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Chapter 1


Draco Malfoy was walking down Diagon Ally for the first time in 5 years. After the war and his father's disgrace he went to America to manage the Malfoy company abroad. He was so glad to be back in England, American food was something he would never get used to.

He was not heading anywhere in particular, He just wanted to get back in the magical community. It was getting late, the streets were deserted. He was passing by quality quidditch supplies when he saw it, A flash of red hair turning the corner, he followed.

She was taller then he remembered, but just as beautiful. If she had been anyone else in the world he would have had her long ago. She had compassion like he'd never seen in anyone. In school, she always seemed to look right through his attitude.

They didn't have a whole lot of contact, but whenever she did speak to him, she always knew what to say. He remembered one particular time, His sixth year, her fifth. Draco had been on his way to the room of requirement, during his mission for the Dark Lord. He bumped into her, sending her books to the ground.

She picked them up mumbling an apology before seeing who she had bumped in to. Even then all she said was " Don't let your past dictate who you are, Help is there Draco." Before he could inquire, She was gone.

He followed her up to the shrieking shack. She was sitting on a log, she appeared to be crying. He moved closer as quietly as he could, he didn't want to scare her. On closer inspection he saw she had a black eye and a busted lip. Her panty hose were ripped and the buttons on her blouse were ripped open. She was sobbing, her hands shaking and her fingernails bloody.

Draco stepped forward, his foot snapped a twig. She jumped and almost fell of the log.

" Draco ?" She gasped, She tried to cover herself with her arms, her cheeks flushed embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He walked closer and sat next to her.

" Merlin Ginny, What happened ?"

" I...He..attacked me. Was...leaving ...w ..work" He went to move a piece of her hair away from her eyes but she flinched.

" Who ?"

She shook her head.

" Why did you come here ?"

" I can't go home, I rent a room above the Hog's head, He knows, I can't go back."

" What happened to the Burrow ?"

" Bank...owns it ...now. I couldn't afford the payments after my parents died." She sobbed harder and a moment later she passed out.


" I don't really know what happened. I found her crying. She just said he attacked her, she couldn't go home because he knew where she lived." Draco told his healer. After Ginny had passed out, He apperated them to his home and called his private healer. He knew that if she was living and working at the Hog's Head she probably couldn't afford a hospital stay.

" She wasn't raped, She sure is a fighter. I can heal her eye and her lip. It looks like she was punched in the stomach, there is some bruising, She should stay in bed for a few days, It'll be hard for her to get around. There shouldn't be any permeant damage but trauma to the abdomen could make pregnancy difficult for her. "

" Uh I'll...I'll let you explain that to her. We don't...I mean we aren't ..." Draco stammered. The truth was he wanted Ginny more then anything, and he usually got what he wanted.

" Ok, I'll come back in three days, she should wake up any time. I'll leave a calming drought and sleep potion. She is also very thin, try to get her to eat or she won't get her strength back."

" Thank you eric,I appreciate you coming by so late" He shook the mans hand.

" Thats what you pay me for, I'll see you in three days. Floo if you need me before then." He said before gathering his things and leaving Draco alone with a sleeping Ginny.

Draco sat in the chair by the bed all night. He didn't know when Ginny would wake up, and he didn't want her to be scared. After a few hours he fell asleep and was woken up by the sound of whimpering. It must have been still early, the morning sun was spilling into the room highlighting her brilliantly red hair. Draco thought she looked beautiful even first thing in the morning.

Ginny had tried to sit up and cried out in pain.

" Hey, don't, don't try to get up. Its Ok" Draco said in a sleepy voice.

" Where am I " She asked her eyes were big with fear.

" You don't have to be afraid Ginny. I brought you to my house, I had a healer look at you."

" Why would you do that ?" She looked down at herself and realized she must have been wearing one of his tee shirts, She pulled the covers to her chin.

" Because...you needed help, I wanted to help you."

" Why ?"

" I...I couldn't just leave you."

" But you hate me."

" I've never hated you Ginny. The healer said you need to rest for a few days."

" I can't stay here, I'll get fired." She tried to get up and gasped in pain.

" Ginny you can't work at that place."

" Draco you don't seem to understand. I don't have a savings OK I barely have a place to live. The only family I have left is Charlie, who lives in Romania because here his career is non existent, He sends me a little money but he doesn't have much."

" You should just rest, I'll bring you some food, The healer said you were malnourished." Before she could say anything he left the room.

Ginny took this opportunity to take in her surroundings. Along one wall was a large window with a lavish bench. The bed linens were deep green silk, no surprise there she thought.

There was a door across the room that she assumed led to a bathroom. She had to admit that the bed was the most comfortable she had ever slept in. She looked to her left and saw several book shelves and an antique armoire. Suddenly she was struck with fear, realizing that not only was she in Draco's house, she may or may not be in his room, she was not exactly sure. A moment later he returned with a tray.

" Draco am I in your room ?"

" What ? Of course not, mine is across the hall. Here eat this." He placed a tray in front of her laid with scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and some fruit with a glass of milk.

" Thank you. Aren't you going to eat ?" She was uncomfortable with him watching her.

" I'm fine." They sat in silence for a few minutes while she ate.

" Did you see who attacked you ?"

" I...I don't know his name, I saw him a couple of times in the pub. He was one of my regulars, He never got rough before" She averted her eyes from his and she blushed.

" Don't be embarrassed"

" Thank you for your help Draco really, but I should go."

" You don't have anywhere to go."

" I have clients, I need that money."

" Clients ? I thought you were a waitress."

" I...I started out as one but then I couldn't make rent so I became a courtesan, I'm not proud of it."

Draco was floored by this, His Ginny would never do that. She must have been extremely desperate, all he wanted was to take care of her, but he didn't want to scare her with how strong his feelings were.

" What exactly does a courtesan do ?"

" I... well my clients are high profile, I don't know their identity and they don't know mine. They take polyjuice potion, so we can't you know, black mail them and I usually just disillusioned some of my features, except my hair, They know me as Ruby ." She started playing with the ends of her red hair. " Its what makes me so high priced, Its what makes me special. But most of the money would go to the agent, I haven't been doing it that long and I only had 3 clients. But it made it seem less sleazy to me, only having a few. I guess thats dumb"

" It's not dumb, I know what its like to have to go against what you believe in just to ...survive."

" I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back for the healer but I will." She let out a big yawn and Draco could see her eyes droop.

" I don't want your money Ginny. You are welcome to stay here as long as you want."

" I can't stay here, I have to go to work."

" How can I convince you to stay ?" He voiced sounded desperate and his expression was pleading.

" You don't understand, I can't, I'm under contract, I can only get out if a client wants me exclusively, as a mistress or for a relationship. He would have me for a year and then it would be my choice."

"Ginny that is so dangerous, What if ..."

"I know Draco, but I didn't have any other choice. So you see I have to go back." Draco sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. She couldn't leave, He had to find a way to make her stay.

"Here, take this sleeping potion the healer left you." He held out the vial to her but she didn't take it.

"Ginny, you can't even get out of bed today, there is nothing you can do but try to rest." She reluctantly took the potion.

Draco go up to leave. "I'll be gone for a bit but if you wake up and should need anything call Renny. And Ginny ," He paused

" Yes" She said sleepily closing her eyes.

" Your hair, is only one thing that makes you special." He said, She slowly opened her eyes but he had already left, minutes later she was asleep.