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The first thing Dean realized when he woke up, was that his head hurt, and his bed was extremely hard, and it smelled like grass, and it tickled his nose. "What the hell?" he mumbled, and with the movement of his lips, his lips brushed across something soft, and ticklish too. He cracked one eye open, to see what the hell was tickling his lips and nose, and it better not be Sammy with a feather, fucking with him, cause he would pay, only to see a black leather boot in his face, partially covered by grass. He reached up to touch his aching head, swearing to himself that he was never going to drink again. He heard laughter, which sounded familiar, rough, and throaty.

He opened his other eye and looked up, but the sun created such a glare he had to squint against it, which created a shadow on the large man hovering about him. "Dad?" he asked, even though he knew that wasn't right, his father had died years ago. That got him even more deep voiced laughter, which still sounded vaguely familiar, but still he couldn't place it. He tried to sit up, and fell back down. Damn, he really wasn't going to drink anymore. "Damn." He swore out loud. He was greeted with a hand in his face, to help him up. He took it, and slowly heaved his tired aching body to a standing position.

"Man, I have been waiting freakin forever for this, fifteen damn years. This is Awesome, man your hot." At this he whipped his head up, because no man better tell Dean Winchester he was hot, unless he planned on getting an ass kicking. He faced the man, and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. He closed his mouth, and opened it again, trying to form words, but none came. He now knew why the laughter was familiar, as were the mans eyes, nose, mouth, and body. What wasn't familiar were the mans slight wrinkles around mouth, and the crows feet that spread out of the smiling mans face.

Dean ran his hand over his mouth, then his hair, then his eyes rubbing them, and then just let his hand drop to his side, because, the image wasn't going away. He looked around to see if anyone could see what he could clearly see in front of him. He was in a strange town, the cars were odd, boxy and they all looked like hybrids. They were in a small town square, in what was obviously small town USA, and there were trees, and grass and picnic tables scattered around. No one was paying any attention to them, they were busy living their own lives, to notice the strangeness of what was happening to him. The man watched him look around, and finally tiring of standing there watching him come to terms with what had happened to him, although wasn't like this hadn't happened to him before.

"Dean, its me, or well you. Fifteen years from your time, 2009. Come on, really so surprised?" Dean looked over at himself, at what must be forty-five years of age. He had aged nicely, he thought, still hot, and shrugged. The older man put his arm around the younger one, and led him towards the street.

"Dude, what the hell is going on here?" 09 Dean asked.

"Yeah, I know how you feel, I remember when I was you, here in this time and place. Weird isn't it? It's 2024, almost 2025, Cas threw you here. Don't remember that though, do you? He got mad at you, for doubting you could end the Apocalypse, and sent you far enough into the future for you to see how it all turned out. Dude, you and Sammy did it, this is it, post Apocalypse." He waved his arm around; to show Dean the world around him "It really is heaven man, at least to me anyway." The older man smiled at him, knowing this was a lot to take in. The older man took out a key fob, and started to point the fob at the row of cars in front of them.

"Oh, God, Baby, what happened to Baby?"

"She's in the shop, calm down, her motor blew, and I'm having another put in, only its taking time, because finding a damn hybrid motor, which is required now, to fit into her is damned difficult. She is having to be completely rewired. So for a while, we are driving this." He said pointing to the red minivan in front of them.

"Dude, there is NO way I would ever drive that!" Dean said, pointing in disgust at the van.

"You might be pretty surprised Dean, what you do in this day and age." The older man replied. "Besides, it had a dual DVD player, lots of storage, leather seats, an IPod dock, and"

He was interrupted by the younger man "An IPod dock, geese, is this Sammy's. Sammy would drive this crap as thing, that bitch."

"Uh, no Dean, it's not Sammy's, although he is planning on getting one soon, kinda has to now…" he trailed off.

"What do you mean, he kinda has to? Is something wrong with Sam." He said getting upset, and panicky.

"No, Sammy is fine, better than fine actually. Calm down. Man I forgot how stressed out I was back then."

They got into the van, and Dean clicked the fob, and then put it back in his pocket as the motor started. "Where's the key?" Dean asked.

"Don't need one, all electrical. I told you, this thing is pretty awesome."

The younger man threw up a little in his mouth, at the words. Then his eyes narrowed. "Something is wrong" he said reaching for the door handle preparing to jump out of the car, "there is no way those words would ever come out of my mouth about a minivan, what or who are you?" he asked, his voice deadly quiet.

