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Harry seemed very interested. "You, Miss Books and Cleverness, are telling me that you are considering getting a tattoo?"

Hermione's face burned even hotter. "Well... you see... Segolene managed to drag me to a tattoo parlor at the beginning of the summer. I... I already got it."

She had his undivided attention.

"Would... would you like to see it?"

His 'Mione, his stuffy British bookworm got a tattoo? Oh hell yes he wanted to see it.

Harry silently thanked any God listening that his life got mixed up with the Delacours on that fateful February morning when he took a spear to the chest to save an eight year old's life. He couldn't imagine what his life would be like now had they both lived through that ordeal. He didn't want to imagine it.

When Harry finally did see the snitch, he swore by Jeanne that he was beating Victor to this one.

The Little Veela that Could


September 17th, 2005

"What time is it, sister dear?" A young woman with long dirty blonde hair and silver-grey eyes asked as she sipped on a glass of wine. She and her sister dear were stargazing on the Delacour maison-forte's upper terrace.

"Quarter to nine, Luna." Her companion replied. "Thank Heaven for house elves..."

Luna smirked. "Yes, putting the children to bed would have been a chore for just the two of us."

Luna looked pointedly at Hermione's swollen lower half. Hermoine flinched but not from her sister's attention. The baby was awake and kicking. She put a hand over her baby bump and tried to rub the sore spot away. Luna looked closer - this time she looked at Hermione's hand as it attempted to rub away the pain.

"Still no ring, I see..." Luna commented, a hint of disapproval showing.

"He's asked," Hermione offered looking down at her unborn child, "believe me, he's asked – and not just because of this. I have a career. The teaching and the research take up enormous blocks of time. We don't really spend all that much time together these days, me and him."

"You two spend a lot of time together. I have it on good authority that when the two of you do spend time together that you share a bed... even pregnant as you are..."

Luna waited silently for the real reason.

"I don't want to come between Harry and his angel." Hermione near-whispered. "Gabrielle deserves more."

Luna snorted. "She deserves more does she? She deserves more than the most intense bond anyone could ever imagine? They deserve more than a relationship that makes the holy bonds of matrimony and tax shelters seem insignificant in comparison? It's like placing nargles before humdingers with you..."

"And you want me to accept 'insignificance'?" Hermione challenged.

Luna snorted again. "Harry would give you anything within his power to give... Sadly for us, turning grown witches into angels is one thing that is not within his power. You know we both would have become angels years ago were this not true. And you could use a year or two off to let your hair down anyway. I'm quite glad he got you preggers, really. Let's see you go another whole year working day in day out with no breaks when a wrinkly little poop factory is suckling on your teats."

It was true. The Harry giving part not the suckling monster part. Well, maybe that part was true was well but that's not the point. Hermoine couldn't deny Harry's love when he expressed it so often. She was bearing his child and fully expected to do so again in the future. It was an odd family they were building but it was full of love and happiness.

"Speaking of unwed mothers," a voice called out from behind the two women, "how is everyone not named Fleur?"

Hermione nodded to Segolene and pointed to an empty chair.

Luna spoke first. "I've told you before. Zeus came to me as rain one night whilst I meditated at the Oracle of Delphi. I came home with a new appreciation for ancient Greece and some psomi baking in my very own oven. But you must understand I can't marry Zeus. He won't return my owls."

Hermione translated the lightning god reference the only way that made sense to her. "Perseus doesn't look anything like Harry, Luna. Even if Harry does travel around with you from time to time and the two of you... umn..."

"Harry and I don't shag on our trips, sister." Luna defended hotly. "Harry is no slut and neither am I for that matter except that once in Helsinki when I - anyway... I look for Snorkacks and he looks for orphaned magical children. The point is, I haven't shagged Harry. Perseus has no Potter blood in him so he's free to marry one of Harry's daughters should you ever bear him one. No risk of incest at all."

At this, Luna took a sip and focused on Hermione's stomach. "If you bear a daughter, please consider naming her Andromeda. I want my boy to marry the right girl under the right signs."

"Harry looks for magical children?" Segolene interrupted. "Why haven't I heard this before?"

"Orphaned magical children." Luna corrected. "His own childhood was bad enough that he didn't want another little witch or wizard to suffer through a childhood like his. Doubly so when he did a little digging and found that Tom Riddle was an orphan half-blood just like him."

