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"Uh Tif ?" Cid rolled his shoulder nervously as he and a short ninja girl pulled his best friend from the back of a taxi seat. "I know you said you knew where to find him, but are you sure-"

The woman brushed off the pilot's questions and walked across the street to a building with a large group waiting outside of it. The glass windows were shiny and dark; all that could be seen was the reflection of the city lights against them. The red neon sign above the entrance read "Yoru".

"I don't know how she thinks we're supposed to get in," Yuffie groaned under the weight of Cloud. She pointedly tilted her head towards the bouncers that were patrolling the crowd outside, hoping that Cid would notice what she meant.

"I can stand now, you know," Cloud said, softly pushing his friends' hands away from his body. The three watched in awe as Tifa waltzed to the glass doors and pulled them open. She waved for them to follow and they were halfway inside before one of the bouncers stopped them. He asked them where they thought they were going.

"We're here with Enix," Tifa started irritably, "But if you want to we can show you our ids and fucking invitations and have a long talk about our lives and you can explain to our boss why we weren't at his Jenova-sucking dinner party."

The man's face tightened and he inclined his head, stepping back outside.

"Come on," Tifa growled pulling Cloud along by the front of his shirt.

"How'd ya do that?," Cid's eyes widened in affection for the brunette in front of him like she was his new favorite superhero. "That's fucking useful shit there."

"You just have to act like you own the place and people usually believe you."

The woman put her words to use as she pushed through what appeared to be a very expensive and exclusive restaurant. She forced cooks, waiters, and managers out of her way. She headed straight for the back private dining rooms and wretched open each door until she found what she was looking for.

"Hey baby," Reno's voice called out to the group; it was difficult to decide who he was addressing. The turk had his feet resting on top of the table, his eyes bright, and Rude was beside him shoveling sticky rice into his mouth. The room was surprisingly crowed. Rufus was beside them talking in hushed tones to a large man Cloud recognized instantly as Angeal. He suddenly felt dizzy again, there were so many familiar faces.

"Guess we missed the memo," Yuffie muttered under her breath, "awesome party…be sure to come…"

"ShinRa," Tifa jutted one of her fingers out towards the middle of the table, earning the room's attention. One blonde eyebrow raised curiously at the interruption, "Where the hell is your experiment?"

Rufus grinned a sharp smile and even Cid shrunk back a little, "What are you talking about dear girl?" There was an emphasis on the term he used for Tifa, he looked from her to the others and finally rested his gaze on Cloud. It was a hungry stare as he assessed the soldier before him.

"Ah," Rufus's eyes took in the bandages that Cloud's loose shirt accidentally exposed.

How the hell had that happened? I didn't have time to change.

Cloud couldn't helping stealing a confused glance at his friends.

Must have been back at the hospital.

"He hasn't shown up yet, I suppose he's getting the pup."

There was laughing around the room and Angeal downed a long sip of sake. The man across from him, previously hidden from view, shook his light brown hair. It was almost reddish in the sparkling light. Genesis. And he was wearing a magenta shirt...ewww.

"You're welcome to wait here," Rufus continued.

He turned his attention away from them and back towards his guests.

They didn't have to linger for long before the two men they'd been waiting for stepped through the door.

"Hey fuck-ass-" Tifa stood up, but lost all resolve when she found herself face to face with Sephiroth himself. He looked down at her in amusement for a moment before continuing past to his place at the table beside Angeal and Genesis.

"I-I-I'm so sorry Cloud," the brunette whispered, close to tears, "I don't know what I was thinking. S-See you guys tomorrow?"

The three nodded in shock as Tifa ran from the room, there was more laughter again. Yuffie took another long look at the table before turning back to Cid and Cloud, "It's late guys…my mom's already going to be pissed at me for breaking curfew…"

"Don't worry about it," Cloud nodded. It hadn't been his idea to confront Sephiroth anyway; he was just glad his friends were beginning to have some sense. What could they really do against ShinRa…or Enix…or whatever they wanted to call these people?

Yuffie hugged him tightly and Cid offered to take her home before punching his friend softly in the forearm.

And suddenly Cloud found himself alone in the shark tank.

"I heard you did really well today," A warm tone surprised the blonde, causing him to jump back and thud against a solid chest. He turned to find Zack grinning back at him with a case of beer under his arm. The man was wearing a baggy pair of torn jean shorts and a black t-shirt that showed off his incredible build. He looked ridiculously good and ridiculously underage. Cloud looked back and saw that everyone was dressed so casual. Sephiroth was in a button down shirt and what looked like leather pants.

