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It was dark; just like it had always been. The only source of light were those eyes. The glowing red eyes of the Ghoul that kept staring at him, and Tsukune stared right back. He could see the ghoul pacing back and forth from the way the eyes were moving, and could hear the sounds of the chains that held him.

Tsukune had lost track of time in this void, having spent what seemed like an eternity just standing in the darkness watching those eyes.

Finally the ghoul stopped pacing and spoke. "You know I will get out of here."

Tsukune had to pause for a moment. He had been silent so long he had trouble forming the words in his throat."I doubt it."

He heard the ghoul growl. "And When I get out of here I will slaughter all of your friends one by one and make sure you feel it."

Tsukune was quiet but one could see the terror in his eyes, as if imagining what the Ghoul had just threatened to do. "I will not allow that." he answered finally.

The ghoul gave another growl and tried to move towards Tsukune but the chains held him back. "It doesn't matter. Whatever they used to seal me will eventually wear off. And then when I am free once more I'll finish what I started, or rather, what we started." The ghoul started laughing, causing shivers to run down Tsukune's back, making him hope he would never hear that cruel laughter again.

Tsukune wanted to answer but he couldn't make any words come out of his mouth. It was as if his throat was frozen. The laughing continued but it was starting to become dim. Tsukune felt a sharp pain on his chest. He fell to the ground and suddenly he was surrounded by a blinding light.


An unearthly yell filled the I.C. ward. Tsukune Aono had awakened from his coma.

He looked around franticly like a caged animal. "Where am I?" He said to himself as he tried to get out of the hospital bed, but he found that he could not. He looked, and with the help of the dim light he saw a pair of restraints on his wrists and could feel another pair on his ankles.

"What's going on…why am I tied up?" His breathing was coming out in short quick frantic grasps. The monitors on the machines began to beep rapidly as his heart beat increased dramatically while he struggled with the restraints. Suddenly, with a huge amount of strength that he did not know he had, Tsukune pulled on the restraints. The metal straps began to strain and with a huge burst of strength, Tsukune broke free of the straps. Sitting up, he pulled the sheets off of him and undid the straps on his ankles.

As he started to sit up and get off the bed he could feel some wires attached to him but he quickly pulled them off, causing the monitors beside his bed to give off a long beep.

Tsukune got out of the bed, his bare feet hitting the cold floor. He suddenly realized he was missing his pants and that the only piece of clothing he was wearing was…a hospital patient gown. "I'm in the hospital?" He said as he looked around his room. A sudden horrible churning manifested in his stomach. He clutched his gut and rushed over to the bathroom on the other side of the room. He quickly turned on the light and threw up in the toilet. Most of what came up was yellow bile but there was some blood mixed in.

Tsukune threw up three more times and when he felt totally drained he wiped his mouth. Struggling to get up, He walked over to the sink, turned on the water and splashed his face. "What the hell is going on?" He thought. He looked up into the mirror and his eyes grew wide in horror at the image that stared back.

His hair had grown a little and was now a silvery color, a shade darker than Moka's with her Rosario removed. His skin was much paler. He saw two fangs that hung there beneath his upper lip, and his eyes, his eyes were red and silted. They were the eyes of…

"No…no this isn't right!" Tsukune touched the mirror and then he touched his own face. His breathing grew heavy again. He suddenly felt a great wave of anger…a kind of anger he had never felt before but was somehow familiar.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" He cried as he punched the mirror, shattering it into pieces. Tsukune drew his fist back. It was cut and bleeding and he quickly backed out of the bathroom trying not to look at the fist that was slowly healing itself.

Suddenly the door of the room burst open. Tsukune snapped his eyes towards the door and saw a man dressed in black wildly looking around trying to find the source of all the commotion. The man's eyes finally rested on Tsukune, or more specifically his fist which was now healed but was still covered in blood

"Oh shit," The guard said as his hand dropped for something that looked like a gun attached to his belt.

Tsukune saw this and let out a snarl as he charged at the guard.


