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Ghost became Ghost the day she got her first comic book.

She was ten years old, and at the convenience store with Barbara. Being Ghost, she squealed every time she came upon a piece of candy or a pair of sparkly barettes. Barbara would hiss at her to be quiet every time, but of course Ghost never listened to anything Barbara said.

When they got to the register, there was a rack of comic books. Ghost scanned them over because they were bright and colorful and caught her eye, but inwardly she scoffed. Baby books.

However, there was one issue on the bottom rack that made her reconsider. The girl on the cover had blonde hair and fair skin, just like Ghost. Except she obviously wasn't Ghost. She was taller, sexier, and she could shoot fire from her hands.

Fire...Ghost thought it over. Maybe they weren't baby books after all. She snatched the one from the bottom rack.

"Barbara! Barbara!" she squealed.

"What?" Barbara rasped angrily, turning around to face Ghost.

"Can I get this? Can I get it? Huh, can I get it?" She figured if she pestered Barbara enough she'd relent.

"A comic book? What do you want that for?"

"She can shoot fire out of her hands, that's why. Can I just get it, please?" she asked again.

It should've been a warning, how tightly Ghost was clutching the comic book, how the word "fire" practically lit up her eyes...but of course Barbara didn't notice. She bought Ghost the comic book, hoping it would keep her busy.

It did. For weeks on end Ghost snuck out with Barbara's pilfered money to buy more comic books, every single one in the fiery girl's series, and dozens more after that. Ghost read them all cover to cover, once, twice, three times through. And then she began to plan.

She could be like Fire Girl, she figured. She could have super powers, too. She could have her revenge. She could ignite everything, everyone, if she wanted to. Woosh. It could be that easy.

Maybe Ghost didn't become Ghost the day she got her first comic book. Maybe it was really the night she lit Barbara on fire.