AN: Here it is! 50 ways to annoy Galby!

50 Ways to Annoy Galbatorix

1. Tell him that Murtagh is hotter than him.

2. Remind him that he is the only dragon-rider that doesn't have a fan club.

3. Over and over and over again.

4. Refuse to call him anything but Galby.

5. Tie him to a chair and make him watch Eragon.

6. Ask him why he was bald.

7. Remind him that a tree-hugging elf didn't cave under the power of Durza.

8. Remind him that an untrained farm boy killed Durza, his strongest servant.

9. Glare at him, and when he asks why you are mad say, "You lied about the cookies."

10. Have him eat a "special" brownie.

11. Video-tape the outcome and post it on you-tube.

12. Using it as black-mail also works.

13. Spread the rumor that Galbatorix is secretly a cross-dresser.

14. Tell Arya that Galbatorix said that she was fat. Nuff said.

15. Pimp Shruikan.

16. Tell him that Eragon is at the top of Utgard, and then steal Shruikan when he tries to go capture him.

17. Tell him that black is so not the new pink.

18. Tell him that he just wishes he were a Gryffindor, because his colors are red with flames.

19. Talk about an awesome party (that didn't exist) that "everyone" was invited to.

20. When he demands why he wasn't invited, tell him that he just isn't cool enough.

21. Ask him what he has against sunlight.

22. When he looks confused, gasp and say, "Oh!!!! I get it now."

23. Make your eyes all big.

24. When he asks what it is, whisper, "You're a vampire."

25. When he denies this, just pat him on the shoulder and walk away.

26. Stare at him for hours.

27. Tie him to a chair and make him watch reruns of a mindless sitcom.

28. Hand him a pair of nail scissors and walk away.

29. Follow him around all the time while humming the Imperial March from Star Wars. (A.k.a. Vader's theme.)

30. Remind him that a bunch of poor, untrained villagers beat up his best soldiers.

31. Remind him that it's his fault his dragon died in the first place.

32. Refer to him only as "King Idiot".

33. See how long it takes for him to crack.

34. Tell him that your true name is "The Annoying One".

35. See if he actually believes you.

36. Make beeping noises in his ear.

37. Say "Wow, you're really, really old."

38. Ask, "What's so scary about a few mountains, anyway? Afraid that the giant mosquitoes are going to eat you?"

39. Dart around him when he's walking so he has to move all over the place to avoid you.

40. Say that if it was him against Voldemort, Voldemort would totally win.

41. Play Hannah Montana music, and sing along to it.

42. Ditto with reruns.

43. Ask him why he killed off all the dragons in the first place.

44. Walk up to him and kick him in the shins.

45. When he asks what he did, glare at him and say, "You know what you did.

46. Tell him that you know about him and Shruikan.

47. Tell him that you read his diary.

48. When he says that he doesn't have a diary, pull out a pink, fluff covered diary and say, "Then what is this?"

49. If he tries to kill you, just point over his shoulder and scream, "Oh my gosh! Is that Saphira?!"

50. Run.

AN: I hope you liked it! This one was a lot harder to write than Murtagh, but I managed to come up with some (hopefully) funny ones. Up next is Eragon!!!

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