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Bold = Inner Sakura

'Italics with apostrophe' = Sakura's thoughts

Italics = Past events

Ok so he thought I was a whore…

No big deal right?

I mean it was a common misunderstanding. So I shouldn't be this messed up and get over it. No I should never have had something to get over in the first place.

Plus I am over him. I have been for a few years. He broke my heart when I was thirteen and now I'm a senior in high school. I am over him. I haven't thought about taking the surname Uchiha in years. I rarely think about it now.

'Then why does my heart feel like its breaking?'

"Sasuke-kun! Nii-San!"

I ran up to them with a huge smile on my face. The object of my affection sat next to my older brother on the ground in my backyard and I could tell they were arguing over something.

"Imouto!" My older brother jumped up from his seated position, raced up to me, and threw me into his arms. I giggled as he twirled me in the air. It always made me feel like I was flying. My brother's blonde hair blew in the wind and I was again reminded how long it was. My pink hair was just about his spiky length.

"Naruto…"a voice called from next to us.

Nii-san placed me back on the ground and turned back toward his best friend. Sasuke sat there with no expression on his cute face.

I blushed

'He looks so cool!'

"What do you want teme?" My brother asked not yet leaving my side, despite the fact he had his back turned toward me. I was somewhat puzzled at what my brother called Sasuke-kun, he used it often, but I didn't know why.

"Nii-san what does 'teme' mean?" I asked innocently.

My brother turned back toward me and I saw that his cheeks held a slight pink color to them. Sasuke-kun snorted.

"Good going dobe."

My brother whirled on him.

"Shut up teme!!" Ah there it was again. I seriously wondered what it meant, but judging on my brother's annoyed tone of voice it wasn't a word that my 1st grade teacher would approve of.

Sasuke-kun turned to me, he smiled slightly and I felt my heart beat take off in an untimed dance.

"Sakura, you shouldn't know that word. Not until you're older like us. 'K?"

I pouted. I always hated how he used the age difference thing against me. 'You can't see this movie till you're older. You're not old enough to ride that yet. You can't come with us till you're older.' They all seemed the same to me and it was unfair in every aspect.

"Why not?! I'm only three years younger than you two!"

He smiled and Naruto laughed.

"We'll tell you what it means when you're our age. 'K?"Sasuke smirked as he told me.

Man they always used that on me! And somehow I seemed never able to catch up with them. I'm starting to think they're tricking me…especially when Sasuke is smirking like that…yep something is defiantly up.

We sat at the dinner table in an awkward silence.

My parents were talking to each other like any other day, but their conversations stayed limited and short. My brother sat across from me with his best friend at his right. Since the two of them had come home visiting from college my mother had used her full throttle force to make the most delicious dinner. It appealed to all my senses. My taste buds tingled and my mouth watered, but I didn't even want to touch it.

I had asked him not to tell anybody and as of right now it seemed he wouldn't betray me. That brought me a sigh of relief, but not enough to chill the butterflies in my stomach. My brother noticed I hadn't started to touch my food.

"Something up Sakura?" he asked and pointed to my food to show my untouched plate. Sasuke lifted his head from where his plate was to look at me.

"No, no I'm fine Naruto!" We both dropped are little suffixes and now called each other by are first names. After all we were all over 18. Well I wasn't yet, but in three months I would be a legal adult.

Hell yeah! Three months and then we can legally be adults!!! We can buy beer and drink all day and then—

Uh, you know we can't buy beer yet, right?


Naruto looked at me before digging back into his food. I noticed that Sasuke kept his eyes on me. After I felt the heat of his stare watching me for a few more moments, I awkwardly turned my head downward, before picking up my fork and stabbing a few stray vegetables on my plate before I popped them into my mouth. I could feel my cheeks having a slight burn to them.

I nervously flipped my long pink locks behind my ear. They now reached below my chest and I wouldn't lie on how proud I was at their silky shine. My best friend Ino always commented on them and repeatedly asked me how I managed to get them to have such a beautiful shine.


I lifted my head up and saw Sasuke looking at me. I was chewing a large bit of carrot, so I nodded to show that I was listening. I still had my forked place half-way inside my mouth and I chewed on it, a habit of mine that had formed when I was way younger.

He stayed quiet for a minute and I remotely noticed that my parents had stopped their chatter for a moment. I could tell Naruto was listening and he didn't bother to hide it. Naruto looked between me and Sasuke and leaned inward trying to hear what would be said, despite the fact he would hear it better than I would, since he was seated right next to Sasuke.

