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They were just like him. Near, he was the most like him. With his alabaster skin and gray eyes, his cute skinny hands with long, delicate fingers; he even thought like him. Black lashes caressed porcelain with every blink, and Beyond could always tell when the wheels in his brain were turning like they did—he was like L…just like L.

Mello, though. Mello was like L as well—he acted like L, he had the motivation and the attitude that Near lacked. While he did not resemble L as much as the other boy did, he certainly had his charms. If you put the two of them together, you would have L…L, the one Beyond wanted, yet could not have. His eyes…the eyes that Mello and Near had as well. Their eyes made Beyond so envious—both of them had eyes just like him. They held so much resemblance to his blackish-blue orbs, of which Beyond had none. While they could see the world through eyes tainted with justice, Beyond was forced to see things through the cursed eyes of the shinigami, blood red staining his every action.

It was never easy, seeing the death of everybody around you. He only wished he could see the death of the world as well. Beyond wished to tear their eyes from their heads, to rip those beautiful orbs from their very sockets, so he might have a chance to see things as they did…no, he wanted to see as L did.

He wanted L, but L was dead.

So they would have to do instead.


Near sat on the floor of the SPK, bored as his grey eyes scanned the pile of toys in front of him, spidery-pale finger entwined in white curls. Life had been so dull lately, nothing to do, no places to be…he wished for something to occupy his mind. He had no competition anymore, not now that all of his potential rivals were dead—Kira, or Light Yagami, Beyond Birthday, L…and most especially, Mello. Mello was dead, and that is what made Near's life so hollow. There was no need for him to run anymore, not when Mello wasn't chasing him.

He had thought about Mello so often lately…he had nothing more to focus on. All he wished was for a chance to see the blonde once again. He wanted to talk to him, to try and explain what he had been feeling his whole life, to see exactly how Mello's mind worked. There were so many things he couldn't do now that his adversary was gone.

Near's attention turned to the monitors that lined the walls as he noticed a small movement on one of them, eyes widening slightly as he saw nothing. Halle, Rester, and Gevanni had not been around as often since the Kira case—he had assured them he could take care of himself, but now, he had a small ember of fear at the back of his mind. He must have just been imagining things; maybe he hadn't gotten enough sleep lately.

Looking back to his puzzle, he dumped it out onto the floor and began to put it together again, noticing another flicker of movement on one of the monitors. Now he was slightly nervous—there must have been somebody there, he couldn't just blame it on lack of sleep anymore. However, his mind was put slightly to rest as he remembered that there were guards outside, he wasn't completely alone. It could have possibly just been one of the guards walking around, and he was just overreacting…anything to put his mind slightly at ease.

Suddenly, Near heard the doors behind him open. The small boy didn't turn around immediately, but he simply grabbed a nearby robot and tilted it slightly, gray eyes flickering to its shiny surface and seeing the reflection of the person behind him. It was…somebody he didn't exactly recognize, yet somebody who bore a strong resemblance to somebody he knew all too well.

"Hello," he said calmly, trying to disguise the fear in his voice. What had happened to the guards? Who was this man, and how did he get in?

"You look even more like him in real life than you do in pictures…" smiled the man, taking a few timid steps across the room, revealing to Near a large, blood-stained knife. "You've grown so much since the last time Beyond saw you…back at Wammy's, you were only about three…so cute, Beyond remembers playing robots and puzzles with you. Beyond sees you still like them, don't you?"

"Who has informed you of Wammy's?" asked Near, hand nervously clenching around the puzzle piece that rested in his palm. "How do you know about me—"

"You don't recognize your old playmate?" the man asked, hand squeezing the knife until his knuckles turned white. "Then again, Beyond doesn't look the same as he used to…but you don't remember Beyond…B.B?"

"You are not Beyond Birthday, Beyond is dead—"

"Beyond does not feel dead," the L-lookalike smiled, interrupting Near and making his way across the rest of the room, now towering behind the smaller boy. "But maybe Near shall…what does Near think of that?"

Now was one of those times Near wished his legs worked more properly—his muscles had gotten even worse after the Kira case ended, as he had done even less walking and moving than he had done before. However, since now was a life-or-death situation, he figured it might be appropriate to at least try to run away…

He felt the man's spidery fingers entwine in his hair, knife tracing light shapes along the soft skin of his scalp. Slowly, hot breath was against his neck, and Beyond's lips were at his ear.

