A/NL Okay, for realz, this IS the last part. xD See, parts 'un' 'deux' and 'trois.' I love French numbers. Oh, and as a side note regarding the story, I DO know that you're not supposed to be able to see Shinigami eyes—however, the red in Beyond's eyes isn't the Shinigami eyes. It's just a pair of red contacts.

Near's eyes widened as he saw Beyond arrive on the monitor feed. He was heading straight towards Mello, knife gripped tightly in his fist, being absolutely silent—he wanted to scream for Mello to get out of the living room as fast as he could…there was only one doorway that Beyond was going to be blocking any possible exit out of in mere seconds, Near had never felt so helpless as he let out a soft cry, his voice cracking dryly as he tried to yell.

But it was already too late.

"Mihael…" he watched Beyond mouth, faintly hearing the noise from upstairs—the scene was taking place right above his head, if you were speaking in terms of architecture, yet he was able to watch the nightmare play out right in front of his eyes. "You…can't…run…"

Mello looked around for something to use to fend off the man, deciding on a heavy-looking lamp off of a nearby table, grabbing it and discovering that it wasn't even plugged in. However, now was no time to contemplate why that was. Instead, he waited until Beyond was just at the right distance…one more step…

Near couldn't breathe as he watched the scene play out. Swinging the lamp at their captor's head, just as he was about to strike, it seemed as though it went in slow motion. For Mello, at least. He was too slow. The blonde man must have missed Beyond's head by less than an inch, but that was still just enough for the raven-haired man to crouch down and gouge Mello in the arm, eliciting a scream that Near could hear crystal-clear, even down in the basement. A millisecond later, there was the shattering of glass and porcelain as the lamp hit the hard, wooden floor, the blonde having dropped it as pain shot up his arm. Now was when he realized that his choices were up.

They say the sound of a heart breaking is always a silent one, but it was not so for Near. He watched as terror flashed on to Mello's face, and the blonde tried to run for the window, ripping open the dusty curtains and pounding on the glass—either trying to break it or get the attention of somebody outside. However, it didn't work…Beyond grabbed on to Mello's hair, yanking him backwards, wrapping an arm around his waist and dragging him over to the area in front of the old-fashioned couch. Mello did something Near would have never expected the old Mello to do—whatever Beyond had broke in him must have been serious, something Near didn't even know could be broken...no, something he didn't even know existed.

"Please, please Beyond! N-No!!!" he cried, kicking and struggling, continually yanked back by the cackling man. Near could hear the thuds from above his head as Mello's feet dully hit the floor, and one loud thud as Beyond roughly threw him to the floor in front of the couch, his arm bleeding freely now. A single tear made its way down Near's cheek as he realized just how helpless he was, how all he could do was crawl forward on his knees and press his fingertips to Mello's projection on the monitors.

"Mihael…" he heard, watching the man mouth it on the screen. "Why would you try to run from Beyond? Don't you like it here with Beyond?"

Mello was silent until Beyond backhanded him full-force, throwing him to the floor from where he had rested on his knees. There was a hollow crack as Mello's head hit the polished wooden planks, and it was a second before he began to finally speak.

"No…" he whispered, voice quavering with fear and pain, practically on the verge of either angry or terrified tears. "No…No, no, no, no…I-I hate it here! I hate it here, and I hate you, you fucking Backup! J-Just let….let us go!"

The black-haired man grabbed on to the blonde's throat, yanking him up, throwing him on to the couch this time, bright red eyes glinting angrily. Apparently, he didn't like being talked back to. As he grabbed on to Mello's hair again, preparing to slam the blonde's head up against something, the blonde must have decided he didn't want the pain…or he knew what would happen if he didn't give Beyond the answer he wanted.

"W-wait! I-I was lying! I like it here!" he said desperately, Beyond flipping him on to his stomach, his face now pressed into the couch as he continued to kick and struggle. "Please, no, please!!!!"

Beyond let a loud, gritty laugh escape his throat as he ripped the zipper of Mello's outfit down, holding the blonde in place by his neck and ankles, threatening to snap either if he tried to run away.

