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Chapter 13: The Truth Revealed


I open my eye and look out my window watching the sunlight shine into the room. It's morning already. I feel an arm tighten around my waist pulling me against a warm chest. I turn in the arms around me and see sleeping Jasper by my side. I caress his face and smile as he leans into my touch.

Last night as I told Jasper about everything that has happen and what is going to happen, we discover that my active powers don't work on him. My shield, any powers that can harm him or separate us will not work against my mate. But giving him my sense of smell and letting him sleep for the first time in about 200 years I am able to do.

I smile I watch Jasper sleep, his golden hair spread across his pillow, his pale skin shimmering like crystal as the sun hit his face. His delicious scent, his beautiful aroma washes upon me reminding me that this is real; finally my mate is with me.

I lean against his chest as happiness and joy swells in my heart, as I savor this moment. I need to get up and get ready for the trial today. I sigh not wanting to move from Jasper's arms. I ease away from him to get out of bed.

"No." Jasper's sleep filled voice cries out as he pulls me to his chest once move burying his nose in my neck. I shiver in his arm as his breathe hits my skin.

"Jasper, honey we need to get up."

He rolls us over till he is on top of me, kissing me neck and chin as he moves to my ear.

"Must we… darling… I just got you in my arms… leaving now… will be so … unsatisfying." Jasper whispers in my ear, his southern accent heavy with each word. Shivers run down my spine at his words. A whimper escapes my lips, I feel him smile against my skin, the lust and love I feel for him intensifies as he uses his power against me.

"Jazz… please… the trial… noon." Broken English is all I am capable of as I feel his hot hand on my skin his mouth tasting my neck. He pauses and looks down at me his golden eyes smoldering with his need. I feel the lust return to a manageable level. I watch a pout form on his face and hear him make a disgruntled noise before he move off the bed, taking me with him as he head to my closet.

I wrap my arm around his neck knowing his desire to have me as close to his as possible.

He places me on my feet on the floor and look around. My closet is a room almost twice as big as my bedroom it has a series of shelves and bars all loaded with clothes. In the closet, the ten rows to right are mine all loaded with clothes and shoes Bella and Mom brought for me and the five row and shelves to the left are loaded with clothes Bella picked for Jasper.

"Jazz these are for you, my sister choose all of these for you. She is very good in picking thing that you would want to wear and this is her way of welcoming you to the family." I tell him point out his section. I look into his eyes and see his smile as he move to view the selection of clothes. I quickly pick something to wear I decide on a black sweater, black dress pant and a pair of black boot. I dress and move the bathroom to look in the mirror and notice the change to body, my eyes are now silver and my once auburn locks are pure white, I look at my reflection knowing what has changed. I have finally reached my full potential , I can control my knowledge power so I don't have to where my blindfold and I have some more powers . Maybe I can use them against Edward; I want him to feel the pain he has caused, soon, very soon…

"Odette." Jasper calls to me as he exits my closet.

I turn and face and feel warmth spread though my body as I look at my mate. He is dressed in a black button shirt, unbutton, revealing his chest to me he has on a pair of blue jeans that look like they pant on him and black cowboy boot. Once a cowboy, always a cowboy.

I glance over the scars on his body and smile as I remember last night.


We step into my room for the second time tonight. The anger that I managed to control in the ballroom comes rush forward.


I feel Jazz walks up behind me as his calm washes over me.

"Odette you did the right thing, many vampire think to highly of the Cullen and they need to hear the truth let this go for now we will deal with it in the morning. Relax for now, Angel." He tells me holding me in his arms.

I turn in his arm and lean against him knowing he is right. I look up at him and see the love and worry in his eyes. I kiss him, and feel my love and the lust I have for him increase as his lips caress my own. I pull away from and remove his jacket, tie and vest. As I reach for his shirt Jasper moves from my arm and steps away from me.

"Jasper, what's wrong?" I ask him taking a step towards him. I watch him step back from me his face closed of all feeling anxiety, nervousness, and fear spread though me.

"Jasper, please don't close me out, honey! Not when I can finally be in your arms after so long! Talk to me, Jazz please!"

As I look at his closed off face I feel my heart breaking slowly. Does he now want me? Am I not worthy to have the love of my soul mate? I feel the pain inside me intensive at that thought; I cross my arms over my chest and crumble to the floor at the pain.

"Odette!" Jasper calls my name in alarm. He pulls me into his arm forcing his calm on to me.

"You don't want me." I whisper hoarsely my chest in agony as my still heart breaks.

"Of course I want you, Odette! You are mine, my angel, my soul mate! How can I not want you?"

