"We've landed?" Sam asked tentatively, slowly releasing his death-grip on the console.

"Yes," The Doctor said, peering at the symbols neither human could make sense of. "The planet Arktaurus, in the Yttrian galaxy. Might want to find your thermal underwear Sam, 'cos it's midwinter on the ice planet."

"I don't know about you Doctor," Brittany said, "but this doesn't really seem like an ice planet to me. For one, there's no ice."

"This is definitely Arktaurus though," the alien replied, flipping the collar of his coat up to ward off the sandstorm. "I double-checked the co-ordinates. We are in the right place."

"As I understand it, Arktaurus is an ice world," Brittany pointed out, "so where's all the ice?"

"Things were completely normal one day, and when we woke up the next morning, everything had changed," the Arkan explained. "Sand everywhere, Personally, I think it has something to do with that new star."

"A new star?" The Doctor frowned. "A star responsible for climate change?"

"It is you," Yuri breathed, anger flashing in her eyes. "The man of medicine, the wanderer, the homeless, the storm that leaves only destruction in its wake. My grandmother was but a cub when you last visited, at a time or fire and death. You brought a dark curse to our land, man of medicine, unleashing a terrible demon on Pangduk. Is it coincidence that you return and our gods forsake us?"

"That means something's up there that doesn't want to be found, and whatever it is, the technology is advanced enough to completely block my sonic. Not often I encounter something that can do that."

"Yuri might not be as Arkan as she seems." The two humans stepped outside, and immediately froze.

Sam frowned. "I don't know about you, but that jungle wasn't there last time I looked."

"But I didn't kill him, it's not my fault!"

Yuri pointed a trembling finger at the Doctor. "He has killed an Arkan. The only possible punishment for this is death!"

"Oh, do you have to?"

"Restrain him!"

"The Doctor would never kill anyone," Brittany hissed to Sam. "Yuri's lying."

"But why would she want to frame the Doctor?" he shot back. "No one does anything without a reason."

The Doctor paused at the edge of the crater, shoes sticking out over the edge. Hot molten rock bubbled hundreds of metres below him, sending blasts of burning sulphuric air shooting past his face. "Blimey."

Yuri placed her staff against the small of his back. "Goodbye Doctor," she said, and pushed.

The Doctor staggered, lost his balance… and tumbled over the edge.

The Doctor, Brittany Harvey and Sam Taylor will return in Climate Change for a spiffing adventure, wot wot! Tune in next time to find out what happens!