"Seph didn't complain about you once," Zack's eyes were sparkling as he opened the box and passed out the beer until it disappeared. He saved two and handed one to Cloud, "that's a big step for him you know."

The blonde found himself smiling simply because Zack was; the man had that effect him. He took the Kirin Ichiban even though he didn't drink because Zack gave it to him.

"Wow," Genesis leered across the table at Sephiroth as they sat beside them, "Is that true Sephy? Finally found someone worthy of you?"

"Hardly," the silver-haired man snorted. Cloud felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment when he caught Sephiroth staring at his shoulder; everyone's gaze followed.

"You did that to him?" Angeal took another swig of his drink, "Shit. You're a fucking bully"

Cloud couldn't help but tip the contents of the bottle down his throat and gulp. It stung, but warmed him up at the same time…making all this a little less real. Zack didn't seem amused. He stared at his best friend for a long moment before standing up.

"I'm going to go back to the apartment for awhile."

"Will you bring back some more sak-" Genesis started but was cut off buy the brunette's short retort of 'go buy your own'.

Cloud had just finished with his drink when Zack pulled him up, "Hey Spike, I wanna show you something back at my place…is that ok?"

There were snickers around the table, but the blonde hadn't noticed and Zack was thankful for it. He didn't need those morons confusing the kid.

"Hmn? Yeah," Cloud mumbled, grabbing Angeal's last unfinished beer. He took it with him despite the man's shocked expression. When the two left the restaurant, Zack tried to ignore the burning stare he received from Sephiroth.

Cloud couldn't get his vision to focus or sharpen. He'd been drinking to much; he should have remembered that he didn't handle alcohol well. This was ridiculous though, he'd only had to. Zack's warm, darkly tanned skin was all he could see…the man's mouth moving as he began to speak. His shaggy brown hair was falling against his face as he smiled at Cloud.

"Feeling alright Chocobo? You look like you're gonna blow chunks."

Cloud stumbled into the apartment flat Zack had led him too. It was a confusing place to be in, especially in his state. Parts of the place, like the kitchen , were impeccably clean, while the living room was trashed. Cloud watched Zack for a moment and noticed that the mess followed him.

"Yeah, me and Seph board together so…it's confusing …" The man was tugging his fingers through his hair nervously.

"Did you say you had something to show me?"

Cloud bit his bottom lip as he stood awkwardly in the hallway. He didn't want to be here. Not drunk and alone with this man. What had he been thinking?

But when the solider nodded, his face lit up. It was hard not to be filled up with that silly, happy feeling the man exuded.

"Well...it's kinda embarrassing now…I just really…," Zack had disappeared into what appeared to be his bedroom for a brief moment before returning with a large bundle wrapped in heavy cloth. He set it down on the coffee table between him and the blonde, "…wanted to give it to someone I thought could use it."

Cloud had no idea what it could be, he just stared down at it blankly while Zack gestured for him to look. His fingers trembled at the covering as he noticed a light blush stained the brunette's cheeks.

"Sephiroth gave it to me a couple years ago for practice," Zack babbled, filling up the quiet room, "I never thought I'd use it for anything. Turns out it made me really strong and I actually used it outside of the dojo a few times. I just thought you'd be needing one now… and sure, it's not extravagant or anything but it's a start, you can practice with it-I just didn't want it to go to waste-"

The blonde dropped to his knees as he took in the dull sheen of solid metal. He pulled the cloth completely away and found a very used and dented buster sword. It was the most glorious inanimate object he had ever seen. He tried to swallow the lump that was forcing it's way up his throat.

"You barely even know me Zack."

This caused the man to frown slightly, "I know you enough…you'll use it right?" The man crossed his arms over his chest in a defensive way. Mixed emotions flickered across his features as if he was remembering something. Cloud didn't want to see.

"I will. Thank you," he covered the metal again and made to stand, but Zack dropped to the ground beside him before he could move.

"I'm tired Spike," he reached across the table to grab at a cup filled with a mysterious liquid.

"I'm drunk I think," Cloud whispered. He was suddenly quite aware of Zack's strong calf muscle brushing against his thigh and the way his body tingled from it.