"You should have told Nate I don't like grape jam!" he laughed hysterically, obviously having snapped—it wasn't as though he wasn't insane earlier, but as he continued to laugh hysterically as he was unrelenting in beating and stripping the blonde, it was obvious to both successors that he had just crossed a fine line.

"It was my fault…" Near whispered, eyes widening as Mello was finally stripped of the tight leather outfit, Beyond having practically torn it from his lithe frame. Gray eyes searched Mello's face for some kind of sign that he was prepared to keep fighting, but he found none—the blonde's face was red from struggling, a few tearstains gracing his cheeks as he attempted to crawl away again, still thrashing madly. He might have been fighting physically, but mentally, he had given up.

"If only it had been strawberry…" he whispered to Mello, raking his nails down the blonde's back before snapping the button on his pants, causing Near to finally let out a scream of frustration. Beyond heard this, and he must have forgotten that Near was able to see everything, even those he placed him in the monitor-filled room for that very purpose. However, it didn't stop him in the least—encouraging him, if anything.

Near couldn't watch.

So he didn't.

The small boy smacked his hands over his eyes, curling up into the fetal position over by the door to his prison, rocking back and forth and singing a lullaby he remembered from back at the orphanage. He didn't even attempt to open his eyes until the screams and groans and thuds stopped, and a slow, steady hiccupping started in its place. Mello was…crying?

Finally, he opened his eyes to see Mello lying on the floor, his body shaking, and Beyond just sitting on the couch in a replica of what was probably supposed to be L. It sickened him. After a few minutes, Beyond decided it was probably time to cage his pet, so he grabbed on to Mello and the blonde's leather outfit, taking them both back downstairs. Mello was too exhausted to even attempt to put up a fight, and as soon as Near heard them coming down the stairs, the old wooden planks creaking underneath them, he stood by the door.

"Beyond, please let me out," he said calmly, wanting to make sure Mello was okay before anything else.

Beyond heard that Nate wanted a turn to play, so he tossed Mihael down in the corner, dropping his clothes on his nearly-still body. The blonde was breathing, yes, but just barely. Finally, he made his way across the room and opened the door to the monitor-filled room, seeing Nate…he looked just like a little porcelain doll, his cheeks stained with tears, and his eyes wide and glistening. He was like a porcelain doll of Lawli in a cute little maid's dress.

"I think that Nate should be Beyond's doll," the man said, reaching out and tracing his fingers along the soft roundness of Near's cheek. "Go sit over by the wall, and don't move a muscle. You're going to be Beyond's doll."

It was obvious that the man had snapped now, but Near did as he said…he didn't want to make him mad now that it was obvious he would do anything when pushed to the limit. Sitting down by the wall, Near allowed his body to go limp, the only thing moving his gray eyes. Running upstairs and coming back down a moment later, it appeared as though Beyond had brought back down a brush. He was like a child with a new toy—or more specifically, a young girl with a new doll. The first thing she wanted to do was brush its hair, of course.

Pulling the small boy into his lap, Beyond sat himself down on the floor next to Near, giggling softly as he began to yank the brush through Near's tangled strands of hair. However, as his own stomach growled, his face took a much more serious turn. Red eyes flickered over to Mello, who was attempting to struggle back into his clothes, nearly dressed when Beyond spoke up.

"Mihael, since Nate couldn't seem to get food-related matters correct last time, Beyond would like you to go cook Beyond some food. There is raw meat in the fridge…warm some of that up, but don't cook it. Bring Beyond that and a jar of jam. Make sure it's not grape this time…or Beyond believes that Mihael will know what is to happen to him."

Mello could feel absolute anger swelling in his chest as he watched Beyond continue to brush Near's jet-black hair, the small boy holding completely limp and still, just like he was a doll—just as Beyond had asked him to be. Neither of them wanted to infer his wrath now that they knew exactly what the consequences would be. However, as the Mello shakily stood up, making his way over to the stairs, Near's pleading eyes followed him…begging him to do something, anything. He didn't know how much longer he could stand this.