"Now it's time for Nate to learn big-boy games,"

"Release me," Near demanded. "There are guards out there, over forty surrounding the entire proximity, all highly trained. I could have them come in here and shoot Beyond on sight…if Beyond is to release me, he shall not—"

It was then that the small white-haired boy realized Beyond hadn't said "Near" but "Nate"…his true name. Nobody knew that—anybody who could have possibly known it was dead, buried six feet underground, their ashes lying on the floor of a church, their hole-filled body disposed of anonymously at a morgue.

"Nate…you silly little boy," the man laughed, his chuckle a strange 'hyuk hyuk hyuk.' "How do you think Beyond got in here?"

The man then pressed the blade of the knife up against the back of his head, leaving a smear of hot, red blood in his previously pure white hair. Near stiffened up at this feeling, but he still did not attempt to move—he had to plan more, he hadn't found an effective solution for escaping, he only needed mere minutes to finish his preparation. However, what he didn't know is that he wouldn't be given the opportunity to stall this man for a few more minutes. A cloth practically dripping with chloroform was pressed over his mouth and nose, and that was when he began to struggle to the best of his abilities.

"Shh, Nate, just sleep," the man cackled, slamming Near's head against the hard, tile floor of the SPK building. He was extremely dizzy now, spots flickering in front of his vision, and everything in the room blurring together, but he knew that he couldn't allow himself to pass out. If he did, who knew when he would wake up…of if he would wake up? Kicking and struggling once again, not having much of an effect on the killer, it was seemingly a miracle when Near managed to land a kick in the man's gut. He choked slightly, coughing for a moment, allowing Near time to try and run away—he didn't get far.

"Ah, ah, ah, Nate…" the man said, watching the small, white-haired boy's pathetic attempt to escape. "You shouldn't have kicked Beyond. Such a naughty boy…hyuk…this could have been painless for you. Ah well, it seems to Beyond as though Nate chose the painful way."

One last, shaky scream escaped the small detective's throat, and then there was physical pain like he had never felt before. A sickening crunch was the last thing he heard before everything went black.




"Sheep cripple, wake the fuck up!"

Near's head spun as he attempted to open his eyes, the lids feeling as though they were lead. His head hurt like nothing ever had before, and he could feel that his hands were tied behind his back; his feet bound in front of him. As his slightly-cracked eyes began to adjust to what little, dim light there was in the room, he could see that he was in a basement of some sort…somebody else was down there with him. They were right next to him, he could tell by the direction of their voice, and he could also slightly sense their presence—however, he couldn't turn his head. It was then that it clicked. That voice was so familiar, and there was only one person in the world who had ever called him sheep cripple.

"Mello…?" he asked, voice groggy and laced with pain.

"Thank-fucking-god, Near, I thought you were fucking dead!" he exclaimed, rattling the chains that held his arms to the wall. His voice was cracked, and it sounded like he hadn't had anything to drink in days—it was definitely not the power-filled tone Near was used to hearing, but it was Mello nonetheless. He would have smiled, but he didn't think he could bring his facial muscles to listen to him in any way, shape or form. It was hard enough just top part his lips and begin to speak again.

"Where…why is…'llo…alive?" he muttered, his words not coherent, but formed enough for Mello to understand what he was asking.

"I've been down here for almost two weeks…at least," he replied. "Right after the Kira case ended…I didn't die…Beyond was in the truck too, and he held Takada hostage, and made her call Light and say that she killed me…once Light heard that, he killed Takada with his Death Note. She set the church on fire, and Beyond made me leave my rosary behind to make it look like I died— my 'body' was just burned in the fire…and then he told me that he had you, so I…was stupid, and I followed him back here. But…do you know where my rosary is? My mother gave it to me…"

"I have it around my neck," Near assured the blonde, coughing a few times, the spinning in his head slowing as he tried to comprehend everything. Beyond wasn't…dead, he had somehow escaped the mental hospital for the criminally insane, as well as Light's judgment. After that, he watched the Kira case from behind the scenes—he wasn't able to save L, so he figured saving Mello and Near would be the next best thing. He then put his plan into action and lured Mello back to…wherever they were…with the promise of finding him. There was only one thing that didn't make sense.

"Why would Mello….come back….here…to save me….if Beyond really did have…me…?" he asked, voice becoming clearer as the pain began to dull slightly. "It is the only reason…he was able to take you, was it not?"

"I just….he's a fucking serial killer, Near! You could have died—"

"Beyond is a serial killer?" a third voice asked, cackles surrounding every word. "Beyond does not think that little Mihael means that…do you, Mihael?"

