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The younger man stared at the woman, then at the older version of himself, stunned. "What?" was all he could say.

"Yeah, amazing isn't it, your married, and to this gorgeous creature." The older man said, smiling down at the petite woman, and squeezed her shoulders affectionately Now Dean knew something was up, another Djinn must have gotten a hold of him, because there was no way that this was his life, his wife, or his house, it just wasn't possible, only in his wildest dreams, and Winchester dreams were never answered. Just at that moment they heard a car door open and slam shut, and then voices. He recognized one immediately, Sammy! He turned toward the front door, just as it barreled open. Sam stuck his head in, looked around, and grinned.

"Alright, he's here! He ran over and grabbed his brother up into a bear hug, and held on tight for a few seconds. Sam was followed in by a very pregnant woman, who was smiling at him.

"Wow, Sam, maybe I picked the wrong brother, eh." She reached out her hand, towards Deans, and shook his hand. "I'm Sara, Sam's wife." Dean looked at Sam, it was obviously him, only older. His hair was still shaggy, and his eyes still the warm shade of hazel. Sam walked over to the dinning table that was to the left of the living room, and sat down a couple bags. He walked back over, and stood with his hands in his pockets, waiting for Dean to say something. Dean just looked around at the four happy faces staring at him. He really didn't know what to say, or think. So, he didn't do either. He just stood there, numb.

"Dude, wake up." Sam said, snapping his fingers in Dean's face. Dean blinked and came back to reality, or what ever this was. He cleared his throat, and walked around the living room, touching things gently, he was almost to the pictures on the wall, when he heard more doors open and close outside, and the sound of girlish laughter. All five of them turned as the door was thrown open agian, and two young girls, about nine and ten came rushing in, and throwing themselves at the older Dean.

"Daddy!" they squealed, and planted kisses on his face, since he had knelt down for them to run into his arms. They talked over each other, and their voices so high pitched and fast with excitement at seeing their father after four days, the younger Dean couldn't catch what they said, but apparently the older man could understand every word, after they screamed Daddy, and ran into his older versions arms. Dean's breath caught, and tears welled up in his eyes, as he saw himself ruffle hair, swing each girl around the room, and give each one several minutes of one on one time. "Did you bring us a present?" they asked in unison, and as this was asked so expectantly Dean knew it was a given that their father had. He must bring them something every time, he thought. The older man reached into his pocket, and pulled out two identical silver necklaces, each with a small heart shaped pendant. He opened up the pendants, and showed them the picture inside, one each of himself and Celeste. They squealed with delight, and asked him sweetly to put it on them. The older man fumbled a little with the clasps, but eventually had the necklaces on each child.

The older man turned to Dean, and saw the tears and awe, and most importantly, the hope in the young mans eyes. "Girls, I want to introduce you to some one very special, this is your Uncle John." He winked at Dean, and Dean got the message loud and clear, the girls were not to know who he really was. "This is Samantha, and Deanna." The younger man kneeled down so he could look at them at eye level. They were beautiful, they looked almost identical, only slightly different heights, with long brown hair the same color as their mothers, but they had his green eyes, and full lips. It was amazing. They looked at him, confidently, asking "Why are you crying?"

Dean was quiet for a few seconds, and then said softly "I am just so happy to meet you." They looked at each other, nodded, answering an unspoken question among themselves, and reached over and enveloped Dean in a hug. He pressed his face into their hair, and breathed in their scent.

"We're happy to meet you too, Uncle John." They said in unison, and then turned back to their parents. "When is dinner, were starving?" the older one asked, the younger one nodded, and then asked "Are we having apple pie, I think I smell apple pie." They then turned back towards the younger Dean, "We LOVE pie, but apple is our favorite!" Dean burst out laughing, now there was no denying they were his. His laughter broke the tension that was palpable in the room. Everyone else joined in the laugher, except the girls, since they didn't know what was so funny about them liking pie.

"I love pie too, and apple is my favorite too."

Celeste told them that yes, there was apple pie, but that they had to eat dinner, which would be ready in a few minutes, and to go wash up, and that they were going to get to eat in their room tonight as a special treat. The girls cheered, and ran down a long hall and disappeared into a room on the left. Celeste went into the kitchen along with Sara, to finish the last of the dinner preparations. The men walked down the hall and went into the last door on the right. The room was filled with newspapers, filing cabinets, a large worn desk, and books lined the shelves. Dean just looked around the room, taking it all in. It was obviously a hunters room, filled with paraphernalia that only a hunter would be interested in.