I felt my stomach do butterflies in my stomach again. I tried pushing them away with my thoughts. I mean seriously there was no way in hell he would actually say at the dinner table in front of my family that he had seen me—

"Did that guy make it safely home from your house? I mean I hope he doesn't get sick or anything seeing how he was walking around the house half naked. Actually I pretty surprised you're not sick considering how you were dressed."

My fork fell from my hands. I could feel my mouth hanging open and my wide eyes were centered on Sasuke's completely emotionless face. I heard someone choke, and for a moment I wondered if it was me.

I heard a weird gasping noise and saw that Naruto had his mouth gapping like a fish starved of water. I prayed to Kami that my parents were not listening to what was just said.

Well Kami was defiantly not on my side.


My heart always pounded whenever I was next to him.

And that was a lot.

He basically became a member of our family. He and Naruto were inseparable, and he ended up visiting at our house many days of the week. It became a natural part of my life. I raced home every day from school so that I could hurry and find him.

When I saw him in my house, I couldn't help but blush. It was like a dream come true. Having one of the cutest boys ever in your house almost every single day could only be described by one word. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Nii-san always let me play with them and I often found myself playing 'Ninja' with them. It was a lot of fun, but I spent most of my time searching for Sasuke. When I did I would always try and tackle him to the ground. It usually didn't work out to well.

Let's just say that I'm ticklish to the extreme.

Nothing was better than this. When I first met him he was cold and distant and I found it unbelievably cool. Then he opened up to me and showed his childish side. I found it adorable. When he started to call me by my first name, I thought I would die from happiness.

Soon it went from Naruto and Sasuke to Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

I became a part of them. My brother and I were closer than normal siblings, and we were best friends. When I first learned that my brother had found a best friend at school. I was jealous. It didn't seem fair that someone was trying to steal my brother from me.

That was till I found out whom that someone was.

I looked forward to seeing him every day. To me it was what I waited for all day. At school I would doodle the words 'Uchiha Sakura' all over my notebooks. In class I did my absolute best and finished my homework in school so that I could rush home and play all day with him. My teachers were amazed. They thought I was a genius. I learned things so quickly and was able to get perfect scores on all my assignments and tests.

But I was not a genius, not in the least bit.

No, I was a girl in love.

I will never forget the day my heart was shattered. It has been too deeply etched into me, I feel like it's a part of me and despite how much I want to escape it, I know I won't be able to.

It haunts my dreams.

I should have moved on past it so long ago, but I can't. It's impossible. He was my first love. I can't forget it.

And the worst part about it, is that there was no love between us in the first place.

I truly did love him. I know that, but I was nothing more to him than his best friend's little sister. I wasn't even considered his friend.

No because 'Friends' don't go telling your entire family at the dinner table that he had seen you with a guy at the house while nobody else is home.

'Friends' take that to the grave.

So obviously that means that Sasuke is not a 'friend.' And I doubt he ever wanted to be my 'friend' in the first place. Because 'friends' don't just outright break a person's heart. No, that is too cruel. So he was no friend of mine.

Especially now as I stood in the kitchen being screamed at by my parents.

"YOU HAD A BOY OVER AT THE HOUSE!" my father screamed into my face. Really I was right in front of him. I could clearly hear what he was saying.

"yes, but—" I whimpered out.


"no! He wasn't—"


How did he expect me to explain myself if he kept interrupting me?

"Daddy I—"


I found myself again and again flinching at his harsh tone of voice. My mother was standing next to my father, trying to calm him down no doubt. Honestly why did my father have to freak out anyway. I was seventeen years old for crying out loud. At least I don't smoke weed or throw wild parties while they are away. They should be happy to have a child like me, but obviously they were not.

"Dad let me explain. N-"


My eyes grew wide and I recoiled backwards. I felt like I had been slapped in the face. My father obviously regretted saying that because he snapped his jaw shut. This time my mother stepped in.


I couldn't handle it anymore. Did they honestly think so lowly of me? I felt the wet liquid slide down my face and before I could listen to anymore of my parent's hurtful words I turned on the spot and ran out of the kitchen doors.


I didn't stop as I ran past the dining room where this whole mess started. As I darted threw the living room, my sights headed straight for the front door, I saw that Naruto and Sasuke were seated on the coach. I watched them as I fled.

Naruto was obviously worried about me. He never liked to see me cry. So the quick flash of his face I got was his upset look. He probably heard what our father called me, since after all he was screaming it.

Sasuke's face was what got me. He had no emotion at all on his face, just like always, but deep into the deeps of his onyx eyes I could swear I saw some sort of smug look. Like he was happy that my father called me a whore.

I bet that's what Sasuke thought of me now…

A whore.

"Sakura!" This time it was my brother's voice that called after me as I nearly ripped the door off its hinges as I threw it open and ran outside.

