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~The Enchanted Broomstick (Oh yes I have forgotten to mention that I have changed my penname. This is still missabnormal241, just switched names).

Elphaba: Okay! I think I've got it now! Toss...Toss. Ahhhhh! (Falls down) Argh! How is it even possible to fall while doing that.

Fiyero: HA HA HA HA.....Wait a minute.....are you wearing makeup?

Elphaba: O can it, Princey

Dr. DillamondL Class! I am being dragged out of here by homicidal looking scientists! AVENGE ME!!!

Elphaba: Well are we going to just sit here on our Shiz-uniform clad butts and do nothing??


Elphaba's continued rant: Ungrateful, snobby, ignorant vegetable haters.....

Dr. Nikidik: Hello class? I have a lion Cub.....erm cub in this cage.

Elphaba: Alright, now I'm really starting to get mad

Dr. Nikidik: Gather around while I hit it with this mallet!

Authoress: You fail Dr. Nikidik, big time.

Elphaba: For once I agree with the Authoress.........SAVES CUB WITH RANDOM OUTBURST OF MAGIC CAUSED BY RAGE!

(Students plus Dr. Nikidik start flailing limbs around).

(Fiyero is also doing this, as he is unaware that he can stop).

Authoress: Fiyero. Fiyero. FIYERO!!!!!

Fiyero: What? (Is still flailing limbs around)

Authoress: You know the spell didn't affect you right?

Fiyero: It didn't? (Stops flailing limbs) Oh....

Authoress: Now go help Elphaba with the lion cub?

Fiyero: Uh.....Why?

Authoress: JUST DO IT!

Fiyero: Did you drink coffee again this morning?

Authoress: NO......well yes actually, but that's beside the point. I'm just stressed over the fact that you are about to miss the moment when you fall in love......never mind.

Fiyero: Okay then....Elphaba wait up!


Elphaba: Come on! We have to get the cub to safety before all the Fiyeraba fanatics find us!

Fiyero: Why don't you try carrying a lion cub without shaking it to much, while wearing extremely tight pants?!?

Elphaba: You know what.....

Cub: Hey! I'm currently being traumatized for life is this thing!

Fiyero and Elphaba: Sorry...

(They move closer to the cage, and their hands touch. A Disney moment occurs. Fireworks explode, a chorus sings, and a crab, actually a Crab if you want to get technical about it, randomly appears out of nowhere).


Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Looks like the boys to shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl

(Imagine a really sappy almost kissing scene)

Sebastian continues:

Sha la la la la la

Ain't it sad?

Ain't it a shame?

Too bad he's gonna miss the girl

Fiyero: Ummmm.....

Elphaba: Yah....Want to pretend like that never happened?

Fiyero: Works for me...I guess.

-Several seconds pass-

Fiyero: Okay I'm kinda freaking out, because I think I might be falling in love with you, so I'm going to run away in the obvious wrong direction.

(He takes the cub and leaves)

Elphaba: Hands touch, eyes meet, sudden silence-

Madame Morrible: Sorry to interrupt your little moment, but I have just received a text from the Wizard!

Elphaba: A text?

Madame Morrible: Oh whatever, he wants to meet you!

Elphaba; In this rain? I'll ruin my hair!

Authoress: Umm OOC much? You truly have been Galindified

Elphaba: Shut up! Or I'll do what Nessa accidentally does to Boq in Act II!

Authoress: I stand corrected.


Elphaba: Instant sunshine! Win!

Madame Morrible: Anyway the Wizard expects you tomorrow!

Elphaba; OMGLEE I can't believe it! Thank you Madame Morrible!

Madame Morrible: Your welcome dear! Is thinking: She'll be an evil criminal by the end of the week, just like all the others.....(Cackles and disappears)

Elphaba; I can't wait to be accepted by all of Oz!

Authoress: Yah, you keep thinking that...

Elphaba: You say something?

Authoress: Nope, nope, just enjoy your freedom while it lasts.

Elphaba: What do you mean?

Authoress: Nothing.......Bye!

Elphaba: Okay......And there will finally be the WIzard and- Ah screw it! I'm going to the Emerald City! WOOT!

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