Hermione smiled in admiration for Harry's life running an orphanage for magical children. He would change the world just like everyone wanted him to but he would not do it the way they all wanted him to. He was dead set on fixing the world one broken heart at a time.

"He has been telling everyone who would listen that how we treat children shapes world history. A childhood full of love as opposed to lacking love can be the difference between Minister of Magic and Dark Lord. And it's not just wizarding children either. Did you know he has two Veela under the age of five and a young goblin as well? Poor little Bluntaxe... barely out of diapers and his father lost an honor duel. His daddy dies, his mum gets claimed by the winner and he gets thrown to the curb. Of course Harry snapped him up before any shady characters could disappear down Knockturn Alley with him."

Luna picked up Hermione's narrative. "Potter House is quickly gaining an international reputation for picking up strays. The I.C.W. has even had a debate over granting funds and manpower to Harry's cause. That first measure was narrowly defeated but I expect the measure to come up again next year with stronger support."

Luna turned a twinkling eye to her adoptive sister. "Do you have any idea how much time he spends in libraries when he travels the world looking for his little lost lambs? I swear sister dear, marry the man and you will not regret it."

"Yes!" Segolene cheered, "Follow Fleur Diggory's example, won't you?"

"Sorry to hear about that." Hermione consoled.

"Don't be." Segolene interrupted. "Fleur got concessions from Cedric's family. In exchange for taking his family name and for using a fertility clinic to bring young Charles into he world, the Diggory's will welcome me and mine into the family and Fleur and I can have our Happily Ever After."

"Fleur wanted to bear a son anyway." Hermione returned.

"She carried little Charles Diggory but he's also mine. I supplied the egg. This means that Fleur didn't have to give anything up, really. She was going to take her husband's name anyway but used the threat of staying a Delacour to give her more to bargain with. She spends more than half her time out of country, but then so does he these days. What with all the travel and the international negotiations, I honestly expect Cedric to advance to the I.C.W. in a few years."

"And the father of your child?" Luna asked the brunette.

"It's Cedric." She conceded. "I'm Fleur's forever, but we do share a bed with him on occasion. And it helps with the in-laws that they think I am Cedric's consort rather than Fleur's."

"Didn't you go to the clinic too?" Hermione scrunched up her face in concentration. "I'm quite sure you did."

"Guilty as charged!" Segolene sang. "Fleur supplied the egg this time... I can't wait for Cedric to realize that my Adrienne is a Veela!"

If Hermione had been drinking at the time, she would have done a spit-take.

"You're daughter is a Veela?" The pregnant witch blurted out.

Segolene beamed and nodded furiously. "Veela magic is clearly carried by genes. The womb the child is carried in makes no difference for her Veela heritage... though we do suspect it will have an impact on her magical abilities to have two witches and a wizard as parents. Three is magically stronger than two after all."

"Shall I write that down for you Professor Granger?" Luna teased. "Perhaps your revolutionary treatise on the History of Magic Before the Time of Merlin could use some more biological elements. Perhaps a new volume on sentient magical husbandry... something to explain Hagrid and Professor Flitwick."

"At least Madame Mitterrand got to meet her great granddaughters and great-grandson before she passed." Segolene replied softly.

"Could... could meeting little Charles be what pushed her over the edge? She was rather ill before that." Hermione asked Segolene.

The brunette thought about it for a minute before slowly nodding her head. "It just might be... she was very traditional. Having an angel in the family was a source of great pride for her but it was also a shock to her system. Fleur bearing a son must have shattered her world order. Well even if it did kill her I'm sure she died with a smile on her face."

There was a brief moment of silence as the stars glittered in the sky above.

The short coven would have been only too happy to continue prattling on were it not for an odd buzzing which seemed to emanate from a lower floor of the building. The three witches went silent. Their eyes snapped down and too the right when a strong blue light seemed to pierce the windows of an adjacent wing. The light climaxed with a bright flash that shattered all of the windows in that wing of the building.

Luna was in the middle of drawing her wand when two hands held her back. Hermione and Segolene were holding her down and both were shaking their heads no. Luna's face must have shown her confusion.

"Happened just like this last time too." Hermione explained to her sister. "Give them a minute to sort themselves out."


A little earlier in the night in a different room of the maison-forte, a little girl was having trouble staying upright. In fact, she couldn't really be considered conscious. She was in full crash mode after coming down from a sugar high earlier that night.

