There were two women in Sheriff Woody's life. Two very different women. One was quiet, patient, and wise. For him, she was the perfect person to listen to his problems, or sometimes, just lend a shoulder for him to rest his head on after a hard day. She was more than just a lover. She was one of his best friends.

The other was full of spirit…to say the least. She was a bundle of ADHD-fueled sugar and spice who loved to wrestle her friends to the ground and demand that they wrestle back. Only a certain Space Ranger would oblige.

They both drove Woody crazy, though for very different reasons.

It was an unusually warm fall day in early October and Bo's sheep had gone missing. Actually, she liked to hide them. It was the perfect excuse to get Woody all to herself.

Out in the hallway, Bo cornered the Cowboy by the plastic powder blue trashcan. He was taller than she was so she playfully tugged his bandana down until their mouths were level. Just how she liked it.


Both Woody and Bo jumped at the voice, crimson color spreading all over their faces. Jessie stood by Andy's bedroom door, doubled over with laughter.

"Jessie will you get out of here!" Woody snapped.

Barely containing a snicker, Jessie turned to go back in the bedroom, giving a playful kick of her heel as she did so. "By the way," she grinned over her shoulder. "Try tiltin' your head! It works great!"

"Jess…" Woody said in a warning voice.

"I'm goin'! I'm goin'!"

As the bedroom door closed once again, Woody sighed. "What is it with her? You'd think she'd give us fifteen minutes alone, but oh no…"

Bo just smiled. "Sweetie, she's just playing! True, it's a little embarrassing…"

"A little?" Woody echoed.

"But," Bo continued as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'd say getting to kiss you is worth it." Woody chuckled nervously. "Now," she said. "About those fifteen minutes…"

As they began to kiss again, Bo inclined her head to the left. Wow, it really does work…

Inside the bedroom, Hamm was looking over Andy's new computer. It was an older model brought home from Mom's work. It had been hooked up to the Internet only yesterday.

Hamm sat on the desk in front of the keyboard. With his piggy feet his typing was clumsy and he kept having to use the backspace key. Soon, Mr. Potato Head joined him. "Seems our Cowboy friend is more popular than we thought," Hamm remarked. "He's got all sorts of fan sites dedicated to him."

Potato Head chortled. "What a bunch of geeks."

Hamm clicked on a link and a MIDI of the 'Woody's Roundup' theme started to play. There was a fan drawn picture of Woody next to the text on the screen:

"Welcome to the Ultimate 'Woody's Roundup' Fan Page! We all grew up watching the adventures of Jessie, Bullseye, Stinky Pete the Prospector, and of course, our Cowboy Hero Woody! Sadly, the show was taken off the air after only thirteen episodes, but the Roundup Gang lives on in our hearts forever! Feel free to comment on the message board, look at fan art, and even read some fanfics! All dedicated to the 'Rootinest, Tootinest Cowboy in the Wild, Wild, West!'"

"You mean to tell me," Potato Head said as he read over his shoulder. "That a bunch of forty-something year olds not only make these sites but also draw fan art and write fanfiction? You must be kidding!"

"Looks like there's a trivia section as well!" Hamm clicked on it. As the text popped up, he started to read out loud: "'Woody's Roundup' premiered on January 12, 1957, the day before the first Frisbee was produced and eight days before President Eisenhower was sworn in for the second time!'"

"Big deal."

Hamm continued to read. "Uh, Spudster? You might wanna look at this." Potato Head looked at the section Hamm just read. His removable eyes grew large.

"Holy cow!"

"Yeah," said Hamm. "We better print this off!"

Woody and Bo emerged from the hallway into the bedroom, hand in hand. Jessie was sitting on the floor nearby with Buzz as they played Jacks. Buzz chuckled. "Nice lipstick, Cowboy!"

Jessie put a finger to her mouth. "Nah, I don't think it's really his color! Maybe a nice coral to bring out his eyes…"

The Cowboy turned red as he quickly wiped the lipstick off his mouth.

Hamm and Mr. Potato Head joined them. Potato Head was holding a piece of paper in his hands. "Well, well, if it ain't Mr. Popular himself!" Said Potato Head. Bo fixed him with a cold glare.

"We've been looking at some 'Woody's Roundup' trivia on the computer," said Hamm. "And we've found…"

"TRIVIA!" Jessie shouted, jumping up. "Oh boy, lemme see! Lemme see!" She tried to grab the paper but Woody pushed her aside.

"Let me see that!" He instructed, taking the sheet and beginning to read. "Hey, we premiered the day before the first Frisbee!"

"Read lower, Cowboy." Said Potato Head. "Last paragraph."

"Hmmm…" Woody started to read aloud. "'Though it was never stated on the show, it was always intended by the creators that Woody and Jessie be…'" His voice trailed off. "Oh my gosh." He whispered.

"What?" Jessie demanded. "What? Spit it out!" Woody just stared at the paper, stunned. He looked at her, his brown eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. "Come on! Tell me!"


"We're WHAT?" Jessie yelled. Buzz and Bo stood close by. They exchanged concerned looks.

"We're…" said Woody slowly. "Brother and sister."