Chapter 1 – Unwelcome Visitors

Kaure was angry. Gustavo kept asking her to calm down, but she couldn't. It may have been 8 months since she saw Edward Cullen and that poor girl, but it felt like only yesterday. The girl still featured in her dreams. It was always the same vision of her pale and drawn with a rising bump.

Her anger was fuelled by disappointment. She had known all along what the Cullens were. Her people had dealt with them many times in the past, but she always thought that they were different to the others of their kind. They seemed gentler and more human. The most striking feature she always remembers was their golden eyes. She had been so used to dealing with the crimson red eyes of their kind that she never could get over the difference.

She felt like she could trust them and respect them until Edward brought that girl to the island. They claimed to be in love and just married, but seeing how frail and worried she looked on that fateful day, with her swollen stomach filling with his child, a child that would slowly kill her from the inside, has haunted Kaure since.

She never thought any of those Cullens would dare return to the Island. Too worried that their son would be outed as the monster he was, let alone out their secret, but Gustavo had just calmly informed her that Carlisle and Esme were enjoying some time on the island and had requested the cleaning crew to attend.

Kaure paced backwards and forwards trying to control her emotions. It had been a long time since she felt so out of control and she was working hard to control herself. Gustavo was looking on feeling a little fearful. He knew all too well what would happen if Kaure didn't calm down and he wanted to avoid that at all costs.

He gently placed his hand on Kaure's shoulder and spoke softly

"Please Kaure, calm down. If you like I can go on my own or take Lolita with me"

"No" Kaure screeched and looked at Gustavo incredulously.

"I am no shirker Gustavo, you know that. I will not be prevented from doing my job for anyone or anything. I will calm down first and do my best to keep my big mouth shut, I know how much the Cullens money means to us and I won't jeopardise that"

Gustavo smiled to himself, he was getting exactly the reaction he wanted. He knew that if he suggested she not go then she would be upset now all he had to do is hope that Kaure could manage not to upset Mr and Mrs Cullen. They couldn't afford to lose them as customers.

As Kaure and Gustavo's boat approached Isle Esme, Gustavo placed his arm on Kaure's shoulder.

"We'll be there soon" he said.

Kaure nodded her head and spent a few moments getting her ready. She patted down her uniform and took a look in the basic mirror they kept on board the boat to make sure that she looked the part. She liked to look just right when she worked on Isle Esme and let Gustavo know when she was ready.

Kaure and Gustavo got off the boat and made their way to the main house. There was a note on the door telling them that Carlisle and Esme had gone to the mainland for some shopping and would be back later in the afternoon. Gustavo let out a little sigh of relief. If all went smoothly, he and Kaure would finish their cleaning and be on their way back to the mainland before they returned.

They had been through the house cleaning every surface and changing the bed linen and were in the process of returning their equipment to their boat when they saw the Cullens boat approaching.

"Damn it" muttered Gustavo.

He looked at Kaure who was doing her best to take some deep breaths.

"Please Kaure, don't do or say anything you'll regret"

She gave him a weak nod and he prayed to God that she didn't offend their employers.

As Carlisle and Esme docked and alighted they were pleased to see the cleaning crew. It had been a few years since they last saw Gustavo and Kaure and Esme was keen to thank them for keeping the island and house in such good order.

Esme took a moment to take in Gustavo and Kaure's appearance. Gustavo seemed to have aged a little, although his features seemed to have become more defined with age. Kaure however seemed to be exactly as she was when they first met. Her dark hair was just below shoulder length and her face showed age, but was not wrinkled. She was quite short and had a slight figure with a slight stoop to her back.

Esme was always amazed at how eager Kaure and Gustavo were to try to speak English, their accent and pronunciation were sometimes off, but they always tried hard.

Carlisle and Gustavo met each other on the dock and shared a firm handshake.

"Good to see you Mr Cullen" said Gustavo.

"Please call me Carlisle, it's so good to see you again" said Carlisle.

Kaure stood firmly rooted to the spot and tried to keep her rising temper under control. How could they be here and be so friendly and casual as though nothing had happened. She thought.

Esme greeted Gustavo warmly then stepped towards Kaure.

"It's been so long dear, you are looking very well. Carlisle and I would like to thank you so much for keeping the house and island is such good order" Esme said politely.

Esme opened her arms to embrace Kaure and was shocked when Kaure stepped back out of her reach. Esme saw the anger in Kaure's features and was confused.