Laughing the older man just rolled his eyes, "Dude, I'm really you, fifteen years in the future, just my priorities have changed. Fine, remember the pink silk panties. We used that when Zachariah sent us five years in the future, we'll use that again, pink satin, we kinda liked wearing them." He waggled his brow at his younger self "Are we done now, cause I really don't want to talk about it anymore, even with myself?" The younger man paused, but left his hand on the handle of the door, ready to sprint any second. They drove quietly for another few minutes, till they turned down a tree lined street into a subdivision, a really nice subdivision. They drove down a couple blocks, and then turned onto the driveway of easily one of the nicest houses on the block. It was white brick, two stories, three car garage, and a large front porch. Dean loved it on sight.

"Are we squatting here? Cause I know we don't know anyone who would live here." He said cautiously. The older Dean raised his hand and pushed a button and one of the garage doors opened up. He drove in and parked the car, and closed the garage door again.

"Dude, just get out of the car." The older Dean said, choking back a laugh. They both got out, and the older Dean opened the attached door, and walked inside, motioning the younger man to follow him in. Dean looked around, there was salt across the door, with a bag lying next to it to replenish as needed. A shotgun leaned in a corner next to the door, along with an iron rod, and a bottle of water with a large cross drawn on it with black marker. As he took a few more steps into the house, he saw a cross hanging on the wall, and symbols cleverly hidden in iron scroll work. He knew them immediately, they were signs of protection. It was obvious a hunter lived here, but he had never heard of a hunter having such a nice home, they were usually broke, hunting didn't pay well, well, hunting didn't pay at all, that's what hustling and credit card scams were for.

He could smell food wafting in through the hall, and his stomach growled. The older man laughed at the sound but kept walking. He walked through the doorway from the mud room, into the living room. He stopped and stood there, letting the younger man take a good look around. There were butter colored leather couches, the theater kind, along a long wall, and a huge TV mounted to the wall front and center above a gas fireplace with a granite hearth. There were pictures on the far wall, of people but he couldn't see them well enough to know who they were, and the coffee and end tables were are dark wood and granite, obviously expensive. The floor was matching dark wood, and polished till it gleamed. The walls were a soft green, and there were pictures of flowers, and candles set here and there. The room was easily one of the nicest and homiest ones he had ever been in.

"Were back!" the older man called out, taking his jacket off and hanging it up in the closet, he motioned for Dean to give him his, so he handed it to the older version of himself, just as a soft southern female voice called out, "Was he right where you thought he would be?"

"Yep, just like I was!"

"Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes. Sammy's back, safe and sound, they're coming over any minute." said a woman coming out of what must be the kitchen. She had long dark mahogany hair pulled loosely up into a ponytail and dark eyes to match. She was wearing a soft pink dress that reached to just below the knees. She seemed to be around future Dean's age, or a few years younger, but she was lovely. The younger man couldn't keep his eyes off her, stunned at how beautiful she was, and wondered how his future self know her. The older man stood back and watched the younger man, amused, and then looked back at the woman, smiling. She stopped and stared at the younger man, tears in her eyes, and looked nervously at him. Dean smiled at her, not know what to do or say.

Finally he reached his hand out to shake her hand. "My name is Dean, Dean Winchester, of course I guess you know that, right?" he smiled awkwardly. She took his hand, gently, and then pulled him into a tight hug.

She looked at future Dean, and smiled warmly. "It's amazing, isn't it? I forgot how handsome you were back then." She blushed, "not that your not handsome now, oh, forget it." She turned to walk back into the kitchen, flustered, and embarrassed.

"Get back her, woman, and give me my kiss. I haven't seen you for four days, you're not getting off that easy." The older man called to her, taking a step forward. The woman turned around, and wiped her eyes, and ran into the older mans arms, and kissed him passionately, while he picked her up into a huge bear hug, and swung her around the room. She pulled away, and shyly looked at the younger man, knowing how odd it must be, to see a woman kissing yourself, only fifteen years in the future.

The older man turned to look at the younger man, who was staring at them, obviously confused, by this strange display of emotion, because he rarely showed emotion, and that was only to Sammy, and only when necessary. "Dean, I would like you to meet Celeste, Celeste Winchester, your future wife, and my wife of fifteen years."

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