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Summary: Minerva is very ill.

Rating: T (to be sure)

Chapter I:

Night had fallen and stars were sparkling high above Hogwarts. The old stone castle was quiet in this summer night. All his inhabitants were gone, except one single woman, Professor Minerva McGonagall. Her heart was bleeding because her permanent heartache and something painful in her chest she couldn't well name.

"I don't understand... My chest is so painful. All the healers have told me that in one month, it would be over. Yet, it isn't, and it's been a month an half since the Umbridge incident. And my breasts are so hard... What could this be? I really don't know! Tomorrow, if nothing has changed, I'll go see Poppy."

Slowly, she drifted to sleep, head full of images of the man of her dreams. She was both calmer and terribly sad because she knew "her" Albus could never possibly love her back.

Albus was in his bed. All alone as usual, as he was in love but was sure this was single-sided. He sighed heavily. something was wrong with "his" Minerva. what? Not a single clue. But still, there was something. He had seen her beautiful face become tense, showing pain when she thought noone was watching. But where ? Who ? What ?

the worst was that he couldn't help her if he didn't know what was wrong.
And he couldn't help but feel pain each time she did so because Minerva McGonagall was the one who could make light through the shadows of his days with one single smile... her laugh was the most beautiful music everand her eyes were the green forest he dreamt to be lost in forever.

He had loved her ever since she was a sixth year Griffindor an him her Tranfiguration teacher, but had always known this wasn't possible. she couldn't possibly love him back. So he was her best friend and suffered silently at her side.

Albus sighed again. He had to discover what was wrong with her. Tomorrow, if she still hadn't told him what happened to her lovely self, he would ask Poppy. Perhaps she would know. Perhaps he might help.


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