I look up at him the pain ceasing at his words, his love moves though me pushing away the hurt.

"Then why, why did you close me out, move away from me, my touch?"

He sighs and looks at me. I watch him move out of my arms and unbutton his shirt, taking it off and tossing it aside. He kneels before me and shows me his bare chest, his face blank as his eyes avoid my gaze.

"Look" He commands me.

I look at him and take in the beautiful sight before me. His broad shoulders his lean but muscular arms his beautiful define chest and firm six pack abs and the start of a glorious v leaving the rest hidden by his pants.

"What am I suppose to see, Jazz you are very sexy but…"

"My scars Odette, the bites do not you see them!" He asks me as he looks at me in disbelief.

I look back at him and notice the bites that are littered over his form. Multiple of them expand his chest, his neck and arm every I notice the only thing unmarked is his face. I begin to remind myself to make Maria suffer when I get her for marking my mate.

"Oh, what about them, these are from your time with Maria right, the newborns?" I ask him are I trace one of the scars on his chest

"Yes… Odette are you not afraid, disgusted? Do you know what I did when I was with her?"He asks as shame fills the room.

"Yes I do, Jasper. She was your creator and taught you her ways of immortal life she didn't tell you the rules and didn't show you another lifestyle. But when you learned of you left and didn't look back. Many know you as Ares, the God of War, many vampires fear and respect you and what they know of you. In the vampire wars none could stand against you and all hesitated to go against you knowing to do so is to meet their end. You shouldn't be ashamed of your scars, honey. Beside I have them, too."

I shift my body to show my scars only hiding them because it disturbs most vampires. I show him the scar all over my neck, chest my arms.

I watch his eyes widen in surprise and awe as he looks at me.

"Do I disgust you, honey?" I ask him.

"NO! You're beautiful and you scar only make you more precious to me."

"Then why did you close me out, honey?"

He tells me about Alice and how she was always disgusted and afraid when he touches her or went without his shirt. How she reacted to his past.

I tell him why I freaked out, how Edward close me out before he said he didn't want me how I suffer for three year thinking I was unworthy of love. How he scared me when he did the same thing.

"We have insecurities from what they did to us and finding out the truth hasn't helped us. Maybe the result of the trial will give us peace and vengeance." Jasper tells me as he pulls me in his arms.

End of flashback:

Jasper looks into my eyes and I notice the changes in him and see that he too has reached his full potential. His hair is pure gold no long his honey blonde and his eye have change to a liquid gold.

"Jasper, you have reached you full potential, you can now control your empathy abilities no longer will you have to feel everyone if you don't want to or will they feel what you feel. Now you can make different people feel different things, select who feel what, even make people feel pain. You no longer have to feel the emotion you project. You can make someone else feel guilty why you feel calm. You are even more powerful honey.

A feeling of pride swells in me as I read my mates abilities, knowing that I stand at his side. That I am his mate, that together no will be able to harm our love ones. Suddenly my pride changes to desire, to want, to need. I glance at Jasper and see his wicked smile. Bastard!

"Jasper… stop…please"

I grasp the counter and feel the need for my mate the desire for his touch the lust seem to intensify. Too much. I scream Jasper's name as my release rush though my repeated at the feelings burn though me. I feel the feeling inside me calm as I fall into darkness.

I open my eyes and a pair of gold eyes staring down at me in worry.

"Angel, are you all right? You fainted, vampires don't faint."

"I am a unique vampire as I was a unique human, Jasper this is the second time since my change. You made my faint Jasper." I accuse him as I sit up and get out of bed. I get out of bed and head my bathroom washing up and changing my clothes quickly. I enter my bedroom in black dress and pair of heels, a black blindfold over my eyes. No one needs to know the development of my powers just let.

"Let's go lover." I call to him as I head to the door. I exit my room with my mate at my side my arm in his as we head to the main court room as we get to the double doors I glance at Jasper.

"Ready, Angel?" He asks me.

"They shall pay." I hiss as the images and feelings Bella gave me flash though my mind. So much death… so much pain.

"Yes" Jasper says as he opens the doors. His gaze hardens as he sees the Cullens, I know Jasper is spreading fear through the room but it doesn't affect me or my family.