"Up, baby. Arms up and then hold still. We need to get you into your robes." Maman called.

Maman took the girl's hands in hers and began to pull little arms up.

Waking back up was hard... she groaned out her defiance but when Maman did let go of her arms she kept them up rather than dropping them. Someone behind her dropped a large set of robes over her head.

Crystal blue eyes snapped open as she pulled out of her daze. She squinted against the glare of the bright powder room lights as her Maman and a few other women moved about arranging this or that while she sat there and held still. Holding still... what horrible words grown-ups used to torture their little girls. Especially when those little girls would much prefer the sweet dreams of a good night's rest.

The young girl squinted until she could counter the glare and see clearly. The room seemed familiar... this was her cousin's house, right? Looking into the mirror, she could tell that the robes were really nice. They were beautiful even if they were a bit heavy... and they were too big by a few centimeters in just about every direction.

"Where is Doggie?" The girl groused.

Maman snorted. To call her own father that...

"I told you he can't be here." Maman answered. "This is a very important ceremony, only certain people may be there and you are at the center of it Little Star. Simone, do something about the size, will you?"

Maman's little star heard some whispering behind her. Soon the robes fit her perfectly.

"So, what's it like… at the temple?" One of the women she didn't know asked.

"Oh, it's wonderful. You absolutely must go." Another one answered.

Maman ignored them and worked on giving her Little Star a Heidi braid. It was nearly done; the ring of woven hair was almost a full circle around her head and Maman was teasing small groups of hairs into hanging loose just right. Maybe if she weren't so sleepy Little Star would be happier to have her Maman working on her hair. Maman rarely spent time to do such little things by hand when enchanted combs and hair pins would do things faster. Maman's hard work did make Little Star's silvery-blonde hair look very pretty though - like a queen wearing her crown – so maybe this was all going to be worth it.

"I heard that the gardens are magical." The conversation between grown-ups continued. "They say you leave feeling years younger."

Little Star has heard this conversation before… lots of times by lots of different women. Edem, they called the place. Would she get to go to Edem herself one day? Maman said she would. Soon even.

As two women started debating which pair of shoes was the better choice, Little Star looked at herself in the mirrors. Her heavy outer robes were white. The silk layers under her robes were white. Her stockings were white. All seven shoe options were white. All the little flowers mixed into the braid in her silver-blonde hair were white.

Gold! There! She smiled. They let her keep her necklace. She was allowed to carry one item, a symbol of her life with her to where It would happen, and she told them that this necklace was her life. Her godfather gave her this necklace. He said that one time back when he was just a kid Doggie got one just like it for her godfather to give to a girl he loved. He owed it to her 'cause of what Doggie did for him, he said. An ankh, he called it. It was pretty was all she cared about.

She felt an odd tingle under her robe down by her ankle. What was that? Little Star looked down and kicked her feet back and forth. There! She saw it! The soft while glow of something – or rather someone hitching a ride and being sneaky about it. Silly Doggie! Shhhhhhh... don't tell Maman!

"It's time, my beautiful shining star. Follow me."

"Yes, Maman." The little girl replied.

She was beginning to feel better. Not as tired. Happy, even.

She remembered what they told her was going to happen. They told her she was going to feel things she hadn't ever felt before. Her Great Aunt once said that she should just let the Change take her. It was natural.

Little Star was going to be a big girl soon. Would her cousins and Maman and Doggie say she was a big girl now? Would Doggie finally stop singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to her all the time? That song was for babies.

Eight forty-five. Little Star found herself in the middle of a ballroom, the Delacour Family ballroom. It was the place where she spent many an afternoon or evening playing with Auntie Gabby and Harry and all her more grown-up friends.

Maman told her to stand right in the middle and Little Star did what she was told this time. She couldn't help it if she had a problem with - what was it Auntie 'Mione called it? Respecting authority? Auntie has a lot to say about fathers who are more boys than men. She has even more to say about bad doggies.

"Now sweetheart." Maman called. "Please stand there. Do not sit or walk around or dance... just stand still."

Oh, no! They'd put her in time out, hadn't they? She hated time out! What had she done this time?

"Why, Maman?" Pout. Pout. Pout.

"Something wonderful will happen, baby. It may make feel odd, but it will be over soon and then we can have a big party!"

So she wasn't in trouble... but she was still in time out anyway. This sucked. Sort of. Actually, she was feeling pretty good. She's never been forced to stand in once place and felt good about it before. Maybe this didn't suck. Wonder why...