"But Mihael, if you try to escape, Beyond will kill Beyond's pretty porcelain doll!" he giggled, cupping Near's cheek in his hand, pulling the small boy further into his lap. "Beyond will smash it until it breaks!"

Mello nodded obediently before walking up the stairs, forming a plan in his head, small smile creeping on to his face as he let the ingenious idea ferment. As he arrived at the top of the stairs, opening the door that led to the musty-smelling house, he put on his poker face, afraid that Beyond might be watching on the security cameras Near told him were spread throughout the house, recording every moment of their torture for the perfect playback. Making his way into the kitchen, Mello opened and closed cupboards at random, looking for some sort of frying pan that he could use for heating up…Beyond's raw snack. How disgusting. He had rarely seen the man eat, probably because he did it upstairs while the two of them were sleeping in their dank prison, but he had no idea the copycat would go as far as eating raw meat…didn't he know you could get dreadfully sick from consuming undercooked animals, especially with all of the diseases they had gotten in those cramped farms and processing factories?

Thinking of Beyond pressing those tainted lips to Near's pure, perfect ones made Mello want to throw a knife at the sick bastard, to smash his head against the wall until it cracked…Mello had never felt this strong of a hatred towards anybody, not even with Kira were his emotions so strong. But with this? This, it had gotten personal.

Finally, the blonde man found a frying pan, and he set it over an open flame on the rusty old stove, waiting for it to heat up. Making his way over to the fridge, he nudged it open with his foot, his eyes watering and his gag reflexes going into full effect as he saw what was inside of the white cooler. There were half-dead flies, worms, and maggots crawling over what looked to be human limbs, blood staining the inside of the refrigerator, the stench only hitting Mello's senses fully a moment later.

Slamming the door shut, the blonde man coughed and leaned over the sink, retching into the silver basin before coughing and sputtering, his throat burning with the acid of his bile. Quickly turning on the tap, he allowed the cool water to rinse the discolored, mostly-liquid vomit from the sink before he leaned down and drank straight from the faucet, rinsing his mouth and spitting it out a moment later. After a few moments of this, he turned back to the fridge, knowing that he had to bring Beyond some sort of food down for his plan to work.

Grabbing a jar of jam and setting it on the counter, making sure that it was strawberry this time, Mello cautiously made his way back over to the fridge, his leather dom outfit tightly constricting his movements—you'd think they would make the outfits more flexible, but they're really not.

After taking a deep breath, the blonde opened the dirty-white door, blindly reaching in and grabbing a limb. After pulling his hand out, he discovered that he had grabbed an arm, crawling with bugs, the skin practically rotted and sliding off of the bone. Closing his eyes, he ran over to the pan and allowed the meat to fall into the sizzling pan with a sickening plop, dropping the bone on the floor less that a second later. He quickly ran back over to the sink, turning the water on hot, rubbing his hands as though his very skin was acid.


That was when Mello knew he had to hurry. The blonde turned the flame on high, as if trying to heat the lump of rotted flesh faster, grabbing the jam jar while he waited. After loosening the laces on his outfit, knowing that if Beyond was able to punish him for it, it would be the last thing that he was going to get punished for…if this plan didn't work, the both of them were screwed, he would have failed Near.

Mello decided that the meat was heated enough when he heard another scream, and without bothering to turn the flame on the stove off, he grabbed the jam and the still-sizzling frying pan and ran downstairs as fast as his legs would carry him. His hand clenched around the handle of the frying pan as he tried to calmly walk down the stairs, internally screaming with frustration as he saw what Beyond was doing to the small boy. He had two hands on the laces of Near's petite corset that rested around his stomach, and he was pulling on them as hard as he could, kicking and shoving the small boy to try and get them tighter.

"Lawli was skinnier than you!" he shrieked, apparently having noticed an imperfection in Nate's tiny physique and snapped. "You shouldn't be Lawli's successor! You're not beautiful or smart like Lawli!"

