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Three months.

It's been three months since they left. I couldn't believe it; couldn't believe that I'd actually survived three months without them, and yet I still felt like they had just left. I suppose you could say I was in a sort of mourning. They weren't dead, just gone, but is sure as hell felt like it, which prompted me to start wearing black all the time, and mostly some black Lolita dresses that I bought after selling some of my other clothing. I looked like a sad little goth girl who didn't want anything to do with anyone.

I knew what people said behind my back, rumors of why both Alex and I had a sudden change in attitude. Mostly Alex though, since she used to be the loudest and funnest girl in the whole school and now she barely said more than five words to anyone beside me, and I was even lucky to get more than ten a day…

You can imagine what that did to our social situation in school. Since we never talked to anyone anymore most of our friends drifted away, either because there was no conversation with us, or they thought we were being ass holes for ignoring them all the time and only spoke to each other while we pulled our clay figured close to us. My inner had even left me.

We hadn't named either of them, there was no need. They were only a painful reminder of what used to be, which is why we never let anyone touch them. Alex and I never even let each other touch them while we carried them around everywhere we went, which was mostly school and therapy sessions.

Yes, you heard right. Therapy. Our parents had no idea what was going on with us and since they felt so helpless they sent our asses to therapy… I had blamed my depression on my break-up with Mason, which of course was the farthest thing from my mind, even though I saw him every single day now. We had new electives this semester and he was in my art class along with Ashley Howe. I was just thankful that we were doing paintings and not working with clay during this semester…

Alex was a little more unfortunate with her excuse for sudden personality change. She had no 'legitimate reason' as the adults would put her, whereas we both knew that the excuse of, "Itachi's gone…" Sufficed enough, even though this scared her mother. She was worried her daughter was getting much too obsessed with this anime, whereas we haven't even so much as mentioned any of that series in the three months. I even took down all of my posters and put all of my Naruto things in storage. Alex did the same with her Itachi and Akatsuki things, but she would constantly wear her Itachi necklace.

My parents were quite upset over my depression as well, even if I did give a much better reason. My father was to angry at that boy for making me like this that he threatened to go to his house and shoot him himself. I told him that it wouldn't be necessary and it wouldn't help me in the least. I did want that boy to perish, but only by one act of criminal intent, but the one person that I could get to do it was gone, and if he couldn't kill him then I didn't want anyone to, though I knew that my father just wanted the best for me.

I was thankful that he never saw me at night when I would always cry myself to sleep while holding the clay cat close to me and playing my iPod. Actually, I didn't even sleep in my bed anymore. I would go in and close my door and before my parents came in to my room in the morning I would jump back into my bed, but I didn't spend more time than necessary there. It hurt too much.

Of course falling asleep listening to Avril Lavigne's "I Miss You" didn't help the heartbreak… It pained me just how accurate a song could be. Every night I would listen to this song, and never had I grown tired of it.

Even though I was depressed, never had I even thought of suicide. I'm way too chicken for that, as is Alex. The closest either of us even got to that was one week when I didn't eat more than a few bites of my dinner a day. I scared my parents a lot then, so I forced myself to at least eat all of my dinner so I wouldn't worry them too much and have them think I ate all of my lunch, which I did eat some so that the friends that stuck by Alex and I wouldn't be so afraid for us—which was only Tyler and Jimmy since they knew the real reason we were so sad. Chris knew as well, but he always sat with Mason, so I digress.

On the way to my fifth period art class I had to hold back stinging tears as I thought about the three month mark coming up. Every day has been a struggle just to get out of bed and actually do something. I made my way to the back of the class and took my seat. I had also now become the little goth girl who sits in the back of the class and didn't talk to anyone, but that was mostly because half the kids thought I was a freak and didn't want to talk to me and the other half were scared of me and didn't want to talk to me. Mason even left me alone while we were all working on our projects. I guess even jack asses like him know when to back off.

I took out a piece of gum from my bag and put it in my mouth before starting on my painting. It wasn't much, just a simple blue rose. I was just starting on one of the leaves when the teacher came over to my table.

