Title: What's in a Name?
Characters/Pairings: Castle/Beckett
Challenge: None
Word Count: 370
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Spoiler alert: General
Summary: Castle ponders what exactly is in a name.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the random pairing names that we, the fans, give to the couples we ship. Could have also been the amount of decongestants in my system as well. Completely un-beta'd, so all mistakes are my own.

Written for the Castle_Fic community on LJ. Reviews are love.

When Kate Beckett got into work, she found Castle sitting at her desk, nose buried in a tabloid magazine with a picture of them splashed on the front. The picture had been taken at a charity gala where they dynamic duo had busted a fraud ring by doing a little undercover work. Well, Beckett had been undercover; Castle had been his usual charming self.

And by charming, Beckett meant a gigantic pain in her ass.

Currently every tabloid in the city was pairing them together with tantalizing headlines reading, "What kind of inspiration is she really?" and "The Writer and his Muse step out into Society!!" each one promising lurid details about their nonexistent romantic relationship.

Castle lowered his trashloid du jour and smiled at his muse. "We are the hottest thing in New York society since Brangelina. Or Bennifer. I can't tell which."

"Except we're not dating, nor do we have children or large stones on any of our fingers," Beckett pointed out as she got settled at her desk. "Why are you even reading those things?"

"Because they're funny," Castle retorted. "Greatest fiction ever. I can't even come up with stuff this great, and I'm good."

"Oh yes, so very humble, aren't you?" Beckett replied, rolling her eyes. "Why else are you reading them?"

"I want to know what they've dubbed us."

"Wait, what?"

"Well, you know how it is. Celebrity couples get their names smooshed together into a media moniker that never goes away. Brangelina. Benneifer. Spidi. Or from books and TV shows, characters who are 'shipped,' like Jam from The Office."

"And you want to know what they're calling us?" Beckett asked, suddenly horrified by the idea of her name being crammed next to Castle's in a tabloid headline.

"Think about it. There are only two options." He smiled at her like a little boy who just found two dozen gifts under the Christmas tree for just him. "Personally, I like Castkett. I think it keeps up the theme of murder mystery writer and homicide detective."

Beckett groaned as she suddenly realized the headlines that could come up from that.

Castle beat her to it, "Just think, splashed in the headlines, Castkett cleans up another homicide!"