Brand New Eyes

Chapter 8

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After hearing what the green boy had said the dark creature, Raven, had cried. Though she had not intended to, she cried. She had sobbed silently in her room and on the roof, where he had made the comment. "You're a demon!"

The words… still stung. Raven got up from her bed, where she had tried to meditate, but couldn't. It was useless… The red still was in her, and there was nothing she could do… Raven gulpped. She could ask for help… but they- they… She couldn't face it. The confrontation of the evil within herself, and them. She couldn't face them. They were her friends, yet she couldn't tell them about her darkness that they all thought to have conqured. Raven bit her lip and grabbed the blue cloak. She had to go… make tea, relax, something. Anything to prove as a relese from her private hell, as well as… Terra. How was she even alive?! Raven shook her head. How could that girl be alive… It was impossible, and yet there she was. And there he was, loving her… Raven gritted her teeth, trying not to feel hatred. "Garfeild… Why?" Why do you love her? No… that is not the right question. Why do you detest me? I never tried to hurt you, and if I did I did not mean it… I am not a bad person- Raven stopped. She was not a bad person? Even with the red in her, was she still not a bad person? With the evil stiring, ready to take control, was she still not a bad person? No.. She was a horrible person. The dark girl crunged and fell to her knees, feeling the sense of self-hatred, and detestment. "I… Am a horrible person." She gritted her teeth. "I do not deserve anyone's love." There she sat, hating, despairing.

The green boy was with Terra, alone, happy. Terra… She's the one I want. I love Terra. She's the one who was always there for me, and kind to me, always. As he sat with her, smiling, his eyes wavered. Raven… Shes bad news… shes so crule, and dark and… Theres no way I could have liked her. She doesn't seserve anyone's love. There he sat, happily, with his love. All the while Terra was smiling. But as Beast Boy's eyes wavered, so did smiled widely, groteskly. Her gold eyes gave off a red tint, and she crackeled ever so quietly. Idiot…