Dreams tend to convey

Deep meanings

It's just a choice

Whether you believe in it or not



Dreaming on the First Night


"I'm sorry if the room is quite small, Bella" my dad sighed as he opened the door to my new room. The door creaked open to reveal green walls and one large white-framed window. I sighed in relief. I had expected neon pink—thank goodness my dad knew how I hated bright colors.

My dad was right. The room was rather small. But I was only one person and I didn't have a lot of stuff. "No it's fine, dad" I said. I had meant it.

I had been living with my mom in New York for two years now. We were doing fine up there. But I just felt like changing my surroundings. And besides, I knew my dad needed company. It was a lonely town where dad lives. It was the town where mom left him to pursue her dream of becoming big in the city. Dad couldn't leave the town because he was an important person in the Police Department. He was the Police Chief.

I walked around the room, my hands inserted in the pockets of my jeans. I was biting my lower lip the whole time. It had begun being awkward—again—with me and my dad. It was a normal thing between us, on account of us not being real talkers. "Well, I'll let you unpack" he finally said. I turned around to him and nodded curtly. He awkwardly nodded back and sauntered off somewhere.

"Well, Bella" I muttered to myself when I looked through the large window. It wasn't a nice view—just dark trees and gloomy-looking rooftops were seen. "Welcome to Forks"


I had just finished unpacking my stuff. It only took me an hour to do so since I hadn't brought so many things to Forks. I just brought my books, my gadgets, and all my winter clothes with me. Forks was the wettest place in US so it was clear to me I wouldn't survive here if I wore tank tops and miniskirts… not that I own those kinds of clothing. I was more of a T-shirt/hoodie-jeans kind of person. The thought of wearing skimpy outfits never came to my mind. I knew my dad was thankful for that.

A knock startled me for a second. "Bella, time for dinner" my dad said from the other side of the door.

"sure, dad" I called out as I stuffed one last t-shirt into the drawers. Then I opened the door and went downstairs to eat. It had already been several months since I last ate my dad's cooking. It intrigued me what he had prepared for me tonight.

Sure enough, it was his famous baked chicken with melted cheese on top. I let out a smile. "god, I missed this" I commented as I slid into a seat across my dad's. I could tell he was a little embarrassed. "wish mom could make it like yours back in New York"

"thanks, Bella" he said. I shrugged then put a square of the chicken on my plate.

As expected, silence soon took over. The only sounds I could hear were the clanging of forks on plates and the occasional clearing of throats.

It was only a few minutes later that dad instigated a new conversation. "So…" the word dragged on more than it should. "I've already enrolled you in Forks High School. You start next week."

Nice… I'm going to a new school… totally great. Please take note of the sarcasm. I mean, just the thought of starting as a new girl—again—made me want to run back to my old school in New York. At least there I was a wallflower—no problems or issues came my way. Was I going to adjust again? this sucks.

I nodded, still not looking up. I was now playing with the remaining peas on my plate. I was not a fan of the minute circular vegetable.

"do you want me to come with you?" he offered awkwardly. I shook my head.

"no thanks, dad" I said. "I can handle it on my own"

He nodded and went back to eating. I grabbed my glass of water and gulped it down. Then I put my dirty plate in the sink and washed it up.


"How are you, honey?" mom called a few minutes after dinner. I was surfing the Net on my laptop when she did.

"um, I'm fine" I said as I ran a hand through my wavy brown locks. I was now walking around my room, clad only in a green spaghetti-strapped shirt and sweatpants. "Dad cooked up dinner tonight"

"really? That was sweet of him" mom said. "well, I have to go back to work, hon. I'll call you again tomorrow" my mom always brought her work home with her. She would usually last up till the wee hours in the morning. My mom was really a workaholic.

"bye" I said and clicked off my phone. Then I threw it on my bed and returned to surfing.


My eyes were closed. Instead of feeling the soft fabric of my bed, I could feel… hard wood. Did I fall off from my bed? Well, I tended to do that. So I opened my eyes… to discover I wasn't in my room. I wasn't even sure if I was still in my dad's house. So I stood up slowly. The floorboards creaked a little because of my movements. Once I had my full twenty-twenty vision on focus, I realized I was in a vast hallway. There were a few windows in one side, its doors creaking as it followed the movements of the wind. The only source of light was coming from the moon from outside. where was I?

I had walked only for a few moments when I had the sudden urge to stop in front of a weird-looking room. the door was moving back and forth, creaking the same way as the doors of the windows. I stepped inside. And inside was a large armchair blocking a lit fireplace. The chair was facing the opened door, and it was occupied. I couldn't make out the person—but I could tell it was man. His head was tilted to one side, as if he was sleeping calmly—unaware of me. his face was obscured because of the darkness. I took a step closer—big mistake. The floorboard I had stepped on creaked louder than the previous ones. I froze as I saw the body flinch. The person's head slowly tilted up. then I saw him opening his eyes. I gasped when I noticed that his eyes were the color of blood. His mouth slowly opened, showing glowing white teeth. He was not smiling. he looked like he was silently snarling at me.

"Why are you here?" the person asked.

"I don't know" I managed to choke out. I was frozen by the door. then a sudden gust of wind exploded around the room. my hair flew in all directions. I closed my eyes. Then the person snarled ferociously. I opened my eyes and gasped when I finally saw his teeth widen fierily. My eyes widened. He had fangs. And he was looking like he was in pain, his eyes transfixed on mine.

Before I could even intake air, another surge of wind blew. Then cold hands grabbed my shoulders and pressed me hard onto the wall. It was the person. Because of the nearness, I noticed he had bronze hair and pale skin. Without warning, he pressed his lips to mine. I could feel bruises forming on my lips because of the pressure of the kiss. I couldn't breathe.

His lips finally pulled away… only to target my neck with his bared teeth.

[DrEaM: END]

"NO!" I shrieked. My eyes were in a daze, my cheeks flushing blood-red. Instinctively, I put a finger onto my lips. Even though it was just a dream, I could feel the pressure still. I slapped a hand on my forehead and took even breaths. What the heck did I just dream about?!

Slowly, I put my hands on both my cheeks and tried to minimize my blushing. I rolled off my bed and entered the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. It was obvious I had been thrashing in my sleep. There were dark bags under my eyes—more than usual. Then a knock interrupted my inspection.

"You okay, Bells?" dad asked from the other side of the door. "I heard you screaming in your room a minute ago"

"I-I'm fine, dad" I lied, not taking my eyes off of myself in the mirror. "I just had a bad dream"

"oh, okay" he said. "I thought you fell off your bed and hurt yourself—like last time"

I secretly smiled at the memory. What he was saying happened when I was only nine years old.

"I'm okay" I pressed. "I didn't hurt myself"

I heard my dad clear his throat and walk away. As soon as I could no longer hear his footsteps, I let out a groan.