"N-No," the blonde quickly said, voice filled with fear as the man took a few steps forward and exposed himself to the both of them. He held a sharp knife in one hand, and a jar of strawberry jam in the other, his eyes intimidating and bright red. Near suddenly tensed up as he spoke Mello's real name…how could he possibly know both of their real names? Had he somehow hacked Wammy's database and found their records?

"Good, good," the man said, scooping out a handful of strawberry jam with one hand after dropping his knife on the floor, only inches away from their feet. "Now…Beyond has both of you. L would be ashamed that you let yourselves be captured so easily…L always loved Beyond better, anyhow."

"Then why… did L call Beyond 'Backup?'" Near asked coolly, attempting to stretch his legs and grab the knife with his toes. "It is obvious….that Beyond was only a prototype…"

Beyond suddenly lunged forward and grabbed on to Near's neck with a sticky, jam-covered hand, the fruit-flavored topping cold against the small boy's flesh. Near, eyes wide with fright and surprise, attempted to squirm back, but he only hit the cool dirt-and-stone wall of whatever sort of room they were in. Beyond's eyes were raging, and his grip on Near's throat tightened with every word he spoke.

"Beyond…Beyond is Beyond's name. Not Backup. It was never Backup, because L loved Beyond. He would never do something to hurt Beyond's feelings."

Near wanted to continue to speak, but he caught Mello's expression out of the corner of his eye. The blonde looked utterly terrified…whatever the black-haired man had done to him must have had a very profound effect, because Near had never seen Mello scared of anything, much less a person. The only time he had seen Mello look this intimidated was when Roger threatened to take away the boy's chocolate supply, back in the days when they lived at Wammy's. He didn't want to see Mello like this…it scared him more than anything this man could do.

"Such a bad boy, Beyond thinks…" the raven-haired man muttered, dragging his fingertips up Near's neck, causing the small boy to shudder as icy chills traveled his body. "You should never talk back to your betters. Mihael has learned that. Maybe it's time to teach Nate that?"

"Leave him alone," demanded the blonde, tugging at the rusty steel chains that held him close to the wall, the determined look Near always knew him to have back on his face. "He didn't do anything to you…don't touch him!"

Beyond slipped his hand up the bottom of Near's shirt, laughing as Mello tugged on his chains again, the look on his face intensifying and silently screaming that he was going to kill Beyond—not that he could do much about it, with the position he was in now. Beyond's touches didn't seem to affect Near much—he only tried to move back slightly, hating the feeling of the pale man's spidery fingers against his warm, soft stomach. It didn't stop there—it seemed as though Beyond was more amused by Mello's anger than Near's disgust, so he continued to push Near's shirt up, eyes affixed on Mello's face as it flickered and contorted with hatred. Near only turned his head away, resting his cheek against the cool cement of the wall, trying to ignore the feeling of Beyond's hands against his skin, trying to block out the sound of Mello's breath hitching and the jingling of chains as the blonde attempted to pull away. They both knew better than to say anything, however…not with the twisted smile that was gracing Beyond's face.

Near could now feel the very tip of an extremely sharp knife tracing the tender skin on his stomach—the man had picked up the knife off of the floor, and was now slowly popping the buttons on the smaller boy's shirt off…one by one, they fell to the hard floor, gently rolling and tapping in different directions.

"Nate…you might be L's successor, but look at how weak you are. Beyond could kill you right now."

Near gasped loudly as Beyond dragged the knife up his stomach, leaving a thin cut that gently dripped and trickled bright red blood down his chest. It didn't particularly hurt, he knew that it was just a superficial flesh wound, but the feeling of the cold knife a twelfth of an inch into his flesh caused him to choke and cough slightly, eyes squeezing shut with fear more than anything.

"See…Beyond was right," the black-haired copycat laughed.

"Beyond, don't touch him!"

There was silence for a moment, and Beyond slowly cocked his head to look at Mello, removing his hands and the knife from Near. He brought the glistening silver blade to Mello's throat, tracing a line across it but not piercing the skin…yet. It seemed to Near that he was teetering dangerously on the verge of doing so. However, the blonde didn't so much as flinch. Mello just gazed at Beyond with those piercing blue eyes that had always intimidated Near when he was younger, and the blonde would threaten to beat him up. It was strange to see them used on somebody else, especially when they were being used on somebody else in his defense.

"Mihael…Mihael…Mihael…" he whispered slowly, grabbing on to a lock of Mello's golden hair, the same that Near knew Mello had always treasured and taken pride in. "What did Beyond teach you about talking back?"

