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Edward POV

In the short amount of time I've known Bella, there are only a few things I know for certain and one of those would be that she might be the most stubborn person I've ever met.

If she didn't want to do something she, without a doubt, would not do it. That's also to say that if she didn't want to talk to you, she would act as if you didn't exist.

And that's exactly what she has done with Angela for the past week and a half. She didn't wait a moment to start her cold shoulder, putting it in effect the same Monday after she 'woke up' from her haze. Arriving to school, with just a few minutes to spare before the late bell rang, Angela had practically pounced on her as soon as she stepped out of my car.

There was no evil glare and curling of the lip, all Bella did was simply tighten the strap to her backpack, pausing a moment to kiss my cheek and then walk away with Jasper to first period; all the while ignoring Angela as she begged for her best friend to hear her out.

"I'm sorry" Angela said looking at me for help but I only shrugged and offered her a hug before bidding her farewell and heading off to class myself.

I had yet to tell Bella, though, I had already mentioned the news of my departure to my parents. After congratulating me, the first question to come up was if I had told Bella. We all shared a look when I answered no.

If all went according to schedule, I would be leaving during Winter Break, which was roughly months away. The entire school day, my phone was a heavy rock in pocket, reminding me that I needed to tell her as soon as possible. Worst case scenario? She would react the way she did when she found out about Angela leaving.

During lunch, Bella didn't show up and it wasn't until Rosalie saw Angela sitting by a table closest to the cafeteria entrance that we understood her lack of appearance. They may be fighting but Bella still knew Angela like the back of her hand.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, which wasn't a good thing. I missed more problems on my bio test than I normally would have.

At home we all sat in the living room watching a Netflix original show. Seeing my girlfriend so at ease with my family, seeing her smile made it that much harder to tell her that night. Or the next. Or the one of that.

Pretty soon, the days passed and we were in the last week of the month. December only a month and a few days away.

"Edward? Have you seen Izzy?" Mom asked me as I walked into the kitchen to get a water bottle on the last Saturday of the month.

"I think she's up in her room, why?"

"Angela's mother just called me. They're leaving in an hour. She said that Angela was crying for Izzy." I sympathized for Angela, her tries to get Bella to talk to her never lessened as the time passed but it was no dice.

"I'll go talk to her." I say and walk up the flight of stairs to her room. Bella wasn't heartless. She missed Angela despite her attitude towards her. I lost count on the number of times I've seen her open up a new text message addressed Angela, hover her fingers around the keys to only delete the blank message a few seconds later.

Bella's door was open just by a sliver and I slowly open it to find her sitting on her bed, reading a new book my dad bought her last week. Her lips moved slightly, forming the words on the page as she nodded her head along to the song playing in the background. How she managed to read and listen to music was a wonder to us all.

Her lips quirk into a tiny smile at the words and I regretfully bring my hand up to knock on the door, announcing my presence.

Her head shoots up, almost startled, and she puts the book down inviting me in.
"Hey," I say as I walk in and sit down on the edge of her bed, stretching over to pick up her book and look at the cover. I could feel my heart beat quicken as I mulled over how to phrase my next words.

"Hi," she mouthed, still smiling, and petting the spot next to her. I shake my head, putting the book off to the side and tell her I was fine here but I pull her legs my way, loving the way she giggled as I gently dragged her to me.

Sitting sideways on the bed and her legs on my lap, I turn my body towards her. Biting my lower lip, a habit I picked up from her, I jump straight in.

"Don't be mad." I start off my fingers lacing with hers and bring them to brush along my lips as I see her face contort with confusion.

Her hand tightens reassuringly against mine as she, while still confused, nods her and mouths okay.

"Angela's mom called. They're leaving today." Her eyes dart over to her phone and I figure that she must have already known. Until the very end Angela was still trying to do right by her.

"Bella, she's your best friend, you have to go say bye -"

"If we were really best friends she would have told me as soon as she found out that they were moving." She interrupts me, and it shows how accustomed to her ways of communicating I've become when it's with ease that I read her lips.

"But she didn't, I get that." I calmly say rubbing my thumb against her soft skin. "She's still your best friend, Bella…her mom said she was crying. And I know you're hurt and mad at her but I sincerely think you'll regret it for a long time if you don't go and say bye."

All I can see is her profile, having turned her head away from me while I was talking but I can see her jaw clenched. I hope I was making some ground on this. My eyes search her alarm clock and see that the hour was almost gone.

"Angela was here for you before we got here, Bella." I edge into uncharted territory. It was like an unspoken taboo to talk about the years when she stopped talking. Like I expected, her posture goes stiff and she flinches away, our entangled hands being the only thing keeping her tethered to me.

"She knows more about you than any of us, and I feel like you owe that to her. She obviously didn't want to her hurt you by telling you that she was leaving. She can't bear the thought of hurting you because she cares so much about you." I keep talking, almost rambling as my guilt of keeping my own secret fuels my need to have her forgive her best friend. If she forgave Angela, then surely, she could forgive me.

I hope she doesn't notice the present tense to my words, because her eyebrows come together and I wait in silence as she sits there looking down at her knees.

It's only when she brings her head up to look at her clock that I mumble, "She probably left to the airport a few minutes ago."

Bella POV.

My heart stops as I hear his soft mumbled words. She left already. My eyes pricked with heat of tears and my nose tickled.

It was like when I first found out she was moving, my mind and body went on auto pilot. I quickly get off the bed and slip on my shoes, not even bothering to put them on correctly as I pocket my cellphone and grabbed my keys.

I raced down the stairs, only tripping once and make my way to my car, not bothering when I hear someone call my name.

It takes me two tries to turn on my car, the first time having gunned the engine.

I'm pulling out of the drive way when I almost scream and hit my head on the roof of my car as Edward jumps in front of me.