I fled straight for my car and stepped in before slamming the door shut. I put the keys in the ignition and drove out of our driveway as fast as was humanly possible. I knew that I would undoubtedly be in more trouble when I got home, for leaving like this, but I needed to be out of the house.

As a drove pass the house, intent on escaping, I saw my brother standing outside the house watching as I drove off. He was nervous for me that much was certain. But my eyes were not focused on my brother. No. They were on the raven haired man standing inside the doorframe. His black eyes watching as I drove away in tears.

He was smirking.

At that moment two thoughts were on my mind as I drove as far as possible and as fast without breaking the speed limit.

One, I was absolutely sure that Uchiha Sasuke thought I was a whore.

Two, I absolutely hated Uchiha Sasuke.

I ran up quickly to him. I was so excited as always.


He didn't acknowledge my arrival in the least bit, but it didn't stop me as I skidded to a stop right behind him. He was staring intently at something at the ground. I leaned over him trying to see what he was so focused on.

I wished I hadn't.

Coiled up just a little bit in front of Sasuke-kun's feet was the biggest snake I have ever seen. Given that I haven't seen that many snakes and all of them were little tiny things, to me it was huge.

I shrieked and jumped backwards a little bit.

The snake was staring intently back at Sasuke. It was a green-colored one and every time in tasted the air its little pink tongue darted out of its mouth.


I whimpered at the thing.

"S-Sasuke-kun…" I stuttered out.

The snake started to slither away and Sasuke moved his leg out of the way a little bit so that it could leave. But for my luck it made its way in my direction. Right toward me.

I screamed as I jumped out of the thing's way. I hit the ground hard and though I was lucky enough not to skid across the sidewalk, it still was not pleasant.

I heard someone walk up next to me, but I didn't look up as I choked down a few sniffles.

"Why are you so afraid of them?"

His voice caused my heart to flutter, but not enough for me to calm down.

I didn't really want to get into complete details of the reason why I was afraid of snakes, but I can say that involved Nii-san, a camping trip, a scary story about some man named Orochimaru and nightmares for a week.

I shook my head back and forth trying to show him that I didn't wish to tell him the full details.

"Come on Sakura."

My heart started to take off again. I loved it when he said my name.

"…Nii-san.." I heard a snorting sound.

"Should have figured." I felt a hand grab my upper arm and I realized that Sasuke was touching me. Sure we touched a lot, but this was one of the few times he touched me. Me.

I could have fainted from happiness.

He gently pulled and at that moment I realized he was just trying to get me up. Well it didn't matter; he was still touching me all the same.

I allowed him to pull me up and only then did I turn my head to look into his eyes.

Why did my Nii-san's best friend have to be so cute!

He smiled at me and then started to turn away.


My right leg that was position a little bit in-between his legs got caught when he turned around. The sudden momentum caused me to fall forward, accidently slamming into Sasuke who had not yet managed to turn completely.

My body weight that suddenly hit him, it made Sasuke loose his balance. And we both found ourselves falling toward the ground with me on top of him. I saw his head hit the ground and it was then that I realized my face was going to collide with his. I shut my eyes tight afraid of the pain I would feel at the unavoidable head bump about to occur.

Except it didn't hurt the way I expected it to. Instead I felt my nose hit something and my mouth press against something soft and warm.

I opened my eyes slowly.

Sasuke was staring at me with his beautiful onyx eyes wide.

That's when I realized where my mouth had made contact with.

His lips.

Sasuke's lips.

The Uchiha Sasuke's lips.

The same Uchiha Sasuke who had an army of girls dying for a millisecond of his attention, now had his mouth attached to mine.

This was the happiest day in my six years of living. By far. Not even the day I met Sasuke could compare to this moment.

At that moment I felt a pair of hands pushing at my shoulder blades and lifting me off of Sasuke.

I blushed and I was sure I was as red as a tomato.

I jumped off Sasuke and stuttered out an apology even though I didn't regret a thing about it. His bangs were hiding his face and I couldn't tell if maybe he was upset at me or mad. Nothing at all. For another thirty seconds nothing happened and then Sasuke lifted his head to look at me. He had his amazing 'cool face' on. His face was as blank of emotion as a white erase board.

Sasuke stood up and brushed off his shirt before he started to walk away.

That left me momentarily hurt. Now he was just walking away from me. For a moment I thought I would start crying, but to my relief, Sasuke turned around with one eyebrow raised.

"What are you waiting for?"

I smiled a grin that I was sure rivaled Nii-san and ran up to him. Walking at his side I felt my heart beating faster than ever before.

That's when I realized that I really, really, really liked Sasuke-kun.