Ruby Toujyou sat at her desk working on some papers that the Chairman had set out for her. But her mind was elsewhere and not surprisingly focused on Tsukune. Tsukune who had been in a coma for a month now since that day the Ghoul had taken over and nearly killed her and the others. A month since Moka risked her life to seal the Ghoul and free Tsukune.

She and the other girls had gone to visit him almost every spare moment they had, and occasionally Ruby volunteered to work as a nurse at the hospital…coincidently around the same time Tsukune needed a sponge bath. She smiled evilly with a tint of lust as she thought about it.

But the doctors said there had still been no changes. She was starting to think Tsukune might be in his coma forever. Ruby sighed and finished her paperwork, picking up the stack of folders and carrying them into the Chairman's office.

The Chairman was sitting behind the desk of his dark office. "Finished already Ruby?" he asked as he picked up the stack of files.

Ruby nodded her head. "Yes sir."

The Chairman smiled his eerie smile. "Good now-" He took out an even larger stack of folders. "You can get started on this stack."

Ruby paled, but picked up the folders with a sigh. Sometimes she thought the Chairman got off on this kind of thing. She turned and started back to the door; when the Chairman's intercom began to beep.

The Chairman pressed the button and then the room was filled with sounds of yelling and screaming.

"Chairman! CHAIRMAN!" The voice in the intercom yelled. A crashing sound followed.

"What the hell is going on…who is this?' The Chairman asked with concern.

The voice responded. "This is medical security force for the Aono boy."

Ruby stopped dead in her tracks.

"Tsukune is awake?" He asked

The voice responded "Yeah and he's gone crazy-" There was more yelling and crashing sounds. "Sir…we need backup now." Then the line went dead.

The Chairman sighed. "Ruby I'm afraid you will have to hold off on the paper work and go-" But Ruby was already gone and all of the folders lay scattered on the floor, forgotten.


Mizore Shirayuki the snow women sat alone in her room as she wrote in her journal. "I visited Tsukune last night…and waited until the nurse who looked a lot like Ruby left and snuck in through the window and to talk to him…he is such a good listener…he did not interrupt me once-"

She stopped writing when a small frozen tear hit the page. A month it had been since what had happened…how that evil ghoul had taken control over Tsukune's body and had tricked her and the other girls into nearly killing one another.

The Chairman still kept those guards outside his room. It was if he was a prisoner now.

Another tear hit the page. Then she heard a knocking at her door. She wiped her eyes, got up from her chair and walked across the room to open the door. Standing there was a panting Ruby.

"Mi…Mizore," Ruby huffed as she put a hand on the doorway to steady herself.

"Ruby what's wrong?" Mizore asked as she helped her friend.

"It…its….Tsukune. He's awake."


"There, it's done." The succubus Kurumu Korono proclaimed proudly.

She held up a remade doll of Tsukune. It looked like a cute cartoonish version of him. She had two of them. The first one had dark brown hair and brown button eyes. The one she had just made had silver hair and red button eyes.

"Wonderful it looks just…just…" Kurumu began to openly weep. Fate was so unfair…it was cruel. Fate had turned Tsukune, her destined one, into a monstrous ghoul that had killed so many people; but she knew that it had not really been Tsukune.

The Tsukune that she loved was in a coma at the academy hospital.

She continued to sob. "Tsukune…Tsukune; I don't care how long you stay in that coma…I will wait for you forever. You are my destined one and even if you are not that same Tsukune when you awaken I will still love you."

"…Kurumu." A voice came to her ears.

The succubus stopped crying abruptly. She spun around and saw Mizore standing in the open window sill.

"Um uh yes…what do you want stalker?" Kurumu asked as she wiped her eyes quickly.

"There is no longer a need for you cry…Tsukune has awakened." Mizore said coolly.

Kurumu began to cry again.


"One point three grams of newt blood and four point nine grams of pure sea salt." Yukari Sendo, the other witch of the academy, said as she added the ingredients to her cauldron. For the past month she had been gathering ingredients. She had called her parents, gone searching in the woods and even did homework for a dozen students to get everything she needed.

