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Five years later………

Jacob's POV

"Daddy, Uncle Seth and Aunt Amanda are here!" Nathan called. I walked to the door and greeted Seth and his wife Amanda.

"Hey guys, Merry Christmas," I said, letting them in. Seth had finally married Amanda two years ago. It was Christmas and everyone was over at our house to celebrate. Life was finally back to normal. We had all been able to quit phasing. After the Cullens left we kept phasing for two years until we decided it was safe enough to stop. Except for the occasional run, Quil was the only one still regularly phasing, in order to stay young until Claire was old enough.

"Uncie Seph!" Alexis yelled as I put her down and she jumped into Seth's arms. Two years after Nathan was born, Leah and I welcomed Alexis Sarah Black, she was like a clone of Leah. Alexis's birth went pretty much the same as Nathan's, only this time Leah attempted to cut off my penis in the delivery room.

"Lexie," Seth said, scooping her up. "Did Santa bring you everything you asked for?"

"Every ting but my priwness tea set," she said.

"Well Santa dropped this off at my house," he said, pulling out a present. She squealed and tore it open.

"My tea set! Daddy look!" she said, smiling radiantly. "Twanks Uncie Seph!" She carried the tea set and ran to her room.

"You spoil her," I said to him.

"She's my niece," he said. "Where's Nate?"

"I'm here," he said, running to Seth and hugging him. Seth pulled out a present for Nathan which turned out to be a baseball glove. "Thanks Uncle Seth and Aunt Amanda!"

We proceeded to the dining room where Leah was refilling the snack bowls.

"Hey Seth, Amanda. Merry Christmas," she greeted with a smile. The entire pack was here with the exception of Sam, Emily, Jared, and Kim. They never came to our functions anymore. We missed them, but it was their choice. After two years of fertility treatments Emily and Sam welcomed a baby boy. Leah and I thought that would help settle the fights between us but they didn't. Emily still wanted nothing to do with Leah although Sam would send Alexis and Nathan presents on their birthdays and Christmas.

Charlie walked in carrying Nathan. "Nate, boy, you are getting bigger every time I see you. How old are you again?" Charlie exclaimed. Charlie was an active member in my kids' lives. Neither Bella or Renesmee had ever contacted Charlie since they left. He was pretty torn up about it, but he took comfort in knowing Nathan and Alexis adored him.

"Grandpa Charlie, you know I'm five, and mommy said that's the same number as Uncle Paul's IQ," Nathan said. Leah let out a laugh.

"Oh that's cruel, Leah," Paul said, shaking his head.

"Like you don't deserve it," Leah said back. "You had Danny ask me why my cooking sucked yesterday."

"The kid wanted to know," he argued. Alexis walked in with her new tea set and offered Paul a cup.

"Here Uncie Pwul, I gave you a sipee cup cwuse mommy said you are as smwrt as a baby," she smiled. Paul glared at Leah and took the cup.

"Okay you two need to stop corrupting my kids and nephew," I warned them. Leah rolled her eyes at me.

"Sure, now take these bowls out to the living room," she told me, handing me two bowls of chips. There was something off about her, but I ignored it and took the bowls. I walked out to the living room, seeing Alexis was having a tea party with Quil, Embry, Collin, and my dad.

"Chips for the tea party," I said, setting down the bowls.

"This girl," Quil said, gesturing towards Alexis with his pink teacup. "Is exactly like Leah."

"She turned off the football game," my dad said, as Alexis climbed into his lap.

"Do you wike my tea, Gwanpa?" she asked.

"I love it Lexie," he said, pretending to take a sip out of the plastic cup. My dad tried hard not to show favorites, but Alexis and Nathan were definitely his favorite grandkids.

I made my way back to the kitchen where Leah and Rachel were busy finishing up dinner.

"Does that mean its ready?" Rachel asked, poking the ham.

"I think so," Leah said, cocking her head to the side. "I have never cooked a damn ham before. Maybe we should ask my mom."

"Good idea," Rachel said. "I will go find her." She exited the kitchen in search of Sue.

"Why did you and her volunteer to cook again?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her from behind.

"Because we were possessed," she said. "We are ordering dinner next year."

"If we survive the meal you prepared this year, I hope you two don't poison us," I teased. She hit me playfully in the shoulder. Rachel and Sue came into the kitchen and I was thrown out.

Soon we were all eating dinner, which was not as bad as I expected. It was good to have everyone together like this. We still saw each other all the time, but now since we all had our own lives we rarely had get togethers where everyone came. Embry had gotten married shortly after the birth of Alexis and had a daughter, Grace. Both Collin and Brady now had families of their own. Thankfully Rachel and Paul had decided one was enough and stick with only having Danny, who was La Push's new and youngest trouble maker.

My kids were probably the most spoiled kids out of all the kids in the pack, although Leah and I made sure they were well disciplined and had good manners. Seth, Paul, and I had already planned out our course of action when Alexis brings home her first boyfriend. Paul will be polishing his gun, Seth would interrogate the guy, and I would play the overprotective and threatening father. Nathan was already taking an interest in sports, being taught the basics of baseball and football by Quil, Embry, and Paul. Seth would often take him to baseball and football games. Leah and I had our hands full but we were happy. There were days that I would wake up and think it was all a dream, that Nessie was still cheating on me with Nahuel and I was still a mess. But then I would glance over at my sexy wife or one of the kids would come bouncing into the room. I was finally happy.

"See no one is dying," Leah said, taking a seat next to me. "But my feet are killing me. I am never cooking another dinner again."

"I second that," Rachel said. "Its so much easier to go to the market and pick up the food."

"Oh shit!" Leah exclaimed. We all turned to her. She was pale and biting her lip.

"Lee, you okay," I asked.

"NO I AM NOT FUCKING OKAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN!" she shouted. Oh fuck! Good thing the kids were in their rooms.

"Okay, stop yelling," I pleaded, everyone was giving me sympathetic looks.

"I CAN YELL ALL I WANT TO, BLACK," she screamed.

I helped her up and led her to the door, grabbing my keys. I told Seth to watch the kids and led a cussing Leah to the car. On the drive I looked over to my wife who had just gone into labor with our third child, and prayed to the Heavens I would make it through the birth of our second son.