I look around the court room and it is a stadium the sit all seats are filled with the all member of the shifter, witch and vampire covens. I watch them all shiver with fear as we past them. Against the far wall of the room stands a dais with landing leading to the top. Six gold thrones sit at the top of the dais, and on the landing before in sits six silver thrones. In the gold thrones on the sits my parent and aunt and uncles and in the silver thrones sit my siblings, Bella, Beau, Leah and Phillip. To the left side of the room in black chairs sit the leader of the shifter, witch and vampire coven. In the center on the right side sit the Cullens all dressed in grey robes, I notice their eyes are unseeing and take in Alec by their side. Jasper and I walk to stand in front of the thrones, Bella and Phillip move to our side. I look up at the Uncle Aro and meet his gaze.

"Thank you all for coming, now we will begin the Cullens trial, Odette, Bella please begin." Uncle Aro tells me as he sits back in his chair.

I look at him then at my parents and know they will react very badly at what is going to be revealed.

"Lei, Javier, Kris, Rachel, I want you to guard the Cullens ensure that no touch them during this trial. They are not to be harmed till they are sentenced. Do you understand?" I tell my guard as they kneel before me as I call their names.

"Yes Mistress," they all answer together. I dismiss them with a wave and they go and surround the Cullens. Alec moves to stand by Uncle Marcus releasing his power for on the Cullens. I watch as the eyes begin to focus and the take in their surroundings. I glare at them as they look at Jasper and me.

I look at the people in the stands and notice the children in audience. We can't show them what has happen, their innocence must be maintained. I look to the Leaders and bow to them in respect.

"Leader of our world, before we present our case, I request that the children, the youngling leave. What we show you will taint their innocent eyes to evils of the world before it is their time. I do not wish for that on my friends." I tell them as meeting their gazes knowing they will heed my request.

As the last of the children leave the court room I begin.

"People of Volterra, the Cullens have lied to you all, they have hidden a dark secret for many years, a revolting secret that they covered up to protect the sick fetish of the bastard Edward. Let me tell a story. About one hundred years ago a 17 year old girl I moved to live with Father in Forks. There I she met the Cullens in high school and fell in love with Edward Cullen. After a year of being exposed to the danger of being a human amongst vampires, Edward broke her human heart and took his family and ran like cowards. A few years after the death of her Father and being disowned by a her bitch mother, her made my way to the Volterra young in her immortal life after just meeting her real mother and sister, starting her life afresh. But this girl was the lucky girl. Edward decided to leave her alive, unlike some many others." I tell them feeling the uncertainty, apprehension, and suppressed rage smothering the room.

"Let me show you what we have seen. The truth beings that the Cullens really are will be revealed now." As I speak I step in to the center of the room and spread out my arms calling on my power, shutting my eyes. I feel my power rise and spread out show a blank screen for all to see. Once it is spread out so that everyone can see it. I play the Cullens memories showing what been hidden. The first one is set five years after Edward's change it show him meeting a beautiful girl, court her tell her how much he loves her, ask her to marry him and her accepting, then he make love to her show him bringing a young child about the age of four , an immortal child that he changed and has control of, where everything changes, Edward makes the child feed on the girl and I watch as her eyes widen in horror at what is happen to her she begins to fight but it is too late, the child has drain to much of her blood and Edward begins to pound in to her body destroying her from the inside out, Her screams of pain and agony are heard as she meets Edward's gaze in disbelief, tear pouring from her eyes. A look of pure pleasure and bliss is found on his face as savors her scream the scent of her blood and the pain he is causing her.

"Hush love, it will end soon, don't forget I love you." He tells her, as her eyes become empty of life and her screams silent as her heart and soul shatter at his words. His face twists to delight as he notices her change; then to disappointment as her life ceases to exist. I watch as he coats his body in the remainder of her warm blood and leave her body as it is and the immortal child next the broken body. He leaves the house he brought for his fun and begins to light it on fire kill his mindless drone and destroying all evidence of the torture he inflicted. He walks to the back alley and makes his way to Carlisle's house to change. Edward can hear Carlisle's thoughts and knows his creator won't turn against him or stand in the way of his fun.

The scene changes to show a blood soaked Edward being spotted by Esme holding bundle of clothes.

"Alice has distracted the others and left the house with them on a shopping trip. Edward you are getting sloppy, Jasper felt your bloodlust from the house before Alice managed to convince him that being around human would help him, adjust quicker. You need to rein it in for a while; Rose beginning to suspect something is up. Control yourself when go to Forks, next year." She tells him placing the bundle down.

The scene fades and flashes though all of the faces of all the girls Edward killed for his sick pleasure, all young all beautiful, brunettes, auburns, blondes, and eumelanins. So many different girls all of them dressed differently symbolizing the pasting eras and how long Edward been killing.

Then the scene to all on the innocent children Edward turned into mindless tools used for his fun, many of them were son and daughters, siblings, neighbors to the women he killed. All of the women destroy even more as the watch their loved ones hurt them.

