Wedding Bells

Written by: Jeanniefan78/April

*Revision Note: To those who have read this story before, there is a slight revision to chapters 7 and 8. Given the story in a recently aired episode of NCIS (aired 02/08/2011), I added a tad to chapters 7 and 8. Enjoy. :)

Author's Note: This is my third NCIS fanfiction story; Sequel to "May I Have This Dance?". I want to remind everyone that my stories are slightly AU because Kate is still alive. In this story, the Ari incident is briefly mentioned, but, in an AU fashion where Kate is spared instead of being killed. Also, I realize that more than likely, Gibbs was an only child, according to the show, but, I read another story where someone portrayed Gibbs with a sister and I like how it sounded. So, I will include Gibbs with two sisters in my stories. I want to thank my Mom and my friend, Jim, for their help on this story. I also want to thank my friend, Cyad, for her help in clarifying some stuff and providing me with the familial information I needed. So, I hope you will all enjoy this story as well as my others. :)

It is the Wednesday before Kate's and Gibbs's wedding. Ziva looks up from her work to see what is frustrating Tony, who is sitting at his desk, flipping through some sheets of paper, stapled together, and grunting to himself.

"I don't believe this!," Tony says to himself.

"What's the matter with you?," Ziva asks.

Tony looks at Ziva. "You wanna know what's the matter? I'll tell you what's the matter," he says, extremely frustrated. He looks back at the packet of paper. "I have been to every place that Gibbs and Kate are registered at for wedding gifts and all that's left are butter knives. And they're not even regular butter knives. They're a fancy type of butter knife!"

"So? What's wrong with that?"

Tony throws the packet of paper down on his desk. "Ziva! Do you realize what I'm gonna look like just giving them butter knives?!"

"Well, you probably shouldn't have waited til the last minute to get them anything."

"Excuse me? It's not like they gave everyone a whole lot of time."

"Tony, I'm sure they're not the first couple to have a really short engagement. And, if you'll remember correctly, they registered the weekend after they got engaged and that's been almost a month ago."

"So?," Tony says in a frustrated tone.

"So, again I say, you shouldn't have waited til the last minute."

"What's going on?," McGee asks, walking in to the bullpen.

"Tony's upset because he has waited til the last minute to get Gibbs and Kate a wedding gift and now, all that's left on their registry list are butter knives," Ziva says.

Tony looks at McGee. "A special type of butter knife."

"So? What's wrong that? They obviously like butter," McGee says, and then, walks toward his desk.

"It's still butter knives, Probie! What kind of a wedding gift is a bag of butter knives!"

"Agent DiNozzo, I suggest you quit your whining and go get the butter knives already," Director Shepard says as she walks past the bullpen.

Ziva puts her left hand over her mouth and starts laughing while McGee works at his computer and laughs, quietly, to himself.

Tony gives them both a look. "That isn't funny."

Ziva takes her hand away from her mouth. "Oh, yes it is," she says, still laughing.

Tony grunts to himself.

"I don't believe this. I mean I just flat out don't believe this!," Kate says, obviously upset, as she walks in to the bullpen.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee look at her in bewilderment.

"What's wrong?," Tony asks.

"The bridal shop just called me." Kate looks toward Ziva. "The bridesmaids dresses came in."

"You mean they're gonna wear dresses instead of bikinis?," Tony jokes.

Kate glares at him. "That isn't funny, Tony."

"Hey, give me a break. I was just kidding."

Kate continues to glare at him for a couple of more seconds and then, turns her head to Ziva. "Well, Abby's dress and your dress are fine. My sister's dress, however, not fine. I ordered her dress a size bigger than what she usually wears because she found out she was pregnant right before Jethro and I got engaged. She normally wears a size 8. So, to be on the safe side, I ordered her a size 10. Well, some dingbat at the warehouse sent a size 20!"

"Uh-oh," Ziva says, eyes widened slightly.

"So, are they gonna fix it?," McGee asks.

"Well, the lady said she called the warehouse to ask them what on earth was going on because it clearly said "size 10" on the order form. She said they didn't know and when they looked at the stock, sure enough, my sister's dress is still there and they're short a size 20," Kate says.

"How in the world could someone mistake a size 20 for a 10?," Tony asks in disbelief.

"Exactly," Kate says. "That's what the lady at the shop and the people at the warehouse are trying to figure out. So, the lady told me that she told them to get the size 10 out here on a rush shipment and it should be here by tomorrow."

"I hope for all that, that they give you some kind of a discount," Ziva says.

"Oh, yeah. They are. The lady apologized profusely and told me that they would," Kate says, calming down.

"Well, look on the bright side, Kate. At least it wasn't your dress they messed up on," Tony says.

"You got that right." Kate pauses briefly. "I have to go. I have a million things to do and I have to go pick my sister up at the airport." She turns and walks out of the bullpen, toward the elevator.

"Look out, everyone," Tony mutters, but loud enough for Ziva and McGee to hear. "Bridezilla is on the loose."

"I heard that!," Kate calls back, but without turning around.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee all chuckle.

"Grab your gear," Gibbs says, zipping through the bullpen.

"Where are we going?," Tony asks, gathering his gear.

"We're going to Quantico." Gibbs opens a desk drawer and gets his stuff. "McGee, get Ducky."

"You got it." McGee picks up his desk phone and dials.