Near cried out as Beyond pulled on the laces again, each time the man yanked on the leather-and-silk ties and pulled the corset tighter like a punch in the gut. Mello tried to keep himself calm as he walked over to the two of them, showing the man that he had his food prepared, the raw meat having a bit of warm steam radiating from it, ad Mello could feel that the pan was still as hot as the flame it had been resting on moments earlier. As the raven-haired man saw this, he shoved Near off to the side, standing up to his intimidating height, his butcher's knife in one hand.

"Mihael has done a good job," the man smirked, taking the jam jar from Mello and opening it, beginning to slurp some of it up. "What did he think of Beyond's meat collection?"

"I think…" the blonde started, hands clenching the frying pan until his knuckles turned white. "That you're a sick sonofabitch!"

As Mello spoke this last word, he slammed the bottom of the scalding hot cast-iron frying pan into the side of Beyond's face, hearing a sickening crunch as well as a sizzle. This only stunned the copycat, however, so the blonde pulled it back and slammed it into his face again, this time knocking him to the ground.

And again.

And again.

Before he knew it, there was blood spattering everywhere, Beyond's cries reaching a high falsetto shriek before silencing. If it weren't for Near tugging on his arm, tears rolling down his baby-round cheeks, Mello probably would have kept beating the man until there was nothing left of him save a bloody smear on the floor—however, it wasn't until he heard the smoke alarms upstairs did he remember that he had left the stove on. He had to get Near out of here before they both of them were burned to a crisp. Blue eyes frantically scanned the room, resting on a large pile consisting of several bright red canisters of gasoline. Looking to Near, he beckoned for the small boy to grab one as well, and the two of them grabbed the heavy containers, beginning to douse the basement with the highly flammable liquid, Near taking extra time to make sure the timeline with all of the details of their intricate lives was thoroughly soaked.

"Too bad you couldn't see your own lifespan, bastard," hissed the blonde man, staring at Beyond, the man's face smashed and bloody, his body unmoving.

After dumping the rest of his container on the unconscious body of their tormentor, kicking him in the side for good measure, Mello grabbed Near's hand and led the small boy up the stairs, both of them going as fast as they could…which, in reality, was just quick enough for them to get out on to the front porch before an electrical fire broke out in the musty basement of the old house—the many monitors were burning and sparking, the tapes and records of their escapade burning as well.

And then they ran.


It wasn't until a few days later—those days spent at the SPK after managing to find out where they were, Mello stealing somebody's motorcycle and driving them back to the large glass-and-steel building—did Near and Mello truly have a chance to talk. The blonde man had wandered into Near's bedroom, seeing the small, black-haired boy sitting in the middle of his bed, doing a blank puzzle. His hair had sprung back into curls, and he looked mostly like Near again…Mello still wanted to buy him white hair dye, however. The black was like a punch in the face in the middle of the pure white room…the tainted black didn't seem to suit him in the least.

"Near…" he said softly, knocking on the doorframe, knowing that the small boy knew he was there. "Can I come in?"

"Of course," was his only response.

The blonde walked into the room, hesitating before shutting the door behind him and making his way over to the bed, sitting on the edge. Slowly, he traced his fingers over the burn scar on Near's neck, the flesh slowly healing—however, it seemed as though Near was self-conscious about it. The small boy pulled up his baggy pajama top, making sure that it was covering the healing wound before turning back to his puzzle, hands shaking slightly.

"Are you okay?" the blonde asked, mentally facepalming for asking such a stupid question. Of course Near wasn't okay—hell, neither was he, but he was trying his best to put it aside and comfort the smaller boy when he knew that he needed it most.

"I suppose," Near said softly, twirling a lock of his black hair around his finger, eyes unfocused as he continued to put pieces of his puzzle into place. However, as he picked one up, and set it down—robotically, as he always did, knowing exactly where it went—he set it in the wrong place and pushed down, causing one of the teeth that helped to hold it in place to break off. Gray eyes softly traveled down to the broken piece, and when he realized that he had broken it, his eyes widened slightly.

