Chapter 13.


"Are you sure you are alright?" I asked still really concerned as she sat at the counter while I put the groceries we had brought in the fridge or the pantry, depending on where she told me to put them.

"Yeah," she hissed as she pulled the icepack I had pulled out from the freezer to show a little red spot from where the pack had been resting, but no bump or bruise. She had been complaining of her head hurting when we had come in after Ran had run off but I didn't remember her falling on the concrete and hitting her head. I thought she just landed on her butt or something but she was insistent that her head was killing her. I gave her a couple Aspirin and an icepack but apparently it wasn't working too well.

"Hey," I said after looking over at her and noticed her pinching her temple in what looked like severe pain. I walked over to her after she didn't even bother to look up and took her hand from her face, which made her automatically look up at me. "Maybe you should lay down or something." I said running my fingers through her strawberry colored and kissed her forehead as gently as she could. She sighed in relief for a minute and when I tried to pull away, her arms wrapped form behind me around my elbows and pulled me back.

"What's wrong, Ayame?" I asked slightly confused. If I had a massive headache from my ex boyfriend shoving me down and making me crack my head on concrete I wouldn't exactly want anyone around me, but she was clinging to me like it was a life or death situation. Not that I was complaining being so close to her.

"When you are touching me," she sighed and rested her cheek against my chest, gently smiling. "Or even just close to me, the pain goes away. Like you are my medicine." she said trying to nuzzle even deeper into my chest, as if it were possible. I smiled in joy and kissed her head again.

"In that case," I chuckled lightly before picking her up and taking her place on the chair before sitting her down on my lap, so her head could rest on my shoulder and I rubbed little circles into her back with my thumb soothingly. "You can just relax. I wont leave." I whispered into her ear as I felt her breathing start to slow.

"Feeling any better?" I asked after a little while. She nodded meekly and nuzzled closer to the crook of my neck and lifted one arm to wrap over the other.

"I always feel better when you are near me. Safer. Loved…" she barely breathed that last part but I didn't care. It was wonderful that I made her feel exactly how I wanted her to feel. After everything this girl had done for me, died for me even if she didn't remember, the least I could do was save her from some scum bag who treated her like she wasn't the diamond she was.

"Well I really like you, Ayame." I said as she opened her eyes now to stare up at me. "A lot." I finished as she stared at me with those beautiful little eyes for a moment then started to pull up a smile.

"I liked you too, Ikuto. From the moment I met you I really liked you. There was no doubting that." she said lifting a hand up to pull my face closer then gently pressed her lips to mine. Our lips melted together like nothing could stop us.

Every time I was with this girl I felt one of two things, weak at the knees or as strong as super man and right about now, I was flying high with an S on my chest, folks.

She was so warm and so careful as she kissed me, daring to lean in a bit further which increased the kiss's intentions entirely. She didn't move from her position on my lap but I pulled her closer to me, both of us pulling back only for a millisecond to catch a breath before taking back each other's lips greedily. I wanted her to be with me forever, I wanted her to remember everything we had together but I knew wit would take time. I knew we would need to just let everything to fall into place and it was killing me.

She pulled away, eyes closed and face twisted into a little frown, as she raised her hand to pinch her bridge again. She was in pain now. She was pinching her bridge so hard her knuckles were turning white and soon she was whimpering in pain as well.

"I-Ikuto..?" she whispered gently now opening her eyes. As if something were totally clear and obvious to her now.

"Yeah?" I asked a little bit confused. Her eyes had drained of something, the knowingness and now she was just as confused as I was. that's when I noticed something. I turned to look at something that had caught my eye and noticed that within all the long strands of Amu's pink hair, there was one long strand of black. That brought back something from my past.

Amu was brushing he hair in bathroom one morning while I brushed my teeth beside her, her hair still black but with pink streaks all over.

"What is up with your hair? Are you trying to let it go back to it's original color?" I had asked her playfully and tugged at a few new strands of pink hair that streaked her black locks. She shoved at me gently in a playing matter and looked at her streaked hair in the mirror.

"No!" she scoffed in response and looked back at the mirror. "That's exactly why I'm so surprised. It's like, no matter how many times I try to color them they just shine through." She said looking at the perfectly straight streaks of hair. I smiled at her little faces she made and wrapped my arms around her waist gently and pressed my lips to her neck.

"Well, I think you look beautiful either way."

She was beautiful. And still is. Ayame, though, still didn't remember this bit of deja vu and started to freak out a little bit.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped and tugged at the strand of hair and pulled it in front of her face to examine it. "What is going on? I dyed the other ones and now more are coming out! Ouch.." she hissed and touched her forehead again. She seemed to be in a lot of pain and I didn't even understand why.

"And then I keep having these really weird dreams…" she said trying to rub her temple peaked my interest without another word, knowing that the streaks were not a first and they had been happening again. that's when I remembered what had caused Amu's hair to change in the first place. Her hair changed when she was turning back into herself and not that stupid Shattered Heart persona. She had become Amu again when her hair became fully pink and now that Ayame's hair was turning black again, she was starting to remember and maybe these memories were coming to her in dream form or something.

"Well," I said clearing my throat and tried not to act too giddy. "What exactly happens in the dreams?" I asked trying to sound calming and not prodding. She sighed and waved her hand in the air as if telling me to shake it off.

"I just keep dying…there is blood everywhere and screams and then…I wake up." she aid it as casually as if it were something you bring up at a conversation everyday. I could feel my body tense at her words remembering myself hunching over Amu's poor little body with her blood…everywhere and I clung to Ayame as hard as I could.

"It's just a dream…" I whispered to her but knowing it was more like I was trying to convince myself. "It's just a dream." I repeated a little lighter now and ran my fingers through her hair. We sat there for the longest time, just holding each other and talking about her dreams. I just had to remember one thing.

It was only and just…a dream.

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