Chapter 1.

Bella's POV

I knew that was the stupidest most reckless thing I'd done yet, but how would I top that? Even now, feeling the intense burn of salt water linger in my throat, the aching of my lungs. I had pushed my whole respiratory system to the limit, the dull throbbing pain of my muscles, only reminded me of my brainless decision, a few hours ago, yet in spite of it all, I could do nothing but think of how peaceful I felt hearing Edwards voice, pained as it was, urging me to swim, to find my way to the surface, insisting that i don't give up and the craving to hear it again.

Turning my head slightly, looking over at Jacob, his large frame towering beside me, his eyes focused on the road, a tinge of guilt hit me, am I really considering committing a more reckless act, finding something even more destructive to do, am I willing to hurt him, knowing that anything I am to do after cliff diving would have to be extremely more dangerous, possibly fatal, just in order to hear the voice of my prince.

Jacob had been the light along my path of darkness, keeping me from losing myself completely, not plugging the hole that Edward had left, but creating a space for himself, that I could not possibly live without, if I were to endanger myself again...and end everything, the effect it would have on him, would be devastating, I could not do that to him, could I?

Jacobs lazy smile had returned to his face, as he steered my truck off of the winding path, and onto the open roads, he quickly slammed his foot onto the acceleration, speeding down the road, well if you could call the 50 miles an hour that my truck struggled to manage speeding. Would i let him suffer, leave him with a hole identical to my own, etched into his open heart, remove that infectious boyish grin from his face? And Charlie, could I do such a horrible thing to my own father, as if it weren't enough that one of his closest friends had just passed away, and Renee, my mom, she sent me to Forks, hesitant to do so, giving in after i had insisted that i would be fine, putting her happiness above my own, she struggled enough without having to deal with her only daughter's death, all of the hurt and devastation I would leave behind, for a few moments of Edwards voice.

Jacob's huge foot slammed down the break, making a loud crunching noise, causing me to snap out of my thoughts, "Jacob what's wrong?" I asked, "One of them, is here", I looked through the windshield, seeing that we had arrived at my house, but he had stopped the truck a few feet away from the drive way. "Who is here Jacob?" I asked, a confused expression painted on my face, he was shaking now, his large body trembling from head to toe, his face disgruntled, as he hesitated to answer "A Vampire." he spit out.