Many mornings later I woke up to Edward playing with the wisps of hair that escaped my pony tail. When I opened my eyes Edward froze until I smiled gently then continued to softly brush my hair.

"I leave in a few hours." I could only sigh and nod my head. It still hurt. The thought of him leaving, but he asked me to trust him so I was.

"Let's have a good day, yeah?" Edward murmurs as he pulls me onto his chest and cuddles me closer. He stirs under me when I nod my head, muttering my hair was tickling him. I only squeezed tighter and we laid in silence and soon sleep was closing my eyes.

When we woke up again it was mid afternoon and Esme was knocking softly on the door, calling us down for an early lunch before we head out. Edward gets up first, leaving me to ball up in the space he left warm. I just yawn when he turns to me mid stretch and asks if I'm enjoying the view.

"You okay?" He asks, kneeling on the bed and rubbing the top of my thigh. My smile is honest, though small. We spent the last week in a happy bubble. Edward going out of his way to make fun moments happen. It also seemed that he recruited his entire family because they were almost always around.

"You and me?" I mouth, letting him pull me up with ease.

"Me and you." With a quick kiss to my hand, he goes off to shower and I get ready as well.

"Good morning Isabella," Esme smiles warmly handing me a plate of French toast with fresh fruit. The kitchen is bright and full of chatter as Emmett and Jasper talk game speak while Alice and Rosalie talk about going shopping after we drop off Edward at the airport.

We were going to set off for Seattle after eating, wanting enough time to leisurely drive and get Edward situated before his flight. With so many of us, we were taking separate cars and after leaving him, most of them planned to venture around the city. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, my immediate plans to stay by Edwards side for as long as possible.

"Iz?" Alice breaks through my thoughts, looking up from my food, I see her phone pointed to me. "What do you think?"

The image on her screen was of a mall just a few miles from the airport. Being Alice, I assumed she wanted to go afterwards. Popping a bit of toast in my mouth, I nod my head with a shrug. Soon both Edward and Dr. Cullen come into the kitchen. As they sit down and start eating, Edward pausing to kiss my cheek before digging in, I sit back and look around the Cullen family. For a quick second my eyes sting at how familial this moment was. This was so innocent and beautiful my chest felt like it was going to explode. Even with Edward leaving soon, I felt happy.

In this moment I was happy.

Edward and I end up taking my car to Seattle listening to his recordings of his four audition pieces for Juilliard. He insisted on driving or he'd spend the entire ride mimicking playing the pieces. I think he just wanted to drive my car one last time before he left. Either way, I let him. Sitting with my legs crossed under me and facing sideways to blatantly stare at his face, he blushes under my state and mutters more than once for me to "stop checking him out".

There isn't a lot of traffic on the way there and we arrive earlier than expected. Edward stays relaxed the entire time, laughing with his brothers as we wait in line to check him in.

We spend the entire time before his flight chatting and asking Edward to bring us stuff from New York and all too soon, his flight number is being called to start boarding. His siblings say goodbye first, Edward refusing to let go of my hand and opts to give them all one handed hugs. Dr. Cullen wishes Edward good luck and gives him some cash for the gifts, ignoring Edward when he claims he has enough saved up. His dad just tells him to humor him and gives him one last hug before stepping back and letting Esme loose on him.

"Oh, my baby." Esme cries wrapping her arms around him and squeezes him tight. She only reached to just below his collarbone, the sight of them hugging almost causes a giggle to bubble up. I smother it down though, not wanting to upset Esme even more so than she already is.

"I'll be okay, mom." Edward runs her back. "I'll be back before you can even miss me."

"I already miss you." Esme sniffles, tightening once more and letting go, "you're going to knock them dead, kiddo. I'm sure of it."

Pinching his cheeks for a good few seconds, Esme looks over to me, "we'll let you say good bye, we're all down in the garage parking, okay? Take your time, honey."

Edward opens his arm just in time to catch me when I tackle him into a hug.

"I- I'll miss you." He mumbled, resting his cheek on the top of my head. I nod my head, hoping he understood I would miss him too. It felt like seconds later, they were calling a final board for his flight and for just a moment I panicked, pushing myself further against him and holding him tighter. He chuckles softly over me and he rubs my back.

"You and me, babe." He says without conviction to have me tilting up to look at him. We didn't meet halfway, me moving a good second before he bent down to kiss me. I sigh softly into him as our lips touch, his hand cupping my face to thumb my cheekbone.

My fingers find their way into his hair and I can't help but lightly pull at the strands as he bites my bottom lip before running his tongue over it to soothe it. In the haze of Edward, I manage to hear another final boarding call and pull away from him enough to peck his lips three times.

I'm already nodding my head when Edward backs away and says, "I have to go."