I end that scene and show how Edward left me how he still broke the one he let live.

I release my power and watch the screen fade in to nothingness. I look towards my family all of them frozen in horror at what they have seen. I don't turn towards the stands knowing already the disgust and anger at what they have seen. I feel the room drop many degrees as their bloodlust rises want to kill the Cullens for what they have done. I must stop this before it gets out of hand.

"I see your desire for their death and I too am filled the same desire; but it is not your place to end their lives. An attempt to harm them while they are on trial will be handled as an attack against the Volturi. For who are you to go against my King take that judgment from their hands. And I personal will see to it that all who go against us will suffer." I tell them as I feel Jasper spreading calmness around the room. I watch everyone relax in their seats.

I glance at my Dad and notice the slight shaking of his hand as he grips the handle of his sword, knowing he is trying to suppress his rage even with the calm Jasper has sent.

"Odette, can you explain why the immortal children didn't go on a feeding frenzy?" Mom asks me trying to direct everyone attention away from the Cullens.

"Edward power is mind reader but if he changes someone he has control over that person mind which means no feeding frenzy immortal children just mindless controllable drone for his sick pleasure and use."

I watch as everyone glares at Cullens. A few try to move toward them but my guards stop them. I turn to my family and meet gaze of Uncle Aro.

"Have you come to a decision my Kings?"

Aro glance at the Leaders

"What is your decision, my friends?"

Jacob looks around him and stands as the spokesman of the Leaders.

"The Cullens are guilt of tolerating sick act of torture and needless violence for substance and abuse of power. As well as break the rule of exposure to human even if he killed his victims."

Jacob sits down and nods to Aro. Now the Jury of Leaders has spoken and no one can claim that we are not giving them a chance to defend themselves, when their guilt has been proven. I look at Eleazar and see horror and sadness cloudy his eyes, as he see what his old friend is capable of.

Everyone watches Aro touch the hands of his brothers and Aunt Sulpicia and then release them, before speak the Judgment.

"We, the Kings and Queen of Volterra, find the Cullen Coven that consist of Carlisle, Esme, Renee , Alice and Edward guilt of everything stated. Punishment will be in the hands of she who was once known as Isabella Marie Swan the only survivor of the Cullen twist fun."

As Uncle Aro finish that statement I can't stop the small smile at the justice of that decision, than I remember the prophecy and know I can't give them death. Oh but I know that they will wish I did.

Everyone is now looking at Bella and I see the small smirk on her face. She walks towards the Cullens and stand in front of them bypassing my guards. I see the fear in their eyes except for Edward who look unrepentant. She stares at them with a happy smile on her for two mi before Carlisle speaks.

"Princess, what is your decision?"

"Sister, have you decided?" Bella asks me turning to look at me.

"Yes." I answer walking to her side and shift to how I looked as a human as I do, much to the Shock of the crowd.

"Belle Odette Volturi, Beautiful Swan of Volterra, Isabella Swan. I have changed a lot since then haven't I Edward, dear?" I ask as I shift back to my present form, feeling the awe and shock of those around me.

"Bella, love…" Edward begins before I take his voice and toss him into a wall. Then slam him into floor giving him humanity. I watch him bleed odorless blood, his face twisted in a silent scream of anguish, and listen it his bones snap back in place as I give him back his immortality. Everyone watch in horror and satisfaction

"Cullen you WILL address me by my title or next time I won't go easy on you. Are we clear? Pet!"

He nods and crawls back to his family as his bone continue to shift back into place.

I look at the Cullens and think of what to do with them and I know there pride. Carlisle is proud of his resistance and family; Alice, her gift and being; Esme, her family and children, Renee, her youth, and Edward, his gift and strength.

I move to Edward and touch his forehead.

"You will suffer as those you made suffered, every bite, every change, and every thrust of your cock into their broken bodies you will feel and relive to the entirety. Form the moment you meet them to the moment you killed them. Each and every single one both victims the child used and the woman abused. For you have done this for 200 years so shall you suffer.

I tell him as I watch his eye roll into the back of his head and him fall to the ground. I teleport him to a cell in dungeon then glance at my next victim as I feel their panic.

I move to Renee and touch forehead before she think to move away. I watch here begin to age. Her brown hair turns grey, her body bends and a hump ion her back is formed and wrinkle as skin sags, her breast are limp skin on her stomach. I watch as crow feet deep and harsh age lines mark her face and facial whiskers sprout out of her chin, till she looks like a horrible age druggie dressed like a hooker.