"So, we're still hunting?" he asked, somewhat disappointed. Sam and the older Dean looked at each other, and grinned.

"Sort of, yeah." Sam said.

"Sort of?" he asked, looking back and forth at Sam and his older self.

"Well" the older Dean said "It sort of goes like this," he motioned for Sam and Dean to sit on the couch, as he walked over and pulled his office chair around to face the couch. "We really oversee other hunters, rather than do actual hunting, unless its something really vicious" At Dean's raised eyebrows, both Sam and the older Dean laughed, "Ok, after the end of the Apocalypse, the supernatural became more widespread, we think do to the door to hell opening and all, anyway, there were more than ever out there. Enough to catch the governments attention. Sam and I were on a hunt in Texas, when the feds came bursting in, trying to kill a damn werewolf with regular bullets. By this time, they knew what it was, just not how to kill the damn thing. It almost got away, but we killed it, swiftly and efficiently. The agent in command, asked us how we knew how to bring it down. After a lot of negotiating, we finally told them that we had been hunting the supernatural since we were children, that it was the family business."

"Man, you would have thought they were going to hug us, it was hilarious, they were so freaking happy to have someone know what her hell was going on." Sam interjected, laughing loudly.

The older man continued, "So, anyway, they offered us a job, and a damn well paid one at that, to head up a supernatural division, to teach and train military men to hunt and kill the things that go bump in the night. Seeing a chance to settle down, since I was already married, and Sam had started seeing Sara exclusively by then, we took it. Now, we refuse to be gone longer than four days, that's the wives deal, and we don't really hunt, we just find jobs, and help them know how to bring the bastards down. Bobby is gone now on a hunt, he said to tell you he's real sorry he wasn't here to see you, but it's a vampire coven, and he had been tracking them for a while. He has his own team in South Dakota."

Dean swallowed hard, "How…How is Bobby?" he asked

"Great!" Both Sam and older Dean said at the same time. "He's walking again, good as new, maybe better in fact. Still has the salvage yard, and same old house, just more money." Future Dean said snickering.

"Really, Bobby's walking again? How is that possible?" Dean asked excitedly.

"All things are possible when you have faith in God." The older man said, looking straight into the younger eyes, dead serious. Dean's eyes widened, and then he looked down at his feet, he didn't believe in God, but evidently his future self did, with out a smidgen of doubt.

"Speaking of God, how is Cas?"

"Ha ha, stiff as ever, haven't seen him in a while, he's some big wig up there now, and doesn't have time to visit very often. God's right hand man apparently." Sam said. Dean didn't really know what to say, so he sat there for a few minutes, trying to take it all in. He won the Apocalypse, was married with two children, he owned a fabulous home, had a great job, doing what he loved, and his brother was safe and happy, with a family of his own.

His head snapped up, "How… how did we win?" he asked breathlessly, not believing he hadn't thought to ask the question hours ago. The older Dean nodded to Sam, and got up. He went to a large family portrait, which must be a few years old, as the kids were younger, and swung it open, to reveal a safe. He twirled the dial a few times, and the door clicked open. He reached in and pulled out a wooden box, intricately carved with symbols Dean had never seen before. He put it reverently on his desk and opened it up. Dean gasped as he pulled out the Colt, he hadn't seen that in a long time. The older man handed it to him, and he took it, feeling the weight of it in his hands. "Where did you find it?" he whispered.

"Right here, just like you, I gave it to myself fifteen years ago, when I traveled here, in this time. Just like I am giving it to you, along with the book on how to make more bullets for it. I killed Lucifer myself, with that gun, a little over fourteen years ago, and now it's your turn to do it." He took the Colt back and gently place it in the box, and handed Dean the box. Dean took it, tears in his eyes once again, tears of hope, that he really could have this life. They talked a little more, until their wives came and broke up the party.

They followed the woman out to the dinning table, which was set with crystal and fine china. Dean sat, and began to dish himself out some mashed potatoes, when a hand slapped his. He paused and looked at the older version on himself, in shock. "We say grace here boy, and don't you forget it." Everyone bowed their heads, Dean looked around and then bowed his. He heard his older rougher voice give thanks to the life and food that was before him, shocked at how passionate and sure of God he sounded. Dean began to pray his own prayer, that if this would really be his life, that he would have faith, faith in God, and family. He prayed hard. They said Amen, and then began to serve them selves, family style. They talked of how Sara and Sam met, and trips they had all gone on, and tricks the brothers played on each other.