"We just had a party," she thought aloud, "for my birthday. What's this one for?"

"This one is special. It's all about the change Great Aunt Apolline told you about."

Little Star's eyes lit up. They had talked about this. And not just with Great Aunt Apolline either. Her godfather, Auntie Gabby, Auntie Fleur and Auntie 'Mione have been over to her house lots since last summer. She just forgot about it when she got sleepy. This was the Big Day. The day she had been waiting for forever, like a whole year even. "Okay!"

And so, surrounded by Veela and wrapped in a heavy ceremonial robe which had long openings down either side of the back, Little Star just stood there and waited.

A door opened behind her and someone called out even before she could turn around to see who it was.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have a little star in my arms tonight." A man's voice called out in English.

"Harry!" Little Star abandoned her spot on the floor and took a flying leap at her godfather.

Harry Potter was in a room full of Veela but he wasn't comatose on the floor. Of course, being what he was for Gabrielle did change things for him. He shared blood with an angel. That provided an immunity of sorts... Veela thrall was weaker than angelic thrall and Harry could even resist his Angel if he wanted to. The other Veela in the room knew this but they also knew to keep silent about it. Those that weren't family were priestesses after all and every word that left Gabrielle's mouth was Law to them. Gabrielle wanted Venus's Rite of Change to be a secret of the temple and they would hold their tongues. Their Goddess wanted a man to attend the Rite of Change for the first time in Veela history and they would not complain.

"Hello, Little Star." Another familiar voice called happily.

"Auntie Gabby!" The little girl dropped off the only man in the room and jumped onto the most wonderfully awesome Auntie ever. Auntie Gabrielle was an angel. A real one.

"Alright, Venus. You've had your hugs." Great Aunt Apolline called from the other side of the room. "Please go back to the spot your mother put you."

Venus Lucifer Fornier-Black - for that was the name her mother gave her - sighed heavily and skipped back to the spot Maman put her a minute or two ago. After stepping back into place, Venus turned around and blew kisses at Auntie Gabby and Harry.

"Love you, Daddy!" Venus sang across the room.

As Harry grinned and blushed, a soft whine came from under Little Star's ceremonial robes.

"What?" She demanded looking down at the hem of her robe.

A cloud of see-through light floated out from under her robe and took the form of a sad spectral dog.

"Padfoot." Harry greeted. The ghost dog changed into a pouting man.

"Venus... Baby... please..." The dead English Lord whined at his little girl. "We've been over this."

The nine year old nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes. We agreed that you are my ghost daddy and your name is Doggie." Someone nearby snorted. They knew she knew it wasn't really true but Harry and Doggie both liked tricks and so did Venus. "Harry helped bring me up when Maman needed to go do stuff. He's my living Daddy where you are my dead daddy. I'm keeping both of you."

Sirius pouted but it was hard to go against Venus here. One man changed her diapers and one just floated around the room sniffing butts.

The grown-ups chatted back and forth for another few minutes before Little Star began fidgeting. Venus began to shift back and forth from one foot to the other.

"Are you okay. Little Star?" Nathalie watched her daughter closely. This was not how she remembered Fleur's change going. This was how Gabrielle's change went. She knew that when Harry asked his goddaughter if she wanted to be like Gabby last year that Venus said yes, but how much do children understand when you ask them such things? Still, Little Star made her choice and Harry accepted it; they had a small ceremony involving a blood magic ritual one year ago to the day in preparation for this night.

Harry really did love Venus like she was his own child and in his mind nothing was too good for 'his' Little Star. She wanted to be like Gabby and he was going to make it happen.

"I'm wonderful, Maman." Gabby spun in place once before setting her foot down and shifting back and forth between feet again. "Maman?"

"Yes, Little Star?"

"I love you." Venus loved her Maman sooooo much. She really did! Did Maman know that? Did she really?

"I love you too, Little Star." Nathalie answered her child.

Harry and Gabby looked at each other knowingly. They were beginning to feel it. Both of them.

A squeaky, tittering giggle rang out through the hall.

"Thanks! I love you, Harry! And I love Maman and I love Doggie and I love Auntie Fleur and Auntie Segolene and I love Auntie Hermione and Auntie Apolline and I really love Auntie Gabby lots-"

Venus was hopping up and down on the balls of her feet while her words drifted in and out of English. As Venus jabbered on, her vision became kind of fuzzy and it was hard to focus.