"That has…never happened…before…" he said softly, thin fingers gripping on to the broken piece, running his index finger back and forth along the side.

"What hasn't?" the blonde tried to specify, cocking an eyebrow as he looked at the small boy.

"I have never broken a piece to a puzzle. Now the entire puzzle is ruined…without one piece, it simply does not work."

"Kinda like life, huh?" smiled the blonde, grabbing the small piece that had broken off of the piece Near was holding. "You know…but…like with this puzzle, once that small little thing is missing, you realize what a big part it played, and how much you needed it…and now how much you miss it."

Near slowly turned his eyes to Mello, blinking a few times before letting their colored orbs lock solidly.

"That is very…profound of Mello," the small boy said, now twirling the lock of hair rougher. "However, I believe that there is a contra—"

Mello didn't want to hear about any contradictions in his theory, so he dropped the puzzle piece he had been holding on to the floor, pressing the palm of his bare hand against Near's cheek and turning the small boy's face, forcing the black-haired boy to look at him. After a moment's hesitation, he leaned forward and pressed a slow kiss to his lips, Near neither kissing back nor pulling away. For a moment, Mello thought that this was a terrible idea, and it was too soon, and Near wouldn't possibly want any human touch whatsoever—but it was at the last instant of that exact moment that Near leaned into the blonde, lifting his own hand and pressing it to the left side of Mello's face, feeling his burn scar through his fingertips.

"Near…" the blonde whispered softly, moving himself further on to the bed, wrapping his arms around the small boy. "Are you going to be okay?"

The black-haired boy didn't respond, but when he turned around to allow himself to bring his lips to the blonde's again, he stretched his leg and shoved the blank puzzle off of the bed. The many pieces dropped to the floor, some breaking, some scattering underneath nearby pieces of furniture, but each falling out of place and breaking the norm. Maybe it was better that way—now Near had a blank puzzle board to create a fresh, new puzzle on. If you asked Mello, he'd had that same damn puzzle for much too long.

"I would like it…if Mello would allow me to…kiss him once again," Near said, blinking a few times, the very slightest of shy blushes dusting the height of his cheeks.

Mello didn't know if this was pure curiosity, or if it felt better just to be enveloped in another pair of arms, or if he actually wanted this like Mello did—but at the moment, he didn't care. He wanted the small boy, and even if he was kind of taking advantage of the situation, he didn't give a damn. Nodding, he brought their lips together once again, feeling the small boy tense up slightly. However, as Mello softly ran his tongue along the small boy's bottom lip, he felt him begin to relax and enjoy the sensation, a small whine forming in the back of his throat as he parted his lips to allow Mello as much or as little access as he desired. The blonde slipped his tongue into the hot cavern, beginning to explore, feeling Near's tongue attempting to do the same to him.

Near didn't taste like anything Mello had ever tried before…he was slightly sweet, and it reminded Mello of the first time he had tried a chocolate bar—it was simply perfect, and he knew he never wanted to stop tasting it. Trying to get more of the newfound taste, the blonde began to run his tongue against the smaller boy's own, eliciting a small whimper from him, as well as a slight spark of aggression. Pushing his own tongue past the blonde's lips, Near insisted on tasting him as well, not just wanting to lie back and be the total submissive. Mello had no doubt that he tasted of the many chocolate bars he had eaten that day, eaten them even when Near told him he should be eating foods that were healthy and would help him regain energy and vitamins.

"Mmm…Mell…o…" he whined softly, crawling closer to the blonde man, pressing their torsos together and allowing Mello to flip him on to his back. His slightly-longer-than-normal black hair sprawled against the pure white of the sheets, and his pale fingers weaved themselves into Mello's own golden locks, fingers feeling where a small piece was much shorter than the rest—it must have been the piece Beyond cut off. Shuddering slightly at the memory, he began to twirl the short lock of hair around his index finger, the feeling more comforting that anything.

The feeling of his shirt falling open was what snapped him out of his memory-induced haze, and the sensation of Mello's lips at his collarbone was what brought him back to the moment. It felt better than he thought it would…Mello's oral fixation must have something to do with it, he guessed, but as the blonde looked up at him, he decided that the time for contemplation was over.

