Okay, I know a DANCE has been done, like ten million times, but I don't think I've seen one like this…. Tell me what you think!

No own Jimmy.


It was a normal week in Retroville, which naturally meant that they had nearly died several times because of a certain genius. Cindy rolled her eyes. Neutron... She hated him, she hated the way he thought he was the best thing ever, she hated the way he nearly got them killed on a weekly basis, she hated the way he ignored the fact that he was a complete idiot sometimes. She hated the way he left her hanging so many years ago. She hated that he couldn't given her an explanation for his actions in the alleyway eight years ago. But most of all, she hated the fact that she was completely, irreversibly and hopelessly in love with him.

She stole a glance at him. He was at his locker digging for his books, his hair still in its stupid whippy dip hair do, his blue eyes looking like they were focused intently on something. Her breath stopped in her throat. Her heart sped up slightly, the blue piercing eyes, the chocolate brown hair, he was so beautiful.

Suddenly Libby was standing there smiling broadly with a sign in her hand.

"Girl, this is so great!"

Cindy looked at her reluctantly.

"What is?"

Libby held up her sign so that Cindy could read what was written on it.

Senior Masquerade Bash

Friday Night, 7:00 P.M.

Everyone must wear masks! Seniors only!

P.S. It's girl's choice!

Cindy scowled.

"A dance, that's what you're so pumped about?"

"This is no ordinary dance! I helped plan it, they'll be wicked sweet tunes, and a chance to enjoy the company of certain gentlemen," she gestured towards Jimmy and Cindy glared at her.

"But how would you know if everyone's wearing masks?"

"Good point," she said, the enthusiasm in her voice deflating slightly.

"But it'll be a fun party anyway, and you're coming."
Cindy sighed.


"Because, your best friend is charge of it, and it's going to be fun," she said curtly. "Besides, you sulk enough, you need to get out."

"Right," she responded softly.

"Oh come on, what could it hurt?"

"I hate these things," she responded.

"I know you do Cind, but I really think this would be a good thing for you, after your dad…"

Cindy held up a hand, she did not need to be reminded that her mom and her dad had finally gotten a divorce. It wasn't exactly a FUN topic to talk about.

She sighed, stealing another glance at Jimmy.

"Oh, what could it hurt?"

Libby smiled broadly.

"That's the spirit girl, you'll need to find a date you know," she responded jerking her head in the direction of Neutron again.

"I know," Cindy responded.

"You won't regret it Cindy," Libby said happily as she posted the sign on the wall.

And as bunch of senior girls stopped by the poster, their faces lighting up as they whispered and giggled excitedly talking about who they would ask.

No matter what Libby said, she knew she was going to regret this.


By noon she was still trying to decide who she would take to the dance. She stole a glance around at the hallway, her eyes almost immediately stopped on Jimmy.

No way was she going there. There was no way she was putting herself out there….

Her eyes found Nick who was talking to Britney, who had apparently just cornered him.

Her eyes found a new student Alec, who was talking to a girl she didn't really know. Was there any guy left that didn't have a date all ready? Again her eyes found Neutron. He didn't have a date, she was sure he didn't. But just then Amber cornered him, her smile flashing brightly at him.

"Do you want to go to the dance with me?"

Cindy felt a tinge of jealousy as Jimmy just nodded yes. She should've known he was too sweet to say no to anyone. She sighed. Who would she go with now?

She stole a glance at Carl, who looked forlorn as well and got an idea. She walked over to him, he wheezed as he fixed his glasses.

"Hi Carl," she said.

"Hi Cindy, you need a date don't you?"

Cindy nodded.

"Sure," he responded. "But I'll have to give a list of the things I'm allergic to as to ensure a safe evening for all."

Cindy nodded.

"Just email me."

He wheezed again.


She stole a glance at Jimmy, who was smiling brightly at Amber. She felt a slightly sick feeling in her stomach and found herself wishing that the week would just be over.