Title: Cloak and Dagger

Author: Tenohikari

Fandom: Code Geass

Disclaimer: I make no money writing fan fiction… sadly.

Pairings: Suzaku x Lelouch (main), Schneizel x Lelouch (more to come)

Summary: Lelouch Vi Britannia, a prince of predators, is unknowingly the prey of a dangerous bounty hunter: Suzaku Kururgi. AU. Suzaku x Lelouch x Schneizel

Warnings: yaoi (male / male pairings), incest, blood and some gore.

Unbetad. Woe.


Pendragon, Britannia
October 31, 2000 a.t.b.

"Announcing the arrival of the seventeenth in line to the Imperial throne, his highness Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia!"

Silence rang out through the throne room as a dark figure stepped passed those grand double doors. The Black Prince, who earned his name not because of his raven colored hair, or that he was dressed in black from his silk cravat down to the soul of the boots he wear; but for his cold ruthlessness and cunning both in court and on the battle field. He was a breathtakingly beautiful young man with striking aristocrat features with milky white skin, and a slender figure that many pursued – and failed to touch. Some members of the court found themselves unable to resist raising their heads to shiver with fear and arousal when those chilling amethysts glared their way. The Black Prince had stated once to a crowd of his pursuers that he was off limits.

Look with your eyes… or I'll gouge them out.

From the dark overhang above, the royal guards in their pristine gray suits crawled on all fours as they watched the prince made his way to the throne. Their glowing amber eyes were trained on his every movement as they sniffed the air when he passed; not only to confirm his identity as a vampire prince of Britannia, but to also make sure he was not concealing any weapons. Once, long ago, a civil war had broken out within Imperial family and it would not be the first time a member turned into a kin-slayer in order to claim the throne.

"I trust you have good reason for leaving your command in Europe during war time?"

At the seat of power, Emperor Charles Zi Britannia – one of oldest pureblood vampires alive despite his youthful appearance -stared impassively at the raven-haired youth who returned the look as while gracefully dropping down to one knee.

"I do, father," Lelouch answered, barely holding back his contempt. "My little sister is dead."

Nunnally Vi Britannia, the youngest child of the deceased Empress Marianne, had died in a terrorist attack a week ago. Despite being the offspring of Britannia – the rulers of all vampires who controlled a third of the world – she was born a blind, frail whisper of a girl. It was no secret that her older brother, Lelouch, adored her; even to the point of withdrawing from battle to be grieve for his lost sibling, which obviously displeased the Emperor.

"That is no excuse," Charles rumbled and waived his gloved hand dismissively, "return to your post immediately. I will not tolerate disobedience."

The Black Prince rose to his feet, but did not to turn to leave. Instead, Lelouch glowered up at his father, the Lion of Britannia, and king of all predators. The tension in the room became thick as fog and those present made themselves inconspicuous as they watched.

"Is that all you can say? Nunnally, your own daughter, has been murdered in a so-called terrorist attack!"

Charles' violet eyes, the same that Lelouch inherited, narrowed in warning. "Her death does not concern me. I have no use for the weak."

The royal guards from above were immediately standing behind the throne, pole axes raised the moment Lelouch took a menacing step forward. The Eleventh Prince's own violet eyes were now burning a deep crimson as the youth shook with barely constrained rage. Lelouch would never tolerate anyone calling his precious sibling weak, not even by their sire.

"How dare you…" he spat out venomously, "first my mother and now Nunnally! If you will not avenge them, then I will; even if I have to rip this goddamn country apart!"

The elder vampire glared coldly at his young son, clearly not intimidated. It was clear that his patience was wearing thin as he rose to his full height, towering over the raven-haired boy. Many would have balked and begged for forgiveness if they were in his place; but Lelouch did not back down before the man who could easily rip him apart.

"So you disobey a direct order from your master? How unsightly for a prince of Britannia…"

An inhuman growl tears itself free from the Black Prince's throat as he bares his fangs and glared back at the ash-blonde ruler with absolute loathing. The audience is tense and the guards prepare for an assault. None comes. Amazingly, the color of Lelouch's eyes return to normal as he pushes back his grief and rage.