He's barely in the car before I'm pushing my foot on the gas and driving twice the speed limit out of town.

"I hope there aren't cops on the roads today." I hear him whisper beside me and I couldn't agree more.

We're halfway there when his phone rings out that he got a text message.

"Her flight leaves at 3." He says, thankfully not mentioning the fact that it was currently a quarter past one.

The closer we got to the airport the more my heart got lodged in my throat. I felt utterly stupid for not forgiving Angela earlier. Edward was right. She has been here for me before Cullen's ever were. It wasn't even me who told her that I was living with the Cullen's. I remember her sending me a text message, apologizing once more for omitting the truth. But she knew that I wouldn't be alone, that I had the Cullen's with me. It was the way she worded it that made me realize she already knew and it brought up her words from our fight to mind.

"Don't act like you're so wronged! You hide shit too, Izzy, and I don't get mad at you." At first I had assumed it was with the whole no talking bit, but after thinking it through I knew it had to do with my living arrangements.

It was 2:20 by the time I got to the airport, 2:32 by the time I found a parking space and actually made it inside.

The moment I walked in and heard the loud murmur of conversations around my heart skipped a beat, how am I supposed to find her?

It was a random woman who walked past me while getting her phone out of her purse that prompted me to remember that Angela had sent me a text message early this morning.

I held my breath as I unlocked my phone and scrolled down the ignored messages until I found the important one.

I leave today at 3, izzy. I'm so so so sorry I lied, but please come talk to me?

My flight number is DB16, just in case.

I tried calling her, but it went straight to voicemail. Having this be the first time I was at an airport in a couple of years, I show the text to Edward with a hopeless expression on my face.

He reads it over and pockets my phone.

Grabbing my hand, he says "Come on." And begins to jog this way and that.

We find flight schedule board and it takes us a minute to locate Angela's flight. As if bad luck was my best friend, it would have it that Angela's flight was on the other side of where we currently were.

I can't help but whimper as I see the clock approach 2:45.

"Let's go then." Edward says, his voice determined and still holding onto my hand, we run off to where I hope was the correct way, to Angela.

Eventually we make it to the right terminal and now it was just trying to find her in the midst of all these people. My impatience gets the better of me and I somehow end up out running Edward, making it to her flight location first. I stumble to a stop and I search around me frantically, my chest heaving from having exerted myself for the first time in a while.

Standing on my tippy toes, I whip my head back and forth trying to find her and it's like a sudden breath of fresh air when I see her across the room from me, handing one of her brothers over to her mom.

I raise my hands above my head and begin to wave frantically, my mouth opening to scream, to get her attention but it's like there's something physically keeping me from speaking.

People were starting to board and my eyes widen as I see that her family begins to walk to the person checking the tickets.

I didn't have enough time to make it that way.

"Angela!" Edward yells over everyone else and my best friend whips her head over to the sound of her name. Even from all the way over here, I could see her expression light up.

She says something to her parents without breaking eye contact with me and at the same time we both start running towards each other.

The moment we, basically, slam into each other, the air is knocked out of my system, but it doesn't stop my arms from wrapping around her and hugging her tight.

In the middle of the airport where I can see bystanders staring at us with curious eyes, I'm hugging my best friend and listening to her choked out apologies.

I step back and bring my hands to cup her face and say I forgive her. I'm sorry.

"I'm so sorry." She cries, holding my hands on her face.

"I'll miss you so much." I mouth, shaking my head as my mind swims with words I try to say but the same blockade keeps me from saying them.

"I'll miss you too, but you'll be okay." She says, and even though my eyes are pricking because I was stupid and ignored my best friend during the time we should have been hanging out and planning future visits.

We hug again, when we pull apart again all I can keep mouthing is I'm sorry.

"Final boarding call for flight BD16. Final boarding call for flight BD16." We hear overhead and soon Angela is crying enough for the both of us.

She wraps her hands around me and looks me dead in the eyes, "I know right now isn't the most appropriate time but Izzy…Bella. You need to promise me something."

Dazed with my emotions, I nod my head, "You can't disappear during that week, okay? You have to be strong and stay. The Cullens love you but they won't know how to react with you leaving that way. Okay? I need you to promise me that you'll try and be here. Don't go and hide."

My breath catches in my throat and I look away, not able to look at her because I didn't want to lie right now.

"At least promise you'll try?" Her voice drops down to a whisper, and its Edwards voice in my room that helps me look her in the eyes and nod.

"She knows more about you than any of us, and I feel like you owe that to her."

"Angela!" Her mom calls and she waves good bye to me as well, blowing a kiss my way

"Thank you." Angela whispers ignoring her mom, but holding her index finger out in a 'just a minute" gesture to let her know she heard.

"Bella, she has to go now." Edward says his voice light as he lays a hand on my arm.

Angela let's go of me first and rushes to hug Edward tightly, as they pull apart she reaches up and whispers something in his ear.

Whatever she said, he replies with a serious nod.

And then with a "I'll text you as soon as I land." And another hug that I wished wouldn't end, she was gone.

It wasn't until I suck in a shuddering breath that I realized I stopped breathing. I let Edward walk me over to an empty seat and sit me on his lap. I numbly let my head rest against his chest, hearing his heart beat under my ear. We stay that way until it's half an hour past three.

I pull away and bring my arms around his neck, look at his patience expression as he waits for me to do something.

"Thank you." I tell him. Because he was right. I would have regretted it so much if I hadn't been here to say bye to Angela. Sure, I probably would have texted her in a few weeks but being able to hug her goodbye was a feeling a text message wouldn't be able to give me.

"You're welcome." He says simply, as he leans forwards and kisses my forehead.

And for the moment, everything felt like it was going to be okay.

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