"I'm not scared of you," he said, voice not quavering in the least. "Do what you want. You won't kill me. I know you won't. After all…if you killed me, you'd only have half of L. I know you don't want that, Beyond. Go ahead—look me in the eye and tell me you're going to kill me. I dare you to."

Beyond didn't respond. He seemed paralyzed for a moment, but with a twitch from Mello as the knife pressed slightly closer against his throat, Beyond snapped out of the trance-like state he had been in. It was then that he yanked Mello's head forward; away from where it rested on the wall; grabbing the chunk of his prized hair and slicing it clean off with the knife. He had an enraged look on his face as he threw the golden locks down in front of the man, but his tactic seemed to have little to no effect on Mello.

"Next time Beyond will slice your throat," he said, voice seeming sincere and hateful, but his eyes drifting away from contact with the blonde and back over towards Near.

"I'd like to see you try," he spat angrily.

Beyond didn't respond to Mello's attempts to distract him from Near this time. He just turned his attention back to the smaller of the two, quickly pulling on his shirt and slicing it up the arms, allowing it to fall to the floor without having to take off the ropes and chains that kept him bound in place.

"Beyond knows exactly how to hurt Mello…he shouldn't have talked back, or Beyond wouldn't had to do this," the man shrugged, beginning to untie the ropes that held Near's legs together. He then slipped the smaller boy's pants off, tossing them over to some abandoned corner of the room, Near now only in his pure white boxers. After turning to Mello and smirking again, Beyond undid the rest of the bindings that held Near in place, leaving the white-haired boy to escape—if only he could. Even if it weren't for Beyond, Near probably couldn't even walk across a room. He always was so weak and fragile, having to be protected in a glass case, just like a porcelain doll.

"Scream," the raven-haired man demanded, grabbing on to Near's chin and forcing the boy to look at him. "Scream…as loud as you can. Beyond wants you to scream."

Near made no move at all, his eyelids just fluttering as Beyond shoved his head back up against the wall. He expected the boy to cry out in pain, anything, but it seemed as though they were past the point of physical pain—he remembered that Near must be much more immune to physical pain than others, considering how much the blonde had tormented him back at home-sweet-home Wammy's.

"If you won't scream for you, scream for Mihael," he cackled, taking a few steps to the right and crouching down in front of the blonde man. "Scream for Beyond, or Beyond will hurt Mihael…Nate doesn't want that, does he?"

Near didn't do anything, but his gray eyes were affixed on Mello's face, watching as it flickered with fear…now that Beyond wasn't looking. That must have been it—Mello was terrified, but he refused to show that to Beyond. Even as the black-haired man brought the knife to Mello's stomach, twisting the very tip of it back and forth, neither successor did anything. It wasn't until Beyond pressed down on the knife slightly, continuing to twist it, the sharp point just about to rip through the skin…that was when Near screamed.

The perfect and high-pitched noise resounded throughout the small room, and Near's eyes turned to Mello, making sure that he wasn't in physical pain. It didn't appear as though he was, but there was a slight look of shock on his face—he had never heard Near scream, not in any way, shape, or form. He would never show Mello pain, no matter how much the blonde would hit him…but now that Mello's own life was threatened, he seemed more than willing to scream for their tormenter.

"Louder," he said again, red eyes flickering back over to Near. "Scream louder, Nate. It sounds so sweet…"

Near let out another shriek, his voice cracking towards the end. It was obvious it was causing him pain, but mentally and physically, but he bore it to the best of his abilities and let out another cry. Beyond let out a small groan, and Mello looked back towards him instead of Near, seeing why he was asking Near to scream for him.

"You sick fuck!" the blonde accused, voice filled with fury. "How the fuck can you get a hard-on from hearing somebody's fucking screams, you twisted bastard?!"

"Keep your sweet little mouth shut or Beyond will stab you anyways, Mihael," hissed the killer, dragging the knife up to Mello's throat and gesturing for Near to scream again. The small boy complied, his voice wavering more and more with each cry, his throat becoming dry and hoarse as Beyond continued to force him to scream. Finally, the man moved back over to Near, whose normally pale and perfect face was red, his forehead glittering with the smallest of sweatdrops.

"So cute," he chuckled, his erection now straining against his baggy blue jeans, ones that looked like L's all-too-much. "Not to mention relatively compliant…that makes Beyond very happy, Nate…you've been a good boy."