"Near…" the blonde said, his voice the only sound besides Near's slightly irregular pants. "Are you sure…? I mean, we—"

Near sat up and cut Mello off with a kiss, his nails digging into the blonde's back as he pulled the larger man down on top of him, his fingers dragging underneath the plain black shirt he had let him borrow.

"Unless Mello does not want to…"

That was the last word of consent that needed to be spoken, so Mello gladly accepted his role as Near's comfort, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy and pulling his pale, unclothed torso closer to his body. Slipping his lips away from Near's, he moved them to his cheek, gently dragging his tongue along the soft skin there, slowly working his way down to his jaw. Apparently enjoying the erotic feeling of Mello's warm tongue against his flesh, Near let out a small purr, fingers clenching and slightly tugging at Mello's silky locks. The blonde enjoyed Near's reactions as much as the smaller boy was enjoying his actions, so he moved his teeth to Near's pale jaw, nudging a lock of black hair out of the way before beginning to nip at the unblemished skin that resided there.


Mello continued along his trail, moving his lips to Near's earlobe, biting at the flesh there before kissing behind his ear, his hands slowly making their way to the smaller boy's bare stomach. As he moved his lips down, he arrived at the burn mark Beyond had left with the straightener, and a small flame of anger formed itself in the pit of his stomach—Near tried to grab his head and turn it away from the 'ugly' blemish, but Mello refused to give in to Near's shyness. He brought his lips to the reddened skin, pressing them against it as softly as he could muster, not wanting to hurt the black-haired boy.

"You really think I care about a little blemish when half my face is melted off?" he asked, his voice low as he brought his eyes to Near's, seeing the small boy's uncomfortable squirm as his blue orbs flickered back to the small burn. "You touch mine…can't I touch yours?"

Near finally allowed Mello to slip his shirt off the rest of the way, and the blonde ran his fingertips up and down Near's arms before gently resting the small boy back on the bed, making sure he was comfortable before continuing. Observing his flushed face, Mello brought their lips together once again, his hands moving down to the waistband of Near's baggy pajama pants and slipping them down. He was slightly surprised when he saw that the small boy had no underwear on, and he could tell by Near's slight pause in the kiss that he was embarrassed—however, he spoke a moment later.

"I was not expecting this to happen…" he said softly, another blush dusting his face.

"It's sexy," the blonde said, his voice slightly husky as he brought a hand to Near's small cock, giving it an experimental squeeze, watching as Near's face flushed and a moan dropped from his lips. His hands clenched Mello's hair slightly tighter as the blonde brought his lips to the small boy's chest, running his tongue along pert nipples. Near softly untangled one of his hands from the blonde's hair, hesitating before bringing it to the man's inner thigh, tracing it up and pressing it against his groin a moment later, wanting to see if the blonde was as aroused as he was. Feeling that Mello was much bigger than him, Near blushed slightly as he heard Mello let out a soft moan, pressing his hips back against Near's hand encouragingly.

Reaching up and grabbing one of the blonde's hands, he brought the tips of three of the blonde's fingers to his mouth, beginning to suck on them. He removed his own hand a moment later, bringing it back to Mello's golden locks, re-entangling them in the silky strands. Mello slowly moved his fingers in and out of Near's mouth, getting them evenly coated with saliva, blue eyes fixated on his flushed face as he continued to allow Mello to slide his fingers past his lips. After the blonde decided they were slickened enough, he pulled them out of Near's mouth and began to tease the sensitive skin around his tight entrance, eliciting another moan.


Suddenly, the blonde pushed all three fingers in, causing Near's eyes to open and his back to arch slightly as he tried to accommodate the feeling. Mello waited for the small boy to adjust slightly before he eased the digits in further, wriggling them around and searching for the small boy's sweet spot, using his free hand to stroke Near slightly. After a few thrusts of his fingers, he hit it dead-on, the small boy's creamy thighs falling languid and allowing the blonde to do as he wished.

