Reese, Zack, Malcom, and Cody

(Sorry school has kept me from updating for a while so i decided to do something sexy and fun. So fall in love with the 4some madness.)

"Are you telling me that your not nervous at all", Malcom asked as they were walking to Zack and Reese's cabin.

"Why would I be", Cody asked.

"Because it's Reese. And when he's buzzed he can think of some crazy and painful dares." Malcom said worried

Today was the day of the Cascada concert, and every one esle at camp had gone. Of course The four of them didn't go. (Note this does not reflect XemSai is True Loves ideals {I actually like cascada})

The decided it to be their double date day. And they had the entire day of course since theay were stuck at camp they just decided to play truth or dare.

When they opened the door Reese looked up at them and smiled.

"Since everyone is here lets have fun" Reese said as he popped the top on his first soda.

It started off prety boring with simple things. But everytime it was Reeses turn he would escalade it a little higher. At around noon Reese finally got impatient and said.

"Okay its time to step it up. Only dare and the have to be suffered throught no matter how bad."

Cody shrugged and said "Ok"

Both Malcom and Zack went pale, but nodded.

"Since its my turn. Zack get fingered by Malcom for 6 minutes." Reese siad smiling.

Zack whent white as a sheet and Malcom blushed.

"Umm... Maybe we shouldn't..." Zack said, his voice shaking.

"No way" Reese said smiling. "Cody if you would.

Cody slipped up behind Zack and grabbed him.

"Shit" Zack said.

"Get rid of his pants Cody" Reese said innocently.

Cody slowly took of Zack's pants.

"Now lift his legs over his head." Reese said, his breath was getting shakier by the minute. He was getting hornier ever second

Cody did as Reese said.

"Now Malcom if you will." Reese said. It took all of his might to control and not fuck Zack himself.

Malocm reluctantly moved over twards Zack.

He lifted off Zacks briefs as Zack winced at the touch.

"Malcom... please.." Zack whined

"...I'm sorry Zack... I'll make it as painless as possible." Malcom said even more guilt rushing over him.

He stuck one finger in Zack's exposed hole and Zack whimppered in pain. He procceded with two then three fingers and mad Zack moan and whimper.

"Add the fourth finger" Reese said horny as god know's what.

Fear went across Zacks face. He had never went this far before.

Malcom reluctantly added the fourth finger and Zack moaned and whimpered from the pain. Tears came to his eyes.

"Move in and out" Reese said.

Malcom looked at Reese like he was crazy but the look in Reese's eyes made him comply.

He started to move in and out earning a yelp from Zack. He kept that pace earning whimpers and moans from Zack. He herd Zack mumble somthing and looked up. Zack was sweating, panting, and crying but what he saw Zack mouth shocked Malcom.


Reese almost lost it. Zack was enjoing this. This almost made Reese cum himself.

Malcom went faster and Zack moaned and panted even faster. Malcom sped up more and more until Zack finally lost it and came all over himself.

His body when limp as his layed in his brothers arms, panting.

Zack looked over at Reese who was smiling with lust. He scowled at the look.

"I so will always remeber that moment. That was so damn... erotic.", Reese said licking his lips. "I'm recording this you know".

The three of them looked in the direction of the camera.

Cody's eyebrows lifted " I did not know that ws there."

Zack went a bright red. " You're such an ass"

"No your the ass im better at being a dick" Reese said smiling. " Besides i did see you complain when you asked Malcom to go faster."

"Fuck you Reese" Zack growled.

"It's your turn Zachary" Reese said laughing.

Zack was incredibly pissed off he couldnt think of a way to get Reese back.

Then he figured something out.

"If im right you haven't been topped once am i correct?" Zack asked.

"Um... yeah why" Reese said with a puzzeled look his face.

Zack looked at Cody who imediatly figured out what was going to happen.

Cody gave Zack to Malcom then jumped on Reese holding him the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL..." Reese said.

"You said it was my turn." Zack said with a devious smile. "So guess what your going to get topped by Cody. Oh and Cody." Cody looked at Zack who was limp in Malcoms arms. "Make it last"

A smile flitted across Cody's face. Reese went deathly pale.

"Whats the matter Reese" Zack said smiling."Can't take what you dish out. To afraid to take a little pain"

Yes Reese's mind was screaming, but all he could say was. "I'm not afraid of anything"

"We'll see about that." Zack said. "Cody i leave him to you"

Cody nodded, looked back at his captive, and kissed him as hard as he could. Reese tried to do the same but was stopped by the pain he recived from Cody's nails in his arms.

Cody tore away from Reese's mouth leaving Reese gasping. "I'll promise you. You won't like this." Cody said seductively.

He picked Reese up and had him over his shoulder. Reese was freaked out. They ended up on the bed with Reese on Cody's lap. Cody grabbed him by the arms and kissed him again. At first Reese took it, but he then got lost in the momment and tried to kiss back.

BIG mistake.

Cody dug his nails into arms again leaving Reese wanting to scream. He pull away from Reese with a seductive look "I thoght you figured out from the first time that you wern't suposed to kiss back." Reese replied with a sheepish look. " Since you don't listen... i guess i have to do this the hard way."

Cody slung Reese face down across him. Malcom's eye's went wide, and Zack smiled. He knew eactly what was going to happen next.

Cody lifted his hand up and it came down hard on Reese's ass. And Reese howled in pain. "WHAT THE FUCK." Cody spanked him again even hardder and said. "Would you shut up." Cody then sid his had down Reese's pants sliding him off. He stuck two fingers in Reese's hole and Reese bit his lip in order to stop himself from screaming. Cody stuck ing the third finger causing a whimper to escape from Reese. Durring all of this pain Cody was getting harded and harder.

"Have you had enough", Caody asked sexily. "Yes", Reese said he was near tears the pain was so intense. "Well guess what..." Cody said nicely. "What" Reese asked nevously.

"I haven't"

Cody lifted up Reese off his lap. He took Reese's pants and tied Reese's arms together. He then pulled out his own member. Still on the bed he slid him self into Reese. Reese was whimpering and whining every second of it.

"Cody..." Zack said seriosly horny from all of this." Fuck the shit out of him."

Cody nodded and bounced Reese up and down on his dick. Reese squealed from his prostate bieng hit.

"I...thing i feel...blood." Reese moaned. "It's natural" Cody said.

Reese made sounds that none of them knew he could with every sound Cody got closer and closer.

But Reese was almost there.

"ung... im gonna" he said. Cody Grabbed his dick to stop him from cumming.

"What are you", Reese sked breath ragged, body sweaty. "Your not supposed to enjoy this yet."

I turned Reese to where his back was on the bed and sterted humping him even harder.

Reese was in so much extacy and pain he didn't notice he was crying.

At seeing the tears Cody lost it. He went even faster till he finaly came into Reese. But he didn't stop. In fact the feeling made Cody go even faster. He looked at Reese who was in utter pain and said.

"Have you learned your lesson"

"Yeeessss..." Reese Replied whimpering.

"Then we can end this" Cody sail smiling.

He let Reese go and the both came at the same time.

Reese was barrely concious as Cody pulled Himself out.

"don't...ever do.... that again." Reese panted.

Cody smiled and kissed Reese. "Fine then won't

Zack and Malcom sat their with their eyes wide.

(I decided to make this two parts because of the large scale of sex. and a big XemSai Arigato to marky77 welcom to my world)