Hopefully it would be enough to awaken Tsukune.

It was a complex potion that required the exact measurements. If she was even a tiny bit wrong with her measurements it could send Tsukune into an even deeper, more permanent coma.

It had been tiring work. She had stayed up for hours every night, measuring and re-measuring. But she was finally putting in the last of the ingredients. She stirred the mixture, twice clockwise, then once counter clockwise.

Then she got a bottle to put the potion in. She was about to fill it when she stopped.

"Maybe I should redo the mixture desu. Yes I might have been off by point two grams on the spring water…no no I measured perfectly."

Yukari had been debating with herself on this subject for awhile, always trying to decide if she should start over or not.

She shook her head this time. There wasn't any time to waste. She knew her calculations were correct.

Thus, she filled the bottle with the hot purple liquid. "It is done." The little witch said proudly as she held up the bottle. "Now I can wake up Tsukune and everyone can be happy again desu."

Just as she was about to put the bottle down, the witches door burst open. "YUKARI!" a loud Kurumu yelled. The succubus had startled Yukari so much the girl dropped the potion to the floor. The glass bottle shattered and the purple liquid spread across the floor.

Yukari stared in horror. All of her hard work had gone to waste. "YOU STUPID COW! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU-"

Any further yelling ceased when Kurumu grabbed Yukari and started dragging her out of her room. "What the hell are you doing?" Yukari asked.

"Tsukune woke up." Kurumu said

The little witch's eyes widened and her mouth dropped.


"MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD!" Kokoa Shuzen, the vampire and younger sister of Moka shouted at the punching bag with Tsukune's face pinned on it.

Kokoa's room looked more like a torture chamber rather than the living space of a teenage girl. There were weapons lined up in every corner of the room; except in one corner where she had created a shrine in which to worship her beloved onee-sama.

Kou hid under a pile of chains that Kokoa kept where her bed should have been. Ever since the incident with the ghoul, the little bat's master had been training nonstop; she had even ignored her older sister.

"Ko..Kokoa-Sama," Kou squeaked from under the chain pile.

"WHAT?!" Kokoa snarled as she spun around.

Kou cowered under his master's gaze. "D..do..don't you think that you have trained enough for one night?" The little brown bat said timidly.

In response, Kokoa punched a hole through the wall.

Kou buried himself deeper in the chains to protect himself.

"No, it is not enough training, it's never enough. I will not be made a fool of by a fucking Ghoul." Kokoa roared as she continued hitting the bag.

She hated the ghoul more than anything. That ghoul had disgraced and humiliated her…Tsukune had dishonored her!

She had been tempted many times over the month to just go and slit that ghoul's throat while he had been comatose. But no, she wouldn't. There was no honor or glory in killing an comatose opponent.

So she waited. She trained. And she watched. She would wait for as long as it took for Tsukune to awaken so she could challenge him again and regain her former glory.

Kokoa looked at Tsukune's picture on her punching bag. It was an old picture. Tsukune still looked human and he was smiling happily. Suddenly she saw it. Saw that ghoul. Smirking at her; laughing at her. Kokoa gave a primal roar and punched the bag so hard that the chain broke and the bag went through the wall.

Kou was hiding still hiding under the chains praying to whatever god existed that someone would save him.

There was a knock on Kokoa's door.

"It's open!" Kokoa barked.

Yukari opened the door and entered the room. "Kokoa what are you doing in here desu?" The little loli witch said as she looked around at what looked like a warzone.

"Extreme training," Kokoa said with a huff as she collected herself.

"Uh okay then…I have something you should know." Yukari said as she took a few steps back.

"What is it?" Kokoa asked.

"Tsukune is awa-" Yukari began but before she could even finish an orange blur ran past her at an extreme speed.

"Kokoa-sama wait for me!" Kou said as he flew after his master with Yukari not far behind.


'I still do not understand why you insist on coming here this late at night,' Inner Moka Akashiya said through the Rosario.