Dean asked how he and Celeste had met, and his older version started to tell him about it, but Celeste clamped his mouth shut with her small hand. She looked at him, and smiled. "It was in a bar, but that is all your gonna get, because I won't have you changing anything, you hear me, that is my favorite memory, and if you know ahead of time, you might do something different. Got it" The older mans eyes were dancing with laughter, she took her hand away from his mouth, but not before he licked her palm. She glared at him, and wiped her hand on a yellow linen napkin. "Your gross." She said to her husband.

"You still love me." He said smiling. "Darn, and that was such a great story too." They continued to share stories, and after dinner, Dean had the best apple pie he had ever tasted.

"Wow, that was delicious." He said, rubbing his belly. The girls got up to clear the dishes away, to give the men a few minutes alone. They went into the living room, and the younger Dean asked for a Whiskey, straight up. Sam and the older Dean looked at each other, and then at Dean.

"Sorry, we don't keep liquor in the house, it, well we just don't drink anymore, and you should stop the drinking too Dean, it not a good path to go down." Sam said. Dean was shocked that his future self didn't drink, but it seemed to go with this new family man that he seemed to have become. The girls joined them a few minutes later, laughing about all the dishes. Dean looked around, trying to get the joke.

Celeste looked at him, "We cook, they clean." she said laughing at Dean's horrified expression. "And a dinner like that, requires a lot of prep work, which requires a lot of dishes." The men groaned, looking up at the ceiling. They got up, and went into the kitchen, the counters were covered with dirty dishes, but at least there was a dishwasher, which took care of the smaller ones. They set about cleaning up, good naturedly ribbing each other, the whole time; several Bitch/Jerk comments ensued.

After the dishes were done, Sam and the older Dean looked sadly at Dean, "It's time to go back, Dean." His future self said softly. Dean was crestfallen; one day was all he got? Dean hugged his future sister in law, and is future wife, and walked out to the back yard with Sam and his older self. The night sky was stunning, stars twinkled, and the wind blew softly. Cas was waiting, looking exactly the same, only more peaceful. Dean had a tight grip on the box with the Colt, and smiled at Cas, hope in his eyes. Cas smiled back, and raised his hand to Dean's head. His fingers touched his forehead, and Dean felt the world slipping away. He landed with a small thud, but still standing, back in the hotel room, he had originally been in, still holding the box. Sam looked up at him, startled.

"Dean? What the hell happened to you, you disappeared, and thirty seconds later you reappear, where did you go, and what is that?" his brother asked him, shocked and confused. Dean opened up the box to reveal the Colt. Sam stopped breathing, dumbfounded. "Where did you get that?" he asked, breathlessly.

"Sammy, your gonna need a drink to believe this one!" Dean slid the Colt in his shoulder holster, remembering what happened the last time he had left it in a hotel safe, and led Sam out to the Impala. Leaning over, lovingly touching his baby, he slid into the drivers side, as Sam got in the passengers. They drove to a local bar, and went into the smoky room, and sat in the first booth they could find. A waitress came over to take their order, Dean almost ordered a Whiskey, stopped and asked for a Pepsi instead, mush to his brothers surprise, the girl left, and Dean was just about to tell Sam everything, when he glanced over at the juke box. There was a girl standing there, slipping a dollar bill into the juke box, and then she pushed a couple buttons, Back in Black blared from the speakers, and she turned to walk away. Dean's breath hitched in his chest, and his mouth dropped open. It was a younger and impossibly pretty Celeste, she had on a little flowered sundress, and her hair was pulled back into that same loose ponytail she had worn in the future.

Dean stood up, not bothering to say anything to Sam when he asked what was he was doing. He slowly walked over to her, not knowing what to say to her, knowing it had to be just right, his whole future depended on it. His palms were sweaty, and his mouth was dry, and his heart beat a million miles a minute. When he reached her side, she turned and looked up at him, and smiled softly, shyly. Dean stuck out his hand and said the only thing that came to his befuddled mind "Hi, my name is Dean Winchester, and I am your future husband."

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