"Then a prince of Britannia I shall no longer be," he states with a calm finality, "from this moment forward I renounce my name, my duties, and claim to the throne."

A murmur breaks out within the crowd of nobles. Was this the death of the once promising clan of Vi Britannia? Never in the history of Britannia's house, has a member abandoned their responsibility and inheritance with such ease as the Black Prince has. Though, it should not be too much of a surprise to many; as Lelouch clearly inherited more than just looks from the common born warrior Marianne. Rebellious nature was to be expected… but never tolerated.

Lelouch turned on his heel to briskly storm out of the room, but was stopped cold in his tracks when he heard a frightening noise. Behind him, the Emperor was laughing. This wasn't a rare chuckle made over something that amused Charles. It started out as a low cackle and from then on in the laughter was sporadic until it became close to a roar. The sound was so chilling, so disturbing; that many, including the guards, instinctively took a step back.

The ex-prince found himself half turning to see the frightening visage of his sire. Charles Zi Britannia now wears an overly amused smirk upon his face. The same horrifying expression many of his prey – enemy war lords that dared to challenge the Emperor – must have witnessed before being drained of their life blood.

Although his sharp canines were now visible, the Emperor made no move to grab his unruly child by the throat. The leer the older predator now wears was much more terrifying than the look of hunger or rage. It makes the hairs on the back of the youth's neck stand up as he wills himself not to stand down, and face Charles who is currently more beast than man.

"Do you think it will be as easy as that, you little fool?" Charles purrs. "You are mistaken…" Before the boy had a chance to question, his father returned to stand before his throne and began to address the eagerly awaiting crowd. "I herby decree, that whoever takes my son – Lelouch Vi Britannia – as a mate, willing or not…"

The addressed prince felt his jaw drop and eyes widen in horror. No! His father could not do this to him! To shame him like this after all these decades of servitude!

"….shall become the head of the clan Vi Britannia and all of it's authority, the wielder of the Gawain, and the master of the Black Prince himself…"

The raven-haired boy found himself backing away quickly as his father continued to leer. It felt as if the walls were closing in on him. Walls made up of hungry predators who desired the power of royalty as well as the body, blood, and soul of the once unattainable prince. Lelouch had just been condemned to a fate worse than death.

Emperor Charles sits once more, a broad grin on his face as he interlaced his fingers together.

"Let the hunt begin."

Lelouch ran through the courtyard as if the hounds of hell were hot on his heals. As a predator himself, he always enjoyed the thrill of a hunt even if it was small game. Never in his many years could he imagine himself now the prey of an entire race of hunters.

These nobles were not as skilled a warrior and strategist as he, but they were still predators and they clearly outnumbered him. Word had spread rather quickly as the amount of hunters that began to stalk him were increasing in the tens every passing minute. He wasn't entirely worried about yet; no, what really made the Black Prince break out into a cold sweat were men like Luciano Bradely or his own siblings…

Odysseus, Euphemia, Rolo, and Cornelia would most likely stay out of the hunt. Guinevere, Carline, and Clovis he could probably handle one on one; but Schneizel was an entirely different story. He knew all too well that the White Prince had waited for an opportunity like this and would not let it slip through his fingers. Speaking of fingers… Lelouch heard a snap and saw many of his pursuers leap back. He immediately came to a halt and sneered at the leviathan that blocked his path.

"Good evening, your highness," The Lord of Babel Tower greeted him with a short bow and mocking smile on his ape like features. He was a tall blonde, dark skinned nobleman and a sore loser when it came to being bested at chess by a child at games such as chess. "My sincere condolences for your loss, please, won't you join me for…"

"Get out of my way!"

The Lord let out an over-dramatic sigh before grinning maniacally and snapped his fingers once more. Lelouch made a mental note to rip off the man's thumbs when given the opportunity as warriors leapt down from their perches to surround him. They were a tad smarter by carrying weapons unlike his former pursuers who had distanced themselves away from the battle.

