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)*(The Phoenix, The Flame and The Leaf of Mary J)*(

By: Fireflower19


The heist was going smoothly. The cops were all focused on keeping the parameter secure around the old museum. Ha! They didn't realize that the dull brick building had already been infiltrated. A tall, lean figure paced steadily down a deserted hall, his shoes creating a gentle clack with each confident footfall.

"Idiots! When are they going to learn to up the level of alarms here?" Dark asked his Tamer out loud. "I mean, I'm here to seal tainted arts, but what if a truly bad thief was to come? He'd get away, too."

No voice answered that could be heard as the haughty teen made his way to a corner and turned, disappearing off the camera he didn't know was trained on him. Another caught on to him before he'd taken two more steps down the grey adjacent hallway. As lit blue eyes watched the screen, they began streaking with golden-amber.

Dark reached out with his black leather-gloved hand to press the "sweet spot" of the automated door in front of him. Even with the power off and the door locked it still went out of its way to open for him. He shut his luminous purple eyes and took a moment for himself, grinning with a slightly lopsided smile. This was just too easy. His lashes lifted up, revealing the laughter within his soul. This was his element! The slyness, the sneaking, the planning and tricks—all to get a rogue artwork and save an untold amount of unwitting people. Sometimes it felt so good to be the "bad guy".

He walked through the large entrance, his dark form surrounded and overwhelmed by a vast domed room. From the high dome, painted glass dimly colored the floor in spectacles from where moonlight seeped in, shining down with weak strength. It was magnificent. The architecture stood shadowed, bathed in darkness, its cream-colored walls broken into four equal parts by pure gold twining and glittering like moss up until it reached the ceiling. When he focused his eyes to the far side he could see what seemed to be faint snowflakes drawn all along the walls. They almost appeared to float down from the windows themselves, as the painted windows depicted rolling smoky clouds. A single shining star shone in the middle of each individual pane.

Whistling his amazement, he strode with confidence to the middle of the room. He looked around, puzzlement coming to his features as he slowly turned until he'd made a full, graceful circle. Clearly something was not where he was expecting it to be. The room itself was empty. He brought a gloved hand up to rub at his chin thoughtfully.

'Daisuke,' he called inside his head.

'Yes?' A disembodied voice answered him. Dark got the impression of amazed vermilion eyes turning to look back at him.

'I know I've done my part of the job right, but where is the statue?'

'It's here. Has to be.'

'I know that, but...never mind.' The thief just had an idea. He crossed his arms and looked straight up at the center of the ceiling. It had to be at least three stories tall, but there, within the darkened middle of the structure hanging from the gold, was a little red-gold statue of a bird.

"Well, hello there," Dark greeted, smiling up at it. He leaped from the floor and in a quick motion huge black wings fanned out from his back. The feathers spread as they tackled the still air around them with a heavy sound, trying to beat out a current enough to fly on. It took only a few large flaps to bring the thief rushing upwards where he grabbed onto the gold hanging from the ceiling, right next to where the bird statue was. The cute little thing couldn't be bigger than four inches total—from its slightly rounded head to its flowing tail feathers. It shown with an iridescent glow, almost as if red sparks were jumping off from it.

"It's definitely awake. We've got to make this quick, Daisuke," Dark said, in the most serious tone of the night. Delicately grabbing the statue, he plucked it off its hanging place, dropping it into a small brown pouch tied at his side. Letting go of the hanging gold of the ceiling, he flared open his wings. Instead of flapping to insure his slow descent, he used just a tiny bit of magic to create a cushion underneath his wings. With a satisfied smirk he tapped back down to the floor, giving a silent command for With to revert. Running for the door, he called out, "Make a good distraction!"


'Dark! You said we had to make this quick! We don't need a distraction to get the police all hyped up!'

'I'm getting bored,' the thief reasoned. 'And, besides, if my calculations are correct, we will be needing that distraction.'

The purple haired thief couldn't stop grinning broadly as he pumped his arms and legs faster in an all out sprint. The cameras trained on him again, but there was no one watching the monitors this time. The commanding room's door was left wide open.