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Chapter IX:

4 months later, Hogwarts grounds, 2 am...

Two people, two mere shadows glowing in the moonlight. A woman an a man, two soulmates, two hearts beating at the same rythm.

The man looked at the woman craddled in his arms. Her dark hair though still short had retrieved its shine and a bit of its original length and her green eyes were sparkling again. He smiled sadly. he knew he would lose her soon. Since she had stopped her treatment, they had past all their days and nights together, doing things they had never had the time to do before, or simply making love all day and well into the night. But she was growing weaker and more tired as days went by.

He sighed, then brought her closer against his chest. He kissed the top of her head. She turned in his lap so that she was facing him. She smiled fondly at him. Then, she stroke his cheek tenderly and their eyes locked. Emerald poles melting into profound depths of sapphire. Her hands left his cheek and went to his lips, her fingers gently tracing them. He kissed them and whispered:


She put her hand on his lips, her other hand on his neck.


She withdrew her hand from his mouth and with her fingers, she traced the way from his temple to his jaw. Then, she leaned down, her lips barely away from hi and she whispered:

"I love you, Albus"

then, she kissed him softly, pressing her body against his as he responded. Their lips were sensuously moving against each other's and playfully, Albus nibbled her lower lips, begging for an access she automatically granted. They voluptuously stroke each other's tongue, engaging themselves in a battle that left them panting (once they had parted... you know, the terrible problem: lack of air), their breath ragging. He pulled her back in his arms and she snuggled against his chest.

They stayed that way until the first lights of the morning, as she sensed herself going. She looked at him and their eyes locked, shining with absolute love as well as unshed tears.

"I love you, Albus"

"And I love you, Minerva"

"I... Albus, I feel myself leaving... I..."

"No! Angel, please, don't leave me! I can't live without you!!!"

"I'm so... sorry... for... all the hurt I ever caused you..."

"Don't be, you'll be better, I know it!!! Just don't leave me!!!"



"I.. love... you, Al...bus..."

And with that, she passed.

For a moment, he just stood there, swallowing his pain as he realized SHE was gone.

Then, he let it all out. He cried his pain as wounded wolf screaming to the moon. His tears were falling freely as he cried for his lost love, holding her dead body against his strong chest.

When his sobs had finally died and he had calmed down a bit, he laid her down gently on the grass, he kissed her lips softly and laid down beside her. He knew what had to do, that was so simple... The only way for them to be reunited and this, for the entire eternity. He put his right arm round her waist, still warm inspite of her recent death.

"Soon, very soon, my love, we'll betogether again, in this place where tears, fears, hurt and wars are inexistent, this place ruled by love, peace, smiles and happiness."

He took his wand and pointed it on his chest.

"Avada Kedavra"

It was Hagrid who found their dead bodies, the following morning. They were burried togheter three days later at their favourite spot by the lake. The whole wizarding world was grieving, having lost the greatest witch and wizard of their time.

But in another world, higher than the highest clouds, and young man with dark red hair and twinkling blue eyes and a young green-eyed woman with raven-black hair were celebrating their reunion.

Now, they were together forever and nothing would separe them.

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