Lelouch's eyes glowed once more, and this time he would not hold back. This time a bird-shaped symbol appeared in the center of those crimson orbs. The prince raised one of his hands upward and a black crystal rod was suddenly resting in his hand. It extended out automatically, growing in length, as the lower end expanded in width to form a long curved blade.

Without mercy, the Black Prince wielded the formed scythe like a skilled painter would a brush – effortlessly and deftly. With deadly aim and remarkable timing, he cut through the relentless wave of the Lord's servants that came from all directions. Blood splattered across the once pristine walls of the palace while severed twitching limbs lay scattered about. Many had run away then, knowing there was no way to attain victory despite their overwhelming numbers. The Lord of Babel Tower was not as intelligent as those who fled and continued to stand in the same place, gazing in stupefied awe.

"Geass…" the nobleman whispered in horror as he stared in Lelouch's murderous red eyes before lowering his gaze to the weapon that seemed to glow with blood lust. "The Gawain…I have to have it: The power of the King…!"

The foolish man made an attempt to reach out to touch it only to have both his hand and head lopped right off. Lelouch blinked as the Lord's decapitated body stood for a few seconds before falling over with a loud thud. Lowering his weapon, his eyes returned to their natural shade of violet to see three familiar figures approached. Each of them wearing red wing badges pinned to their Purist uniform cloaks.

"Master Lelouch, are you all right?" an aqua haired soldier inquired worriedly after sheathing his blade.

"I'm fine, Jeremiah. I assume you have heard?"

Margrave Jeremiah Gottwald nodded his head before bowing in respect and to hide his contempt for his young master's predicament. In only a matter of minutes, the Emperor's decree spread throughout Pendragon like a wildfire that instantly destroyed Lelouch's future and the honor he brought to the Vi Britannia name. As he was fiercely loyal to Empress Marianne, he remained so with her children, and now her last offspring. Jeremiah had all but stormed through the Palace gates with his subordinates, Kewell Sorisi and Viletta Nu, and had taken care of Lord of Babel Tower and men who had not met their end at the Gawain's blade.

"We should leave, your majesty," Viletta insisted, "before the royals get involved."

Seeing Lelouch visibly cringe, Kewell placed a hand upon the youth's shoulder out of sympathy. They know it wouldn't be safe for their master, or them, to remain in Aries Palace or even within the homeland now. Their only option was to leave.

"But where to…?"

Britannia was at war with Euro Universe and had a bitter relationship with the Chinese Federation. The Black Prince and his minions would not find refuge there among their enemies while their kinsmen hunted them down. They would have to find some place neutral and live new identities…. Some place that Britannia has not yet claimed as an Area.

"The East," Lelouch answered. His voice now filled with hopeful determination as he nods for Jeremiah to lead the way to their transport, "to find the Grey Witch."

The Government Bureau, Japan
November 7, 2000 a.t.b.

Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi looked up from his reports when he heard a loud sneeze coming from the corner of his large office. Reclining on a sofa in front the wide screen television, a young green haired woman sat up and wrinkled her nose, oblivious to the high ranking soldiers who were pacing worriedly about the room.

Worried for good reason; Britannia had gained enough territory from the EU and now the super power was now turning its ugly head towards Japan. Their country would be no different that the others that were stripped of its natural resources and native culture. By conquering the island nation, the Britannians would lay claim to the mines of Sakuradite and enslave the Japanese people. Trying times were upon them, he predicted; but they still had a chance, a good one…

"I didn't think witches could catch colds," General Kusakabe mused as he drank his tea.

Cat like amber eyes glowered at him before their owner turned away. The so called witch only wrinkled her nose once more as she reached to retrieve the last slice of cold pizza. The rest of pie, the young woman had finished herself. How she managed that everyday and still looked stunning in her kimono was beyond comprehension.

