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Bulma awoke with a start, clutching her chest with a clammy hand. Her dream had been so vivid, of a world where buildings lay in ruin, her friends were long gone and she lived every day in fear. Her hand moved to brush through her uniquely coloured tresses, and she wasn't surprised to find dampness there. She couldn't return to her slumber now, not after that.

The dim light that filtered into her room indicated that it was early morning. Bulma cast a glance at the calendar on her bedside wall, the day's date circled with a thick red line. She closed her eyes for a moment, letting the realization sink in. It was the twelfth of May. The day she had been dreading the last three years. The day the Androids were foretold to appear and begin to wreak havoc upon the world.

A low rumble from her stomach brought Bulma out of her thoughts. Before she could try and deal with the day's events and possibilities, she needed to eat. Maneuvering out from under her sheets, Bulma stood up from her bed before bending down to collect the night-gown that laid upon her bedroom floor. Slipping the garment over her arms and tying it at her waist with the gown's belt, she opened her bedroom door and headed to the kitchen in search of nourishment.

When she got there, she was surprised to see Goku sitting at the dining table, downing yet again another copious amount of food. He hadn't noticed her yet, or made any indication that he was aware of her presence. His concentration was solely on consuming his breakfast.

Not wanting to make herself known just yet, Bulma stood back, admiring him silently with her blue orbs. He was dressed in a brand new gi, which was obvious to her because there were no rips, tears or stains to be seen. His boots were clean, his raven hair in it's usual state of unruly spikes. The mark of a Saiyan.

Bulma sighed and stepped forward into the kitchen, revealing herself to Goku. His face lit up as his eyes met her form, and he quickly swallowed his current mouthful of food before greeting her cheerily. "Morning Bulma!" he exclaimed, setting down his chopsticks. "Good morning Goku." the teal-hared beauty replied, inwardly frowning at how formal her response had sounded.

Shrugging it off, Bulma reached into a nearby cupboard, pulling out a simple white bowl and setting it on the counter before her. She then grabbed a nearby box of cereal, some kind of sugary flakes that her father refused to abstain from, despite the fact it was clearly a product aimed for children. She opened up the box and poured the cereal into the bowl, pausing for a moment to examine just how full the bowl was. Nope, not enough. She needed a big breakfast for the day she was about to have. Not as big as Goku's obviously, consuming that much food would most likely make her explode. The cereal poured forth once more, almost filling the bowl to the brim until she stopped, folding the box's lid and putting it away once again.

Although she was too preoccupied with making her breakfast to notice, Goku's obsidian orbs watched Bulma with every move she made. It was a big day, an important day, and he was worried about her. What would happen to her if things got out of hand and none of them returned home? The thought of her having to deal with such a burden alone made his chest hurt.

She appeared before him at the table, setting down her rather full bowl or cereal, the silver handle of a spoon sticking through the top, an empty glass and a pitcher of cold milk. "You don't mind if I join you?" she asked, already knowing that he would never deny her of such a thing. He shook his head, making a smile grace her lips as she sat down opposite him at the table.

"How long have you been awake?" she inquired, pouring milk into her glass before using the rest to cover her cereal. "Since dawn." Goku admitted, picking up his chopsticks once more. "I did some quick stretches and a bit of training, then showered and came here." he explained simply, before shovelling some more rice into his mouth as she spooned some cereal into her own.

There was silence between them, the only sounds heard being that of chewing and swallowing, of chopsticks and spoons scraping against porcelain. They both knew what was ahead of them today, of the seriousness. He didn't want to ruin the mood by speaking of it, and neither did she. So they settled for a comfortable silence.

Once Bulma's bowl was empty and Goku's numerous plates scraped clean, she stood and took as many of the dishes as she could hold to the kitchen, placing them on the counter as she opened up the dishwasher. As she loaded the dirty dishes, Goku came up behind her with the rest of them, and helped her. Once the dishwasher shelves were full, the door was closed and the machine was turned on, the gentle whirring noise humming.

Bulma leaned against a counter, her eyes looking to Goku. She was worried about him, especially everything that had been foretold. Were the Androids really so powerful that they could destroy the Earth's strongest warriors and then go on to ruthlessly demolish cities? The thought that they were destined to kill all of her friends and force her to live in fear was chilling.

How had someone made such scientific humanoid machines? Her father was the smartest mind she knew, and he was nowhere close to even thinking of that kind of technology. Whoever had created them must have a brilliant mind. A brilliant, sadistic mind to let them bring havoc to the world.