"Abby, is that gum you have?" She asked sternly. I used to be one of her favorite students, I never did anything bad and was always quite as I worked, I still did that, but would just do things such as chewing gum. To anyone else it would seem like I didn't care for my grades or school, but in actuality I still strived to maintain B's and A's in all my classes, and was doing quite well with that.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Thomas. I'll get rid of it." I said monotonously as I got up to go throw it away.

"You know I'll have to write you up." She said sadly.

I nodded, "It's fine. I shouldn't have disobeyed the rules." I went over to the garbage, with my clay cat in my arms.

She nodded, "Alright."

I spat the gum into the trash and right as I was about to turn, and ear splitting scream tore throughout the school from the other side of the campus, and yet my ears were ringing when it ceased.

What the hell? I thought I haven't heard Alex scream like that since… Ita—


The wall was blown away as the ear shattering sound echoed everywhere, accompanied by a few screams from some people.

When the dust from the explosion disappeared, I dropped the cat on the ground and stared at the hole in the wall, "Deidara." A few tears spilled over my eyes. He came back. Deidara had returned and had just blown a hole in my art classroom wall…

Go hug him, baka!

I was already half way to him by the time my inner revived. "Deidara!" I screamed as my hands touched him and pulled him into a deep kiss. His hands wrapped around my back and mine stayed around his neck, keeping him close to me until I pulled back and looked at him. It was hard since he was a big blond blob from all the tears in my eyes. "You came back."

"What made you think I wouldn't, un?" He grinned and pulled me into a hug.

I shook my head, "I don't know and I don't care. I'm just happy you're back."

"I know, un…" When he finally pulled back a bit he was laughing very much.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Deidara pointed over to the side, "Someone got caught in the explosion, un!"

I looked over and saw that Mason had some bad burns and scratches on him from the explosion. I started laughing along with Deidara, "HA TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU'D GET FUCKED UP IF YOU MESSED WITH ME!"

"Deidara, Abby," A deep raspy voice came from behind Deidara, "We need to get going before they get anyone over here because of the explosion."

I looked around Deidara and saw Sasori in his puppet and grinned happily, "Right."

When I looked back at Deidara he was smirking, "This will be entertaining, un."

I wiped some tears from my eyes, "What will?" His reply was him picking me up and jumping out of the school, but not before I flipped Mason off on the way out, and in front of us were two giant white clay birds. And who was already standing near them? Alex, Itachi, and Kisame. I waved at them and got a reply wave from Kisame, but Alex was too busy hugging Itachi's brains out to notice. "How many of you came back?" I asked as I hugged Deidara more so I wouldn't fall on my ass while he carried me.

"Just us for now." Kisame said as he got on one of the birds and helped Itachi get Alex up on it.

"For now?" I asked.

"We'll explain more when we get somewhere safer." Sasori said and hopped on the other bird. Deidara jumped us both up onto the same bird.

My eyes grew wide when they took off and I clung even more to Deidara.

"You don't like heights much, do you?" Deidara questioned.

I glared at him, "Don't make fun of me when you just came back! You have no idea what I went through these past three months!"

Deidara was now very confused apparently, "Three months? It's only been one month."

"Nuh-huh! I've been depressed and sad and empty and cold and upset and non-eaty-muchy for three months!" I held up three fingers.

Deidara pulled me closer to him, "Didn't I tell you to actually eat and not try to kill yourself while I was gone, un?"

"It's not like was starving myself, you know…" I mumbled.

"I don't care; you still shouldn't have done that, un…"

"It's over and done with." I said seriously. "You're back, and I won't be doing anything like that anymore…"

He kissed the top of my head, "I know, un."

"You are back now, right?" I panicked.

He laughed a bit, "Yes. I won't be leaving you like that ever again."

"He did nothing but mope around all day. We didn't get anything done because he wouldn't focus on the mission at hand." Sasori said.

"Well what do you expect me to do, hm?" Deidara hissed back.

