Brand new eyes

A story of two teen titans

Raven paced in her room restlessly. She was worried about Beast boy, she didn't know why, though. She had always thought of him as an ignorant changeling that had an obsession with making her laugh, and, before Terra 'died', of making Terra happy. But then she 'died' and Beast boy turned into something that was sad and despairing. She pitied him. Then as the day of Terra's 'death' he began to smile and make jokes as he always had, as if Terra had never existed. It confused her, how he could just let go of that unhappiness. And she was right, for last night she herd weeping, and had found him morning for Terra. And when he saw her standing in front of her he said:

"Why, why did you come to me?" She had replied:

"I herd you." Then he had said:

"Terra was so good. So full of light! Why her?"

"She did the right thing." Then he continued crying uncontrollably, and Raven had stayed with him. That's why she was pacing. The night was fresh, so she opened her window to concentrate, and then she herd rain and closed it. She glanced at her clock curiously. 4:08 am. She had gotten up at 1:15 and had been pacing since. Raven realized that she wasn't tired anymore.

I could read one of my books. She thought, tracing an interested eye at her bookshelf. But she did that often so she decided to grab something to drink (herbal tea?). She slipped out of her room and followed the hallway to the kitchen, her dark blue cape swiftly following her. Raven opened the door, trying not to make a noise, and started fixing herself some tea, (I knew it) unable to rest her thoughts.

What should I do if I can't stop thinking of Garfield? Raven wondered. She hardly ever used Beast boy's real name unless she was either frustrated, or angered or sorry for him in anyway. Terra… she suddenly thought. No one had said that name sense her 'death'. It was very strange to be hearing that name again. The teapot began to whistle, and, for the moment, interrupted her thoughts. She poured in the hot water and put in the teabag. Terra… Beast boy had mentioned her name…after so long. After all he had cried for Terra, why not say her name… but so much time has passed since that moment. Raven took a sip of her tea but jumped, for it was too hot. She walked over to the couch and looked out of the window. The city was sleeping, and so were her friends, she was supposed to be sleeping. The sky and the city almost looked the same, dark and resting. At least it looked that way, maybe she was wrong, and maybe someone was alone out in the dark streets, searching for something unknown to anyone. But of coarse she couldn't see anything or anyone in the darkness of the city. She took another sip of the tea; it had cooled down to her liking. Terra…. She suddenly felt tired, set down her cup of tea and got comfortable on the couch. She thought of Beast boy again and how he had shared his despair with her the other night so freely. Raven stared at the city one last time before closing her eyes.

Beast boy blinked, realizing that it was morning. He glanced at his clock and saw that it was 9:42 am, very early for him. He sat up in bed and lifted the sheets off. He normally sprinted down the hallway, knowing that he was hungry but this time he walked silently threw the hall in silence. The door to the kitchen slid open and Beast boy called to his teammates:

"Morning everyone!" He looked around the room, noticing that someone was missing. "Where's Raven?" He asked. Starfire put her finger to her lips, Cyborg ignored him, and Robin pointed to the couch, smiling. Beast boy edged near it and found Raven sleeping, some of her hair covering her face. She looked irregular in the sunlight, she should have been in a dark spot or outside in the rain, but in the sunlight she was a pop out. Why had he let her see him like that two days ago? That night… he had cried for Terra, even had said her name. Even now it still hurt to say Terra's name… Raven had seen that, and now he regretted every minute of it. Raven stirred in her sleep and Beast boy flinched.

"Like, how long has she been here?" Beast boy asked, moving away from the dark creature.

"We found her here." Whispered Starfire, nodding towards Raven. "We were hoping that you would know."

"Oh…" There was a long pause in the room. Then a restless, weak voice cut threw it like a knife.

"Garfield…" Everyone froze. For a moment the room was slow, without sound, without feeling. Raven sat up unsteadily as if she were waking up from a dream (Which she was). "I…I heard your voice… Beast boy." Raven whispered, her voice shaking a little, but enough for everyone to hear. He came to her side, confused. She had been awake?

"Your in the tower-"

"Yes, I know." She interrupted. "Came down here to get a cup of tea, got tired, and went to sleep." Raven explained sternly. When beat boy looked everyone was around her, coming around her in a suffocating cercal. She seemed annoyed by this and stepped around Robin. She was gone. Just like every morning, Raven seemed to be up tight, but the difference was the Raven had said Beast boy's name… Garfield.