He brushes my lips once more and I slowly let go of him.

"Do me a favor, don't watch me walk away." He smiles at my confused expression, smoothing down my furrowed brows with his index finger, "it's silly, I know but I just don't want your last memory of me to be of me walking away from you."

My chest swells with that feeling again, a smile growing on my face and kiss him hard and try my best to push that chest swelling feeling into the kiss. Edward doesn't react for a quick second but then he comes alive and kisses me back just as passionately.

"I…," Edward breathes hard as he looks at me, fingers brushing along my jawline. "I'll really miss you."

I can only turn my head to kiss his palm. Edward tells me on the count of three to turn around and walk, and he'll do the same.




Finally walking away from him was hard but I just kept thinking him and me, me and him. Everyone's standing around Emmett's Jeep and I manage to hear them mentioning a restaurant on the ride back home.

"Hey, you okay?" Alice asks once I'm close enough. When I nod my head she smiles brilliantly, "great we're thinking about going to that restaurant off the ferry. Want to come?"

I almost say yes but then I can hear the notes in my head. They all are too good to be true and just smile when I decline. Esme asks me to text her when I'm on my way back, but before I start driving of course.

I wave goodbye as they all pile up in the cars and leave the garage. The drive to my studio from the airport takes twenty minutes. When I park outside, I manage to see my landlords car, and for a second debate on going to wave hello. The need to get the song completed, however, keeps me from doing so. Turning off the engine envelops me in silence and I just stare at the building.

I hadn't been back for a few weeks. Before, I would spend all my weekends here. Before the Cullen's anyway. I still loved music, could hear melodies and compositions throughout the day, but I didn't have the overwhelming urge to drive the three or so hours to come and bring them to fruition. I felt different. I felt...happy. And I haven't felt like that in a while. With a big breath, I open the car door and walk to my studio. Suddenly I felt nervous, almost like stage fright.

I take a moment to look at all my instruments, feeling my fingers tingle. It's the easiest thing in the world to set up the microphones and all the connections to my laptop. I take my time going to my instruments and touch them while running the melody is heard in the garage over and over again, finding the perfect fit for it.

I start with the piano, taking my time to work it out by ear and running it through a few times while humming under my breath. When I'm happy with it, I turn on the mics and set my phone to silent before hitting record. Next are some light drums, and it takes me a good hour before I can get the right sound for the guitar. Finally I connect my laptop to the speakers and run through some vocal warm ups, spending around thirty minutes just making noises when I notice some tension in my throat.

This song felt different as I stepped into the vocal booth. I managed to type out all the lyrics onto my phone, and reading them over had me thinking of the Cullen's. I close my eyes and hit record, doing some warm ups as I find the right key to sing in.

I do two takes without music and then begin to piece together the music until I have a rough take and add new vocals to it. Almost six hours later, I'm typing the title with a strong sense of accomplishment. It was finished.

Slowly I turn off my laptop once I had added the song to my library. The studio was in a bit of disarray but my bladder was screaming so I leave everything where it was and go to the restroom in the back of the building. I'm washing my hands when I notice my eyes looked different, lighter and brighter. I smile at my own reflection.

