by Angelfirenze

Disclaimer: NCIS belongs to Bellasario, et al. Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Arikawa Hiromu.

Summary: This couldn't be real. It couldn't, but here were Shannon and Kelly, whole -- solid, not reduced to bloody little...dear God...

Notes: I came up with this a few days ago and didn't want to let go of it. I don't think I'm ready for NaNoWriMo but I can still attempt this, regardless.

Universes: NCIS, original recipe (it feels so weird to say that...), early season two and Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa.

Beta: D.M Evans

Prologue: Post-Traumatic Stress

I guess Elysia and her mom came by... - Scieszka, to Winry Rockbell, before the grave of Brigadier General Mäes Hughes

Ed and Al watched in horror as a bedraggled woman they recognized far too well fell out of the replica of Al's suit, holding a sobbing little girl and an old bouquet of flowers that had obviously just been replaced. Before he could think, Ed dashed forward and pulled Gracia and her daughter up, babbling apologies before he could even discern the words that made them.

"H-how did you get in there?" Ed asked, pointing wide-eyed at both as Al kept his wits enough to help them to their feet. "It's bad enough Al snuck in!"

"We didn't sneak anywhere, Edward," Gracia corrected, helping Al brush the dust and grass off herself and Elysia's clothing and skin. "Unlike Alphonse and yourself, we have no idea where in the world we are."

"But we don't..." Ed trailed off and sighed, choosing instead to marvel at not just a familiar-looking face, but a real person from his real past. It felt like home and even though he knew what he'd given up, he knew he'd never stop missing that feeling.

Gracia looked at Ed, startled to see him after so long, and then automatically turned her attention to her little girl, rocking her close and shushing her before disbelieving eyes fell on Ed again.

"'re alive, Edward," she whispered, her eyes then landing on Al, a helpless laugh falling from her before she knew it. "I should have known you two would find your way back to each other. You're worse than Roy. You do sound different, though. Your accent's changed."

Ed resisted the urge to scowl at the mention of any resemblance to Mustang when he suddenly took notice of their true surroundings. There were military officers on all sides of them, but none of them were dressed in German militarial uniforms, nor were they speaking German, but what he now knew to be their other native tongue from Amestris, English.

"On order of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, you are hereby ordered to stand down," a brown-haired man was barking at Ed, careful to keep his gun trained away from either Gracia or Elysia. "Step away from the -- "

"DiNozzo, stand down," said a quiet voice that, for some reason, made Gracia's breath hitch.

"Boss, he -- "

"Agent DiNozzo, I order you to stand down!" the voice barked, causing Elysia to whimper in Gracia's arms and she held her closer. "She knows him, he's no threat. Neither of them are."

Gibbs' steady grip on his gun didn't falter but he'd lowered it himself, his eyes wide with disbelief as he inched closer and closer to the group before him. Elysia, Gracia could see, was staring at him, no longer afraid, her mouth parted slightly as if in fascination.

His heart was pounding so hard, he felt lightheaded but he couldn't allow himself to leave what had to be the best dream of all of them. Sure, she was talking to a couple of kids he didn't know -- he could read them from a mile away, they'd each served in some capacity somewhere -- and sure, she was dressed in a way that reminded him of photographs of his mother when he'd been a boy, but she -- they were there. He wasn't going to let this dream go for a second.

"Shannon," he murmured, feeling as though he were shaking all over. "Kelly," Gibbs forced himself to stop.

This couldn't be real. It couldn't, but here were Shannon and Kelly, whole -- solid, not reduced to bloody little...dear God...