"When are you heading off?" she asked reluctantly, not wanting to hear the answer. "Soon." Goku replied, facing Bulma and watching her intently with his dark eyes. All she could do was hope that today would not go as the lavender-haired boy had predicted. Her eyes grew wide as she remembered - she had wanted to ask Goku about him and now was the perfect time.

She opened her mouth to speak, but the words never came as Goku moved forward and engulfed her with his strong arms, wrapping them around her petite frame. Her slender arms wrapped around his torso in return, her face buried in his chest. The question was lost in her thoughts as she hugged him tighter, minutes passing as they held the embrace.

"Be careful." she murmured into his clothing.

"I will." he whispered into her ear, his hot breath fanning the side of her neck.

Suddenly Goku moved back from her slightly, one hand moving to her chin to tilt Bulma's face up so he could see her properly. She blinked at him as he leaned forward, brushing his lips against her forehead ever so gently. Before she had a chance to react properly or say anything, his fingers moved to his forehead and without another word, he disappeared.

Goku reappeared in a familiar setting, Mount Paozu. He took in a deep breath, the aroma of home inviting. Before him stood the white building that he had one called home, it now looked empty and cold. He moved forward and placed a hand upon the structure, wishing for a moment that everything could return to normal. Yet at the same time, he didn't. His old life had been a lie. He and Chi-Chi's marriage had been loveless, the only true tie between them being Gohan.

Two energy signals were approaching him quickly, and Goku turned around just in time to see two familiar figures, one tall and an intriguing shade of green, the other smaller and running towards him at top speed. Goku knelt down and opened his arms as Gohan rushed into them, the father and son sharing a strong embrace. "I missed you Dad." Gohan whispered into Goku's shoulder. "I missed you too son." the older Saiyan replied, rubbing his son's back in comfort.

The two drew apart, Goku returning to his feet and looking to Piccolo. "I'm glad you guys are here." he commented, looking to Gohan before returning his gaze to his former enemy. "But how on earth did you convince Chi-Chi to allow Gohan to come along with us today?" he inquired, clearly amazed that such a feat had occurred.

Piccolo folded his arms and sighed. "She refused of course, but it seems her father isn't as moronic as I had originally thought. He managed to coax her out of the house with a pass to a nearby day-spa, allowing Gohan to participate today." the green warrior explained, stoic as always.

Goku grinned. He had always like his father-in-law, despite Chi-Chi's constant insistence that Gohan study all the time, the Ox King had always known that fighting to save the world was much more important. Of course, he usually was unable to stand up to his fiery daughter, but the fact that he tried was enough to earn Goku's upmost respect.

"Well, we should head off. Don't wanna be too late!" Goku announced, earning a nod from both Gohan and Piccolo before the three shot up into the sky and headed in the direction of South City.

Meanwhile, back at Capsule Corporation, Bulma paced back and forth in her room. She was upset at Goku for leaving so abruptly, and her curiosity was peaking as she thought of the Androids. Human-like cyborgs was an intriguing idea, and Bulma couldn't help but want to see them for herself. If she could get an idea on how they were built, how they functioned, there was a chance she and her father could build one of their own and make a mark in the scientific community. What a boost for her father's company! The possibilities seemed endless!

Making up her mind, Bulma went in search of clothes. Having already showered that morning, she was dressed only in a comfortable pair of underpants and a matching bra. She didn't want to dress too fancy, she was only planning to stay there for a short amount of time, take a look and then return home. The plan was simple and she wouldn't endanger herself, so the others would have no reason to worry. She wasn't an idiot, afterall.

Bulma's outfit consisted of faded blue jeans, a red t-shirt bearing the logo of her father's company in white and a pair of red and white trainers. Comfortable and casual. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, admiring herself for a moment. Her hair had grown quite long, cascading like an aquamarine waterfall midway down her back. She couldn't remember the last time it had been such a length, she'd just had no reason nor desire to cut it.

Satisfied with what she saw, Bulma left her bedroom and headed outside, stopping quickly into her lab to find a capsule that would help her reach her destination quickly. Once outside, she clicked the top of the capsule before throwing it away from herself, where it exploded and turned into a small plane. Hopping inside and closing the lid, she turned on the engine.

She needed to get there before Goku, otherwise he would try to stop her somehow. The plane rose slowly into the sky, and once Bulma was high enough she hit the acceleration and flew off into the direction of South City.

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