By the time I'm walking back to the front, my steps falter and I frown. My new song was playing softly...but I turned off my laptop? Didn't I?

~~~The hallway ends and leads back to the main room, my steps slower than before as I see my laptop open and iTunes playing Innocence. I take two steps when suddenly there's a hand on my mouth and an arm around my waist. I don't start completely freaking out until I inhale and his scent infiltrates my system.

No no no no

I thrash my body, cringing as he just laughs, his breath landing on my arms.

"Oh Izzy." James starts moving his hand from my mouth and brushing back my hair from my face. The second I heard his voice there was a part of that younger girl in me that froze in fear. "You're such a bad girl, you know that?"

My breathing is loud and my blood is rushing by my ear, a dull roar in the background. Never letting the pressure of his arm on my waist lessen, he drags a finger down my cheek. It causes me to flinch away. I don't fight, I don't move, I don't react.

"I bet you're so confused." He says kicking my feet to get me walking. "Don't worry I'll explain right now. Sit down, I'm sure you know better than to run, yes?"

When I don't answer, he pulls my hair until I'm nodding my head vigorously. He pulls a chair from the side of the wall to the middle of the room, sitting me down and tightly grasping my shoulders with his hands.

"You've been a bad girl, you know that, right?" He repeats as he walks around me and it's instinct that has me closing my eyes. I didn't want to see him. I didn't understand why he was here. This couldn't be real.

"The song's cute," he comments as I sense him right in front of me. My eyes wrench open in fright when he roughly grabs my chin, pulling my face closer to his. His eyes were a deep blue, his pupils a normal size unlike the last time I had seen him.

"I've been watching you for the last couple of months, did you know? How's your hand doing?" My breathing stutters when the memory of falling outside my house come rushing forward. I had heard something and walked towards it but then I slipped, my hand littered with small cuts and blamed it on a raccoon.

"I always came back every few months, to make sure you didn't say anything. I'm surprised you've gone this long without talking." He laughs. It echos in the studio. I wince when he tightens his hold on my chin.

"I didn't feel the need to worry because you always listened to me. But then...I noticed you got closer to that boy...Still, I thought you weren't that stupid." Quickly he lets go of my face and grabs a fistful of hair, it leaves me whimpering in pain and I hate how he gets a sick satisfaction from the noise.

"Imagine my surprise when I catch you both in the woods, you were such a little slut, making all those noises and then you rub yourself all over him. I could have killed him then, when you ran away from him."

My stomach lurched and my mouth salivated as I gagged, at knowing that he has been there that night as well. It was a moment between me and Edward and he was there. Through the nausea I register his words and I feel a fierce urge to protect Edward, leaving me angrily mouthing,

"Leave him the fuck alone."

Before I could even take another breath, James has a hand around my throat and is lifting me up. My nails clawing into his hand don't seem to bother him at all.

"Don't tell me what to do, I can kill him whenever I want, you stupid bitch." With a strength I didn't know he had, he throws me to the side, I don't have the chance to catch my breath before my body is colliding with the edge of my piano and it pushes out the little air I had left. As I fall down, my hand bangs against the keys, the sound resonates loudly and I land in a pile, choking as I try to will air into my lungs.

He takes his time walking towards me, his eyes lit with emotion. Shuffling away from him, my body hits the piano bench and a plan quickly forms. Letting my hair fall into my face, I keep moving back, angling my body to behind the bench. When he's just a few feet away from me, I grab the bench and throw it to his knees with as much force as I could muster.

He stumbles to the floor, while I stand up, scrambling to push the bench into his face for good measure and run for the door. He yells behind me, foul curses reaching my ears as I open the door.

"Isa!" He growls and I'm panicking as I close the door behind me. The streets are empty and I want to scream when I remember my keys are back inside. I hear him throwing something and glass shattering. I whip my head to the side and see Jimmy's car. Running off the steps I head to his office, hoping for a miracle.

I bang on the door as soon as my hand touches the wood.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I hear from the other side of the door, it only urges me to bang harder. I can see my hand shaking violently and fist it to keep it steady. Deadly terror fills me as I hear James walking, his footsteps seem to echo in the quiet outside. I don't turn to look at him. As soon as Jimmy opens the door, I push him aside and run in. My hands are still shaking too much to latch the deadbolt.

I can hear Jimmy talking, almost yelling frantically but I don't stand still long enough to take in his words. I grab his arm and pull him away from the door, hoping the regular lock would be enough to deter James. I doubted it but we just needed enough time.

"Good god, Izzy, your neck." He tries to touch my skin but I jerk away and try to mime a phone with my hand. He doesn't look at my hand, instead takes in my overall appearance. "You're in trouble." He finally realizes and I almost cry out in relief. "C'mon, in here." Jimmy looks at the door when we hear the knob trying to turn.

"Quickly, c'mon." He leads the way down a hall and to the left. He tells me to sit down and goes to the desk on the opposite side. "I have a cell phone here somewhere."

He opens all the drawers, his movements faster when the front door is heard to slam open. The second he finds the phone and lifts it up to show me, is the same second James walks in and shoots him in the chest. My scream is loud and I can feel splatters of blood on my face.

He grabs my hair by the roots and slams his knee into my face. The pain blinding me and my body goes limp. He drags me in cold silence away from Jimmy, his blood pooling along the desk and dripping onto the floor. My nails dig into his arm, my face pounding with pain and leaving me weak. I'm shocked with his audacity to drag me out into public and back to my studio. He ignores the way I plant my feet into the ground, trying to get away. He stops just before the steps and turns to me, pointing the gun straight to my forehead.

