutate toward him.

"GET OVER HERE!" he shouted in an deep, hellish voice that was not his own. Peter tried to twist and avoid it, but only managed to change the target from his face, to his chest, as Deadpool hit him hard enough to launch him into the air. Slamming head first into the ground, Peter was momentarily too dazed to react to his own Spider-sense. Deadpool walked up slowly, removing his mask and pulling out a bottle of Alcohol and a blowtorch. He took as much booze into his mouth as he could, lighting the torch inches in front of his face. Peter managed to gain his bearings just in time, rolling over and leaping high as Deadpool spit his now-flaming booze at him.

Deadpool just looked at the empty spot, silent for a moment, before finally speaking his mind. "...say it..."

"But you missed...?"

"Say it anyway!"

"Not going to happen-" the text in the box ceased there as Deadpool stabbed into it. "*Sigh...Fine...Toasty!"

"Not exactly a flawless victory, though."

"Maybe you should switch characters."

"Sweet!" Deadpool cheered. "I call Kano!" Turning at the sound of Logan rushing toward him, he threw three knives straight into the Wolverine's chest. "BANZAI!" came Deadpool's battlecry, as he leapt at the stunned Weapon X, curled into a ball and spinning end-over-end, slamming into him. Grabbing Logan, he stabbed into both his thighs, before throwing him into Peter, the Spider-man taking the full brunt of the man's weight as they both slammed into the wall. "Suck it, Baraka!" Logan looked up at the Merc, growling, before stabbing his claws into the ground. Peter, meanwhile, used his webbing to help lock himself to the floor as well.

"I don't like this. No way they're just giving up..."

"Are you kidding? They just realized how awesome I am. Probably saw my fight against that one-eyed turd, Deathstroke." Deadpool replied, putting on a pair of shades, before beginning to dance Gangnam style and finish his own personal rendition of Mambo #5. "A spicy Chimichanga's what I like. With re-fried beans and salsa on the side. I'm kicking tons of ass and taking names. Let's hope my movie version does the same. Well we all know that stabbing is so fun. But shooting really gets the damn job done. My name is Deadpool and I am the man. I made this song myself, no help from Fan! Dun duuuuuuuun dun dun, dada dun dun duuuuuuuun, dun d-Anyone else smell burnt ozone?" Turning around slowly, Deadpool was met with the sight of a white haired woman, wind whipping her hair wildly and arcing with electricity. "...Clever girl..." No sooner had those words left Deadpool's mouth than Storm let loose an enormous bolt of lightning, and the wind became almost hurricane-force. As the charred Deadpool slammed into the wall, the yellow box representing...actually, he wasn't sure what it represented. Definitely wasn't HIS voice, but it was someone's...anyway, he watched it slam into the wall next to him. Turning, he read the text in the box.

"Called it..."

"You're despicable..." Deadpool slurred out at the two heroes on the ground, the younger of the two smiling brightly and waving. Deadpool attempted to use his belt to teleport, but the lightning kind of fried it. "Well, this is a sticky situation...how should we end this chapter?"

"Well, let's see. Three powerful fighters in the middle of an intense battle, that the readers are only getting a few minutes of at a time..."

"Perfect! Will I get out of this mess? Will Iron Man manage to solve X-23's problem? Why did I come here instead of going straight after Laura like I was paid to do? All these answers and more in the next chapter of...Dragonball D"

Chapter end.

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