It was a minute past nine o'clock and the moon was very, very full.

That feeling that Auntie Gabby and Harry had was building and now every Veela in the room could feel it. Even the free floating dogfather could tell that something was different.

Both Harry and Gabby slowly edged closer to Venus.

"I love you Daddy Harry!" There was a sing-song quality to her words this time. To anyone paying attention, love and joy just seemed to radiate off of the white robed little Veela in waves so thick they almost distorted the air around her.

"I love you too, Venus." Harry cooed as he knelt down in front of the little Veela. Gabby slipped behind Harry and focused her radiant blue orbs on the smaller girl. Harry held his arms out wide. "I love you this much!"

Venus was quivering in place. Her arms weren't that big! How was she going to prove she loved him more? In the back of her head, Venus remembered that she was supposed to let something happen. Something wanted to happen. Maybe that something would help her beat Harry?

"I love youuuuuuu...this much!"

The words 'this much' weren't words so much as they were song... something between a spoken language and the trilling notes of bird song.

Venus threw her arms open wide but she did more than that. Straining with every fiber of her being, she lifted onto the balls of her feet, threw her arms open and spread her wings.

Her pure white feathery wings.

Every Veela, ghost and Lord of Angels in the room was rooted in place, looking in awe upon the little angel that came to be in the center of the room. The nine year old angel cooed softly prompting the nineteen year old angel to transform in reply. The volume of love, joy and feathers in the room quickly doubled.

Gabrielle spread her wings wide in answer to Venus's showing, and in doing so she showed off her colors. Though the older angel began her career with feathers as pure and white as Venus had now, Gabby was slowly developing a soft yellow and goldenrod pattern. For Gabrielle and the Lord who observed this change as it happened over the years, it was a miracle all it's own.

Gabrielle summoned her halo in a now natural reflex. Blue-white magical fire spun and hummed above her head as a sign of her natural power.

A soft, sweet trill of happiness passed through Venus's beak at the sight. So pretty!

"Such a very, very good girl you are, Venus." Harry ran his fingers along the new angel's white feathery cheek. "You are every bit as pretty as Morning Star. I can't wait for you to meet the woman your Maman and I named you after."

Venus pushed her cheek into Harry's hand, reveling in the loving touch. As she lost herself in this new level of tenderness from the man who had been her Daddy for years and was now her Lord, her wings began to move up of their own accord. Her outermost left and right wing feathers nearly touched about a meter over her head.

In the small gap between Little Star's wings, a magical spark ignited. Without conscious thought, she pulled the wingtips apart and gave the magical spark room to build. After a brief flash, two points of electric blue fire appeared, one near each wingtip, and quickly began to accelerate around an invisible point between them. Less than a second later, a solid glowing halo of magical fire was buzzing in the air above Venus's head. Soon a beautiful ringing tone filled the air.

To the surprise and delight of all involved, another magical change was triggered as soon as Venus finished creating her first halo. Something inside of Gabrielle changed in response to the existence of a new angel tonight, something that had never changed before. Her blue-white halo fire flared brilliantly before changing from blue-white to a bright silver ring of raw magical power.

After admiring Gabrielle's new look for a moment, Harry pulled himself together again and took a few steps back. No need to tempt fate now that Venus had her halo. She didn't know how to control it and he remembered what happened when Gabrielle went through the change.

Venus was in heaven, but she wasn't alone in the room. Harry had done good, he said she was a good girl. Why was Maman just standing there? Was she crying? No, Maman, don't cry! Maybe if everyone felt how much she loved them, then Maman could be happy again.

Venus brought her wings down, and as she did the halo of electric blue fire followed them down. As her wing tips separated, the halo got larger, never straying far from the feathers that spawned it until they touched the floor.

As soon as Venus's halo touched the smooth wooden floor of the Delacour family ballroom, it's tone changed to one of a giant church bell being struck and magical fire released in a blinding wave that blew out in all directions. Though Harry and Gabrielle managed to hold their ground, every Veela engulfed by the wave was knocked flat and the back windows were completely blown out. Such was the force of Venus's love.


Luna would soon learn that Hermione was right as usual. It only took a few minutes for all of the Veela and other guests to leave the ballroom and filter into the lower lounges and halls. There would be merriment well into the morning and most of their guests would be taking guest rooms if they slept at all.

