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"Ok first off we need to get your books." Remus smiled as Rose tentivally took his hand twining their fingers together. They stepped into flourish and Blots and Rose started scanning the shelf's pulling the required books from the shelf's. she counted the books in her arms and double checked her list.

"Ok I think I have them all."

"Let me take them." Remus took the towering pile of books from her afraid if he didn't that she might topple over.

"Remus, I can carry my own books."

"You can but you won't." he smirked at her." He carried them to the counter and she paid for them. "Where to next."

"Um." She looked down at her list "I think new robes are in order." Oh dear lord Remus knew he was in trouble now he had to watch her try on new robes. She didn't seem to notice his dilemma and dragged him to Madame Mulkins.

"Hello dear," the seamstress smiled when she noticed Rose enter her store.

"Hello Madame I need new school robes please."

"Of Course dear hop up on the platform. Rose fallowed her directions and waited well Madame Mulikin sorted out her new set of robes. "Your all finished," she stepped back and Rose looked at herself in the mirror. She turned to Remus.

"Well Remy what do you think?"

He smiled slightly at the new endearment "Amazing." He breathed.

Rose smiled took off the robes and paid for them before fallowing Remus out of the store. "OK I think I need potions ingredients next. Remus nodded and they headed towards the apothecary. Rose had just stepped through the door when she ran into someone. She looked into the dark cold eyes of Professor Snape.

"Professor " she nodded. "Sorry about that."

"Obviously you weren't watching were you were going were you Potter?" he sneered.

"Maybe not," her eyes burned those eyes he hated so much those eyes that were all James Potter if he never looked into her eyes he sometimes could pretend she was Lily but those eyes ruined it ruined her. His eyes caught Remus over her shoulder.

"if it isn't Lupin."

Rose's eyes narrowed "You leave him alone now I didn't ask to run into you I didn't mean to run into you and you know what I just want to get the stupid ingredients for your stupid class so if you'll move." When he just stood imbile in front of her she pushed him out of her way. And stalked past him Remus behind her.

"Rose you can't push Snape." He hissed. She rounded on him.

"Well it looks like I just did didn't I." she snapped gathering beetles eyes into a bag. Remus just shook his head and sighed what was he going to do with her. Snape just watched the girl in disbelief he couldn't believe she had the nerve to push him or maybe he could because it was exactly what Lily Even's would have done.

"Stupid child," he muttered before leaving the store.

Rose gathered the rest of her ingredients and a new cauldron as her old one was rusting out and they left the store. "I think that's it." She consulted her list once again and nodded her head "Yup that's it."

"Ok lets back to the Leaky cauldron we're soupose to meet everyone there." Rose nodded her head taking Remus's hand once again. They slide into a booth and noticed Ron and Molly coming through the door.

"Got everything?" Ron asked. Rose nodded her head as everyone else started to show up and they all had a quick lunch before heading back to Gruimauld place.

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