"Because the doctor said that hearing familiar voices might trigger Tsukune's sub-conscious and wake him up," Outer Moka told her inner self.

'Hmmm, well I will admit that it would be nice to have him up and about again…his blood is much better than that horny mutt Gin's.'

Ever since Tsukune had gone into his coma Moka had been feeding on Gins blood. And to both of them, it was horrible. He tasted like a hot sweaty dog in heat, and she made sure it was painful for him.

"Agreed." Outer Moka said simply.

"Get out of my way!" Moka heard someone yell.

She turned around and saw her demented sister running past them at full speed with poor Kou fluttering behind.

"Where is Kokoa go-"

"Kokoa wait! You can't!" This came from Yukari as she chased after her friend.

'What is going on?' Inner Moka asked her other self.

"Stop damn you!" Cried Kurumu as she flew after the two young girls.

Moka even saw Mizore moving through the trees like a ninja at a fast speed.

'Did we miss something?'

"I can't imagine what…but we're going to find out," Moka told her inner self

They then saw Ruby, the last of the group, chasing the others. She was breathing heavily as if not being used to running, apparently being stuck in a dark office all day was bad for you condition.

'Get the witch to tell us,' Inner Moka demanded.

Outer Moka nodded and quickly grabbed Ruby before she had a chance to run off chasing the others.

"Mo…Moka..." She said in pants

"Ruby what's going on? Where is everyone going?" Moka asked quickly


'Tsukune…?' Inner Moka thought.

"Why whats wrong…is he dead?." Moka asked. Her grip on Ruby's arm tightened.

Ruby gave a small flinch. "No…no…he's awake."


Kokoa was the first to reach the hospital. The other girls were only a few moments behind her, but a few moments was all she needed to defeat the Ghoul. The second she opened the door, she was greeted by a wave of doctors and nurses helping patients leave the hospital.

The young vampire grabbed one of the doctors and pulled him close. "What is going here?" she demanded with a growl.

The doctors face paled. "Up..upstairs in the IC ward…Aono…" He stammered

Kokoa dropped the terrified doctor to the ground.

"Perfect." She then ran into the hospital, looking around. The lobby had been abandoned. She heard a crashing sound and ran up the stairs to the IC ward.


One guard, obviously the smartest of the bunch, had tried to run out of the ward. That didn't hinder Tsukune as he snarled and pounced after him.

Sadly the guard he was too slow and Tsukune grabbed him. Whimpering in fear did nothing but annoy the enraged student as he threw him through a door. The sound of wood and bone snapping and a loud moan filled the air.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Tsukune yelled.

The other Guards quickly overcame their shock and aimed their various weapons at the beast. This made Tsukune even angrier; his mind was filled with rage.

Without a moment's hesitation the security opened fire with every and the hallway was filled with different colored flashes, it also seemed like one of the guards carried a human gun as, loud bangs accompanied the flashes of magic.

Tsukune easily dodged the magic missiles and ran at inhuman speeds at the guard who had the human gun and grabbed him by the throat. The guard dropped the gun and broke out crying, begging for his life "I have children please don't kill me!" The man was stammering out an excuse a second.

He punched the guard hard in the stomach, knocking him unconscious as the other guards opened fire once more. Hissing, Tsukune pushed the guard away, grabbing his firearm before disappearing from sight. Frantically, the security force scanned the hallway, looking for signs of the vampire, but were caught completely flatfooted when the wall next to them exploded, revealing a gun-wielding ghoul.

"Oh shit," was all one guard could get out before Tsukune opened fire, bullets impacting their arms and legs. None of the wounds were immediately fatal, but it was still painful enough to put them out of action. Taking one look at the gun in his hand, the ghoul snarled before throwing it against the wall, shattering it to pieces before leaving the five guards on the ground in pain.

