Name: Lorraine Arashi

Age: 14

Origin: Village Hidden behind the Storm

Ninja Rank: Officially Chunin, but passed test for Jounin

Height: 5 ft 6 in

Weight: 130 pounds (all muscle baby)

Hair: Wavy black. Reaches down to the end of her shoulder blades and is cut into long layers. When she is fighting, it is put in a pony tail and secured with a dragon clip. Otherwise, it is worn straight down

Skin Tone: Light olive. Not Italian but not vampire white either.

Eyes: Blue-grey, but look black most of the time because they are squinted. Thick eyelashes.


Taijutsu: Trained in the Storm village style, which concentrates on hitting pressure points, major muscles, and important bones hard enough to do serious damage.

Ninjutsu: Concentrated on lightining and wind attacks like other members of the Storm village ninja. Learned a little fire jutsu from her cousin Kyo the blacksmith.

Genjutsu: Only enough to defeat most lower level genjutsu.

Summonings: Has defeated and is able to summon almost every dragon located in Dragon Mountain, home of her native village.

Note: Lorraine is such a good ninja that she was being groomed at the new Dragon Keeper of her village.


Dragon's Fang: Her father's katana. Has an almost blue hue to the steel and the pommel is electric blue. Very heavy. Used as a conductor for electric and fire attacks.

Dragon's Wing: Mother's battle fan. Has a winding silver dragon design on a dark blue background. Used to manipulate wind, store chakra, and assist in summonings. Metal ribs are razor sharp.


A short black kimono with silver obi and silver lining on sleeves and neck line. The kimono itself is made of silk, a layer of chain mail and another layer of silk. Chain mail made by Kyo the blacksmith. Black under shorts that go down to the knee with a shuriken pouch. Combat boots and fingerless gloves with a metal face plate. Sword is worn at her left hip and fan hidden in her left sleeve.