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Chapter 1: Changes


It has been 3 years, since I have last seen the Cullens or him... Edward. Edward Cullen, he disappeared from my life after breaking me. I don't really remember the first year, but I was told that I was a walking zombie, I ate, I slept, I went to school, stuck in the hazy sleep of my broken soul. Till I was forced awake:


I blink my eyes a couple of time blinded by the light in the kitchen.

"BELLA! Bella, did you hear me?" I wince at the loud voice coming from the phone in my hand.

"J-Jacob… What did you say?" I ask listening to how dead my voice sound to even my ears.

"Bella its Charlie…"

End of Flashback:

"Hey Dad, I have finally graduate and like you wanted me to. I am so sorry Daddy that you last moments with me I don't even remember. The last time you saw me I was still in my zombie state. I wasn't even able to let you know how much I love you, how much I loved living with you these last couple of years. I wasn't able to give you a proper good bye."

I crumble on top of my Dad's grave as sobs wreck my body.

On that night 2 years ago the pack had found Charlie shot in his patrol car. He had bled to death before the doctors could save him. The funeral was held three day later. After that I lost myself in my grief. I couldn't eat or sleep. I was no longer going to school. All I did was cry .I cried for Charlie and for Edward. For the man that lives forever but took himself from me and the man whose life ended and was taken from me. For the man who doesn't love me and the man who did love me.

As I run these thought though my mind I came to a realization. Edward…doesn't…didn't love me. If he did why would he leave? Did the others… the other Cullens? Alice. She claimed to be my best friend, my sister, but she just left, that doesn't sound like a sister to me. Carlisle, Esme. They said I was their long lost daughter but they abandoned me, parents don't abandon their child. Emmett. He called me his little sister, but he isn't my brother or he would be here to hold me and ease my pain. Rosalie. She has never like me to begin with she would be happy to leave the human behind. Jasper. Oh, Jasper he almost killed me with his bite on my birthday he probably is still blame himself because of it never was his fault that I am clumsy and injured myself so stupidly around 7 vampires. I know he would never hurt me on purposes. I must tell him so when I see him again.

As I think about the Cullens, fury flows though me at their deceit. I am such a stupid girl. When I see them again I will make them suffer everyone but Jasper and Rosalie. I will become a vampire.

After that I move in with Jacob and Billy, because Renee no longer wanted me. I went back to school; I spent the next year and a half trying to make up the rest my junior and complete my senior year. I finally graduate 6 months ago, when I started to put everything to together to end my life. I gathered up all of Charlie's things and put them in storage, I took all of clothing except for a few outfit and gave them to charity along with Charlie's. I put everything that I owned except for a few favorite books and a photo album of me and Charlie in storage as well. I put everything else in my bag and sell Charlie's house. Now I say my goodbyes.

I raise my head and look at Charlie's Headstone.

Here lies


Beloved Father and Dearest Friend

Forever Missed

I smile as I rub his headstone knowing I would probably never be able come here again.

"Daddy I guess I will have to say goodbye now. I will love and miss you forever. I just want to let you know that I am forever gratefully that I was able to stay with you these last years. I will always remain proud to a Swan. Goodbye Daddy I love you."

I place the flowers on Daddy's headstone, a red crimson rose and bouquet pink and white roses. Mourning; I still love you and I love you forever.

I feel the breeze pick up and hear a whisper on the wind.

"I feel the same kiddo, I proud of you Bells…"

I smile filled with peace knowing Charlie watching over me. Now it time to say bye to Jake.

I walk to my truck and drive down to La Push. Jake is going to be difficult even though Jake has imprinted on Angela, my best friend. He … they both are still very protective of me. Jake saw Angela at Charlie's wake and they have been inseparable ever since. Then 3 months later Angela shifted for the first time, to that of a white wolf causing their bond to grow even stronger. Apparently Angela great grandfather on her father side was half Quileute.

I pull up Jacob's house and see a small white flash of fur run and tackle me to the ground, I fall on my butt to see a white cougar cub with violet eyes on my chest licking my face and purr her happiness.

"Kita … I … happy to… see you... too."

Kita came to Angela a few months ago, she was found by Seth when she was wandering in thru forest by herself. She still hasn't spoken nor shifted but she has grown attached to me, as I have to her. I don't want to say goodbye, to Kita.

I place her on the ground and stand and dust myself off and pick up Kita to cradle her in my arm for comfort as I prepare myself to face my two best friends.

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