"M-Mello…nnnh…t-there…!" he mewled, pushing back against Mello's fingers as the blonde eased them in further, now beginning to scissor them against his sweet spot. After scissoring him a few more times, the blonde decided that Near was ready enough, and he just didn't want to wait anymore—he slipped his fingers out of the small boy, unlacing his pants and freeing his dripping erection. However, as he was about to readjust himself, Near stopped him. Gray eyes blinked up at him a few times before he gathered his voice, the tone lusty and the pitch slightly shaky.

"Please…take them all off," he said, tugging at the zipper to Mello's vest, wrapping his legs around the blonde's hips. "I want to be able to see Mello as well…"

The blonde complied, allowing Near to take off his vest and toss it on the floor while he stripped himself of his own pants, the leather material soon following. Just as Near was about to pull him back down, Mello leaned back slightly, noticing that Near still had his socks on. When the small boy gave him a slightly confused look, he only gave the tiniest of grins and said, "We have to be fair, now…" and stripped Near of his socks. Now that both of them were completely free of clothes, Mello leaned down again, locking their lips as he brought the tip of his throbbing erection to Near's entrance. Swallowing his slightly torn cry of pain as he pushed in, Mello tried to be gentler as he felt Near adjusting. The blonde couldn't help but let out a groan of pleasure at the tightness, but it wasn't until he felt Near's thin legs around his waist once again, urging him in further, did he begin to move.

"P-Please…a-aaaah…ah…ah…hahh…!" he moaned, feeling Mello slam into his sweet spot on his first thrust. "M-Mello, harder!"

As Mello began to move slightly faster, pushing into the boy deeper, harder, low groans falling from his lips, he slipped a hand between their two sweating bodies and gently began to pump Near in time with his thrusts, the small boy moaning and pushing back against him, wanting more contact. He wanted to be as close to Mello as he could possibly be, he wanted to feel the blonde's every movement as though it was his own, and at the very moment the blonde thrust deep into him, it was almost as though he was.

"I-I'm gonna…c-cum…!"

Despite the fact Mello thought he was going to cum before Near, the small boy was on the verge of cumming as well. With one last rough pump from the blonde, combined with a particularly hard thrust, Near spurted hot, white liquid over the both of their chests, his lips falling open as orgasm washed over his small frame. Tightening around Mello, Near tried to bring the blonde pleasure as well, gasping as he felt Mello's seed drench his insides.

They were both panting heavily as Mello pulled out of the smaller boy, holding him closely as he laid himself down on the bed. Eyes connected, and a moment later, Near scooted himself as close to the blonde as he could muster, black mingling with blonde. Mello made sure that the small boy was completely comfortable before closing his own eyes, wondering if, now, he felt safer, even if just a little.


"Near, where the hell are we going?" Mello asked desperately, staring out of the helicopter window as he tried to figure out where they could be. They had been on this damned helicopter for hours now, and Near still refused to tell the blonde where they were going. Blue eyes scanning the small boy's face for the umpteenth time, he sighed, exasperated.

"As I told Mello, we will be arriving soon. Please be patient."

"Please fasten your seatbelts, we are landing. I repeat, please fasten your seatbelts, we are landing," the pilot said, the two of them the only passengers in the tiny copter.

The two men complied, Near bringing a knee to his chest and twirling a lock of black hair around his finger, the ends of his longest curls nearly at his shoulders now—he traced his fingers along the ridged skin of his burn scar before turning his attention back to the floor that had held it so raptly this fourteen-hour journey.

After another fifteen minutes, the helicopter was safely landed, and Mello looked out the window only to see a place he never thought he would see again.

Wammy's house.

There were children playing outside on this foggy England day, all of them staring at the helicopter in amazement, and Roger quickly came running out to see what the ruckus was…well, 'quickly' was a subjective term, as the old man was half-dead. Yet, he still insisted on running the orphanage. As the two men stepped out of the helicopter, all eyes went wide, and jaws dropped across the yard.

