The Cullens and the Pack spent the next 2 days enjoying time with Kaure's tribe on the mainland and spending some time back on Isle Esme.

Alice seemed to spend a long time with Pandora and Athena, but every time someone tried to ask her what they were up to, she changed the subject or said that they were just enjoying each other's company.

When the time came to finally leave everyone felt a little down and sad. Renesmee found it particularly hard to say goodbye to Tawémake as the two had gotten so close.

"I promise we'll come back to visit" Bella said softly to Renesmee.

Renesmee hugged her mum tight and nodded her head.

"Can Tawémake visit us too?" she asked.

Bella looked to Kaure and Felix for their opinion.

"I'm sure that can be arranged" replied Kaure.

After a few more hugs goodbye Renesmee reluctantly got onto the boat with Emmett and Rosalie and the La Push pack.

"Thank you again for everything" said Carlisle and Esme and they too got on the boat alongside Jasper, who never did feel too comfortable showing his emotions.

Edward, Bella and Jacob hung back and thanked Kaure for all that she had done for them.

"We owe you our lives and our freedom" Bella began.

Kaure gently rubbed her shoulder and shook her head.

"It was our pleasure. You, Edward and Jacob sure got stuck in as well" she responded.

Edward shook hands with Felix, who spoke to him with his mind.

"Thank you. For everything" he thought.

Edward just patted his shoulder and smiled.

Jacob embraced Kaure in a huge hug.

"Keep in touch." He requested and Kaure agreed.

Edward, Bella and Jacob headed to the boat to join the others.

"Where's Alice" asked Jasper as everyone else was on board and ready to go.

Just then Alice came bounding out of one of the huts, closely followed by Pandora and Athena. She was carrying a box and a big grin.

As she passed Kaure, Felix and Tawémake she paused to wave goodbye then hurried on to the boat.

Alice ignored the curious stares at her and sat with the box on her knee.

"All in good time people" she said.

The boat journey was uneventful and they reached the airport to find that Alice had arranged two private air planes.

"I thought that we all deserved to travel in style"

Several pairs of eyes rolled in her direction.

"Why two planes though" Sam asked.

Alice smiled sweetly and winked.

"Well aside from the fact it was cheaper to get two planes this size than to try and get one large one I figured that the pack would appreciate a flight direct to Forks as the Cullens have a stop to make along the way"

Sam thought that this was perfectly reasonable and the pack gave each other high fives at the thought of travelling in luxury.

"Oh and Jacob and Renesmee will be joining you guys. Charlie is going to have his granddaughter stay with him for a couple of days. It's all been arranged"

Jacob was more than happy with this idea. After everything they'd been through for the last few days he was looking forward to spending some quality time with Renesmee and Charlie.

Bella and Edward turned to Alice and shook their head.

"What are you up to Alice. What's with all the secret meetings with Pandora and Athena, What's in the box and What's this about an additional stop" Alice asked.

Alice smiled at Bella and tapped her head.

"All in good time Bella."

Bella dropped her shield and asked Edward what was going on in Alice's thoughts, but he shook his head.

"She's repeating the song lyrics to I am H A P P Y over and over again at the moment, I can't get any sense out of her."

Alice ignored Edwards comments and continued to set everything in motion.

She organised Jacob, Renesmee and the pack and once they were on board their own plane she turned her attentions back to her family.

She noticed that there were several unhappy faces staring at her as everyone, except for Jasper who knew a little of what was going on seemed to be becoming impatient.

She turned to Jasper and asked "Can you make everyone less tense please."

Jasper nodded and sent out a wave of calm to everyone.

"Right lets all get on the plane and I will explain everything" Alice asked nicely.

There were a few voiced grumbles, but everyone made their way onto the plane. Once the plane had taken off and they received the go ahead to remove their seatbelts Alice called everyone to attention.

"I guess everyone wants to know what's been going on" she began.

"No shit Sherlock" responded Emmett, who hated being kept in the dark like this.

Alice ignored Emmett's little outburst and carried on.

"I think you'll all agree that things will be very different now that the Volturi have been destroyed. It won't take long for the grapevine to spread the news. Myself, Jasper and Felix have already set the ball in motion in that respect."

