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Rabbit walked into the S.F.F.D. ambulance rescue bay to see exactly what he saw every morning. Sleepy EMTs who had been up all night, and those who were just starting their shifts talking and making sure their rigs were intact. Rabbit was looking for a certain EMT in particular though, one who normally worked all night, and who he hadn't seen in a few days.

"If you're looking for Viper, she's in the lounge."

Rabbit turned to see Nancy giving him a strange look, though she was smiling. Rabbit returned the smile and sighed.

"Was it really that obvious who I was looking for?"

"No," Nancy admitted. "But I figured you weren't looking for me since you know where my rig always is, and Boone and Tyler already left... And you had a look on your face."

"A look?" Rabbit repeated, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yeah, well, I've been trying to catch Viper for a week, do you know why she's avoiding me?"

Nancy shrugged, "Sorry, Rabbit. I can't tell you because I'm not one hundred percent sure myself, though I do know that she is avoiding you. But go to the lounge, maybe you can corner her yourself."

"Thanks, Nance," Rabbit said and turned, almost walking directly into Glenn. Glenn stepped back instantly, his face flushing slightly. "Watch it, Probie."

"Sorry, Rabbit," Glenn said, rolling his eyes as Rabbit walked past him. He shook his head and walked to the driver's side of 114, "Is he always going to hate me, Nance?"

Nancy shrugged, truly having no answer for her partner. Rabbit was one hell of a character. She never really figured out why Rabbit had so much hate for Glenn. Though hesitant at times, Glenn could be a good partner....

"Forget about him," Nancy suggested. "Let's get to work, partner."

Glenn nodded and started the rig up, pulling out of the bay moments later.

Rabbit walked into the lounge to hear the noise from the TV as a few EMTs played Xbox 360. He scanned the room. Everyone was pretty much doing their own thing; some were reading the morning newspapers, others were eating a hurried breakfast before they had to head out. But Rabbit found his target as she poured herself a cup of coffee, her back to him. He walked as silently as possible through the lounge, which wasn't hard considering the noise from the TV.

"You know," Rabbit said in a low voice as he stood directly behind the female paramedic. He realized that he had startled her as she had jumped slightly when he had spoken "I'm so used to playing this game with you, Vanessa, that it is no longer intriguing, it's irritating."

The paramedic turned to him, her sapphire blue eyes blazing as she glared at him. She stood about 5'7" with a curtain of long black hair that fell down to the middle of her back in waves. She was athletically fit, and not bad on the eyes at all, with strong features, and eyes that were normally kind, but now looked tired from working the night shift, as well as looking deadly with the glare.

"Then maybe you should stop playing, Reuben," She shot back in an equally low voice. "Considering you were one of the first ones to adopt my nickname, I would have thought you would stick with it."


"That's better," Viper nodded. "Now, what can I help you with, Rabbit?"

"You can start by explaining why you've been avoiding me," Rabbit suggested. He was thoroughly irritated at the moment with her, but it was hard for him to stay annoyed when he looked at her. Despite how tired she looked, she was still beautiful. Not only had he worked with her for a year or so before he became a flight medic, but he had dated her for over a year. They had been together when the accident had happened, and broken up not long after when he was recovering as Rabbit could see that her spending so much time with him while he went through his recovery was affecting her, both physically and mentally. He and her had retained a friendship, though at some times it could be awkward.

"This isn't the place, nor the time, Rabbit," Viper responded as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips and took a sip.

"So you're just going to keep avoiding me?" Rabbit demanded. "That's nice of you."

Viper sighed, "Look, I don't know why, all of a sudden, you want to talk to me so badly, but if you really want to talk, I'll make a deal with you." She looked at her watch before continuing, "I am exhausted, and you have a shift to get to. But, I'm not working tonight, so if you still want to talk, drop by my house after your shift and we'll talk."

"You promise me you'll be there?" Rabbit inquired, knowing good and well how good Viper was at hiding if she didn't want to talk to someone.

"I got nothing better to do tonight than catch up on episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race," Viper said. "Believe me, I'll be home. Maybe I'll even cook something up for the occasion."

"I'll hold you to that," Rabbit said.

"Have a good day, Rabbit," Viper sighed and left the lounge.

Rabbit sighed as well and followed her, but went towards Angel Rescue 2, where Marisa was also drinking coffee as she read a magazine. He wordlessly began to straighten some things up, his mind not at all on what he was doing.

