Zack and Reese



Zack had his back against the wall near his bed in the cabin and was in pure ectasy. Reese kissed him with pure passion, his tounge moving gracefully around Zacks mouth. Zacks eyes were closed as he moaned in complete and utter happness and lust. Then his pocket started to vibrate. He readed in and took out his phone and in bold letters sined the contact.


Zack unwillingly tore him self away from Reese to answer the phone. Reese let out a low growl to Zack, "What the hell". Zack shone his phone in Reese's face, and in seeing the contact Resse scowled and Zack motioned him to be quiet. He hit the answer button on the phone.

"Hello" Zack said.

"Hey honey", Carey said. "I just callled to check on you two.... I tried to call Cody and he didn't answer."

Zack knew exactly what his twin was "doing".

"He's probably still alseep" Zack said irritated. "He been doing that a lot lately."

"Oh... thats not like him" Carey said sad. "Well how are things going with you"

"FineEEEE!!!" Zack said but ended with a shudder as Reese kissed his neck sensually.

"Are you ok" Carey asked concerened.

"Yeah Im fine just a cold breeze. Hold on let me close the window." Zack said nervous.

Zack put his hand on the receiver and looked at Reese and said "What the Hell are you doing." "Just because your mommy called dosn't mean it will stop me from having fun." Reese said in the most suductive voice. Zack's heart rate went up and he started to sweat. He then began to calm himself down, rolled his eyes and went back to the phone.

"Sorry the window is rusty" Zack said.

"It's alright", Carey said. "So how are things going at the camp"

"Everythings fine" Zack said as he was trying to keep contol since Reese was kissing at him openning up his shirt with the most gentile touch

"You sound bothered" Carey said sounding skeptical, "Are you ok."

"Everything's fine" Zack said and Reese chuckled quietly.

Resse went from Zack's neck to his bare chest and licked and sucked at his nipples making Zack shudder.

"So how are things going with Mosbey", Zack said. He tried not to moan in pleasure as Reese's tounge went from his nipples to his navel without leavining his body.

"Everything is great. He even raised by salary twice" Carey said proudly. Zack threw his hand over his mouth to muffle the moan that came from Reese swiviling his tounge in Zack's navel.

"I do beleive he missies you two though", Carey said absent mindedly. Reese continued his tounge at Zack's navel while trying to open Zack's pants.

"Ok now that is hard to believe", Zack replied his voice sounding so much shaker than he wanted it to be. He thought it felt so amazing what Reese did with is tounge. Reese finaly unbuttoned Zack's pants and pulled them off with no response from Zack, apparently he hadn't noticed.

Reese saw the underwear with bulge of Zack's fully hard 8" inch cock a challenge.

"Oh come on its not that hard to believe" Carey said laughing. Zack tried to laugh but all that came out was a gasp. He felt teeth touch him and looked down at Reese.

He was pulling off Zack's underwear with his teeth.

Zack put his hand on the receiver. He was severily irritated. It wasn't the fact that he had decided to have sex with him while his mom was on the phone, but the he's doing every seductive thing he can think of to him to get him aroused. Reese succesfully took of Zack's underwear his lips barely touching Zack making it all the more erotic. Reese grabed Zack's cock earning a moan. Zack tried his best to keep his cool and looked at Reese. Reese looked at Zack's cock and back at Zack and smiled. Zack's eye's widened and he growled at Reese "You wouldn't dare". A little devious smile flashed across Reese's face. He lifted Zack's cock up and ran his tounge up and down the shaft. This nearly sent Zack over.

Crap at this rate Zack thought.

Zack saw Reese's intetions and took his hand off the reciever. " Hey Mom how has you progress with you singing going." He asked. This sent his Mom off in a long and spirited monologe. Just the distraction he needed because Reese was done teasing him. Reese took Zack in without any problem. Zack's mom was going to be talking for a while and Reese was going to have Zack seriously distracted.

Reese moved his head at a moderate speed his tounge messaging Zack's cock in his mouth.

Zack put the phone where his Mom couldn't hear him and said to Reese "Shit your mouth is so hot"

He grabbed Reese's hair thrusting himself faster and faster and Reese took it.

"Oh god....i gonna..." was all Zack could bring out. His knees buckled and he exploded in Reese's mouth. Zack almost fell to the floor. Reese swallowed most of Zack's essence but left just enough to be put on his finger. He touched his finger to Zack's tounge allowing him to taste himself. This made Zack moan even more than before. Zack enjoyed the feeling of ecstasy when he remebered.

Shit my Mom!

He picked up the phone to find her still ranting. Reese picked up the lube from under Zack's bed and put a litttle on his fingers. Zack was paying atttention to the phone when he felt the cold prick of the lube poke at his entrance. He tried his best not to swear into the reciver. The he felt a large warm poke at his entrace and saw Reese prepping him self.

"Mom I'm sorry but i have to go the counciler is calling us."

"Oh well take care and tell your brother I said Hi."

"I will"

He shut off the phone just in time for Reese to shove himself in. He hit Zack's prostate making Zack squeal and swear. "Your talk with your Mom finished" Reese said grinning a seductive grinned. Zack tried to look pissed but Reese bounced him up and down on his 9 1/2" inch cock and all Zack could manage was a moaning "Yes". "Good" Reese said smilling "Now I can really have some fun." He grabbed Zack's leggs and Zack studdered "W-What are you doing". Reese moved quickly to his feet still holding Zack in place and said, "You of course." Zack Shreeked and had a death grip on Reese's neck. He looked at Reese furious " YOU JERK!" He yelled. "You'll be singing a different tune after this." he humped Zack while bouncing him up and down. Zack's throbbing hard cock rubing against Reese making Zack moan and whine more than ever. "please... stop... no.... ungh..." Zack could barely get out in whines. "You know you like it", Reese crooned in Zack's ear. Reese started to go faster making Zack mona even more. "Faster" Zack managed to get out. Reese sped up even more. "Faster" Zack moaned. Reese sped up even facter making the the blond beauty moan even more. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh reeeeeeeeeesse fuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee...." Zack moaned. Reese was panting trying to keep up the speed his lover wanted. "Oh god... Reese im going to cum" Zack moaned. Reese was very close him self. he looked at Zack. His blue eyes looked right back and Zack said. " Send me over". Theis sent Reese over and he came in Zack. The very feeling of Reese's essence within him sent Zack over. "OH REESE" Zack yelled and came all over both of their somachs and chests. Finally Reese couldt take it any more and collapsed on the bed beside them. He was on top of Zack they were both brething hard and looking in each others eyes. Reese smilled and said.

"Now wasn't that nice."

Zack looked away from Reese blushing and said.

"Your excicuiton was terrible. I mean really I was on the phone with my mom. As much as you you think im not an exibitionist."

"Oh! Speaking of which."

Reese walked away and came back with a digital camera he took a picture of Zack and smilled. All Zack could do was blush and smile.


Reese pulled up the picture and Zack looked at himself.

His hair was a mess, He had only a fully unbutoned shirt on, he was coverd in jizz from the neck down. His hard dick was laying on his stomach throbbing. He looked like the boy's he saw in Reese's magazinges.

"Dear god I look like a mess... and a porn star." Zack groaned.

"Well your my little porn star" Reese said smiling.

"Your lucky your my boyfriend" Zack said irritated.

Reese layed back on top of Zack kissed him passionatly and said.

" I know"

Zack couldm't help but to smile.


I know this is a little much for my first Fanfic, but i dont care this is the hottest thing ever. Please reveiw and look out for the full Camp Betwixta and all it love. (PS: Zack an uke ... who would have tought it)