Hello, all new readers! This is a piece of work connected with my other fic "To be that someone that you're with". In some sort, you could call this a prologue.

In this fic, Smoker and Ace are the main characters, and this is the story how they got together. This can be read without reading Someone, after reading Someone, or before.

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In Someone, they are already together, so I thought I would give the poor fellas a proper story, and here it is.

Ladies and gents, I give you:

"The wrong side of the law"

Chapter 1 – Come on, can you do it?

Ace Portgas heard the sirens coming closer and closer. He sighed, filling his pockets with anything that looked valuable. He had already put all the money from the safe in his precious, orange hat. He made sure the knot held tight around his chin; it would be a disaster if it came undone during his escape. He would not only lose all the money from tonight along with his hat, but he would also be leaving behind evidence, which was something he preferred not to do. He slapped his pockets and heard them jingle. He grinned and opened his small backpack to pick up his finishing tools: a small bottle of oil and a pack of matches, nothing that couldn't be bought at the local corner store. Time to get out of here.

Smoker wasn't known for being a patient person; no one could say that, especially his co-workers. He pressed down on the gas pedal in the black car and honked even if he was just a little irritated at somebody outside the car. Melinda Tashigi and a fairly new recruit, Paulie Williams, sat and looked tiredly at their superior in command for this mission. Smoker had been assigned to catch the youngster known as 'the Dawn Pyro'. He robbed houses and small shops just before dawn struck, and he always escaped the same way: lighting a small fire and running like hell, over gardens, small alleys and even over rooftops.

Police chief Garp had given Smoker the mission to capture the culprit, but he had no idea where to start. Nobody had ever seen him, he always picked empty houses. Just once had he made the mistake of getting captured on a camera, but they only saw his back the few seconds he was visible in the film. The only clue they had was that it was a young male in his twenties, and that was about it. He had been wearing a big, orange cowboy-ish hat over his head so they didn't even know what hair colour he had.

Smoker pressed the horn forcefully again.

"Fucker! Can't he see that we have fucking sirens going?" He honked again, and hit the steering wheel.

"Oh, Jesus." he said and pressed the gas pedal until it hit the floor. He turned the wheel and went around the car ahead of them in a less than legal way.

He had a headache, and it was that brat's fault. If he could just get his hands on him, he would tear his head off! Paulie looked nervously at his boss, but Melinda just shrugged her shoulders. She was used to how Smoker acted, not that she approved of it.

Ace looked down from the tree he had hidden himself in. Under him, in a little pool on the asphalt, was his dose of oil. He saw the black police car coming up the street, and lit one of the matches. It was a slow burning brand, one that would resist a bit of wind. The perfect kind for him. He grinned like the Cheshire cat.

"Just a bit closer", he enticed the car. When the car was about ten meters from the pool of oil, he dropped the burning match, setting parts of the street on fire.

"Whoopsey", he said and watched the car to see what was going to happen.

The car stopped dead, and a tall man with broad shoulders stepped out from the driver's seat. He looked around, and Ace could really see how angry he was.

"Oh, the macho cop everybody is scared of, right? That must be him." Ace backed away slowly so he wouldn't make any noise. The macho cop had yet to find Ace's position, and it would spoil the fun to rush this game. He picked up a rope from his backpack and tied it to one of the thicker branches, ready to go all "Indiana Jones" on them.

"Hey, Smokey!" He shouted. He bet that Smoker looked up at the tree, but if Ace couldn't see him, Smoker should also be unable to see Ace.

"You think you can catch me, right? I mean, are you sure? Come on, can you do it?"

Before Smoker could even reach the bottom of the tree, Ace swung with help of the rope onto the roof of the garage. The sun was just about to slowly rise above the horizon in front of Ace, so when Smoker looked up at his now to be-arch rival, he only saw a silhouette of a man, standing with his legs broad apart, hands on hips and a hat on his head. His voice had been cocky and daring, and Smoker was more pissed of than usual, so he kicked in the gate to the garden that belonged to the robbed house, and ran after the criminal youngster.

Ace smiled, ran to the end of the garage roof and jumped down, landing with bent knees and a hand on the ground, ready to start running any second. He heard and saw Smoker coming around the corner of the garage building, marking the start of his chase. He began running, and when he came to the end of the garden, he swung over the fence with one hand. Smoker was delayed by the fence, but not for more than a couple of seconds.

Ace might have been more flexible, but Smoker was faster, like a rhino barging through the gardens. It was lucky for Ace, or it might have been skill, that he had picked this route, with lots of turns and obstacles in the way of the bigger man. On a straight track, Ace would have lost the race.

They kept on running for almost ten minutes, the sun rising more and more. Smoker was never more than ten meters away from Ace, so this time, he had seen more of the boy than anybody else ever had. Smoker wondered why the boy had so obviously started this chase. In all other cases involving the Dawn Pyro, he never stayed after he had started the fire. Was he just mocking Smoker? Also, how did this kid know his name?

Ace grinned. This was exactly how he imagined it would be. He enjoyed the thrill of the chase, but he realized that he soon had to put an end to it. He couldn't keep this speed up all day. He looked up over the tree tops and suddenly turned left. Smoker was so surprised he almost kept going straight ahead.

"Fucking kid!" Smoker didn't know how many times he had checked the gun holster on his hips just to find it empty. Why the fuck was it empty? And this far in the chase he couldn't borrow one of his subordinate's guns, they were several gardens away from them by now. Neither of them had followed him.

Ace saw the end of the gardens, and the beginning of the industrial area. Perfect, he was heading the right way. He jumped over the last fence, followed a few seconds later by the bigger man.