I really, really, really hated Sasuke!

How dare he do this to me!

Six months! Six firkin months!!! Six months of being grounded without leaving my house (besides school) unless being under parental supervision. I had a curfew! A curfew! It's been five years since I've had a curfew!! And it nine o'clock! At nine I have to be in my room, like an obedient little five year old. I was going to be a prisoner in my own house for half of senior year! All this for having a guy at my house once! They wouldn't even let me explain myself! No! They just listen to what Sasuke says! Because Sasuke is just sooooo very perfect!

Damn it!

And now I'm left to rot in my house all threw the best year of high school, while Sasuke goes off to college with my brother and parties, drinks, and has sex like it's the Fourth of July.

Why?! Why the hell would he do this to me?

LET ME AT HIM! Wait till I get his pretty little face on my fist! I'll fucking destroy him and any chance he has at a social life his Junior Year of College! Then will see how well he fairs!

Fuck yeah we will!

I was so infused in my anger I didn't even noticed that someone had walked into my room until I felt the bed shift next to me. I whirled around to face the intruder, my eyes wild with rage and looked face to face with my older brother. He was lying on the bed facing the ceiling. His eyes wandered over to me and he smiled a very comforting grin.

My anger dissolved in less than a second and was replaced with overwhelming sorrow.

The tears came so suddenly I didn't even notice I was the one creating them until they dropped down onto my palm that was gripping the bed sheets. I took in a deep breath and it made me sound like I was drowning.

My brother opened his arms up and I gladly jumped into them, my face on his chest as gut wrenching sobs overtook me. I sobbed into his shirt, my nails clutching at his skin, but he never protested just wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug.

I don't know how long I stayed like that, but eventually the tears ran out. I didn't even know what I was crying for really.

No. That's a lie.

I was crying for so many things, but the thing that seemed to always bring me to tears is Sasuke.

I don't know why, but I can't move on past him. I just can't. No matter how hard I try, whenever I think about the type of guy I would like to date, my thoughts drift to his raven hair and onyx eyes. The way he smiles at me or the way he used to. The way he used to hug me. The way he used to care about me. The way he used to think of my as more than just 'My best friend's Imouto.'

No, I always knew he never loved me the way I hopped and dreamed day after day, night after night. But being one of his close friends was enough for me. Now at the way he had reveled something I pleaded him to not tell anyone, just proved my belief that he hated me.

I don't even know why. I was the one who should hate him. He broke my heart. He ruined my senior year. He's the one I wasted my love on.

But it didn't matter, because I knew deep down I would always care for him more than I should. More than he deserved.

My brother held me this hold time. I couldn't even describe how much I needed his small comforting words more than anything in the world. He could be with his girlfriend, Hinata, but instead he is willing to stay with his baby sister and hold her while she ruins his shirt.

True dedication right there.

"Sakura…What happened?"

I knew he was curious about the whole ordeal and probably wondering about the boy at the house thing and for a moment I was angry that he dare ask me that question when he could see how hurt I was over this.

But out of everyone here, he was the only one willing to let me tell them what happened. He would listen. I needed to tell him the truth, because I knew my parents would not hear of my side. But Naruto would.

I clutched him closer to me.

"I-I..N-Naruto I-It I'm n-not like t-that…"

I heard Naruto's deep throaty chuckle.

"Come on now Sakura, you're sounding like Hinata, stuttering like that. You can tell me. I won't hurt you."

I believed in Naruto.

"N-N-Naruto I-I'm n-not a w-whore…" I don't know what made me say that, but deep down I needed to know that someone thought better of me than that. My father shouted it right to my face. Sasuke's eyes might as well have screamed the words at my face.

'Whore.' 'Slut.' The words were all I could think of and I was nothing of the sort. But someone now I felt like one.

"No, of course not Sakura. Don't listen to what Dad says, he's a bunch of bull."

I sniffled out a laugh. Somehow Naruto always could heal me when I was hurt. Yes, that's right he was there when Sasuke broke my heart when I was thirteen. I cried into his chest many times. How could he always tell when I needed him more than anything else?

So I knew Naruto would believe in me. I could tell him the truth. And I would.


It was Valentines Day.

And today was the day after thirteen years of my life, I decided that I would confess to the boy I loved. I could care less about the fact he was sixteen and in high school. That he was my Nii-san's best friend. None of that mattered to me.

I just wanted to say after so many years that I loved him. I never thought for a moment that doing something like that would hurt me.

I was so naïve.

All in just one day I received the biggest embarrassment of my life, at the same time my own little fantasy world came crashing down on me.

And it all started with one person.

A girl that went by the name of Karin.

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