"Hello, Roger," Near said, twirling a lock of black hair around his finger, feeling Mello pull him closer. "I have not spoken to Roger in quite a while."

"Near…?" the man asked, his eyes flickering to his hair before they moved to the man behind him, Mello being unnoticed until now. "MELLO?"

"Correct," said the small boy, taking a few steps forward, all of the children parting like the red sea. These were the two famed rivals that beat Kira by working together, these were the two men, that, when they worked together, surpassed the original L by over forty percent?!?

"Liar…" a little boy whispered to a girl next to him. "You told me that Near had white hair!"

"What happened to his face…?"

"I thought they were rivals! How come they're so close together?"

The two successors walked through all of the rumors, going over to Roger, Mello just following behind Near. He didn't know why the small boy was here, or what they were doing, but he had to admit that he placed his trust fully in the black-haired boy.

"Near, have you decided to work from here, like—"

"We only came for one thing," the small boy interrupted, looking up at Roger. "Would you please take us back to the graveyard?"

"Yes, of course," he said sadly, looking at Mello as it hit him why the two were there. For reasons beyond ones that his old brain could comprehend, Mello was alive—however, he knew that the blonde's best childhood friend, Matt, had not had the same luck. He remembered holding a funeral for the smoking redhead in the very backyard, many of the children coming to witness the day that the two legends had died—all of them knew who the famed 'Ms' were, their signatures were all over the old house, Roger always comparing the newest troublemakers to them…Mello had a grave back there as well, and the two of them had been 'buried' on the same day. Matt's hole-filled body was back there, but Mello only had a headstone with a few ashes buried in the ground in front of it.

"Matt…" the blonde said softly, eyes watering slightly as he rested the cerulean blue orbs on his friend's headstone. The blonde quickly strode the rest of the distance, picking up his pace with each step, finally arriving in front of the grave and dropping to his knees. It didn't seem as though he minded that his leather pants were getting mudstained by the damp ground, or that the other children were peeking around the corner of the old building to see him as he let a few stray tears drip down his cheeks. All it took was one look from Near to get the children running away, however—he knew that Mello would not want to be seen like this in their eyes.

"I believe we should leave…" Roger said quietly, watching as more tears rolled down the blonde's face. The two other intruders went to make their way out of the graveyard, but Mello turned around before they had a chance to completely escape.


Near knew that, by his tone of voice, the blonde wished for him to stay, so he did. Walking over towards him, Near twirled a strand of hair around his finger before crouching down next to Mello, sitting in a way reminiscent of L—both of his knees hunched up to his chest. Gray eyes gently flickered over towards Mello, who seemed to be managing to get his tears under control.

"I love…Mello…" said the small boy, trying to offer him some words of comfort, saying the overused-by-most phrase for the first time.

"Everything will be okay now, Near," whispered the blonde, gently tracing his gloved fingers over the intricate writing on the redhead's grave before standing back up, blue eyes flickering towards the small boy as he stood as well. "We're going to be…safe……I love you."

For the first time in as long as he could remember, Near smiled a sincere smile.


"C'mon men, get in there!! Move, move, move!" the firefighter captain yelled, throwing his arm and beckoning for the firefighters to storm the burning house. "We've got reports of a body in the basement, get 'im out first and foremost, now MOVE MOVE MOVE!"

Firefighters stormed the house, their hoses blazing, one brave, fearless young man running straight into the burning wreck to see if he couldn't save the innocent man in the basement. His wife would be so proud, and his little girl would be able to tell all of her friends at school that her daddy was a hero. After making his way through the excruciating heat, he found the man his captain had been talking about—he looked to be about twenty or thirty, and it looked as though his face had been smashed in by a piece of falling wreckage—but thank dear god, he was still alive. Another life saved, that was all the man could ask for.

Valiantly, he ran out of the burning house, having the old structure crumble behind him.

"Get 'im in the ambulance! Todd, does it look like 'e'll survive?!"

"I sure hope so, captain! He was breathing irregular and he was pretty burned, but since we got him so soon, he should be back on the streets eventually!"

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