A/N: Please don't hate me! Trust me, Cannonball and Kissing the Lipless are still going at a steady pace, but sometimes I just feel the need to deviate completely from both of those stories and write snippets of something to keep the juices flowing. Anyway, just a collection of oneshots, ranging from one spectrum to the other. I hope you enjoy this first one!

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"You're… you're leaving?"

It hit me like a bowling ball strikes down the pins. She stared gravely at me; her usual scowling lips were now pursed tightly together.

"It's probably for the best," she replied, as if trying to convince herself. I opened my mouth to speak but I knew that I didn't have the power to change her mind. Did I ever?

"I… listen, I didn't mean anything that I said, it's just that-"

"Don't apologize, Arnold," she muttered, completely stoic. I missed the scowl. "It's not you, it's everything else."

"But you just turned eighteen, we have five months of school left," I protested, shoving my stinging hands into my coat pockets. She shrugged; her usual burning eyes were snuffed out.

"You're trying to keep me here," she stated. A blush covered my cheeks when I noticed that Helga meant much more to me than just a grade school friend. She was, as Simmons used to say, "special".

"So what if I am?"

She laughed while turning her head to hide her escaping tears. I pretended not to notice.

"It's funny, that's all."

Her voice shook like the tremor of an earthquake. She looked back at me, the corners of her eyes twinkling with tears, and she smiled a little bit.

"I'll see you around, Arnold."

She clapped my shoulder with a gloved hand, and she squeezed it a little. The flickering tears in her eyes dripped silently and she turned, embarrassed, before she began walking down the endless sidewalk. Her body was just a speck by the time I turned around and went home.

No one has heard from her since.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! I know it was a bit of a downer, I'm sorry. Let me know what you thought, or suggest a oneshot that you would like me to write, if you please.