Soon enough the three witches found their way to an elated group of Veela, young girls and the handful of men who were waiting out the end of the rite inside. Harry was helping Venus make sure that all her guests got thank you hugs. Next to Harry, Gabrielle was glowing as though she were a new mother herself. Maybe it was how her own angelic form seemed to react to being a 'big sister' but her luminous eyes flashed brighter occasionally when she glanced between Harry and Venus.

Gabby saw the three witches looking at her and smiled brightly. Harry looked at them and waved briefly before turning his attention back to Venus and the handful of teen Veela who were introduced as Edem temple priestesses earlier in the night. The priestesses were already doing their level best to spoil Venus rotten.

"I swear to God." Segolene commented while staring at Gabby, "I never thought I would meet another girl better looking than Fleur... but would you just look at her?"

"I don't understand what he sees in me when he can go back to that every night, or rather summon her to him..." Jealous much, 'Mione?

"She is still a virgin." Luna stated bluntly.

The other two stared at her like she had just grown two heads, a reaction she was able to judge from experience do to her traveling adventures of the past ten years. Good times.

"No, really." Luna continued. "Harry swears that all they have to do is cuddle and kiss just a little bit and they're so blissfully happy that taking it any further than that is unnecessary."

The two looked at Luna like she'd just grown three heads and six arms - and that has never happened before.

"I believe that their relationship is more spiritual and magical than it is physical. Really, their physical bodies just get in the way it seems."

In a world full of time dragons and giant acid spitting toads, neither Hermione nor Segolene could counter that.

The party would last all night, not that Venus would make it more than another hour before needing to go to bed. Harry and Gabby would escort Venus to Edem the next day and after an island wide game of Hide and Seek with the priestesses, the three of them would enter the Hall of Angels. Harry wanted to see how Lucifer would handle meeting the little angel named in her honor. Magical construct or not, Morning Star would meet Little Star with tears of joy in her eyes and eternal gratitude for Harry on her lips. Venus represented to her what she alone among the seven sisters failed to have after the Fall. A daughter.

Some years later, Segolene's daughter Adrienne would join Gabrielle and Venus as the third angel of the House of Potter. A year after that would see Harry's Veela orphan girls from Potter House join the angels of House Potter as well. The ranks of angels never grew quickly but they would grow and the world would once again feel the guiding hand of Messengers as they spread their Love throughout the world.

In this new age there would be many angelic acts of healing, many punishments, many miracles and signs but as any of Harry's 'girls' would tell you the real magic they performed was to heal the ills of the world one broken heart at a time. They worked in direct defiance of the Greater Good doctrine of sacrificing the individual – without said individual's knowledge - in the interest of the unnumbered masses. The few or the one did count. They counted a great deal.

Tom Riddle didn't care for the individual nor did Albus Dumbledore, but Harry Potter did. He cared a great deal. And since he cared, his angels cared. And they would act when needed. Just as he would want them too.

And they all lived happily ever after...

...unless they were bad guys; they would end up dieing in fire.

Epilogue Notes:

Holy shiat, it's done. Give me some time to wrap my head around that.

If LVtC were a movie, then this is where I would show the list of reviewers as if they were part of the cast and crew. If you reviewed this story before I finished it then you had your own part to play. Not Leading Lady per say... but maybe 2nd Key Grip or something. Production Designer perhaps.

Bonus: An amusing non-canonical scene wherein things don't go well for Harry Potter...

Harry Potter was alive. That was the good news.

Harry was in custody of the I.C.W. and had been for more than four hours. He was in a small concrete room with no windows and only one rather solid looking door. There was a table and a few chairs. All the chairs were very uncomfortable. That was the bad news.

There was a large, muscular auror looking down at him from across the table. The auror didn't look very impressed with the Boy Who Came Back Less Than A Day Ago. Harry was beginning to think this was the worse news.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" The auror started in simple accent free English.

Harry sighed and nodded.

"You were found in an abandoned home in a dusty bed that clearly hadn't seen use in several decades."

Harry nodded before replying. "That's true, but the bed was a stone altar and I had been tied to it by either Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange before I got free. Before I was alive, that is... my corpse was tied to the altar."

The auror continued. "You were found nude with your arms wrapped around an underage girl, one Gabrielle Delacour, who was sitting on your lap in the middle of the bed. The girl had been kidnapped earlier in the day."