"No fighting." I said. "And you!" I pointed at Sasori then clutched back onto Deidara, "I wanna hug you properly when we land! Which means no outer puppet!"

Sasori sighed, "Fine…"

Deidara bent down and whispered to me, "He may seem like he doesn't care, but you rubbed off on him, too."

"Shut it, brat." Sasori hissed at him.

"Love you, too, Sasori!" I grinned at him.

"How the hell can you be so happy so suddenly after being depressed for, as you say, three months?" Sasori questioned.

I shrugged, "I guess my body just doesn't see and need to be sad anymore."

He shook his head, "Women…"

A few minutes later we landed in the middle of nowhere and got off the huge birdie and that's when I remembered as Deidara put me down, "MY KITTY! I LEFT IT THERE!"

"Deidara can make you another one later." Sasori walked past me… Ok so it was more like waddled, but whatever!

I pouted, "But I've been through so much with that one!"

Deidara patted my head, "Why have something that will remind you of such a sad time in your life?"

"Because it could be a reminder to you to never leave me like that again!" I said and walked over to Alex, smirking to myself; I knew he wouldn't be pissed at me for saying that, but he still needed to hear the truth. I ran and glomped Kisame as he got off the bird, "KISA-NII I MISSED YOO!"

Kisame hugged me back for a moment, "Missed you, too."

"Sweet a big awesome shark dude missed me!" I yelled in triumph and turned to Alex and Itachi. "Itachi I'm gonna need a hug later after Alex is done clinging to you."

"FUCK NO!" Alex yelled.

"Alex, I want to hug the weasel too at some point." I glared.

"NEVAHZ!" She hugged him more.

I shook my head looked up at Itachi, "So what are you all doing back here? I thought Pein didn't want you all coming back."

"He didn't." Itachi began. "But when he saw the lack of effort we were putting into our missions, he decided that we should be able to see you whenever we wanted."

"Aww no sneaky forbidden love thing?" Alex whined.

Itachi smiled—HOLY FUCK WHAT THE HELL?—down at her, "No, Alex, nothing like that."

"Awww ok…" She pouted.

"Wait a second…" I turned to Deidara with a smirk as a thought occurred to me, "Was it really necessary to blow up the art room?"

"HE DID WHAT?" Alex asked. "Itachi and Kisame just walked in! Everyone was scared stiff of Kisame."

"I think I can top that. The explosion wounded that ass hole, un." Deidara grinned at his fine work.

"YAY FOR BLOWING UP MASON!" Alex cheered. "Are you all gonna turn into cats now?" I think some heads were spinning at the major subject changes…

"Thankfully not anymore." Itachi stated.


"I'm happy with that… Never do I want to have to turn Kisame human again…" I shook my head to get the memory out of my head. "Seeing all of you naked in that one bathtub was scary…"

"It was your fault for not remembering." Kisame went to his own little emo corner.

"Sorry Kisa-nii…" I said awkwardly.

"So are you all just going to stay here forever or go to your place and come back a lot?" Alex asked.

"Mostly likely we'll stay here until Pein-sama needs us. It's the perfect hiding place from the shinobi in our world, and we can easily take on anyone in this world." Sasori stated. "Most missions will only take about a week, which will be just about a month for you here if my calculations are correct."

"A month?" I asked as I hugged Deidara more when I walked over to him.

"We don't like it anymore than you do, but it's either that or we stay in our world, un." Deidara said. "Though, while we'll be gone for about a month, we'll probably stay for about two months."

"Who all are going to stay in this world?"

"My and Kisame's team, Sasori and Deidara, and Hidan and Kakuzu most of the time." Itachi stated.

"Where the hell are they all going to stay?" Important questions… Very important…

"That's simple, either outside or we'll get a place for us to stay while we're here." Itachi concluded. "We'd only need it for sleeping purposes anyways. I doubt most of us will stay there a lot." He looked pointedly at Alex and from Deidara to me.

"So you all will be hanging out with us at our houses again?" Alex jumped up and down. "SWEET!"