"Whatever is wrong my dear - have I done something to upset or offend you?" Esme asked.

Gustavo quickly stepped to Esme's side.

"Of course you've not upset her Mrs Cullen. Kaure is just under a lot of stress at the moment, isn't that right Kaure?" he asked in a sharp voice.

Kaure looked to Gustavo then back to Mrs Cullen.

How dare she! She thought.

How dare she be friendly and try to embrace me like a long lost friend after what her son did!

She knew Gustavo was desperate for her not to be rude or brash, but she couldn't bite her tongue any longer

"Actually Mrs Cullen, I don't know that upsets me the most. The fact that your son came to this very island, just 8 months ago and left with a young woman, who looked weak with a rapidly expanding stomach. A human girl at that! - or the fact that you are here as though nothing happened" she seethed.

Kaure narrowed her eyes at Esme.

"I know what you and your family are. My people have had many dealings with your kind and we've been known to kill many in the past, but you and your family seemed different. Golden eyes rather than crimson red and you always seemed so much more civilised and humane, but then your son comes with a human girl and leaves with her half dead and you expect me to embrace you like a long lost friend?" she ranted.

Esme and Carlisle were both taken aback by this outburst. Gustavo was trying his hardest to apologise to them, but all they could focus on was Kaure. How could they have been so stupid! They should have known that she would remember Edward and Bella whilst they honeymooned. Esme remembered them telling her of how badly Kaure had reacted.

"Kaure, please you have to understand that what happened to Bella, Edwards's wife was not planned. None of us knew that their intimate relationship would result in a pregnancy. My son told us of how hard you took it when you saw Bella before they left, but so much has happened since then that we just didn't think, we're sorry" Esme said softly.

"Sorry! You're sorry? What about his wife, Bella. Are you trying to tell me that she knew what your son was, what you all are?" Kaure asked.

Carlisle moved to Esme's side and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Bella knew all about Edward and our family. They chose to marry first, before we would change Bella to be just like us. It is what she wanted. The pregnancy delayed things a little and gave us all a scare as it wasn't something we'd ever dealt with before, but once it was over she did become one of us" Carlisle said.

"What? You expect me to believe that she is now one of you now and that she didn't die from that creature growing in her womb"? Kaure asked incredulously.

She watched as Esme and Carlisle shared a warm smile and tapped her foot impatiently waiting for the answer.

"Yes we do expect you to believe that - it is the truth." Esme said softly.

Kaure couldn't believe her ears. Did they honestly think that if they lied to her about that young woman, she would keep their secret and stop being angry with them?

"I don't believe you. The money you pay us keeps our families so I will not expose your true nature, but I am very disappointed. My people have dealt with many of your kind, but none of them were as human as your family. I thought you were different, better somehow, but knowing what your son did to that poor girl, and the fact you both can defend that… You're really no better than the others of your kind, you just lie more" she snapped.

She could see that Esme was about to speak again but she put her hand out and said "Please, do not try to say any more. Gustavo and I will be leaving now. I know we'll meet again someday, but now I can't be around either of you". She quickly walked to the boat and boarded it waiting for Gustavo to join her.

"I'm so sorry Mr and Mrs Cullen. Please forgive her, Kaure can have quite a temper on her, but you must understand that she has been very badly affected ever since seeing your son and Bella. She has had nightmares ever since has been trying to avoid sleep" Gustavo said quietly.

Carlisle placed a hand on Gustavo's shoulder and said "You are a good man Gustavo, and Kaure is a good woman. Please speak to her; I assure you that Bella is truly fine. She is a part of our family now and she and Edward are happily married. Please try to convince Kaure of that fact. Also please tell her that we intend to prove it to her"

Gustavo nodded his head and joined Kaure on the boat. He relayed Carlisle's message to her and she scoffed. Gustavo shrugged his shoulders and started up the boat. He thanked Carlisle who had untied the boat for him and waved him goodbye. Kaure sat looking away from the island with her arms folded tightly.

Carlisle gave Esme a hug and watched as the couple left. "That is one troubled woman. Even though we tried to tell her that Bella is okay she just wouldn't listen" he said.

Esme nodded and placed her arms around her husband's waist. "When we get back I would like to tell Edward and Bella. I am sure they would be keen to set the record straight, maybe they could come here for a second honeymoon. Do you think they'd like that?" she asked.

Carlisle smiled warmly and nodded. "I'm sure they'd love to my darling, maybe then Kaure will believe her eyes, if she can't believe her ears".