Chapter 1: Death

The only thing Shuurei regretted was not able to say goodbye.

"Shuurei......hang in there!" a distant voice screamed. She felt warm droplets splashed onto her face, her wound.

She knew that an arrow stuck out of her chest. She also knew that no one will be able to survive that injury. She knew that she had to fight for the seconds left, to tell Ryuki something she wanted to say for a long time. Struggling, she parted her lips to mouth the words, but instead blood came forth.

Ryuuki, I......

"SHUUREI!!!PLEASE!!!DON'T DIE!!!!!!" the voice now hysterical, choked by sobs and falling tears.

Shuurei tried to open her heavy eyelids, but with no avail. Warmth left her, as well as her senses. Pain was slipping away, her wound did not hurt anymore. She knew that Ryuuki was trying to call her back, but to her horror, she found that she could not hear him anymore.

No! I still have something to tell him! Please, god, just give me a few seconds more!

Gathering the last breath she had, a strained voice finally made its way out, "Ryuu..."

That was when she saw the person standing a metres away, a bow in hand. Shuurei's eyes widened in horror as the person put another arrow in place, and pulled the bow to its fullest. With the last outburst of strength, she pushed Ryuuki away as the arrow pierced through the air, and finally ate into Shuurei's flesh.

"SHUUREI!!!GOD,NO!!!!!!" Ryuuki pulled Shuurei's body as close as possible, refusing to acknowledge that the woman he loved was finally dead, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

A trickle of tear finally made its way down the cold cheek, as the last of thoughts left her.

Ryuuki, I......I......