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Tsunade was in her office waiting for the shinobi she asked for to enter her office when there was a knock at the door and a blond ice-blue eyed ninja came bursting in.

"WHAT'S OUR MISSION TSUNADE-BAA-CHAN???" He said loudly…very loudly.

"Naruto if you're going to yell like that then perhaps you aren't mature enough for this, ne?" Tsunade said and Naruto backed away and quieted.

"Gomen Tsunade-shishou, he's just really excited that you're giving us an S-ranked mission. Actually I can't believe it either…but still."

Tsunade eyed her apprentice with humor in her eyes, "Yes well all other teams that could do this are out on other missions, so I had no choice."

"Seems you don't have much faith in us then, Tsunade-sama" Kakashi had just walked in when Tsunade had said that.

"Oh believe me I do. If I didn't then why would I send you all on this mission?" She replied.

"That is true," Kakashi replied.

"Can you just get on with what we have to do??" Naruto couldn't help being quiet anymore and really wanted to get on with the mission.

"Right," Tsunade said immediately going into her serious mode, "We have information that the Akatsuki have all gathered in one area for the time being and I knew that we couldn't pass up this offer to try our best to rid ourselves of them—"

"WHOA WE'RE GONNA GO GET RID OF THE AKATSUKI?? AWESOME! FINALLY I GET TO SHOW YOU ALL MY TRUE POWER!" Naruto abruptly cut off the Hokage who gave him a hard glare.

"Yes Naruto you are, and I would very much appreciate it if you'd keep your voice DOWN!" Naruto looked away sheepishly but turned back when Tsunade continued, "Anyways, you will be infiltrating their layer and setting off a very, very special smoke bomb that will hopefully eliminate the Akatsuki."

Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura looked at their Hokage in astonishment before Sakura asked, "What does it do? Is it a poison? Why haven't we ever used it before??"

Tsunade knew they'd have questions though she could only answer a few because while they may have all the questions, she didn't exactly have all the answers.

"The reason that we didn't use it before now is because 1) This is the only one in existence, 2) The Akatsuki haven't ever been gathered like this before so seeing as how there is only one of these we want it to be precise, and 3) We finished making it and testing it out about two weeks ago."

Everyone sweat dropped.

"So what you're really saying—without really saying it—is that we only have one chance in detonating this or we fail the mission?"

"Always noticing these things, eh Kakashi?" Tsunade asked and the masked ninja nodded. "Well you're right. If this doesn't work, then they will know you're there and most likely kill you. So right after you detonate this then run, but make sure you know whether or not it worked."

"How will we know if it worked?" Naruto asked.

They all perked up…they all wanted to know what this was going to do to the rogue ninjas—of course Tsunade would've told them eventually anyway.

"Yes well we know this for sure, that it will send the Akatsuki to a whole other world and make it so that they cannot get back to this world."

The team of shinobi just stared at her like she had three eyes and was foaming at the mouth.

"A-Another…world?" Naruto voiced what they all were thinking and Tsunade nodded.

"You are to leave immediately," Tsunade said and gave them to coordinates to where the Akatsuki were and the jutsu that would release the gas that would send the Akatsuki to another world.


After a week of searching they finally found the hideout and sure enough, there they all were…the Akatsuki.

"Alright, everyone mask your chakra and we'll get closer," Kakashi said, "Once we get close enough to some sort of opening in the hideout Sakura's going to throw in the container while Naruto and I perform the jutsu to detonate it, ok?"

They all nodded and moved into position. Sakura got closer to the hideout—chakra masked—and looked for an opening in the side of the hideout. Soon enough she found it and could sense all the chakras of the house in that room, which meant they were holding a meeting or something of the like, and that Sakura had to extra careful though with her chakra control it shouldn't be too hard for her.

Once close enough she looked over to her teammates to see if they were ready and they gave her a thumbs up and when she looked back to the window she was near she could feel a chakra coming closer so she chucked the container into the hideout and ran back to Kakashi and Naruto to were just about to detonate it…but not before hearing something from inside the hideout.

"Huh, what the fuck is this? Who the hell's out there? I'll rip the dickhead to shreds—!"

"KAI!" Naruto and Kakashi said at the same time and the container began to let out a thick layer of smoke and the voice was cut off abruptly. The team soon couldn't sense their chakras and left concluding the mission as a success.

(Five minutes earlier in the hideout)

All of the Akatsuki members were gathering in the main room of the hideout for a meeting with their leader.

"I am assuming that you all know why I have called you hear," Pein's voice silenced any chatter that was going on.

"Hai, Leader-sama," they all said in unison.

"Oh, is that so? Then please, someone, enlighten me on why you all think that I called this important meeting," Pein sounded very annoyed but tried to remain calm, for to him all the other men here were complete idiots. Konan was the only person that didn't annoy him to no end at all, but that was a whole different matter.

"It's because of the lack of jinchurikies that have been caught." Itachi said out of the blue and Pein just nodded.

"As of now we only have five biju! We are still in need of the Ichibi, Sanbi, Hachibi, and the Kyuubi. Now please would someone tell me why we have not captured these yet? According to my plans we should have all of them excluding the Kyuubi."

No one said anything. What could they say? The only thing that they could do was stand there staring at him until he spoke again, "If I don't have the Ichibi, Sanbi, and Hachibi in a year's time those responsible for them well be severely punished. Am I clear on that?"

They all nodded.

"Hidan," Pein said coolly.

"Yes Leader-sama?"

Pein pointed to the window and said in a quiet voice, "Go take care of our little guest."

Hidan's eyes widened but he started walking over to the window. Just as he got there, though, something came flying in from outside and hit Hidan in the face. He bent down to pick it up.

"Huh, what the fuck is this? Who the hell's out there? I'll rip the dickhead to shreds—!"

He was cut off as someone outside yelled, "KAI!"

The room filled with smoke but before anyone could escape, they all blacked out.

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