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"For I have sworn thee fair and thought thee bright,

Who art as black as hell, as dark as night."

-William Shakespeare, Sonnet CXLVII

"What, Alice? What do you see?"

She shook her head, disoriented, "I thought, I thought we'd have more time but she's caught up sooner than I expected."

"She?" Even as he repeated the word, Jasper felt an eclipsing unease slip over him.

"I'm so sorry, Jasper. I wanted more time to warn you…to prepare you. I hadn't fully predicted our detour here. I only saw that it would be sometime in the coming days."

"Alice," he rasped, grasping her shoulders. "Who is coming?"

"Someone from your past," she whispered.

"My past," he frowned.

"You won't be happy to see her," Alice said.

Her…Jasper mused. He was almost two hundred years old. How many "hers" had he known? Honestly, very few.

A her of significance…his mother was dead, his sisters long since passed on, even the girl or two he had courted in his youth.

Back flew the face, the strangely ashen brown skin, the impossibly long, thick black hair, the large, round eyes, brimming with passion and blood and death. "No," he muttered. "No, she wouldn't." Even as the words left him, he could feel the gathering swell of new emotions pulsing from outside the factory and growing ever closer.

She wouldn't be alone, he knew that much.

Even as he stood to face the entrance, even as Alice pressed herself close to him, even as she appeared there in the doorway, a black silhouette in barely rising sun, he wondered if his eyes deceived him. She raised her arm, a shawl slipping from her shoulder. It glittered like crystal, shattering any hope of illusion.

Without warning, a growl sprung from his lips.

"Jasper," a voice like chocolate and fire said.

"Maria," he struggled not to bare his teeth. It would not do to show so much emotion.

There was a snarl behind her and Jasper could make out the outline of another vampire, obviously young, newly created. It hissed in his direction.

"What a coincidence! To see you here, Jasper. Es el destino, no?"

Jasper did not relax his stance.

"And who is your little friend?" Maria asked, stepping closer, her face now shimmering in the morning light streaming from the high windows.

Alice did not move but lifted her chin to stare Maria straight in the eyes.

Maria smiled coldly, "I see you were lonely, Jasper. Did you make this one? Like I made you?"

Jasper said nothing.

"Always the soldier," Maria murmured. "Never breaking ranks. That's what made you so perfect for me."

Jasper's voice was careful, "What do you want, Maria?"

Behind her, the newborn growled, clawing at its throat.

Maria said something sharply in Spanish but the creature only grew more agitated.

Jasper allowed the walls around his mind to sink lower. He was loathe to help Maria but remembering Alice, her tiny cold form still against him, he reluctantly sent a feeling of calm through, anyway.

Maria must have felt the energy shift, as well, for she turned back to him, her face now a prism of radiance and pride. "Asombroso…as always." She was now very close and she turned her face up to his in that way she had.

The newborn looked confused, and a little sleepy. It sat down, bewildered, but under control.

"I ask you again, Maria, and you will tell me," Jasper said, his deep Southern voice harder than ever. "What are you doing here?"

"I have been searching for you. Volverá a mí, Jasper. Return to me."

Beside him, Alice did not even stiffen. Her face betrayed nothing but wide-eyed interest.

"How did you find me?" he said, his gaze darting from her to the newborn and back again.

Maria shook her dark mane, her face smug, "You are more predictable than you think, boy soldier. It was easy enough once I began to look."

"You needn't have bothered," he said..

"You do not miss me, Jasper?" Maria asked, her eyes boiling into great frenzied pools. "You do not long for my arms, mi amor? You do not long for our children?" She gestured towards the newborn, sitting stupor-like at her feet.

"Is that what you call your victims now?"

Maria reached out long, slender fingers to touch his chest, "You no longer care for me, Jasper Whitlock? After so many years in my heart? In my bed?"

"No more than a spider cares for the mate she has eaten," he said, his face unchanging.

She stared at him for a long moment. Jasper thought he felt a moment of pain frost the air and then she laughed – a dark laugh like a thing possessed. She turned cobra-like to Alice. "And you, then? Are you the new spider mate, child?" Without hesitating, she whipped forward to pin a hand around Alice's throat but even as her fingers flew through the air, Alice was behind her, having jumped over Maria's head and spinning around. In spite of himself, Jasper had to fight a grin.

Maria shrieked and rushed her but once again Alice had beaten her by a step. Smoothly, she darted to the side of the older vampire's reach and ducking, avoiding her sweeping nails by a good foot.

On its feet immediately, the newborn was roaring and stalking closer to Alice.

Jasper curled an arm around its neck and squeezed. There was the sound of granite popping and snapping and an incoherent screaming.

Maria whirled back to him. "You think you can live without me?" she challenged. "But you will never be satisfied! You will hunt and you will feed and you will mate and you will long for it, hunger for it. And never find it." She stopped as if to take a breath and she glowed with triumph.

Alice spoke, then, for the first time in what felt like hours. She spoke and her tiny bell voice did not wobble or waver. "You're wrong," she said, firmly, coming to stand next to Jasper once again and entwining her hand with his.

And Jasper felt it again. That wave of confidence and comfort and…love. Looking down at their hands, he smiled and a small dimple Alice had not noticed before suddenly appeared.

"You are a fool, Jasper Whitlock," Maria whispered from the doorway as retreated.

"Yes, ma'am," he said after her, almost out of habit. "I think I am."


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