"This is all your fault." He says before bringing the gun to pistol whip me, blood gushing from my nose and I feel he might have broken it.

"You make me so mad." James tells me, pulling my body up the stairs. He dumps me on the floor, kicking my leg out of the way before slamming the door closed. "Just what am I going to do with you?"

He kicks me onto my back, straddling me with his hands on neck, but not choking me. "I would have thought you learned your lesson last time."

His words strike a fear in me, my eyes widening at his meaning. "You were such a little girl back then. I didn't want to fuck you." The memory of him back in that barn years ago bubbles forward. I could feel his hands on me, and the way he had yanked my pants down.

I hold my breath as his hand drag down my neck and onto my chest, his fingers brushing the edge of my breasts. I'm shaking my head to keep him from brushing his lips against my skin. "Knock it off." He growls once more yanking on my hair to leave me useless. He was kissing my neck, without a doubt leaving a mark and it filled me with disgust.

I finally reacted when his fingers dipped into my pants. My legs kicking up and knocking him off balance. My mind races to remember where I left my phone, as I crawl on my knees to get away. Bits of glass cut my hands and it's then that I look up and see the vocal booth was shattered. He had thrown the piano bench at it.

His hand grabs my left ankle, yanking it and my chin hits the floor. I keep kicking as he drags my body back to him, a scream clawing through my throat as his hands grab the waist of my jeans and tug down. The floor ice cold against my bare thighs.

With one more tug, I'm back in his grasp and he flips me to face him. His face red with anger, "you can't even cry for help. You're really pathetic."

He pulls my underwear down and thrusts into me without show and I inhale in shock as his hips come flush against mine. I stop breathing, my eyes watering but not spilling over as he pulls back and thrusts into me again. My vision wavers and all I can do is feel everything. My body gives up, no resistance as he has his way. On the outside I was stoic but I knew on the instead it was the start of my death. It could have been hours, time seeming to slow down when suddenly through the side of my eye, I see movement.

Jimmy. Above me James has his eyes closed, sounds of pleasure filtering through. He doesn't notice as Jimmy slowly inches closer, I can see tears running down his face and when our eyes meet he mouths "I'm sorry." I look away when he picks up the gun James had tossed earlier.

"Fuck!" James lets out in a gruff scream, when the gunshot hits his shoulder, a through shot. He turns around and laughs maniacally when he sees old Jimmy, breathing hard and barely able to keep standing as blood gushed from his chest.

He pulls out of me, my legs closing immediately and I close my eyes as I hear him go to Jimmy. The sound of flesh hitting flesh louder than any of the cries Jimmy lets out. I manage to pull up my underwear and drag my body to the vocal booth, remembering I had silenced my phone in there. A shard of glass cuts my thigh, blood immediately coming out.

It hurt to breathe and I was positive I might have cracked a rib or two. My ears were ringing and muffling everything around me. My hands almost slipping in the trail of warm sticky substance, my blood.

"Do you think you could get away?" He was laughing, a crazy laugh that sent shivers down my spine. I could see my phone under the thrown piano bench, shuffling faster despite the glass embedding itself into my bare skin. "Nobody can help you, Isa."

Just as I grab my phone, his arms pick me up from the waist and whirl me back to face Jimmy. A series of screams coming from my throat, sounds I hadn't imagined I could produce filling the studio. His face was swollen and bloody, his shirt tattered and I could see several gashes on his chest. It was all my fault.

James notices the phone in my hand and bends my fingers until I'm crying out in pain, tossing it towards Jimmy's dead body. Because with the amount of blood around him and on James', there was no way he could have still been alive.

There was no hesitation as he throws me to the ground, his hands ripping my underwear off, the material sure to bruise my skin as it was torn away. He spreads my legs apart, ignoring my screams and jerks into me once more. However I was unable to block out reality, the image of Jimmy burned to my lids. He assaults me without remorse, his hands pulling my hair to let him attack my neck.

His breath is hot making my skin crawl as he whispers in my ear, "Let him have my sloppy seconds but then again who'd want to fuck damaged goods. It's your fault I killed that man, Isa." He pauses, a groan coming from his chest and his thrusts come faster now, "who would believe you anyway? They'd probably think you're just looking for attention. Even if you did speak, no one would listen, you- know that right?" His breathing becomes labored and he throws his head back as he muttered a long "fuck,"

I don't even think he realizes he starts choking me again as he hits his climax. My hands trying to pry his fingers away from my neck.

My vision starts wavering, blackness taking over.

Just before I pass out, he grabs my face and orders me to look at him. "You talk, and I'll kill you." Amazingly, the truth to his words leave me frightened enough to keep conscious, just barely. I watch numb as he pulls his pants back up and walks out of my range of vision.

I don't know how long I stay staring at the door, when I hear a wheezing. My legs hurt too much to stand up but I manage to pull myself across to Jimmy and find my phone. Any and all adrenaline leaving my body and I could feel that sweet blackness creeping in. But I couldn't let it have me just yet. My arms feel like led when I find my phone, taking a couple of tries before I activate the screen and enter my pin.

I open up the dial pad and press the three numbers.

The call rings twice before it connects.

"Seattle Police Department, what is your emergency."

My breathing is labored, my eyes closing against my command. The operated repeats their question.

I open my mouth just before I pass out.


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