"I must say that I miss that little house of yours, Abby." Kisame grinned.

I grinned back, "Sweet! But…"

"But what, un?" Deidara asked.

I rubbed the back of my head awkwardly, "Well it won't be just us at my house anymore… My parents are there, remember?"

"Ohhh Deidara's gonna have to meet Abby's dad!" Alex sang with an evil little smirk. "Get out the shotgun!"

Sasori got out of his puppet and had a rather confused look on his face, "A shotgun?"

I twitched, "Alex why would we need a shotgun right now?"

She looked at me with a too innocent face. "For a shotgun wedding, of course."

"I'M NOT PREGNANT, ALEX!" I glared at her.

"What the fuck?" Kisame asked, very surprised.

I put my hand up to stop him, "No. Don't even ask. Look it up if you want to know!"

"They all still have to meet our parents if we want them to hang out with us." Alex brightened up. "TAKE THAT MOM! THEY ARE REAL! CHA!"

"Alex." Itachi put a hand on her head. "You have to calm down."

Immediately she stopped bouncing. "Ok Itachi-kun."

I stared in disbelief, "How the hell?"

He shrugged, "It's not too hard to do."

I twitched. "For you maybe…"

Itachi was cut off as Alex spoke up, "Can we go to Abby's now? I'm getting bored sitting out here in the middle of no where!"

"But…" I shuddered, "My dad's home today…"

Alex was already getting on one of the birds, "Then he'll meet his future son-in-law even sooner! NOW GET ON!"

"But—" I was lifted onto the bird before I could say anything to that…interesting…comment. I glared at Deidara. "Do you want to be shot dead?"

He smirked at me, "Don't worry, un."

"My parents aren't going to approve of you blowing up my school and taking me from it…"

"But they will be happy that you're happy now." He pointed out.

"Damn your logic." Too soon we reached my house and the garage door was open so we entered through there as Deidara flew the birds far away for them to blow up. "Mom, dad, Alex and I are home… With guests!"

My mom came out of her room with a worried look on her face, "Abby why are you home so ear—who are these people?"

I fidgeted a bit, "The Akatsuki… Well some of them at least…"

Mom's eyes went a tad wide, "From that anime you like?" She took a step away from them, "Weren't they the evil ones?"

"Yes, but mom you have to listen to me before you assume anything…" I waited a moment and my dad was walking into the living room. "Hey dad," I waved, "These are the Akatsuki… Umm… You two remember those cats that I said 'ran away'?" When my parents got home they were very suspicious as to where the cats went… I told them they ran away… Yup.

"What about them, Abby?" My dad asked.

"Well… They were really the Akatsuki and when they were doused with warm water they turned human and when hit with cold water they turned into cats. I found out right after you two left and before Alex came over and they were living with us the whole time you were gone and then right before you came home Pein had found out a way to send them back so they went back before you all came home and that's why Alex and I have been so depressed all these months because we both fell in love with one of them and we really do love the rest of them in a friendly way all except the person who made them leave who I think is a total ass hole and should die…" I sucked in a big breath. My parents only stared at us. "I promise…"

My father was the first to speak, "The only thing I caught was 'fell in love with' and 'ass hole'. When did you start cursing?"

"That's hardly the point!" My mother told him, "Are you serious, Abby?"

"I have some pretty damn good proof if you don't believe me…" I muttered.

My dad nodded, "I'd like to see this proof."

"Fuck…" I muttered quietly. "Fine. Deidara I need your hand." He gave me his hand and I walked over to them and showed them the palm. The tongue came out and waved at them. They both flipped. "Believe me?"

"What kind of things are you watching, Abby?" My mother asked as she fled to the other side of the room.

"I would still like to know what this love stuff is about." My dad tried to look all scary and serious, but after seeing Deidara's mouth he didn't look too intimidating and compared to Kisame… My dad looked like a puppy… "Well?" He prompted.

"You're looking at him…" I avoided eye contact with my dad and Deidara.

"You mean…" My dad looked at Deidara who gave a small wave. "The guy with the extra mouth?"

