AN: This is my first attempt at comedy, so sorry if it's bad. I hope ye like it though!

50 Ways to Annoy Murtagh

1. Say random words in gibberish, and when he asks what you said, just smirk and say, "It's working."

2. Send a horde of crazed fangirls after him.

3. Charge said fangirls money to A) See his scar, or B) Play spin the bottle with him.

4. Insist that Thorn is pink.

5. Insist that Zar'roc is pink.

6. Dye everything he owns varying shades of pink.

7. Convince everyone that he is secretly gay.

8. Paint his room pink.

9. If he buys new clothes or takes the paint off his walls . . . just do it all over again.

10. Tell everyone that his favorite color is pink.

11. When he denies that he likes pink say, "its okay Murtagh. There's no need to deny that you're confused."

12. Make sure you scream it, with a ton of people around.

13. Stalk him.

14. Every time Galbatorix goes somewhere to give a speech, in the middle of it shout, "Oh my gosh Murtagh, you didn't say you were gay."

15. Tell Galbatorix that Murtagh has a crush on him.

16. Tell Eragon that Murtagh has a crush on him.

17. Make Arya mad at him.

18. Play "Baby Beluga" over and over and over . . .

19. A few days after you stop playing it, start to hum/sing it as he passes.

20. See if he winces.

21. Tie him to a chair and make him watch Eragon.

22. Play Hannah Montana music constantly.

23. See how long it takes for him to go insane.

24. Cover his room in Hannah Montana posters.

25. See if he screams.

26. Stalk him some more.

27. Steal Zar'roc.

28. Hide it in the girl's bathroom.

29. Make sure that he has to go in to get it.

30. Get a picture of him coming out of said bathroom and post it all over the Empire.

31. Make a cup of coffee for him and personally deliver it.

32. When he asks what you put in it, act all offended and say that he was being unforgivably rude.

33. Make him feel guilty enough that he actually drinks it.

34. Laugh at his stupidity.

35. Video-tape the outcome and post it on you-tube.

36. Magically make a love potion and make him fall in love with Shruikan.

37. Record him singing in the shower and make sure everyone in the Empire hears it.

38. Make annoying sounds every time he tries to go to sleep or meditate.

39. Light Zar'roc on fire.

40. Say it's still not as cool as Brisingr.

41. Make him watch kiddie TV shows for days.

42. Make sure they are the ones with music.

43. Keep stalking him.

44. Make him watch Hannah Montana reruns.

45. As he's about to go to sleep say, "Murtagh . . . I am your father."

46. Wake him up in the middle of the night screaming something about waffles.

47. Mutter more random gibberish.

48. When he asks what you did, just smile and say, "You will see." Then laugh evilly and walk off.

49. Watch him become paranoid.

50. Be random.