"S-stop, you fucking shit.", Smoker panted. He was also getting a bit breathless, despite the great physique that was needed on the field as a police.

"As if, Smokey. That would be boring." Ace laughed. Smoker frowned, and concentrated on trying to outrun the bastard.

Ace looked around and found what he was looking for, a chain-link fence. Yet another grin covered his face, and he took a leap up, and climbed over. Smoker reached the fence just half a second to late and tried to jump up to catch Ace's leg, but grabbed the thin air. He looked up at the fence, but he had to admit defeat. He would never get over that before Ace got away.

Ace also knew this, as he had stopped about half a meter from the fence, back facing Smoker. A short laugh mixed with panting erupted from the youngster.

"You almost had me there, Smokey. That wouldn't have been any fun, would it?"

"You son of a bitch!" Smoker yelled and his fist hit the fence with a rattling sound.

"Pff, it's not my mother you're pissed at right? It's me, a young brat. You'll never catch me, Smokey."

"How do you know my name?"

"Oh, you're able to say something that doesn't involve swearing? Cool."

"That doesn't answer my question, brat." Smoker tried to calm himself down, but it was hard when the young man kept that attitude.

"You tell me, you're the cop." he said and shrugged his shoulders. After a moment of hesitation, he added: "I'll give you one clue though."

He scratched his neck, and tugged a bit on his orange hat, the same one that he was wearing when he got caught on video tape. Hesitating, as though he were reasoning with himself, he turned his head to the side, but eventually he turned towards Smoker, leaning forward a bit, just out of reach.

Smoker looked at him with a frown. The kid looked to damn happy for his own good, with curly black hair, freckles all over the face and that god damned smile he would soon learn to detest.

"Smokey, I know what's going around at the police station, at least parts of it, and I know that I'm not the biggest problem in town."

Smoker bit his lip. He couldn't mean? Shit, all that information was top secret.

"Yep, I told you, I know stuff. I know about the Croc, probably more than you do. And you know how humanity works. We always want to be on the top, and I don't like being second. I could help you."

"Why would you? And why would I accept help from a fucker like you."

"Smokey, Smokey. You need to chill down a bit, relax. Hate a bit less. I want to be on top, and that goes without explanation. And as I happen to know Old Man Garp gave you the assignment of catching me, you'll need something else to impress on him, since I promise you, you'll never be able to."

"I'll show you, brat! I'll show you!"

"Oh well, I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll take my leave before your colleges come with their guns. Bad situation for me, you see. Give the idea some thought, I'll find you one day, and we can have a talk."

He checked the knot around his chin, and drew a hand along the edge of the hat in a way he had stolen from old western movies.

"One last thing, Smokey. Relax a bit, and don't hate the world. Let love be your energy."

The brat started running and, when he disappeared around the corner, Smoker knew that the chase was over, at least for now. He was boiling with anger, and it didn't help when Tashigi and Williams showed up only a couple of minutes later, with his gun. Apparently, he had dropped it when he kicked down the gate in the first garden.

"You're fucking kidding me." Smoker mumbled and kicked the fence fiercely, but without budging it. Stuff was made way too durable nowadays.

Ace took it easier when he was sure he wasn't being followed any more. His face was still covered in a smile, and he took small leaps of excitement. This was going to be so much fun, driving Smokey to madness.

He strolled around on the streets downtown; having left the industrial area behind him a long time ago. The sun had started to rise just before Smoker started the chase, so now it was up a bit in the sky, but no one was to be seen on the streets except Ace. It was his private time, the dawn.

Smoker had dark bags under his grey eyes, and nobody tried to talk to him, or ask how it went when he got back to the police station. It was too obvious from his pissed attitude. As confirmation, Tashigi shook her head. Paulie walked a bit behind his two elders, not quite sure what he was supposed to.

"I'll be at my office, and damn the person who tries to disturb me. Tell chief Garp it went to hell, but I am working on it. I saw his face." The last two sentences were an order to a very confused Paulie, who looked with more than a bit of fear at the door that lead into the office of Grand Line's police chief, but he headed there with steps that showed he was more daring than anybody else in the building. Smoker nodded. There might be a future for the kid.

Ace went through the small park, making sure that no one was following him as he closed in on his home. It was a small house, designed for two, or a small family, but he enjoyed the space he got when he lived there alone.

'Ah, home again…'

He grabbed the house keys from his pocket and put them in the lock. He unlocked the door as quietly as he could; he didn't want to blow his cover as a poor student with the neighbours.

Smoker sank down on his chair and drove a hand through his short hair. He had a feeling that this was going to be just as hard as the kid had told him it would be. The fucker was sneaky. He took up a paper with the thought of writing down what he knew about the brat, but he knew it was hopeless. He knew how he smiled, that he was fast, athletic and a mocker, but not much more.

And he knew that the brat knew about 'Crocodile'. What was up with every criminal just having to have their own nickname?

He had picked up the file, stamped 'Top secret' in red letters, from the locked drawer of his file cabinet. In it was all known information about the criminal boss who called himself Crocodile. Not much was about him either, but it was more than that kid.

He had started big from the beginning, about a year ago. They had been lucky enough to get a hold of one of his subordinates just a couple of months ago, but after only a day in the hands of the police, someone assassinated him. It was about then that the police got serious and stated that he was the No. 1 most wanted criminal in Grand Line.

Apparently, the so called Dawn Pyro had a problem with that, since he would go so far as to help his enemy. Damn that kid if he knew what was going on. The victory wouldn't be as sweet if the brat was his way to the glory. At the same time, he knew that Crocodile needed to be caught. Fuck that shitty kid and his mocking smile.

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