"Actually I have another on my other hand, too, sir, un." Deidara stated and lifted his other hand.

I knew my dad was going into protective dad mode… "You better keep those things to yourself, young man… How old are you anyways?"

"He's 17!" I said before Deidara could answer. I might have a chance if my dad didn't know Deidara was pushing 20… Holy fuck I'm in love with someone who's about five years older than me!

"Seventeen?" My mom finally came back over and stared at me.

I nodded and looked back at Alex for help but she was enjoying the show, as was Kisame. Sasori and Itachi were just talking to each other… Probably about where they'll be living now…

"Just what is it that he does in your show?" Mom asked.

"Er well he's part of the Akatsuki so…"

"He's a criminal!" Mom yelled and fled the room dramatically.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck…" I groaned. "Look dad, before you even say anything, the worst this boy has done is blow shit up. He's pretty much a pyro, ok? So calm down! It's not like he murdered anyone!" BIG ASS EXAGERATION IN PROGRESS! Don't tell my parents…

"I don't think I want you hanging out with someone like that, Abby." My dad glared at Deidara.

"Oh so you'll let me date a total ass hole like Mason who didn't care for me at all, but not Deidara who actually does care? In case you forgot, you thought Mason was perfect for me and he wasn't. Now you think Deidara isn't good for me at all. What does that say?" I stared my dad down.

"Sir, please, I would never do anything that would ever harm your daughter, un." Deidara stared at him seriously.

"Drama timeee!" Alex whispered behind me.

I turned and glared at her, "Wait until you introduce Itachi to your mom!"

"…Eff you…" She muttered.

"I still don't like it." My dad said. "I don't want you getting into what he's in, Abby."

"Can I just say one thing?" I said. "If I won't even go outside during the 4th of July, what the hell makes you think I'd want to make things blow up like he does? I'll watch it on T.V, but I wouldn't actually do that, Dad… You know that as well as I do."

My dad thought for a minute before nodding, "Have fun you two." With that he left to back out into the Florida Room, "Don't let them eat all our food!"

"That's what Alex is for!" I yelled after him.

"What the hell just happened?" Kisame asked.

I grinned at him, "I negotiated with my dad."

"You are very good, un." Deidara smirked.

"Why thank you!" I bowed. "Now for Alex's mom."

Alex went white, "Why don't we just keep that a secret from her?"

I nodded, "Ok then."

We all spent the rest of the day hanging out in my house happily as I showed Itachi a video of Sasuke on youtube. "Sasuke wants to be Edward Cullen". He found it quite funny, actually.

Later that night I went to my room to escape the chaos in my living room.

"What are you doing in here?" Deidara walked in while I was staring at my ceiling.

"Getting away from the craziness and reflecting on today… Amazing I haven't died from so much emotional upset…" I muttered.

Deidara came over and laid down next to me, grabbing my hand in his, "I'm sorry I didn't do more to stay, un."

I turned my head to look at him, "It's over and done with. Don't worry about it, just make sure that you never do it again or die while you're over there… Please…"

He turned his head, too. "I won't ever make that mistake ever again. After all, I did say I loved you didn't I?"

I went back to looking at the ceiling as my cheeks grew a tad warm, "Yes…"

His lips were right at my ear as he continued, "And you told me that you loved me, too, un."

My eyes went to the side to look at him, "Yes… I did… Because I do love you. Ever since I first realized just how awesome you were… Of course I never actually loved you when you weren't real…"

Deidara's other hand reached up to turn my face to his, "And then I became a real person, un." His hand pulled me into a soft kiss while his other hand came up and ran his fingers over the skin of my neck. However, he ended the kiss just as quickly as he started it. "I'll be with you forever, un…"

I nodded, "Forever." Then kissed him again before scooting closer to him and resting my head right under his head on his chest. "My dad's going to kill us both if he sees us like this…"

I could feel him laughing and I laughed right along with him.

Forever with an S-Class Akatsuki member? And to think I first met him as a cat…

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