"You will not change till you mate awakens, your teeth will fallout one a week and take two months for a single to grow back, you will feel your age but never rest. Welcome to Hell Renee."

I watch her look at me in disgust and sleepiness. I move over to Alice. I look her eyes and watch her shake like a leave. I notice the cloudy look in her eyes and the reason behind it.

"Come here Alice." I command her opening my arms to her. I watch her walk hesitantly; when she nears me I pull her into my arms and kiss her forcing my tongue into her mouth and listen to her moan. I feel lust and shock builds up in the crowd around me, feel Jasper's lust rise.

I continue to kiss her and know that my healing gift is working; I know the cloud is lifting. I pull away from her and feel her shiver in my arm and whimper in my arms, as her thoughts are known to me.

"Bella I am sorry, so, so sorry, I tried to fight it fight him I couldn't e was to strong… please forgive me …"

"It's is ok now I have you, Edward can't touch you any more, I have you now."

I feel her trembling stop. I shift her and look her in the eyes and know what I must do.

"Jasper, come here love."

Jasper appears at my side, he glance at me with questioning eyes and look upon Alice with sorrow as he feels her emotions.

"Edward had control over Alice short after to the Cullen Household. His power was stronger than I was led to believe. She fought it but every hunting trip and time he was alone with her he reinforced it. He used her gift to find victim to play with. I am going to change her. I need you to give her your venom."

I tell him at I touch her forehead and make her human once more, her skin darkening become less inhuman and her eyes stark indigo. She looks at me pleadingly. I change myself into a half vampire and bite my wrist and place two her mouth as blood wale up to the surface.

"Drink" I order her. She does, after a few mouthfuls I pull away gentle and become a vampire once more. I nod to Jasper. I watch him move to Alice and bite her gently on the neck wanting to cause her little to no pain. When he releases her she goes limp in his arms as if asleep. Jasper picks Alice up into is arms and look at me with wonder he feel the peace coming from her.

"My blood will make the change painless as well as combine with your venom she shall be reborn, physically and by her gift. My blood and Your venom, she shall be mine and yours, our friend, our sister, our daughter. Alice Mary Cullen is dead and gone. Renesmee Servas Volturi lives. Rebirthed to be loved and redeemed."

I feel joy coming from Rose, Emmett and Jasper at this. I move and take Renesmee in my arms seeing her hair lighten and lengthen.

I move towards exit and turn and face the remaining unpunished Cullens.

"I have not forgotten you two."

I wave one hand towards them then walk to the exit. I know one is shocked that nothing happens.

At the door I turn to them and smile evilly.

"Esme you are guilty and not forced like my sweet Renesmee was. You as well Carlisle and you will see the result of my punishment very, very soon."

I say exiting the room, my guard, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Jacob, Angela, Bella, Phillip, Beau, and Leah following me out. We walk in silence as I hold Renesmee close to me and kiss her forehead.

When we reach the family wing, Jacob breaks the silence.

"So Odette, what did you do to them?"

I stop and turn to Jacob and smile sweetly at him. I watch as all them shiver at sight.

"Well Jake, all I did was gave them what they wanted." I tell him looking at Renesmee and rocking her in my arm as she move closer to my neck.

"Which is?" Rose asks.

"A child: when Carlisle and Esme have sex, which they will, very, very often, a child will be the result. And in three months as the joyful wait for their bundle of joy birth, it will rip on her stomach and smile briefly before, Carlisle rip out its throat feast on it till it is drain of blood only to be a pile of ash before them leaving her torn stomach and his blood face as the only evidence of said child."

"Every time after that, sex will be a need and a birth will result once a year for the same thing to occur year after year, in kill they will try to kill themselves, but, they will never be able to expose themselves to humans."

"How?" Bella asks curiously the only one now frozen in horror at my deed.

"Human will not notice any inhuman about them and fire cannot kill them until Edward awakens. Isn't that a lovely thought waking up slightly insane and sorrowful, only to see your broken mate slowly gain her youth and watch as your only remain parents try and kill themselves to escape their broken and depressed minds. Yes, so lovely, no one will ever hurt my Renesmee again. Oh McCarthy, you aren't forgiven, by Rose would be mad if I broke her toy." I finish as turn and walk to my room. Leaving them all them standing there in awed, scared and uneasy.

"Brother, remind me to get on her good side fast. She is vicious." Emmett's voice follows me as I continue to my room.

I hear Jasper reply as I enter my

"You're on your own. Odette already has plan"

I laugh coldly as I feel Emmett's horror. Life's good.

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