"I think I did that to you," Zack laughed. He was referring to the blonde being intoxicated, but the conversation was getting to confusing for Cloud to follow. The younger groaned as he swayed forward, his head hitting Zack's sharp shoulder.

"Hey," the brunette said softly, "are you alright?"

Against every instinct to push Cloud away and escape this situation, Zack pulled the other's face forward and tilted his chin up until their gazes met. He was surprised when he was met with a diluted, foggy blue iris instead of a bright and clear shade of the sky. He felt instantly like he was being pulled in every direction. His mind was screaming at him to drop Cloud, this was to close, more than what two men should be doing. But his body ached for a more, it remembered what it felt like to have Cloud's skin pressed against it. Yet his soul knew this was different, this one time.

Looking down into the blonde's face, Zack knew he couldn't stop what was coming. Maybe he didn't want to.

Gently, he pressed their lips together. It shocked him so much it almost hurt. It was like lightning struck through them the instant they became connected. Zack pulled back the moment it happened. Cloud was still leaning forward even through the brunette had let go of him completely. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be waiting patiently, maybe his liquid courage had finally kicked in.

This isn't what I want, Zack thought.

He stared at Cloud, trying to figure out what to do. When the blonde's started to lean away and open his eyes, Zack's heart leapt. He pulled the blonde's mouth back to his and gasped hungrily when it stung again. Every time their lips reconnected a little piece of Zack's protesting mind faded into the background. His body had gained the upper hand and was relishing in the control.

Zack braced the sides of Cloud's face and focused on kissing him. He moved his lips to the blonde's neck, his chin, and his nose.

Strange…I've never liked nose before.

He wasn't the same Zack though, not anymore. He never would have done this before. This wasn't the same as before in the club. They were alone…they weren't doing this for someone else. He didn't have that excuse to hide behind anymore. What exactly was wrong with liking boys anyway? Especially when they were like Cloud, whose eyelashes fluttered every time he touched him? It'd never been that way for Zack with anyone, definitely not a woman.

The soldier 1st class took Cloud by the fringes of his soft hair and pulled him into his lap. The taste of the blonde's breath was enchanting and cool as it swept between them. Zack's fingers eagerly pulled up on the fabric covering the younger's chest. He couldn't believe how desperately he wanted this, all of it. Cloud was making soft gasping noises and Zack could feel warmth begin to pool between his legs. He jumped when he felt Cloud tug at his belt and jeans. Not that he didn't want to but…he didn't exactly know what to do and…it wasn't like Cloud was really thinking . He didn't want to take advantage of the blonde. He distracted Cloud by biting his collar bone.

"hnn," Zack groaned, pulling at his own shirt. He discarded the offending article of clothing to the floor, feeling better that he was shirtless like the other. He couldn't help the way his pants began to tent and Cloud actually laughed when the man's erection rubbed against his ass. The movement made Zack hard.

Cloud's hands were smoothing over the dark hair at the base of Zack's neck and he was gasping softly. The brunette closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling…it wasn't like he hadn't done this before…well not exactly …similar. He'd had girlfriends and flings, he'd done this before. But it had never been like this. His heart was surging and he wanted to whisper sweet nothings against Cloud; they hadn't even shagged yet! He pinched the bridge of his nose trying to control himself.

I have serious problems

"Do you want this Zack?" Cloud's quiet voice pulled him out of his thoughts. The blonde looked uncertain and nervous, but his azure eyes had darkened long ago with lust.

"Yeah, Spike. I do."

Zack laid Cloud back against the apartment's carpeted floor and rested on his elbows above him. He couldn't hide the bright smile he felt spread across his face. Cloud returned it shyly and slid one of his legs between Zack's. The brunette pressed down, surprised by the offer. He tried not to cry out when Cloud kneed him softly encouraging him to move. Lust and need clouded Zack's mind, he couldn't help but rock against Cloud's slim thigh. He blushed horribly when he realized he was dry-humping the man's leg like a dog…or maybe a pup. Cloud was breathing heavily as he dug his nails into Zack's shoulders and tried to mimic his movements with his own hips.

Zack was gasping and moaning, close to his climax. His chest tightened and everything around him flickered in his vision except Cloud as he felt himself beginning to cum. Then the front door opened, slamming against the opposite wall. In a brief moment both he and Cloud scrambled to sit up and peer down the hall. Sephiroth was staring back at them leaning against the doorframe. He looked pissed.

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