Vanessa 'Viper' Adams worked for the S.F.F.D. basically since the day she graduated high school, first working it part-time through college, and then going at it full time once she graduated with a masters in English. She lived for the job of saving lives. It kept her going, and it kept her sane. Of course, not everyone was happy with her career choice. Her family had wanted to see her become a lawyer, doctor, or something high up like that, and that had been her goal, for a short time, until she realized how much she loved what she did as a paramedic. So the dreams of making millions went out the window, and her major switched to English, just so her family wouldn't disown her entirely, and she could at least say she had worked four years to earn her degree.

Despite the love and passion she had for her job as a paramedic, she knew things were changing for her. They had been for almost a year, despite her attempts to fight against them. Rabbit breaking up with her had been a catalyst of sorts that had left her questioning whether she really wanted to be living the way she did for the rest of her life. Her mother, born and raised in Florence, Italy, was certain to tell her every single week how disappointed she was that her oldest daughter was still saving lives for a low salary, while her two other daughters were both rich and successful. It was truly a thorn in her side that just seemed to jab deeper and deeper every passing week.

With that thought ringing in her mind, she pulled into the driveway of her two story house, her Dodge Ram truck rocking slightly as she hit the curb. The overnight shift she had worked had been nice; an MVA, a pregnant woman, and a guy who stabbed his best friend for sleeping with his girlfriend; she'd seen all ends of the spectrum. As she walked into her house, she saw the message button on her answering machine blinking. She jabbed it as she walked by, bracing herself for the worst.

"Vanessa," Her mother's voice began before taking off in rapid fire Italian, "Mi chiami appena Lei trova questo, Lei non crederà all'opportunità di lavoro che io ho fondato per Lei. Io L'amo."

Viper shook her head. Her mother was relentless. No matter how many times she said she wasn't interested, her mother was always insisting on trying to find a job for her. And no matter how often she said it, she hated when her mother left her messages in Italian. While she was still fluent in the language, she hated trying to decipher her mother's rapid, and sometimes mumbled, speech. However, she wasn't going to ignore her mother's call, unless she wanted a nice slap across the face the next time she drove down to LA to see her.

She picked up her phone and called her mother, determined to make her speak in english, "Hi, mamma."

"Vanessa!" Her mother exclaimed. "Perché La volesti così molto tempo chiamarmi?"

"In English, mamma," Viper pleaded. "I have such a headache...."

"Why did it take you so long to pick up your phone and call me?" Her mom, Victoria, inquired.

"When did you leave me the message?" Viper inquired.

"Last night."

Viper sighed. Five minutes later was often too long for her mother, "Mamma, I work overnights now, like I have been doing for the last year, remember?"

"So horrible," Victoria said. "When do you sleep?"

"Mamma," Viper groaned. "We go through this every other time I talk to you; I work at night and I sleep during the day."

"Vanessa, how do you expect to ever get married and raise a family?" Victoria inquired. "Would it really kill you to at least work during the day?"

"Yes," Viper said. "I am not interested in working during the day, any more than I am interested in getting married anytime soon. I don't care what Alex and Rose do, and I really don't care how much more you love them because they actually did what you wanted them to."

"Alessandra and Rosella are at least happy with their lives!" Victoria exclaimed. "Alessandra has another child on the way, and Rosella was just given a big raise. They're not living in an old house, living paycheck to paycheck!"

"I'm not living paycheck to paycheck, because, I highly doubt you remember this, but I did go to Berkley on a full scholarship," Viper responded. "Unlike my dear sisters, I didn't spend half my life in school and taking out loan after loan. Drop the subject of marriage and my job please, mamma."

"No," Victoria said. "At your age, I was already married and had all three of you. I have been very fortunate in my life, Vanessa, and I only want the same for you. You've been out of your relationship for a year already. Start dating again, think about settling down, think about truly being happy. One of your father's friend's called up yesterday. He has a brother in a publishing company here in Los Angeles and is looking for a new editing supervisor. Papa's friend suggested you for the job, and the owner wants to meet with you."

"I'm not interested, Mamma," Viper said instantly. "I belong with the S.F.F.D., and that's not going to change."

"Che spreco," Victoria said disdainfully. "Vanessa, you are a brilliant girl, I just wish you would realize it."

"You, and the rest of the world, mamma," Viper responded. "I'm going to sleep, I've been up all night."

"I still love you, Vanessa," Victoria said. "Just consider what I've said to you."

"Yes, mamma," Viper rolled her eyes. "Good night."

"Oh, and Vanessa?"

"Yes?" Vanessa groaned.

"Don't roll your eyes at your mother."


AN: Yeah, well, who doesn't have parental issues when you don't achieve their dreams? Next chapter up soon! PS: I use Reverso(dot)net for my translations. The message Viper's mother left her means "You call me as soon as you get this, you won't believe the opportunity of job that I have found for you. I love you."