Near's eyes flickered for a moment, coming up to meet Beyond's with confidence mere moments later. He didn't want to lose like this…Beyond wouldn't get the best of him. However, when the black-haired man flipped him over so he was lying on his stomach, the side of his face against the dirty floor, he couldn't help but dread what he knew was going to happen next.

"Don't touch him!" Mello cried, yanking on the chains as hard as he possibly could.

Beyond slowly tugged down Near's underwear, chuckling as the small boy shivered with cold, laugh growing louder and harder as he saw how angry-looking Mello was. He grabbed his knife again, tracing nameless shapes along the soft skin of Near's back, the cushioned flesh of his ass. Holding deathly still, Near felt as Beyond slid the knife back and forth between his prominent shoulderblades, the cold metal sending tiny shivers up his spine.

"Beyond, stop it, you sick twisted fucking bastard Backup! L hated you! He wanted to get rid of you, to leave you on the streets, you're a defective piece of shit! You say he'd be ashamed of us, but he'd hate you for turning to crime! This is illegal, Beyond! L wouldn't hesitate to give you the fucking death penalty!"

The raven-haired lookalike ignored Mello's every word, no matter whether it was an insult or a plea for him to stop. He just undid his pants, chucking harshly as he hitched Near on to his knees, slipping his own underwear down and exposing his dripping erection. Roughly, and without warning, he shoved into the smaller boy—a hiss of pain fell from his own lips, a scream from Near's, and a strangled cross between a shriek of anger and a cry of despair from Mello's. The blonde couldn't stand watching as Near's face quickly turned red and dripped with sweat, contorting with pain as his eyes clenched shut and his mouth opened to let another screaming whimper tear its way from his throat.

It was hell for his rival.

But it was hell for him too.

Beyond was breaking what he had tried to break for so many years…but it finally hit him that Near was already broken. Maybe…it was now that he saw he was broken…now, he wanted to fix him. A small pit of guilt had always formed itself in his stomach every time he made the smaller boy bleed, and that small pit had grown bigger and bigger until it finally erupted with remorse and regret. Now that their rivalry was out of the way, now that they were on the same side, Mello's eyes were no longer blinded.

The blonde was snapped out of his train of thought as he finally watched Near's last wall being torn down. Gasping and attempting to crawl away from the raven-haired man, Near was continuously yanked back and thrust into again, eliciting another cry of pain and another groan of pleasure. Mello simply could not look away—it was like a train wreck, and he was in the passenger seat of a car that was driving by. He couldn't help it as his eyes tore themselves away from the dashboard and glanced out the window, seeing that terrible scene. As much as he wanted to look away, he couldn't manage to, and it was torturous.

One last scream, one last, low groan of pleasure, and then there was silence, spare the harsh pants of labored breathing. The small, white-haired boy dropped to his stomach, letting out another helpless whimper as Beyond roughly pulled out of him. He inched himself along the cold floor, a small bit of blood mixed with hot, sticky cum dripping down his thighs, his hair matted to his forehead. It was the most pitiful sight Mello had seen, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Beyond will see the two of you later," Beyond cackled, pulling his pants and underwear up with a satisfied groan. "Beyond has…errands to run."

Neither of them watched as the stairs creaked, and the basement door was slammed shut and locked. However, Mello could hear Near's hiccupping, irregular breath, and he attempted to whisper some words that would soothe the boy…but it seemed as though no sound could make it past his lips.

"Me…llo…?" whispered Near, his voice cracked and nearly silent. "May I…please…lie next to Mello…?"

The only sound in the room was the rattling of chains as Mello attempted to move himself closer to the bruised and battered boy. Pale arms shook as Near attempted to pull himself up, and he was only able to drag himself a few feet before he collapsed, his head of white curls landing in the blonde's lap.

"You can sleep…" the blonde man muttered, leaning down and attempting to pull Near further into his lap, as though he could keep the broken boy safe. "I'll keep watch…and I'll…make sure he doesn't hurt you again."

As much as Mello wanted to believe that he didn't mean those words, that he wasn't willing to protect the small boy he was supposed to hate so dearly…he couldn't bring himself to say 'Just kidding!" when he took a look at the small boy's serene face. It seemed as though he trusted Mello, despite all of the things the blonde had done to him.

They would have to be on the same side, for the time being.

End Note: I'm such a crazy sadistic bitch. O.o To think that I did that to my two favorite characters…what the hell am I going to do to characters I /don't/ like?? Anyways, I'm lazy and decided to make this into a twoshot. XD Be on the lookout for the next part, if you haven't already ran away.