"Perhaps I've just developed an allergy to old dogs that do nothing but scratch their bloated bellies, tell war stories all day long while sipping bland green tea."

Kusakabe growled in response at the foreign girl's lack of respect. She paid him no mind, settling back onto the sofa from where quickly changes the television channel. A science fiction movie was far more entertaining that updates on the war front that had been on news all afternoon. Much to everyone's annoyance, she turns up the volume to try and drown out the conversations all around her.

Many of the lower ranking soldiers were confused why this girl was here to begin with. She was clearly not there to offer her assistance to the Japanese government. Still she was there in the Prime Minister's office anyway; mooching off his digital cable and taking advantage of the personal chef for orders of calamari pizza, and had insulted a high ranking officer without consequence. The other General who was sitting a cross from him looking at a map released a bark of laughter. Even Kururugi could not help but crack a small, tired smile.

"I have to agree that we are old dogs, Miss C.C.," spoke General Katase. "That doesn't mean we cannot learn new tricks."

"Good, you'll need an open mind in order to defeat your opponent."

"You still haven't explained to us about this assistance from the west you claim will help us against Britannia. Isn't that why you came here?" Kusakabe demanded. "Why are you stalling, witch?"

C.C. aims the remote at the officer, only wishing she could put him on mute. "Because my dear, General, it is all about timing."

"What are you going on about...?"

Her honey colored eyes turned towards the television as a special bulletin interrupted her movie. Kururugi blinked in surprised to notice that the girl seemed more pleased than annoyed until he turned and focused on the news itself. There was currently a battle breaking over the Pacific Ocean and it made absolutely no sense when he learned that the Holy Empire of Britannia… was attacking itself!

Both Kusakabe and Katase stood up, not believing their ears as they approached the gathering crowd. Many jaws fell slack in disbelief and awe when the picture of the Black Prince appeared on screen with the caption: 'Traitor: Killed in Action' underneath it.

Genbu blinked before glancing at the chuckling witch. "Don't tell me..."

"Gentleman, say hello to your savior."

He called himself Zero

That was the alias former prince Lelouch Vi Britannia went by while wearing a mask to conceal his face from the public. He lead the Japanese against his own people and successfully stopped the first wave of the invasion… and second… and the third. Although Zero was praised as a dark knight of justice, the blood bath only grew worse each passing year. The Britannians were slowly but surely invading the island nation and the casualty counts ranged up to the tens of thousands. Many, even some within the Japanese Liberation Front, desperately wanted to end the war even if it meant giving into their oppressors. Neither Zero nor the Prime Minister would allow this surrender no matter how high the sacrifice.

In 2010 a.t.b, Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi committed suicide and despite Zero's efforts, the war ends with Japan's surrender and was now renamed Area 11. The mask rebel leader as well as many officers of the Japanese army, now labeled as terrorists – had gone underground and are currently pursued by the new Britannian government.

The Government Bureau, Area 11
August 5, 2017 a.t.b.

Suzaku Kurugi took a seat before the Viceroy's desk and tried not to appear nervous although his palms started to sweat. He considered himself lucky that it wasn't Viceroy Cornelia he was facing; but the Prime Minister of the Empire was no less intimidating.

He wasn't sure if he should have felt privileged being requested by Schneizel El Britannia - the Second Prince – himself, having been flown first class, half way from around the globe back to his mother country.

"Suzaku Kururugi," the Second Prince spoke with a charming smile upon his lips and a chilling hunter's gaze within those frosty lavender eyes, "we meet at last, face to face. May I call you Suzaku?"

The Japanese youth swallowed hard as he stared at the before nodding his head. "Yes, your highness. I-It's an honor. What can I do for you?"

Schneizel reached into his white coat pocket and set down a chess piece onto the desk between them. The teenager's eyebrows shot up in both shock and disbelief as he stared at the solitary Black King piece before him. He could hardly believe what this man… this vampire wanted him to hunt down.

"It's very simple, Suzaku, I want you to retrieve my mate."

Author's Note:

I have no idea where this plot bunny came from.