"It was part of Voldemort's plot to possess my body, enslave Gabrielle and unleash a new wave of terror and death across both the wizarding and muggle worlds." Harry answered with conviction. "You're lucky Gabby and I managed to stop him."

The auror did not look impressed. "Aimee Devereux was also in the room. She is also underage. Both girls show signs of shock, abuse, blood loss and recent magically healed wounds. Surely you can see how we might be concerned about the facts as I have presented them."

"They were kidnapped by Voldemort and Lestrange!" Harry nearly shouted. He was sick and tired of people thinking the worst of him just because Very Suspicious Shite always happened to him and never happened to anyone else. "We beat Voldemort and banished his boney arse back to Hell but Bellatrix was out cold on the floor. Interrogate her!"

The auror was still not impressed. "Bellatrix Lestrange was declared criminally insane in nineteen eighty one during her trial. Nothing she says can be used as testimony in a wizarding court."

"You should still ask her for her side of the story." Harry grumbled. "No one ever asked Sirius Black what happened..."

"He publicly admitted to be at fault during his arrest." Unimpressed auror was unimpressed. "And you should know that we did, in fact, question Lestrange."

"Really?" Harry perked up. "What did she say?"

Harry may have noticed a small flash of something behind the auror's eyes, but he couldn't be sure. None of the man's facial muscles moved.

"She was only to happy to explain how she and her young, powerful master were going to have, and I quote, 'rough mudblood monkey sex' while abusing the two underage girls an a wide variety of unspeakable ways until her 'godlike green eyed master' finally commanded Miss Delacour to end Miss Devereux's worthless life. Then Lestrange would use Miss Devereux's corpse as a centerpiece on her dining room table and you would use your new slave girl to enslave the masses." The auror's eyes glinted like diamonds. Vicious, angry diamonds.

Harry shrank back in his chair.

"Yes well... I can see where you get the clinically insane ruling out of that. Once again we are lucky I managed to keep the Dark Lord Tom Riddle a.k.a. Voldemort from possessing my body and running amok." Harry dug for an idea of how to dispute this man's version of events. Gabby, he thought. Surely she would be able to help his cause... "Did you happen to ask the 'underage girls' for their version of events yet?"

If anything, the auror's eyes got even glintier and more angry diamondy.

"Miss Devereux is catatonic. We don't know when we'll be able to get anything out of her. Miss Delacour, on the other hand had quite a bit to say." Harry released the breath he had been holding. Gabby would set these blokes straight. "She went to great lengths to say how wonderful you were. She told us how much she loved you and how she always would. She told us about how you loved her and you would love her forever and ever. She told us that her heart belonged to you and that she would do anything you said because you were the most wonderful boy that ever lived. She said that she loves holding your hairy wand... that it makes her feel special when she makes it work. She said that your blood mixed with hers and that if feels wonderful when she feels you inside of her. That's even after the first time you were with her was scary and hurt and made her cry for days. She now loves being touched by you and feeling you inside of her and she dreams of being yours until the end of time."

Oh damn. The auror was visibly angry. Oh shite, shite, shite.

"Do you know what happens to young men like you when you find yourself in prison, Mister Potter?" The auror asked. Harry quickly shook his head no. "Young men who touch little girls find out what it's like to experience that relationship from a whole new perspective."

Shite shite shite! Harry didn't care about being on the right side of the law anymore. He wanted out of here. The very second the auror left Harry's 'room' he was going to summon Gabby and get the fuck out of town.

The heavy metal door squeaked open and another man entered the room.

"Mister Potter, this is Mister Devereux." The auror stated. "He is a distant relative of the second young lady you were with earlier in the day. He has a few more questions to ask you."

The auror began to stand up.

"Haven't you all asked me enough questions? Where are you going?" Harry pushed desperately.

The auror looked back at Harry. His calm emotionless mask was back.

"I'm going out for a cigarette break." He called.

The auror then drew his wand and cast a few charms at the door.

"Oh, dear." The auror said to an eager Mister Devereux. "I seem to have accidentally disabled the monitoring wards for this room. Perhaps I can call for a repair crew to take care of that when I get off my break."

The auror left. Mister Devereux stared hard at Harry for a moment before beginning to take things out of his cloak in preparation for the next round... of... questions? There was pen and paper there but there was also a role of duct tape, a length of pipe and a toilet plunger. A dirty toilet plunger.

Oh bloody buggering shite!

The End of the End