I was very bored and seated on the sofa I was thinking of how I can be a better person I mean if justin is not my real brother then I might have feelings for him and we cant let that happen … justin walks in the room "mom and dad told you didn't they ?" I asked "yeah … they did and …." He paused " alex there is something I have to tell you !!!!!!!!!!" he said "what is it ?" I said " your not my sister" … "omg …duhhhh isnt that what I asked you just right now you dork" I said "oh.. I tought you were talking about the one dollor movie that dad anouced we were going to this afternoon" he said . my dad walked in and said we had the whole house to ourselfs and me and justin started to jump around of happiness and then dad left us alone we were still jumping and then he held my hand I quikly let go and ran up stairs he ran after and I closed the door our backs were facing the door from the opposite directions and I told him we couldn't be with eachother and that it was wrong "open the door alex know !!!!!" he scram "no … I cant do this" and then after a while I went to the kitchen to get a soda and he was there he said that he still loved me as a sister and he always will because that's what they were ment to be and I said "I cant love you as my brother anymore now that I know that you're my brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!"