Can Truth Change

The question "can truth change?" has become a common question in our world today. If truth could change it would not be truth, it would be a theory of the event or issue. The definition of truth is "the true or actual state of a matter", "a verified or undisputable fact". Since the meaning of a word cannot be changed, the question 'can truth change' is then answered in its own definition. As in science, many years ago our parents were taught that Pluto was a planet, but now that the facts have changed the schools no longer teach that Pluto is a planet. (National Geographic) Did Pluto ever really exist as a planet or was the truth discovered after scientist studied it closer with better technology? The truth is that Pluto was never a planet, it was our scientists who led us to believe that it was a planet based on what they had for information at the time.

When we think about the recent boy-in-a-balloon incident in Colorado we can see how the truth changed into a hoax in twenty-four hours. America's media told the story of the boy thinking that they were reporting the truth but found out that the father lied and played the media to get attention. () The truth did not change, the facts about the story changed and the truth was told. In the story that we read of Mrs. Johnson's diary about the death of President Kennedy was the truth from her perspective. Even though her thoughts were from a different perspective than we've ever heard before, it did not change the truth about the incident of the President's death. On the day of the death, there were many eye witnesses whose stories may not match hers, but it does not mean the truth changed about how the death actually happened. In advertising we are told by the cigarette companies that smoking will give you a life of luxury and fun. But the truth is that cigarettes will tear down your body bit by bit and ruin your dreams of an enjoyable life.

When I, all my life, am told that the sky is pink but then I learn that it is blue, what is true? It is blue of course, but what changed? The actual color of the sky did not change, but the information that I had changed. If we know something to be true because of what we have learned about it and then later on found out that what we learned was not the right information, we can know that it was not the truth that changed it was the information or facts that changed.

If truth can change then there would be no absolutes and then there would really be no right or wrong. When we make a mistake and do something wrong, we usually have some sort of discipline. We then are told what is right and what we should do to not make the same mistake again. Therefore we learn what is right or true. If truth could change then we would have no way of knowing what was right, everything in life would just be up to what a person believed was true or right. There would be no way of learning from our mistakes or having discipline to become a better person because we would not know a difference between right and wrong. Our world today could not have order if there was no absolute right and with everyone just doing what they thought was true. We need to know that it is not truth that changes, it is the facts regarding the truth that changes.

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