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Primrose Jessica Potter was a normal fifteen year old girl. But if you ever called her Primrose you would not like the consequences. It was Rose and that was it She was normal in everything except she had defeated a evil wizard when she was one. Said wizard was now back and no one would believe her. She had to live with her abusive relatives . And she was in love with a man twice her age. A man that was her fathers best friend. Oh yes Primrose Potter was a perfectly normal fifteen year old girl.

Rose started up at the ceiling in her room. She hated it hear at the dursley's and wished with all her might that she might be able to leave it soon to see her favorite family the Weasley's and Her Godfather Sirius Black not to mention him the man that made her heart stop. Remus Lupin. She heard a noise downstairs. She grabbed her wand thankful the Dursley's were gone She snuck down the stairs her wand held out in front of her. She snuck into the kitchen. She heard Voices.

"Oh Remus that's my foot." She heard a females voice say.

"Sorry Nyphadora."

"Don't call me Nyphadora."

"Will you two shut up" She heard another voice. She turned the light on and was face to face with four people three men and a woman. She noticed two of them.

"Alastor Moody and Remus John Lupin what are you doing here."

"We've came to take you to the headquarters of the order of the phoenix." Moody said. .

"The What."

"Just come with us."

"Not until I'm sure you are who you claim." She held her wand in front of her. "Remus Lupin What is your furry little problem."

"I'm a werewolf."

"Alastor Moody what happened last year."

"Couldn't tell you I was locked in a trunk." She lowered her wand. And went running into Remus's arms.

"Oh Remus its so good to see you." She felt tears on her face.

"You to Primrose. You to." She pulled away a glare on her face.

"Don't call me Primrose." The woman in the room laughed. Rose turned towards her.

"Sorry I just know ho w it is to have a name you don't like." They all got ready to leave and Rose gathered her stuff. They were on brooms for what felt like hours before they came to a part of London.

"Here" Remus handed her a piece of paper memorize this.

Rose took the Paper and read the Order of the Phoenix is located at number twelve Grimulad place." All the sudden a building started to materialize.

"Well . Lets not stand out here all day." Moody gruffed going up the stairs followed by Tonks that is what Rose had been told to call her the other man she found outs name was Kingsly and Remus. Rose at the back they opened the door and Rose was swept into the embrace of Molly Weasley.

"OH Primrose its so good to see you dear." She grimced at her name. "There's an order meeting right now but Ron and Hermione are upstairs dear." She pointed towards the stairs.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley." She went up the stairs. She opened the door and jumped back "Whoo."

The red head and Brunette looked up from were they had been snogging on the bed. "Oh Rose." Hermione smiled at her best friend jumping off the bed and racing to hug her.

"Yes Hermione its nice to see you to but are you going to explain your face attached to Ron's "

"Oh" Hermione was flustered we are going out now. Rose smiled

"I'm happy for you." She hugged her best friend and then Ron who had came to stand beside Hermione his arms around her. "So" She sat down on the bed "What is the Order of the Phoenix."

Ron and Hermione sat down on either side of her. Hermione started to speak. "It's a group of Wizards and Witches that are fighting Voldy. But we aren't allowed in the meetings because we are still in school and not of age yet. ." Just then Mrs. Weasley called them down for Dinner. Rose sat down putting food on her plate. She watched as Tonks flirted with Remus she knew that Remus loved her but he refused to date her because of his werewolf condition. So if Rose couldn't get the man what made Tonks think she could. She watched this her inside's feeling sick. Remus caught her eye he saw the pain flash there he saw the sadness and Anger he truly did Love Primrose Potter but he refused to put her in danger.

He felt Tonks hand on his arm. "Oh Remus you know that that's not possible." He Saw Rose's Hazel eyes flash with Anger for a minute all he wanted to do was kiss her and run his fingers through her long red hair.

"Remus don't you think this hairstyle compliments me." He heard Tonks whisper none to softly. He knew that Rose had heard the words spoken.

"That's it." Rose stood up from the table. Everyone's eyes riveted to hers. "Lady he doesn't love you and keep your hands off of him." She did something she never thought she would do she kissed him. She walked right up took his face in her hands and kissed him before leaving the room. Remus was stunned Sirius wasn't sure what to do the twins were Whistling and Mrs. Weasley was in shock. Ron and Hermione ran after her. Tonks really wasn't a bad woman she just didn't know the feeling that underscored the relanship of Remus and Rose.

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