Carlisle took a moment to interrupt Alice. "Can I ask what the story is?"

Alice smiled and nodded

"Aro, his brothers and his guard all set out to acquire Edward, Bella and Renesmee. However the Cullen family and the La Push pack beat them to Isle Esme and stood up against them. Bella's shield blocked the Volturi's powers and evened up the battle and they were simply no match for us. We also had use of a special weapon" she responded

Carlisle stroked his chin and soaked up the story.

"I assume the special weapon was the bloodstones, but the detail shared was suitably vague" he asked.

Alice nodded her head.

Emmett quite liked this idea of being painted as a better fighter than the Volturi.

"Where are we detouring to Alice" asked Edward, whom Alice was still blocking.

Alice scanned the faces of her family and grinned.

"You're either going to love or hate this" she warned.

Rosalie just rolled her eyes impatiently.

"Just tell us Alice" she demanded.

Alice huffed, she didn't like being rushed.

"Ok, don't get your knickers in a twist Rosalie. We're going to Volterra to inform the wives, disband the remaining few guards who would have remained in the city and take care of their vaults." She responded.

Carlisle sat back in a seat and contemplated what Alice was saying. It made sense that loose ends would need to be taken care of. He assumed that Alice would have made sure the knowledge of the brothers demise would make it to Volterra ahead of them as she would not knowingly lead them to danger, but decided to ask anyway, if nothing else he would ease the worries of the rest of the family.

"Do you forsee any danger when we're there Alice" he asked.

Alice shook her head.

"You know me Carlisle, I have foreseen everything that is about to happen and no danger will come of us. In fact we'll be quite highly regarded when we're there"

Carlisle frowned. Alice was up to something.

"Alice" he said in a questioning voice.

Alice just chuckled.

"Don't worry Carlisle, it's nothing bad" she promised.

Bella recalled the last time she was at Volterra and shuddered at another visit, but at least she knew there'd be no nasty surprises.

"Now are you going to tell us what is in that box" Edward asked.

Alice patted the box and grinned.

"I thought you'd never ask" she giggled

Alice carefully opened the box and there were several wrapped packages inside. She passed everyone the package with their name on it and urged them to open it.

Rosalie was the first to rip her package open. Inside was a beautiful bracelet. It was gold with a large round pendant in the centre, she slipped it on and marvelled at how pretty it was.

Bella, Esme and Alice all had the same as Rosalie.

Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle all had matching necklaces with chunky gold chains and the pendants similar to the girls.

Suddenly it dawned on Bella.

"These pendants are bloodstones aren't they" she asked.

Alice nodded her head.

"You mean these are made of that stuff that turned Aro and the others into dust" Rosalie asked in a disgusted voice, ready to take her bracelet off.

Alice placed a hand over her bracelet and shook her head for her to stop.

"Rosalie, the bloodstone only works against vampires who feed from humans and even then you have to place it to their forehead to take effect."

Rosalie calmed herself down and went back to admiring how pretty the bracelet was.

Esme noticed that there were still two wrapped packages in the box.

"Who are those for" she asked

Alice patted the box lid back down and grinned.

"Those are for the two remaining wives. You see my vision was quite clear. The two wives have long since been tired of their husband's ways. When we get to Volterra they will be very pleased to see us and quite relieved that Aro and Caius are destroyed. They will feel some remorse for Marcus, but when we explain that his death came from a vision of Didyme, they will be happy for him."

Alice took a deep, yet unnecessary breath and carried on.

"The Vampire race will require new leaders and that will be us. However we will have the assistance of the two wives and they will take a more active role in ruling the race, whilst we act as back up if needed. The stones on our bracelets and necklaces can be removed and used against any of our kind who fall out of line. I don't foresee us using it very often, because the knowledge of what the stones can do will keep most in line."

Everyone sat in stunned silence. They knew better than to bet against one of Alice's visions, but this was going to be such a big change for them all.

As time went by Alice was interrogated for every bit of detail she could remember from her visions. Alice answered all the questions fired at her and the Cullens spent the rest of the journey discussing this vision with each other.

As they continued their journey and began the final approach to Volterra, Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens prepared themselves for taking over as leaders of the vampire race.