For some reason Tsukune felt amazing now. He seemed to be getting a thrill out of hurting these people. "What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I stop this?" His mind answered him. 'Because these people did something to you…they made you into a monster…they made you into this…they need to suffer.' A voice in his head told him. It sounded eerily familiar. "Yes…yes you're right…they need to suffer for this."

Tsukune continued his leisurely walk, seemingly not noticing that he was almost wading through fresh blood and the moaning bodies of the guards he had easily defeated. He didn't really know where he was going. He didn't really care. Two more guards had tried to get in his way, but they were batted aside like flies.

"AONO!" A mighty yell filled the air.

He spun around and spied the annoying baby sister of Moka standing there. Her eyes were narrowed and a powerful aura was raging around her body.

Tsukune felt another wave of rage and hatred coming over him. The voice came into his head again. 'This girl is the one. She hurt us, she made us into this. She challenged us, we need to kill her.' He felt his body obeying the voice and he charged at the red haired Vampire.

Kokoa smiled and jumped into the air just a second before silver haired boy could grab her, making him crash through a wall into another room. Bits of wood and stone fell to the floor.

The young vampire landed gracefully on the ground. "I told you I would be back for round two the moment you came out of your coma Aono." She growled and fell into a fighting stance.

Tsukune walked back into the hallway out from the hole he created. His eyes were blazing with fury. He opened his mouth and roared like an animal, throwing himself at the little girl who was taunting him, his arm drawn back ready to slam into her.

Again, she waited until the last second to dodge the attack, letting the fist pass her face and into the wall behind her. Taking advantage of the opening, she launched her own punch at the boy's face, but Tsukune brought his arms around to block, taking out a huge section of the wall with them.

It was an incredibly brutal skirmish. Both combatants were sacrificing everything to offense, not caring about themselves so long as they could inflict pain on the other. The silver haired boy fought with ferocity and speed, but Kokoa fought with precision and skill, honed from years of intense training, and Tsukune's body was still a bit sluggish from being inactive for a month.

Dodging an overextended punch, Kokoa elbowed the ghoul in the gut before following up with an uppercut that sent Tsukune flying into the opposite wall. Not giving him a chance to recover, she immediately dashed towards him and delivered a flying kick to his stomach, destroying the wall behind him and sending him through it.

Tsukune let out a small moan as he lay on the ground.

The red-haired menace stood above him, a smile forming on her face. "Haha Stupid idiot" She said as she kicked him. "I knew you were no match for me. Once again I have proven that Vampires are the superior race." She brought her leg back for another kick but it never connected. Tsukune had vanished.

"What the hell-" Was all she got out when someone grabbed her by the throat.

"Do you know one of the things I hate most in this world?" Tsukune asked as he brought her around so that she could face him.

Kokoa shivered. His words were icy and filled with malice. She started to struggle in an attempt to get free.

"Egotistical brats like you!"

Tsukune strengthened the grip on her neck as her struggling increased. 'What am I doing? I've already beaten her, I don't need to kill her,' Tsukune thought suddenly. The mysterious voice answered again. 'No, all these wretches deserve to die. Every last one of them.' Tsukune's body once again succumbed to the voice. He tightened his grip even more around Kokoa's throat and was about to snap her neck when his own voice came back, stronger this time.

"NO!" Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the fingers began to loosen.

'Why do you hesitate? Did she not try to kill you the minute you woke up, weak and malnourished? If she continues to live, she will only stab you in the back. KILL HER!'

Tsukune closed his eyes as he tried to fight against the commands, but he could feel his conscious giving ground. Kokoa gave out a slight gasp as her airway was constricted again.

"Tsukune! Stop! Please!"

The ghoul's eyes widened and his grip loosened. He turned his head and saw where the voice had come from.

Standing where her sister had stood moments ago was Moka, a pleading look in her eyes. Behind her was Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby, all of them staring at him in horror.

Sudden realization came over Tsukune and he dropped Kokoa to the ground. The young vampire got to her feet and immediately ran to hide behind her sister.

Tsukune simply stood there for a moment before he fell to his knees, collapsing to the floor.

"What the hell is happening to me?" He asked.

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